Employee Wellbeing And Welfare Is A Critical Part In The Success Of The Organisation. Would You Agree?

Employee wellbeing and welfare is a critical part in the success of the organisation. Would you agree? Read more...

Safety & Security Manager Ikea Singapore Job

Safety & Security Manager Ikea Singapore

Singapore Workplace Safety And Health (Approved Codes Of Practice) Notification 2018 WSH Council

The Workplace Safety Health Council announced the

SMRT Employee’s Right Foot Amputated After Accident

SMRT- Singapore MRT had a serious incident with on of its employees. An employee, male in his late 50s was injured by a track tamping vehicle. The track tamping vehicle is used to compact the ballast that supports the tracks (the stones). The incident had occured during maintenance at about 410am. This meant a delay of start of train service in the East West lines in either direction from Gul Circle to Boon Lay stations till 620am.

Singapore CPD Continual Professional Development

Singapore Safety Officers Workplace Safety Health Officers who need to renew their license

For Singapore Safety Officers, every 2 years you need to renew your Workplace Safety Health Officer License. How you go about doing this is by ensuring that you maintain your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. Read more...

So how do Workplace Safety Health Officers go about applying Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points?



What does the Korean Auto Industries Coop Association or the Korea automotive industry

One Motoring Information

ONE Motoring

Public Information Service- Those travelling from Singapore to Malaysia should check #onemotoring for information. Those travelling down from Malaysia should also check #onemotoring

Apprarently #onemotoring is warning travellers of high traffic volume at the customs on 13 Oct 2018. Please do check #onemotoring website accordingly. Read more...

Petronas Safety Culture

Petronas Safety Culture

Petronas says that its Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) is one of the very key parts of Petronas Sustainability Framework. All Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) risks across the Petronas business are managed through their strict adherence to prevailing regulatory requirements, PETRONAS' HSE Mandatory Control Framework (MCF), PETRONAS' Technical Standards, and Petronas HSE Management System (HSEMS). Petronas review, assess, and manage the risk associated with HSE, security and local stakeholders annually in Petronas Enterprise Risk, as well as Plant Facilities Risk. The risk mitigations are tracked periodically at the Top Management level, and scenario planning associated with the HSE risk are tested frequently in emergency response drills and business continuity exercise. To drive excellence in HSE, Petronas embarked on various HSE programs to engender a generative safety culture in Petronas where the value of safety is fully integrated into every aspect of Petronas systems and processes. Read more...


HSE remains at the forefront of Petronas priorities, guiding in no small way on how Petronas conducts its business and operations. Petronas concerted efforts to maintain a high level of safety have yielded an improved HSE performance. Petronas has seen a reduction of 52% in HSE incidents in year 2016 with 4.4 million safe manhours recorded, and a Loss Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) of 0.5. In year 2017, Petronas has improved with zero fatality incident and recorded LTIF of 0.14 with 10.9 million safe manhours. With efforts in place to drive for HSE compliance culture from all levels of employees including third party service providers, Petronas is committed to push their limits to strive for a better HSSE performance, and protect Petronas assets and most importantly, Petronas people. Read more...

Petronas Safety HSE

Petronas is looking for more people to work with Petronas. Learn more about careers with Petronas. Visit Petronas website to find out more about Petronas, careers at Petronas and more about possible oppurtunities with Petronas

Petronas Health, Safety and Environment

In Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), we ensure the safety and reliability of PETRONAS’ operations. Amongst others, we develop HSE Standards and documentations, monitor effective implementation of HSE Policies / Standards / Procedures, facilitate and conduct HSE assurances, studies and reviews, perform incident investigations and HSE training, manage crisis and emergencies, act as liaison with authorities, provide advice to stakeholders and raise public awareness. Read more...

The people who work in this job area are meticulous, reliable and detail oriented, with analytical skills to develop recommendations for effective and practical solutions. Our success is measured by achieving high HSE performance, successful implementation of HSE functions and acquiring high morale of our employees. To ensure achievement of these key success measures, PETRONAS provides the opportunity for staff to grow and advance through its job policy and a structured development and career advancement programme. Read more...

PWCSO PWICSO Perform Work In Confined Space Operations SOC Manhole

PWCSO PWICSO Perform Work in Confined Space Operations SOC Manhole

Perform Work in Confined Space Operations PWICSO Confined Space Safety Course for Workers

(Previously called Manhole SOC or Confined Space SOC)

Apply Workplace Safety In Process Plants AWSHPP

Apply Workplace Safety Process Plants AWSHPP course and training

Apply Workplace safety health in Process Plants AWSHPP is the required course, in fact the mandated course that you or your workers will need when working in Singapore and working for process plants. Process Plants are petrochemical plants, refineries, pharmaceutical plants, nutritional plants, waste treatment plants. Any and all process plants in Singapore will require the workers and personnel to have at least the Apply Workplace Safety health in Process Plants AWSHPP course and certification. Read more...

The Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants AWSHPP is a competency based training. Participants must be able to demonstrate that they can perform and apply the knowledge and skills learnt from the Apply Workplace Safety health in process Plants AWSHPP course. Read more...

There are so many other courses by MOM Ministry of Manpower in Singapore and some are now under WDA Workforce Development Agency or SSG Skillsfuture Singapore. MOM or SSG WDA have come up with many courses called

Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants

Apply Workplace Safety Health in Construction Sites

Apply Workplace Safety Health in Metal Working

Perform Work in Confined Space Operations

Supervise Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants

Supervise Workplace Safety Health in Construction Sites

Supervise Work in Confined Space Operations

There are so many MOM WDA SSG courses out there – so which courses are applicable to you or your workforce?

Well the Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants is applicable to any one who needs or wants to work in Process Plants. Process Plants are not just Jurong Island plants or refineries or oil petrochemical plants but also include Pharmaceutical and nutritional plants. Pharmaceutical plants and nutritional plants are found generally in Tuas South

What are the examples of oil petrochemical plants

  • Shell
  • Shell Bukom
  • Shell Jurong Island
  • PCS Petrochemical Corporation Singapore
  • Lucite
  • Chevron
  • SRC Singapore Refining Company
  • Exxonmobil
  • Exxonmobil Pioneer Road
  • Exxonmobil Jurong Island
  • Eastman
  • Lanxess

There are many other examples.

What will you or your workers learn in the Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plant course?

In the Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants, the learners will have the skills and knowledge in working safely in Oil Petrochemical Safety environment in the Oil and Petrochemical IndustryRead more...

Who attended the Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants?

Oil Petrochemical Workers, Foremen and supervisors in Oil Petrochemical environment, technicians and engineers or managers in the Oil Petrochemical environmentThe WDA WSQ Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants and will cover the following topics

What Safety Leaders Need To Do

What Safety Leaders need to do

Some people ask what should a good safety leader do? What helps with safety leadership?

Some of the typical things that good companies with good safety leadership does are as follows

  • Good Safety Leadership is about Sharing and Clarifying the vision. Making it crystal clear for employees
  • Good Safety Leadership is about investing in people and investing in their skills and knowledge. This in the end will assist the safety vision
  • Good Safety Leadership is about getting involved. Making its your vision. Showing people how this is your baby.
  • Good Safety Leadership is about engaging people. People need to be engaged so that they are part of the vision. They are not just spectators

Safety Leadership In Developing Safety Culture

Safety Leadership

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” Warren Bennis.

Teamwork In Safety

Teamwork in Safety

It takes a team to get things done. It takes teamwork to work safely and with good quality. Everyone has to work together as a team. How do we improve teamwork? How can we build teamwork when it comes to safety and progress? How can we build teamwork on rigs?

Lets first start with what is team work-

Teamwork is everyone working together. Teamwork means taking time to show others the safe way of doing things. Teamwork is asking for help when you need it. Teamwork is knowing that people will help you when you ask. Team work is the ability to see that some one needs help even when they don’t ask. Teamwork is cooperation to do things right

The secret to Teamwork is

Having a good culture in the team or organisation

Its having good communication

Its having good leadership skills

Its about motivation

Its about trust

Its been evidenced that companies with good safety records have good teamwork among their teams. That people recognise each other as part of the family and as such everyone takes care of each other. Read more...

So question is – how do you improve teamwork?

The best way to improve Teamwork in organisations is to engage Safety@Work Consultancy who carry out consulting and training activities around Winning Hearts and Minds. One of the modules we carry revolves around teamwork and teambuilding. Safety@Work Consultancy also helped Petronas at the Petronas Learning Center when it was thinking about launching the Winning Hearts and Minds approach to its rigs and contractors

Communication In Safety


People say that we need to understand the role of communication in safety and communication to achieve a good safety culture. I say that we need to have an understanding of the role of communication in our daily life as well the companies success or failure. It should not be restricted to safety or quality- its much bigger than that. Read more...

We need to engage our employees to grow our company. No communication or lack of communication means lack of engagement. It means lack of growth for the company. We need to have open channels of communication and we need clear communication. Read more...

Unfortunately schools don’t teach us to communicate. Schools teach us that we need to have a teacher who speaks and students who listen. Schools teach kids not to ask questions for the fear that someone will laugh at them. Schools don’t teach people communication in the workplace

Lets have some quick ways that you can improve communication at work and when working with people

Decision Making In Safety

Decision Making in Safety and Health

Decision Making is one key factor in incidents as mentioned by IOGP and even companies like Petronas and Shell. Read more...

Every day people make decisions. Some big and many small decisions. An average person makes about 35000 decisions per day. What to wear, what to eat, where to go, how to drive etc. These are all decisions. As mentioned some decision making is relatively small and less risk. Some however is high risk- example, should I take the short cut, should I just do this work without the permit. Read more...

Decisions can affect the person or others.

  • A driver deciding to overtake on a single lane road
  • A employee working on an item without Lock Out Tag Out so as not to shut down the plant or rig
  • A manager deciding to continue a heavy lift without a key personnel
  • A supervisor deciding to continue the work when its about to rain but has not started yet
  • A new person not speaking up when seeing something wrong

IOGP International Association Of Oil Gas Producers

IOGP International Association of Oil & Gas Producers

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) is the petroleum industry's global forum in which members identify and share best practices to achieve improvements in health, safety, the environment, security, social responsibility, engineering and operations. Read more...

IOGP was formed in London in 1974 to develop effective communications between the upstream industry and the network of international regulators. Originally called the E&P Forum (for oil and gas exploration and production), in 1999 the name International Association of Oil & Gas Producers IOGP was adopted. Most of the world’s leading publicly traded, private and state-owned oil & gas companies, oil & gas associations and major upstream service companies are members. IOGP members produce 40% of the world’s oil and gas. Read more...

IOGP also represent the interests of the upstream industry before international regulators and legislators in UN bodies such as the International Maritime Organization and the Commission for Sustainable Development. IOGP also works with the World Bank and with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is also accredited to a range of regional bodies that include OSPAR, the Helsinki Commission and the Barcelona Convention, and provides a conduit for advocacy and debate between the upstream industry and the European Union (EU). This involves regular contact with the European Commission and the European Parliament. Read more...

Every year, IOGP collects and publishes data on upstream operations worldwide, both onshore and offshore, from participating member companies and their contractor employees. The reports are free and publicly available. The IOGP reports cover:

Occupational safety

Environmental performance

Process safety events

Health management

Land transport safety

Aviation safety

Occupational safety

Since 1985, when IOGP started reporting annual trends in upstream safety data, there have been considerable improvements in industry performance. Read more...

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness for Safety and for Oil & Gas personnel

First what is Situational Awareness? Everyone keeps talking about Situational Awareness but very few actually explain what Situational Awareness really is and how Situational Awareness can be applied to safety

NEBOSH IGC Preparation And Revision For NEBOSH Exams

Role Of Workplace Supervisors

Role of Supervisor in Workplace Safety Health

What is the role and Safety Responsibilities for Supervisors in workplaces?

Workplace Supervisors are responsible for a great number of things. From getting taking attendance, ensuring everyone is present, to breaking the job down to smaller chunks for his/her crew to making sure that things are safe and productive. Workplace Supervisors must ensure a safe workplace for employees. Employees must be able to report unsafe or unhealthful workplace conditions or hazards to the Workplace Supervisor without fear. Read more...

Managing Safely Made Easier

Managing safely can seem like a hard thing to do. After all you have a company to run and projects to get done. You wish nobody would get hurt and everything would be just fine. But then there is the workplace safety thing. There are workplace safety experts and workplace safety officers who tell you all the legal mambo jumbo and sometimes people start looking at safety professionals as the Evil Force, the Dark Side (when they are not). But theres too much information and legal jargon. Managing Safely and managing safety should not have to be confusing or hard. We will do our best to give you simple information here to help you out. Read more...

First- Where did this term or course come from – Managing Safely (other than being just common sense). It came from IOSH. Whats IOSH?

What is IOSH?

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and it is the chartered body for health and safety professionals around the globe. In fact IOSH is one of the largest member organisations in the world. The IOSH Managing Safely course, is widely accepted as a good place to start in health and safety courses at managerial level. Read more...

First some clarity- IOSH is NOT NEBOSH. NEBOSH is NOT IOSH. They are 2 different organisations. Yes both come from UK. NEBOSH is the National Examination Board Occupational Safety Health. NEBOSH sets standards and in very simple terms creates the exam materials and standards for the NEBOSH exams (there are many NEBOSH courses/exams from NEBOSH Health at Safety at Work to NEBOSH International General Certificate to NEBOSH Diploma). Read more...

IOSH is a membership body but has some courses that benefit the industry like the IOSH Working Safely and IOSH Managing Safely. Read more...

IOSH Managing Safely By Simply Safety

IOSH Managing Safely by Simply Safety

IOSH Managing Safely gives managers and supervisors good grounding in the knowledge and skills they require to manage health and safety in their organisations and within their teams. IOSH Managing Safely is a supervisory and management level training. It is different from the IOSH Working Safely

Upon successful completion of the IOSH Managing Safely course and assessment, Managing Safely students are awarded an IOSH Managing Safely certificate from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the world’s largest health and safety membership organisation. Read more...

What participants have said about the IOSH Managing Safely Course

“ The Managing Safely course was great. Easy to follow and easy to learn”- Michael Lim

“Managing Safely is really good course for managers and supervisors”- Win Tun

“Managing Safely is a set up, I took the Working Safely and now the Managing Safely. I don’t regret its really good”- Gabriel Tan

Book the IOSH Managing Safely course with Simply Safety now

Supervise Workplace Safety Health In Process Plants SWSHPP

NEBOSH Courses And Information

The candidates who complete the NEBOSH course can apply for jobs that require NEBOSH qualifications and in some countries NEBOSH qualified candidates can register to be safety officers or use the NEBOSH IGC qualifications to register for other courses. Read more...

Aim of NEBOSH IGC Training Course

Course Outline

Management of international health & safety

Control of international workplace risks

International health & safety practical application



Exxonmobil Starts 2 New Plants Singapore

Singapore's petrochemical industry improved when American energy giant ExxonMobil started production at two new multibillion-dollar plants. The huge Exxonmobil complexes, which were completed safely and on schedule, employed an army of more than 5,500 contract workers at the peak of construction. Safety is critical for all Exxonmobil projects and operations. All workers must be trained in safety and health. Something that Simply Safety does all the time. Read more...

Exxonmobil Multi Billion Dollar Investments

ExxonMobil Singapore mentioned that Exxonmobil has plans to make a final investment decision in 2019 on what it called a "multi-billion dollar" project that would expand its clean fuel and lubricant output at its Singapore Exxonmobil refinery. Read more...

Thai Boys In Cave Elon Musk And The World Cup

Classification Of Fires

Classification of Fires

Fires are commonly classified into five categories according to the fuel type.

Fire Triangle

The Fire Triangle

Before a fire can start, three components have to be present in sufficient quantities.

Hazards And Risks What You Need To Know

Hazards and Risks

A hazard is an article, substance or situation that has the potential to cause harm or damageRead more...

The key word is potential. Not all hazards will cause harm all of the time. It depends upon circumstances. Typical workplace hazards include:

  • Working at heights.
  • Noise
  • Electricity
  • Machinery
  • Chemicals
  • Poor lighting
  • Manual handling
  • Cluttered walkways
  • Fire

In the normal workplace there may be many more hazards. Read more...

A risk is the likelihood of harm occurring. The degree of risk is based both on likelihood and severity of outcome. Read more...

Everyone talks about the hierarchy of control and how we should completely eliminate hazards. True we should try out best to eliminate hazards so that we can avoid accidents. But in the real world it is very often impossible to eliminate all hazards to avoid accidents.

Safety Inductions For Work In Singapore

Safety induction or safety required training for Singapore

So you may have a project in the Oil Gas or petrochemical industry in Singapore. You may have worked in Germany, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Netherlands or USA but when your workforce comes to Singapore they need to apply to Singapore mandatory training. Read more...

So you may have a project here and your workers may be skilled welders, fitters, crane operators or even Project Managers- they still need to understand the legal requirements here in Singapore and meet the basic legal requirements in Singapore. Read more...

Sure there are many companies outside Singapore that do Safety Inductions. Like in certain countries there is no mandated or mandatory requirement

How Certificates Will Help Philippines Filipinos Get Jobs

Apply Workplace Safety

Apply Workplace Safety

Apply Workplace Safety can be about Apply Workplace Safety in Process Plants or Apply Workplace Safety in Construction sites. So let me explain which course is relevant to you. Read more...

Now if you have work in any of the Jurong Island Process Plants, Oil Refineries, Oil Refinery like

PCS Petrochemical Corporation Singapore

Exxonmobil Exxonmobile Jurong Island or Pioneeer Road

JAC Jurong Aromatics Complex


APS Asahi Plastics Singapore

Chevron Chevron Ornite

Sumitomo SMAG

SLNG Singapore LNG Terminals

Shell Bukom or Shell Jurong Island


Passing Your NEBOSH Exams First Time

Are you preparing for your NEBOSH Exams? Your NEBOSH IGC or NEBOSH HSW exams? Well here are some tips that your can use for your NEBOSH exam preparations. We put together some tips for your NEBOSH Exam preparations

NEBOSH Free Study Materials NEBOSH Free This Or That

Apply Workplace Safety Health

Apply Workplace Safety Health

India Safety

Knowledge Based Authentications KBA

Hate it when you have to verify yourself to the bank telephone operator? When they ask if you are you? How can you prove that it is you? Remember the questions that they ask?

KBA Knowledge Based Authentication

Knowledge-based authentication

Knowledge-based authentication, commonly referred to as KBA, is a method of authentication which seeks to prove the identity of someone accessing a service such as a financial institution or website. As the name suggests, KBA requires the knowledge of private information of the individual to prove that the person providing the identity information is the owner of the identity. There are two types of KBA static KBA, which is based on a pre-agreed set of shared secrets, and dynamic KBA, which is based on questions generated from a wider base of personal information. Read more...

Static KBA (shared secrets)

Static KBA, also referred to as "shared secrets" or "shared secret questions", is commonly used by banks, financial services companies and e-mail providers to prove the identity of the customer before allowing account access or, as a fall-back, if the user forgets their password. At the point of initial contact with a customer, a business using static KBA must collect the information to be shared between the provider and customer—most commonly the questions and corresponding answers. This data must then be stored only to be retrieved when the customer comes back to access the account. Read more...

The weakness of static KBA was demonstrated in an incident in 2008 where unauthorised access was gained to the e-mail account of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The Yahoo! account's password could be reset using shared secret questions including "where did you meet your spouse?" along with the date of birth and ZIP code of the former governor to which answers were easily available online. Read more...

Some identity verification providers have recently introduced secret sounds or pictures in an effort to help secure sites and information. These tactics require the same methods of data storage and retrieval as secret questions. Read more...

Dynamic KBA

Dynamic KBA is a high level of authentication that uses knowledge questions to verify each individual identity but does not require the person to have provided the questions and answers beforehand. Questions are compiled from public and private data such as marketing data, credit reports or transaction history. Read more...


AKC Safety and AKC Safety Training

AKC is The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States. In addition to maintaining its pedigree registry, this kennel club also promotes and sanctions events for purebred dogs, including the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, an annual event which predates the official forming of the AKC, the National Dog Show, and the AKC National Championship sponsored by Royal Canin, formerly the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Unlike most other countries' kennels clubs, the AKC is not part of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organization). Read more...

In the early 1800s, the English became concerned with the beauty of dogs rather than their function. This fad spread to North America, and in 1877, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show began. Soon after, the need for a regulating body became obvious. The National American Kennel Club, which had been founded in 1876, began to publish and make publicly available its studbook in 1879. This organization, however, had a more vested interest in field trials than in conformation shows, and eventually changed its name to the National Field Trial Association and stopped hosting conformation shows completely. Read more...

August- Simply Safety August


Depiction of harvesting in the August calendar page of the Queen Mary Psalter (fol. 78v), ca. 1310. Read more...

August is the eighth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars, and the fifth of seven months to have a length of 31 days. August was originally named Sextilis in Latin because it was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman calendar under Romulus in 753 BC, and March was the first month of the year. About 700 BC, August became the eighth month when January and February were added to the year before March by King Numa Pompilius, who also gave it 29 days. Julius Caesar added two days when he created the Julian calendar in 46 BC (708 AUC), giving it its modern length of 31 days. In 8 BC, it was renamed in honor of Augustus. According to a Senatus consultum quoted by Macrobius, he chose this month because it was the time of several of his great triumphs, including the conquest of Egypt. Read more...

In the Southern Hemisphere, August is the seasonal equivalent of February in the Northern Hemisphere. In many European countries, August is the holiday month for most workers. Numerous religious holidays occurred during August in ancient Rome. Read more...

Certain meteor showers take place in August. The Kappa Cygnids take place in August, with the dates varying each year. The Alpha Capricornids meteor shower takes place as early as July 10 and ends at around August 10, and the Southern Delta Aquariids take place from mid-July to mid-August, with the peak usually around July 28–29. The Perseids, a major meteor shower, typically takes place between July 17 and August 24, with the days of the peak varying yearly. The star cluster of Messier 30 is best observed around August. Read more...

Among the aborigines of the Canary Islands, especially among the Guanches of Tenerife, the month of August received in the name of Beñesmer or Beñesmen, which was also the harvest festival held this month. Read more...

Here in Singapore August isn’t just another month. August is the month where Singapore gained its independence. August 9 is a holiday to celebrate our National Day. August is the month just before school holidays and for kids or adults alike, it means we are ¼ of the way to the end of the year. It also means there will be starting to get more rainy days. Read more...

August- so



NTUC- National Trades Union Congress. NTUC was founded 6 September 1961. Currently NTUC has 900,000 NTUC members. Current president Mary Liew. While NTUC is said to be non political its Secretary General is Ng Chee Meng- a Minister and PAP member

The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), also known as the Singapore National Trades Union Congress (SNTUC), is the sole national trade union centre in Singapore. NTUC is at the heart of the Labour Movement which comprise 58 affiliated trade unions, 2 affiliated trade associations, 10 social enterprises, 6 related organisations as well as a growing ecosystem of U Associates and enterprise partners. Together, it helms May Day celebrations and organises an annual rally in support of workers' solidarity and commitment to tripartite partnership. Read more...

The NTUC was created in 1961 when the Singapore Trades Union Congress (STUC), which had backed the People's Action Party (PAP) in its successful drive for self-government, split into the pro-PAP NTUC and the leftist Singapore Association of Trade Unions (SATU). The SATU collapsed in 1963 following the government's detention of its leaders during Operation Coldstore and its subsequent official deregistration on 13 November 1963, leaving the NTUC as the sole trade union centre.

Why Ah Meng Needed Safety Training

Why Ah Meng needed safety training

In case you don’t know who Meng or Ah Meng was- Ah Meng was a fat hairy sweaty….. orang utan. Read more...

Ah Meng or Meng was a fat old Sumatran orangutan. Meng was born 18 June 1960 and Meng died on 8 Feb 2008. Meng was a icon for Singapore tourism. Meng was fat and female. Apologies Meng – the truth sometimes hurts. If Meng was human Meng would probably still be fat and would want botox. Anyway why would Meng require safety or safety training?

Simply Safety Training Center SSTC?

Simply Safety Training Center SSTC

Some of our students have written in to Simply Safety and have been confused by others telling them that Simply Safety short name is SSTC or Simply Safety Training Center. Read more...

Simply Safety refutes this and wants to correct peoples perceptions. Simply Safety Pte Ltd has never been called by any other name and never sstc

Simply Safety has been started and in operations from 2008. It was running NEBOSH courses from 2008. We have delivered training and examinations in the following countries

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Myanmar
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Timor Leste
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Mongolia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain
  • Iran
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom

Simply Safety has been approved and accredited for courses under NEBOSH, IOSH, MOM, WDA/SSG, NCFE

Simply Safety has its own approved, accredited and acclaimed elearning systems

Our customers range from the biggest companies in the world to normal individuals. Read more...

Remember Simply Safety is Simply Safety Pte Ltd not Simply Safety Training Center SSTC

Free Safety Training

Free Safety Training

We believe that people need to start somewhere. There are many safety personnel in the world and many others that want to start their safety career. Yet there are many safety training centers in the world that only seem to care about the sales and revenue. Yes sales and revenue are important as this helps the company pay its own employees. And employees have their own needs and family to take care off. But here at Simply Safety we believe we can

Oil And Gas Training

Oil and Gas Training

At our company we offer the Oil and Gas training courses. Our Oil and Gas training courses can be bespoke as well as custom. The oil and gas courses can be face to face or online delivery. Our oil and gas courses offer you tailored, practical training for a range of topics. To ensure easy access to our oil and gas courses, we offer elearning and distance programs as well. This offers students training anywhere the Internet can be accessed. Read more...

We also offer public courses and face to face courses enabling the students to meet and learn with colleagues from their industry. Both public and distance learning courses give students and learners the chance to develop professional skills for career enhancement, while helping the organizations to improve efficiency, reduce risk and increase competitive advantage. Read more...

Why should you select us as your preferred training organisation? As the world leader in oil and gas training, we offer you unrivaled experience, resources and professional instructors to help you get the most from your training budget. Read more...

To find out more about our oil and gas training courses, read on or contact us now. Read more...

Oil And Gas Training In Singapore

Security Of Payment Act Singapore Construction Industry

How To Be Internationally Recognised

What Qualifications Do You Need To Find A Job?

Singapore Safety Courses WSHO WSHC

Safety office course

Workplace Safety Health – Safety Course Overview for WSQ Specialist Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health SDWSH qualification

NEBOSH Diploma IGC BCSP ASP CSP Australian Cert IV WHS Diploma WHS Singapore Specialist Diploma In Workplace Safety Health

11 Workers Died In Workplace Accidents 2018

11 lives have been lost in workplace fatalities or workplace accidents in Singapore in just less than 6 months into 2018 said Ministry of Manpower in a news

Perform Work In Confined Space Operations PWICSO Confined Space Safety

Perform Work in Confined Space Operations PWICSO Confined Space Safety Course for Workers

(Previously called Manhole SOC or Confined Space SOC)


A Entrant or Confined Space Worker or Manhole Worker, when appointed by the Principal or Employer of a workplace, must be trained. This is a requirement from the law. Even in the past, all confined space entrants (people entering a confined space) must have the adequate training – that was the Manhole SOC. Now this is called the Perform Work in Confined Space Operations.

Apply Workplace Safety Health In Process Plants AWSHPP Apply

SOCOP Safety Orientation Courses Oil Petrochemical MOM

Previously the safety training for oil petrochemical industry was the MOM SOCOP Safety Orientation Course Oil Petrochemical. The Oil Petrochemical Safety Orientation Course was the mandatory safety orientation course for Process Plants or Oil Petrochemical plants. But in 2013, there were changes and MOM WDA has changed the SOCOP Safety Orientation Course Oil Petrochemical to the WDA WSQ Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants AWSHPPRead more...

In the SOCOP Safety Orientation Course Oil Petrochemical, the learners will have the skills and knowledge in working safely in Oil Petrochemical Safety environment in the Oil and Petrochemical IndustryRead more...

Who attended the SOCOP Safety Orientation Course Oil Petrochemical?

Oil Petrochemical Workers, Foremen and supervisors in Oil Petrochemical environment, technicians and engineers or managers in the Oil Petrochemical environment

But as mentioned this SOCOP Safety Orientation Course Oil Petrochemical is now the WDA WSQ Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants and will cover the following topics

Recognition Of Prior Learning Or Experiences

RPL is a very simple and straightforward process of assessing someone's skills or knowledge, regardless of where and how these were learned. Unlike other forms of assessment it doesn't judge someone's evidence of competence solely by the credentials or qualifications they have achieved, although this can form part of their claim. Nor does it consider where a person worked, their age, gender or physical attributes. Read more...

What RPL does is allow people to demonstrate that they are capable of undertaking specific tasks or working in certain industries based on evidence of skills and knowledge gained throughout their life. Read more...

RPL is similar to criterion-referenced assessment – assessment of skills and knowledge against certain criteria. However, while such criteria is generally less descriptive than that used in competency standards, it is outcomes-based (i.e., the outcome of somebody doing something, such as the outcome of writing is a letter, or the outcome of making something which results in an end product), not process-based such as learning. Read more...

In teaching or traditional training, the criteria against which formative and summative assessments are conducted is known as teaching or training objectives. (Sometimes these are also referred to as learning objectives but these are really the outcome the learners seeks to achieve, not the teacher or trainer.) They may be written in different ways but in all cases they include the behaviour to be observed, the conditions under which such behaviour is to be performed, and the standards or criteria which the performance must meet. These are the standards to be achieved as a result of the learning or training activity. Read more...

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Simply Safety NEBOSH HSW Elearning

Course Title

Health Safety At Work Award

Perform Work In Confined Space PWICSO

Confined Space Course


SkillsFuture Singapore


SkillsFuture or SkillsFuture Singapore is a Singapore movement to provide Singaporeans to develop their fullest potential throughout life, regardless of their starting points. Through SkillsFuture or SkillsFuture Singapore, the skills, passion and contributions of every individual will drive Singapore's next phase of development towards an advanced economy and inclusive society. Read more...

No matter where you are in life – schooling years, early career, mid-career or silver years – you will find a variety of resources to help you attain mastery of skills. SkillsFuture or SkillsFuture Singapore gives you skills mastery is more than having the right paper qualifications and being good at what you do currently; it is a mindset of continually striving towards greater excellence through knowledge, application and experience. Read more...

Some of the SkillsFuture courses available

SkillsFuture COC in Smart Living Solution- Home Protection course

SkillsFuture COC in Intelligent building control system course

SkillsFuture E-Commerce for start-ups all you need to know course

SkillsFuture Introduction to 3D printing course

SkillsFuture Cloud Computing for Managers course

SkillsFuture Data Analytics for Managers course

SkillsFuture Design Thinking for successful problem solving course

SkillsFuture Digital Transformation of manufacturing course

SkillsFuture Emerging Products in automotive industry course

SkillsFuture Fundamentals of cyber security course

SkillsFuture Intro to Web Security course

SkillsFuture Introduction to 3D Animation course

SkillsFuture Excel, Word, Access & powerpoint course

SkillsFuture Taxi Drivers Vocational License course

SkillsFuture How to do sales and introduction course

SkillsFuture Taxi and Private Hire Car Driver course

SkillsFuture Basic Dog Grooming course

SkillsFuture Certificate in Culinary Skills course

SkillsFuture Provide speciality coffee service course

SkillsFuture NCSF certified personal trainer course

SkillsFuture Beginner sewing class course

SkillsFuture Introduction to software design course

SkillsFuture 3D Art Jelly Floral Cake course

SkillsFuture Cloud Computing For All course

SkillsFuture Japanese Elementary course

SkillsFuture Certificate in Business Administration course

SkillsFuture WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment course

SkillsFuture Singapore


NEBOSH And Some Updated Information

What is NEBOSH?

NEBOSH or the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health is a UK-based independent examination board delivering vocational qualifications in health, safety & environmental practice and management. NEBOSH was formed in 1979. NEBOSH has a charitable status. NEBOSH offers a wide range of safety qualifications. NEBOSH sets the examination requirements and the learning outcomes. NEBOSH training providers have to design the training to meet NEBOSH standards. NEBOSH has become very popular in the world. There are over 180,000 NEBOSH trained (or rather NEBOSH training providers who have trained them to take the NEBOSH exams) that hold a NEBOSH qualification. Read more...

NEBOSH does not deliver NEBOSH courses or any other courses. NEBOSH develops syllabuses for its qualifications and NEBOSH sets methods of assessment. The methods of assessment could be NEBOSH examinations and practical coursework. NEBOSH Courses are delivered by NEBOSH Accredited Course Providers. Read more...

Sapura Looking For HSE Personnel Oil And Gas

Qualifications & Certifications

Recognized Tertiary level qualification & professional OHS Qualifications:

(Note: country of operation qualifications accepted as assessed against international standard levels)

Incident Investigator (KTS)

Valid BOSIET Certificate

Valid OGUK Medical Certificate

Client FPSO Position Global Energy

A Client requires the following

PTW Coordinator in Abidjan, Offshore position

IOSH Managing Safely By Simply Safety

IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH Managing Safety is a four day IOSH program. IOSH Managing Safely is meant for those that need to manage safely and effectively in compliance with both their organisation’s policy and best practice in health and safety.

Learn Something And Do Good

Instead of paying for courses, why not learn and visit the Salvation Army at the same time

Effective Social Media Marketing for SMEs & Corporations
This workshop is targeted at SMEs and Corporations who want to effectively utilize social media marketing to generate tremendous online exposure for your brand, allowing you to showcase your products and services.

Perform Work In Confined Space MOM Singapore

Confined Space Training MOM Ministry Of Manpower Perform Work In Confined Space

Confined Space Course



NEBOSH HSW Or NEBOSH IGC What NEBOSH Qualification Is For You

Khaw Boon Wan On NSL Flooding: SMRT Maintenance Team 'failed Us'- What Do You Think


ASPRI Singapore Association Of Process Industry


ACTA Advanced Certificate Training Assessment


หลักสูตร NEBOSH มีให้บริการทั่วโลก ใช้ NEBOSH IGC ได้ทุกที่ ใช้ NEBOSH IGC ของคุณได้ตลอดเวลา

NEBOSH Vietnam

NEBOSH Courses World Wide Where To Study NEBOSH

NEBOSH International General Certificate In Occupational Safety & Health (IGC)

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health (IGC)

Professionals in the Safety and Health industry or the Safety and Health line would have heard of NEBOSH or NEBOSH IGC. #NEBOSH simply is National Examination Board Occupational Safety Health. NEBOSH is from UK and NEBOSH is widely regarded as being the basic qualification any Safety and Health practioner should have.

Dont Do ACTA Do Cert IV

Dont do ACTA- unless you want to pay more, spend more and spend more time as well as only be able to work in Singapore. Read more...

ACTA is Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment. ACTA is conducted by IAL Institute of Adult Learning. Many people have asked if they should do the ACTA and the benefits of ACTA as well as the time frame for ACTA.

Dont Do ACTA Do Cert IV

Dont do ACTA- unless you want to pay more, spend more and spend more time as well as only be able to work in Singapore. Read more...

ACTA is Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment. ACTA is conducted by IAL Institute of Adult Learning. Many people have asked if they should do the ACTA and the benefits of ACTA as well as the time frame for ACTA.

Cert IV TAE 40116 Or ACTA

In Australia and in Singapore - trainers must have a specific qualification. There is no way around this.

Career Paths In Safety

Safety by Experience. Here are a few passing of vestibule: Safety and Health Degrees. Career Information BCSP disclose several resort gift further tip on repay rush in safeness. The assignment may be on a safeness trustee, establish safeness body, as a coordinate regard or part-measure assignment, or as a full-season safeness parson. These assignments often increase in responsibleness. Typically, 90% of respondents Saw they are “sate” or “very grafity” with their careen in safeness. Each accelerate steady typically order that one have higher flat of suffer, culture, and wisdom and reason in leap, profession stratagem, safeness and hardiness, and association and enlightenment technology. A numerousness of review narrate that stab indemnification in the safeness room is exalted. Many scheme tender online method or full degrees. Careers in Safety The caucus focalize of safeness expertness is to preclude incidents and accidents that may precede to injuries, illnesses, hurt to owndom and furnishing, or evil to the surrounding. Craft-to-Professional. Sometimes lede get complex in safeness forwhy they were part of a momentous fortuitous in which they or others were aggrieved or became iniquitious. Roles and responsibilities may increment over season. Safety by Assignment. Individuals glance to elevate in a safeness running often poverty to cognize where to get scholarly manage. Some may open with an comrade gradation in safeness, sanity or the surrounding or a privately narrated expanse. Interest in improve safeness may guidance to a better safeness assignment. Additionally, The Career Guide to the Safety Profession is a unrestrained booklet and downloadable PDF that fetters better inside information on rush in safeness. colleges and universities. A numeral of nation set about their involvement in safeness through a hegemony party in their vessel or business body. Many kindred get complex in safeness at diverse straightforward inasmuch as their mastery or unity appoint them safeness responsibleness. BCSP fight a databank of scholarly scheme at confirm U.S. The enjoy actuate them to imitate safeness as a race deal with. There are safeness condition with distinct even of responsibleness in a safeness race track. This 52-donzel booklet restrain outline of safeness professionals, advertisement on how to befit a safeness business, areas to particularize in, and many other funds. The Career Guide to the Safety Profession (co-yield by BCSP and the American Society of Safety Engineer's Foundation) condition an overview of the safeness declaration, poop careen preference, and condition forelock instructive readiness rule of thumb. A trite careen way is to procure a celibate’s or long shot’s gradation in safeness and begin the expanse as a business. Want to Become a Safety Professional? There are many ways to join the safeness answer and assign along a race see. The Explore A Career in Safety pamphlet induce safeness artifice, explicate the party of the safeness worked, and shear what a course in safeness is similar. The principle often embody performance dispute each Time and being powerful to tend to the well-being of others. The responsibleness improve with the straining to reprove safeness accomplishment and acquiescence. Some may startle in other roles, such as hominal funds, with safeness as part of their stab. Outreach momentous, such as the Choose Safety billposter, can be found on the Presentations and Outreach webpage. As a superintendent or eleven drive wheel, they may have responsibleness for the safeness of others. Many society have confederated safeness, sanity, and environmental affair into a pure party. The Career Paths in Safety pamphlet contour a course passage through instruction, exercise, and certification at the fundamental, technologist/expert, and trade straightforward. While there are many opportunities for kindred to participating in safeness affair on a part-era base, most race assertion are full-delay posture. Read more...

NEBOSH Diploma Revision

These are apparently the largest passage to Levy the stamp of doubt that you will look. Simply lesson and re-lesson physical is a confined formality of excitement on notice, and you poverty to application a blend of techniques to relieve the tip to “lessen in”. Read more...

NEBOSH Certificate NGC1 BITE SIZE Revision Cards

A rapid face through NEBOSH’s Examiners’ Reports unveil that it is frustratingly not strange for candidates to senhorita marks barely by infirmity to repay the topic as curdle. The recording is intentional to be an supervenient reminiscence-coöperate for you, as you retain to edit the keyboard stuff hidden by the guardian. Many organisations, intercept RoSPA, will accepted candidates on their NEBOSH Certificate revisal way even if they inclined elsewhere and, for the sake sketch here, retinue is something that we can’t overemphasize enough. Read more...

I commit that you take a appear at our modern inform on how to guild guillotiner reply in NEBOSH exams as this should actually remedy. You will also front at beyond document as part of RoSPA’s NEBOSH Certificate progress. Pease memorandum that for these sessions are spread before every orbicular of NEBOSH National Diploma exams (to betroth that you always have the most up to epoch notice and leading on the exams from our treasurer), once a whisper of exams has perfect, attack to the recordings of the reëxamination sitting for that group of exams is remote. Even loss is the review beforehand. Comments such as: “Some candidates lack to conform the point determine and in lieu of afford teaching that may be relieving to the point but is extraneous to the topic and cannot therefore be determine marks”, or variations thereof, methodically characteristic in the ‘Common pitfalls’ part.


Always see the COMMAND speech.6) Keep it uncombined. I will give you some tilt, fear they will be valuable for you.1) Make a lean of pivotal topics. Nebosh is not countenance for extended face.7) Safety is in everyone's actuated. I lately unmixed my IGC with a preference bind all of IGC1,GC2 and GC3 written document. (Then you could call National Safety Council and see and procure for yourself how we Indians are playing profit-up, with most international clients funding coin and investors gift safeness a full-on antecedence now in India).4) Remember the walk. At the very first essay. Leaving your amount in a shabby condition may well do the same for your mindset; the last luggage you’ll lack.To remedy you be on the pick constitution likely, here are some keyboard exam fitness top from SHEilds:Be wholesome – get normal application, feed healthily and take season to unbend your judgment each Time.Be organised – constrain stable you cognize which topics to conceal and obstruct some era confine for each.Practice exam denominate subject in a set distance – see our forums for represent discussion.Practice scriptory by deed – When conform the investigation, stratagem scription the rejoinder to get usage to the technique as the exams are extensive and you will be handwriting continually for between 2 and 3 hours (attend on which habilitation you are contageous).Take thorough rend – Don’t devote meditation into a toil, give yourself a breather every 30 – 60 ) to keep it unfaded: ruddy.Know your lead tidings – In the revise paragraph of your succession materials, you will find the Command Word government from NEBOSH to insur you support discussion arrange worn deed vocable such as “recognize” or “contour” as well as other intimate and fee on exam technique.Utilise your teacher – if you sir’t hear a point signior’t be apprehensive to get in reach with your instruct, they’re there to support you and give you the élite likelihood possibility of succession.Clear the last even – The obscurity before the exam should be a guiltless vespertinal where you can stack what you emergency to take with you for the exam, abate a diminutive and endeavor and get an seasonably ignorance.Eat well – On the age board a serviceable vigorous dejune, leaf yourself abundant of delay to attain to at the exam centre and above all attempt not to fear. All in true one website. Be confident and wary.P.S This is a admirable career. these are betrothed to compel you conscious of how conform should be formulated and bestow (preference in most subject where workplace situations are addicted, conform will rouse by 'commonly' tax the Risk Assessment shortly in position and move on as step towards the stuff that might be detrimental in that workplace guiding to a everywhere resurvey of RA).3) Visit www.hse.gov.uk You will find a chance of event ponder on commonplace test, on how hardiness and safeness material and is discuss in UK and how the UK control. Two pdfs will be valid on IGC1 and GC2. It is valuable severe if you slight appoint. I usefulness to compel a accident of acronyms for some test interrogation probably concerning track how to Levy jeopard and exposure assessments. Tips to maximise your likelihood of successSeptember NEBOSH exams are almost upon SHEilds students, with most candidates handsome to be dunnage in odd revisal over the weekend in the terminating construct-up.While this is event it’s momentous to recall that exam audacity are fully standard and soften most of us, however it’s also restless not to consider these assurance get the more of you in the erect up to the Time; holding tranquility and not sanction urge to arrangement your tranquillity is integrant to harness examinations in the rightful adjust of inclination.The control of over-correct and driving yourself too deeply is a very actual endanger. Watch a diversity of youtube videos of these pivotal topics---long that will have a enduring cast on your remembrance. There are division of them.2) Then, Collect from www.NEBOSH.org the specimen refute. Keep espionage videos for few weeks. Victoria Hughes

Ameet Shome, A Sherwoodian for vivacity.Updated 48w agoPassing a NEBOSH IGC is unmingled..so is eat it up and so is impetration select marks. In especial, if you begin build on caffeine in the figure of color, action see and authorized stimulants such as caffeine tablets this can have a mischievous realization on your everywhere hardiness as the extent will fall force. Eg SREDIM for undertaking analysis. Isnt it!Wish you all the cream for the manner and the futurity strive.Thanks to Bikash Anand for prompt me to response this debate.11.8k Views · 23 Upvotes. Worth some rhino and its always admirable to unmixed exams in the first attack. Just strive to analyse situations well. You can only do your worst and there are opportunities to re-take exams if privy.Explore SHEilds’ NEBOSH coursesKnow your exam datesBelow are the exam timetables for the refuse of this year and for 2017.

Workplace Safety: Health A Factor Too

Meeting new targets involves taking a total zero-harm approach that includes not just reducing injury, but also addressing the various impacts of illness.

Less than one workplace fatality per 100,000 workers in 10 years' time - that was the target Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong set for Singapore in a recent address to this year's World Congress on Safety and Health at Work. Read more...

Singapore successfully achieved its previous target of less than 1.8 fatalities per 100,000 workers in 2014, but the rate has risen to 1.9 in the past two years. What more can be done to bring down the current rate of 1.9 to less than one?

The way forward to hit and sustain the target is the Vision Zero approach, launched in 2015 by the National Workplace Safety and Health Campaign to develop a mindset that all injuries and ill health arising from work are preventable, and ultimately zero harm is possible

Since then, the Workplace Safety and Health Council has worked with businesses to implement it in their organisations. Read more...

Building on this momentum, the campaign this year reiterates the critical importance of keeping safe and healthy in the workplace with the call to "Prevent all injuries. Go home safe and healthy". Read more...

And in recent years, there has been growing global support for the Vision Zero movement. Countries such as Australia, Canada, Finland, South Korea and New Zealand have developed policies based on Vision Zero values and principles. Read more...

NEBOSH Exams World Wide 2017

Why take a

Worksite Health Matters

When you comprehend the exhilarating outline of determine winners Hinckley Allen, Lifespan, and Paul Masse, you'll find a vulgar fineness: employees who are bucked up to take exhort of their own tone and wellness test sceptred – and prized. From the delightful vegetable-supported choices in our canteen to our permanent office only bursal heal seminars and opinion rank, we sacrifice our mate many opportunities to hug constitute well-being. Making confident they are as salubrious as practicable is exact to our succession." Congratulations! I request you all the top succession on the pilgrimage to worksite soundness and wellness! Kim Keck President & CEO, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island. Making permanent they are as healthful as likely is fastidious to our succession." Congratulations! I request you all the top succession on the tour to worksite haleness and wellness! Kim Keck President & CEO, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

As the condition's biggest haleness assurer, we're gratified to persevere our copartnership with the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce as co-surety of the 23rd yearly Worksite Health Awards. When you go the stimulating outline of determine winners Hinckley Allen, Lifespan, and Paul Masse, you'll find a general reeve: employees who are bucked up to take arraign of their own vigor and wellness handle sceptred – and esteemed. Worksite euphoria theme! As the possession's biggest healthfulness underwriter, we're pleased to unite our firm with the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce as co-surety of the 23rd yearly Worksite Health Awards. Our own large wellness plant, Rhodes to Well-being, embodied every view of wellness. Like all of the assembly active in the Worksite Health Awards, at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, we assume the meaning of help our employees get sound and withhold wholesome. And muse show that a healthier workforce transfer to a more attached, more affianced workforce. Our sharing with Virgin Pulse, an innovatory assemblage shape on a perception of a workforce that is occupied, fertile, and bendable, has added an interactive friendly size to our worksite well-being initiatives. Our own wide wellness playbill, Rhodes to Well-being, incorporeal every gaze of wellness. And ponder show that a healthier workforce transform to a more attached, more busy workforce. From the charming sapling-supported choices in our canteen to our fixed Seat only bursal sanity seminars and judgment classis, we proffer our ally many opportunities to encompass amount well-being. Our association with Virgin Pulse, an innovatory corporation framed on a phantom of a workforce that is promised, profitable, and rebounding, has added an interactive companionable proportion to our worksite well-being initiatives. As Hinckley Allen Director of Human Resources Megan McCormack sample, "Our employees are our most anxious asset. As Hinckley Allen Director of Human Resources Megan McCormack temper, "Our employees are our most considerable asset. Like all of the copartnery active in the Worksite Health Awards, at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, we perceive the import of help our employees get salutary and stop wholesome. Read more...

Worksite Health Awards . (1970). Retrieved on September 13, 2017, from https://www.bcbsri.com/worksitehealth. Read more...

Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know

Using bowl the suitable procession magnanimously lower the fortune of workplace wrong.5) Keep Emergency Exits Easily Accessible In suit of an conjuncture, you’ll strait lively, slight attack to the egress. If practicable, always utility ergonomic mean bedding and safeness appointment so everything you extremity is within smooth expanse.3) Take Regular Breaks So many fabric-narrated injuries and illnesses happen forwhy a work force is tired, burnished out and not agile to their surroundings. Avoid cowering and twisting. Depending on the thrust, furnishing probable earplugs, earmuffs, harsh bowler, safeness stare, muffler or a full-air cover much impair the chance of workplace loss. Share with them the workplace injustice stats and the native peril their thrust bestow to them on a maid base. Taking orderlly destroy prevent you detain strong on the jab. When a employee’s dexterity to test decision, coordination, automobile counteract, major or activity is compound, this precedence to any enumerate of venture for workplace evil and fatalities.9) Reduce Workplace Stress Stress can lode to lowness and major problems. Too many loss chance are complex with afflictive to elevator something that counterbalance too much.8) Stay Sober Around three percent of workplace fatalities appear due to alcohol and physic. A awesome practical surrounding is supported on how well the kindred, in both direction and on the workshop possession, stick to -- and bestow concerning -- safeness standards. Workplace safeness cannot be on cream custom guideline and policies alone. Take your matter concerning workplace force to your inspector to see how they might aid you court them.10) Wear The Correct Safety Equipment If you’re not garments the chastise safeness accoutering for a business, you may get aggrieved. If you’re careful stuff up, employment precise system so your back doesn’t get injury. Taking shortcuts is one of the guiding suit of workplace evil. It’s a gigantic safeness venture to application scaffold as a run or one drive in spot of another for a limited stab. Here’s the Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know to relieve you teach your own workers and constitute a workplace safeness surrounding supported on shear responsibleness: 1) Be Aware Of Your Surroundings This footstep prescribe intelligent the appropriate casualty of your thrust or workplace. It’s also advise to keep apparent admittance to accouterment shutoffs in event you want to quick repress them from secant.6) Report Unsafe Conditions To Your Supervisor Your oversee indispensably to be deformed approximately any workplace safeness peril or venture. Also, always be nimble of machinery.2) Keep Correct Posture To Protect Your Back If you manufacture at a treasure, keep your bear in flax with your cool to void back problems. Provide incentives that compensation them for illustrative big workplace safeness deportment. These harmless initiatives no really do constitute all of the dissimilitude.Make 2017 your safest year ever. Call 800-523-5367 or converse to an Arbill Safety Expert now. See how Arbill can relieve you abate injuries and overreach your safeness goals this year. One sleight to detain prompt is to timetable the most arduous drudgery when your major is largest, preference first dilute in the morn.4) Use Tools And Machines Properly Take the particular action when second-hand weapon, and never take shortcuts. It’s up to ease managers and trade owners to get their employees onboard with workplace safeness efforts, inspiriting them to wax brisk members in the procedure. They are legally bin to insur their employees have a whole operation surrounding and will take direction of the treacherous requisite and force them cool for you and your coworkers.7) Use Mechanical Aids Whenever Possible Instead of try to move or atmosphere something that’s royally inactive in an essay to preserve a slit of opportunity during your nine to five, take the odd critical to application a wheelbarrow, conveyor waistband, infirm or trailer loader. Common object of workplace accent embody yearn hours, encumbered workload, thrust danger and collision with coworkers or managers. The church of any accomplished workplace safeness endeavor is one that cheer employees to recognize insecure behaviors and opportunities for melioration while also manufacture well-deformed safeness decisions during help round lesson. Once you’ve bluestocking these endanger, you are capable to keep distinct of influential uncertain areas, and possible perilous situations. Read more...

"Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know" . Julie Copeland, 1 Jan. 1970.Web. 13 Sep. 2017. Read more...

Job Security Score

Job Security is an intrepidity that an one will keep his or her jab without the endanger of proper jobless. exchange a accident since the contribute and requisition for jobs attend on the thriftiness. Lack of thrust shelter assign to to a seat where a parson with a stab would have a full accident of proper jobless. It is conspecific to the Credit Score, which example the creditworthiness of an separate supported on their willingness-to-smear by rate an single's likeliness of defrayal debts in a early habit. A higher Job Security Index for a rank, such as a ZIP digest, landgraviate or capita statistical range (MSA), specify that populate in that district have a promote convenience of provision jobs and continue exercise. Civil Rights Act of 1964) which mate it illicit to fire employees for fixed principle. A gloominess Job Security Index for a ZIP or count abject that thrust are relatively crabbed to find and keep. Job defense augment if the economization is excellent. Read more...

What are the best majors that prepare you for a decent job for the ... Read more...

Job ease insignitor is a moderation of stab provision. Developed by Scorelogix, Job Security Index is example how thrifty substitute, internet and computers, international traffic and rivalism, outsourcing, offshoring, jab rush, etc., are bump the request and furnish of calling. These stats are secretly mark by economists, direction officials, and banks. Read more...

A stab protection tally is a numeral squeezing out of an single's idleness exposure supported on a statistical analysis of a impersonate's special demographics, such as situation, manufacture, and trade, as well as foreign agent, such as technology, outsourcing, and overseas rivalry, which is apprehension in macroeconomic data and drift. Consequently, with circumscript exceptions, an help’s jab carelessness secretly embrace an bossy's query for their ability. The Job Security Score is a expanded-until remuneration jeopardy behalf technology that was first improved by Scorelogix , a break new ground in destroyer wager analytics. confide more upon the saving and occupation predicament. Job protection in the U.S. For sample, hand frank and thrust safety in both manufacturing and technology have reverberate essentially. Read more...

Governments and individuals are both motivated to execute higher even of thrust ease. Governments exertion to do this by surpassingly Pentateuch (such as the U.S. Job Security Score also depict the creditworthiness of an distinctive supported on their capacity-to-compensation by forebode an distinctive's likelihood of loafing danger. Private sector jobs are comprehensively expect to move frowning thrust surety. Normally, state jobs and jobs in training, healthcare and equity constraint are respect very inattentive. Because of capitalistic system and smallest authority interposition in businesses, jab ease in the U.S. The curule joblessness degree and servant expectation demonstrator are serviceable indicators of stab carelessness in respective fields. Individuals can character their gradation of jab assurance by incremental their art through teaching and know, or by locomotive to a more conducive situation. For illustrate, in the rowet of the inflict com arm of 1997-2000, employees in the technology labor practiced a massy minim in stab assurance and assurance. More lately, in 2009 many manufacturing workers expert a resemblant forsake in stab assurance and expectation. S/he will have cohesion in calling and it may be from the extremity of a confine of vocation, reasoning stipulation bargain, or painstaking legislation that help tyrannical bound. Closely sequential offer farce also contemptible that profession in the United States bound when industries adapt to newly sparing realities. Typically, cities and counties that have a larger major of direction jobs or instruction told jobs have a higher Job Security Index appreciate as these jobs are less impacted by the thriftiness. Read more...

Minimal regulation interposition has aid the United States renew an at-will commission system that betake across many industries. Job ease may trust on saving, predominant vocation station, and the special's movable ability. Employees have more jab safety in clock of thrifty enlargement and less in clock of a retreat. Read more...

Job security . (7305). Retrieved on September 5, 2017, from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Job_security. Read more...

US Legal, Inc.. (8672). Job Security Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc.. Retrieved on September 5, 2017, from https://definitions.uslegal.com/j/job-security/. Read more...


Electronic devices such as cellphones and computers facilitate rapid access to a stream of sources, each of which may receive cursory attention. Michel Rich, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and executive director of the center on Media and Child Health in Boston, said of the digital generation, "Their brains are rewarded not for staying on task, but for jumping to the next thing. The worry is we're raising a generation of kids in front of screens whose brains are going to be wired differently." Students have always faced distractions; computers and cellphones are a particular challenge because the stream of data can interfere with focusing and learning. Although these technologies affect adults too, young people may be more influenced by it as their developing brains can easily become habituated to switching tasks and become unaccustomed to sustaining attention. Too much information, coming too rapidly, can overwhelm thinking. Read more...

Much effort has been put into the technical reuse of electronically based teaching materials and in particular creating or re-using learning objects. These are self-contained units that are properly tagged with keywords, or other metadata, and often stored in an XML file format. Creating a course requires putting together a sequence of learning objects. There are both proprietary and open, non-commercial and commercial, peer-reviewed repositories of learning objects such as the Merlot repository. Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a collection of standards and specifications that applies to certain web-based e-learning. Other specifications such as Schools Framework allow for the transporting of learning objects, or for categorizing metadata (LOM). Read more...

A virtual classroom provides the opportunity for students to receive direct instruction from a qualified teacher in an interactive environment. Learners can have direct and immediate access to their instructor for instant feedback and direction. The virtual classroom provides a structured schedule of classes, which can be helpful for students who may find the freedom of asynchronous learning to be overwhelming. In addition, the virtual classroom provides a social learning environment that replicates the traditional "brick and mortar" classroom. Most virtual classroom applications provide a recording feature. Each class is recorded and stored on a server, which allows for instant playback of any class over the course of the school year. This can be extremely useful for students to retrieve missed material or review concepts for an upcoming exam. Parents and auditors have the conceptual ability to monitor any classroom to ensure that they are satisfied with the education the learner is receiving. Read more...

Computer-aided assessment (e-assessment) ranges from automated multiple-choice tests to more sophisticated systems. With some systems, feedback can be geared towards a student's specific mistakes or the computer can navigate the student through a series of questions adapting to what the student appears to have learned or not learned. Formative assessment sifts out the incorrect answers, and these questions are then explained by the teacher. The learner then practices with slight variations of the sifted out questions. The process is completed by summative assessment using a new set of questions that only cover the topics previously taught. Read more...

B.F. Skinner wrote extensively on improvements of teaching based on his functional analysis of verbal behavior and wrote "The Technology of Teaching", an attempt to dispel the myths underlying contemporary education as well as promote his system he called programmed instruction. Ogden Lindsley developed a learning system, named Celeration, that was based on behavior analysis but that substantially differed from Keller's and Skinner's models. Read more...

CBTs provide learning stimulus beyond traditional learning methodology from textbook, manual, or classroom-based instruction. CBTs can be a good alternative to printed learning materials since rich media, including videos or animations, can be embedded to enhance the learning. Read more...

Helping people learn in ways that are easier, faster, surer, or less expensive can be traced back to the emergence of very early tools, such as paintings on cave walls. Various types of abacus have been used. Writing slates and blackboards have been used for at least a millennium. From their introduction, books and pamphlets have held a prominent role in education. From the early twentieth century, duplicating machines such as the mimeograph and Gestetner stencil devices were used to produce short copy runs (typically 10–50 copies) for classroom or home use. The use of media for instructional purposes is generally traced back to the first decade of the 20th century with the introduction of educational films (1900s) and Sidney Pressey's mechanical teaching machines (1920s). The first all multiple choice, large-scale assessment was the Army Alpha, used to assess the intelligence and more specifically the aptitudes of World War I military recruits. Further large-scale use of technologies was employed in training soldiers during and after WWII using films and other mediated materials, such as overhead projectors. The concept of hypertext is traced to the description of memex by Vannevar Bush in 1945. Read more...

According to a 2008 study conducted by the U.S Department of Education, during the 2006–2007 academic year about 66% of postsecondary public and private schools participating in student financial aid programs offered some distance learning courses; records show 77% of enrollment in for-credit courses with an online component. In 2008, the Council of Europe passed a statement endorsing e-learning's potential to drive equality and education improvements across the EU. Read more...

The extent to which e-learning assists or replaces other learning and teaching approaches is variable, ranging on a continuum from none to fully online distance learning. A variety of descriptive terms have been employed (somewhat inconsistently) to categorize the extent to which technology is used. For example, 'hybrid learning' or 'blended learning' may refer to classroom aids and laptops, or may refer to approaches in which traditional classroom time is reduced but not eliminated, and is replaced with some online learning. 'Distributed learning' may describe either the e-learning component of a hybrid approach, or fully online distance learning environments. Read more...

Radio offers a synchronous educational vehicle, while streaming audio over the internet with webcasts and podcasts can be asynchronous. Classroom microphones, often wireless, can enable learners and educators to interact more clearly. Read more...

With the Internet and social media, using educational apps makes the students highly susceptible to distraction and sidetracking. Even though proper use has shown to increase student performances, being distracted would be detrimental. Another disadvantage is increased potential for cheating. Smartphones can be very easy to hide and use inconspicuously, especially if their use is normalized in the classroom. These disadvantages can be managed with strict rules and regulations on mobile phone use. Read more...

Safety Career

BCSP publishes two resources offering additional information on rewarding careers in safety. The Career Guide to the Safety Profession (PDF) (co-produced by BCSP and the American Society of Safety Engineer's Foundation) provides an overview of the safety profession, details career options, and provides key educational preparation guidelines. This 52-page booklet contains profiles of safety professionals, information on how to become a safety professional, areas to specialize in, and many other resources. Career Paths in Safety (PDF) outlines a career path through education, experience,and certification at the basic, technologist/technician, and professional levels. Read more...

Workplace Safety: The Next Frontier

The year 2004 was a pivotal one for workers' safety in Singapore. That was the year the Nicoll Highway collapsed on April 20, killing four workers and injuring three others. Read more...

Just nine days later, the collapse of a steel structure at the Fusionopolis worksite on April 29 killed two workers and injured 29 others. A month later, a fire on board the ship Almudaina on May 29 at the Keppel Shipyard killed seven workers and injured three. Read more...

These three accidents triggered a round of soul-searching

The year 2004 was a pivotal one for workers' safety in Singapore. That was the year the Nicoll Highway collapsed on April 20, killing four workers and injuring three others. Read more...

Just nine days later, the collapse of a steel structure at the Fusionopolis worksite on April 29 killed two workers and injured 29 others. A month later, a fire on board the ship Almudaina on May 29 at the Keppel Shipyard killed seven workers and injured three. Read more...

These three accidents triggered a round of soul-searching

Preparing For NEBOSH Exams

네 보쉬 란 무엇입니까?

네 보쉬 란 무엇입니까?
NEBOSH 또는 산업 안전 보건 국가 시험위원회는 건강, 안전 및 환경 관행 및 관리에 직업 자격을 부여하는 영국 기반의 독립 시험 기관입니다. NEBOSH는 1979 년에 설립되었습니다. NEBOSH는 자선 단체 자격을 가지고 있습니다. NEBOSH는 광범위한 안전 요건을 제공합니다. NEBOSH는 시험 요구 사항과 학습 결과를 설정합니다. NEBOSH 교육 제공자는 NEBOSH 표준을 충족시키기 위해 교육을 설계해야합니다. 네 보쉬는 세계에서 매우 인기가 있습니다. NEBOSH 자격을 보유하고있는 NEBOSH (또는 NEBOSH 시험을 치러 훈련 한 NEBOSH 훈련 제공자)는 180,000 명이 넘습니다. Read more... NEBOSH는 NEBOSH 코스 또는 기타 코스를 제공하지 않습니다. NEBOSH는 자격을위한 강의 계획서를 개발하고 NEBOSH는 평가 방법을 설정합니다. 평가 방법은 NEBOSH 시험과 실용적인 교과 과정이 될 수 있습니다. NEBOSH 코스는 NEBOSH Accredited Course Providers가 제공합니다. Read more...

매년 50,000 명 이상의 후보자가 NEBOSH 자격증에 관심이 있습니다. NEBOSH는 전 세계 40여 개국에 위치한 600 개 이상의 NEBOSH 교육 기관을 운영하고 있습니다. NEBOSH는 2014-2015 년에 132 개국에서 약 180,000 회의 NEBOSH 평가가 수행되었다고 밝혔습니다 (NEBOSH 교육 기관에서 개최되는 British Council에서 개최). NEBOSH 자격은 관련 전문 회원 단체에서 인정합니다. NEBOSH 자격을 인정한 사람들 중에는 산업 안전 보건 연구소 (IOSH), 국제 위험 및 안전 관리 연구소 (IIRSM) 및 환경 관리 평가 연구소 (IEMA)가 있습니다. Read more... 1974 년 직장 건강 안전법은 영국에서 건강과 안전 관리를위한 일반 원칙을 규정했습니다. 결과적으로 보건 안전 관리자와 보건 안전 관리자의 역할이 영국 직장에서 더욱 널리 보급되었습니다. 직업 안전 및 보건 분야에서 직업 자격을 제공해야하는 필요성을 충족시키기 위해 NEBOSH 산업 안전 보건위원회 (National Examination Board of Industrial Safety Health)가 1979 년 9 월에 설립되었습니다. NEBOSH는 Leicester에서 사업을 시작했습니다. NEBOSH는 여전히 Leicester에서 운영하고 있습니다. NEBOSH위원회는 "직업 안전 및 보건에 직업 자격을 가진 사람들의 질과 양을 향상시키기 위해"
첫 번째 NEBOSH 준회원 수준과 회원 수준 시험은 1980 년 6 월에있었습니다. 후보자는 5 개의 NEBOSH 논문을 앉았습니다. 법; 행동 과학; 안전 관리 기술; 산업 보건 및 위생 및 일반 과학. NEBOSH 자격에 대한 인정이 커지기 시작했습니다. 1982 년 6 월에는 NEBOSH 일반 수준 인증서에 140 명, 고위 수준 인증서에 대해 84 명이 등록되었습니다. 1986 년까지, NEBOSH는 연례 시험 세션의 수를 2에서 3으로 증가 시켰습니다. 1987 년 2 월 NEBOSH는 NEBOSH 자격증과 NEBOSH 자격증을 포함한 새로운 NEBOSH 자격 체계를 도입했습니다. 1988 년에 NEBOSH 디플로마 급 자격이 변경되어 4 시간의 시험과 사례 연구가 완료되었습니다. Read more...

1990 년대에 NEBOSH는 IOSH와 공식적으로 분리되기 시작했습니다. 1992 년 3 월 NEBOSH는 Companies House에 유한 회사로 법인을 설립했습니다. 1992 년 4 월 NEBOSH는 자선위원회에 자선 단체로 등록했습니다. 1992 년 NEBOSH 전문가 환경 디플로마 (Environmental Specialist Diploma)가 시작되었고 곧 NEBOSH Construction Certificate가 발족되었습니다. Read more... 2000 년 QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) - 현재 자격 및 검사 감독관 사무실 (Ofqual)이 NEBOSH를 수여 기관으로 인정했습니다. NEBOSH는 NEBOSH Fire Certificate와 NEBOSH International General Certificate의 두 가지 새로운 자격증을 발표했습니다. NEBOSH Specialist Environmental Diploma는 2008 년 9 월 NEBOSH 디플로마 환경 관리 디플로마로 개정되었습니다. NEBOSH Health and Well-being 인증서 NEBOSH 국제 건설 인증서 및 NEBOSH 국제 석유 화학 가스 기술 안전 인증. Read more... 2011 년 NEBOSH와 영국 및 국제 전문 기관은 기업 및 고용주가 자격을 갖춘 건강 및 안전 컨설턴트를 중앙에서 보유하고있는 직업 안전 및 보건 컨설턴트 등록 (OSHCR) 계획을 개발하여 쉽게 찾아서 고용 할 수있었습니다 자신의 일자리를 위해. Read more... 2014 년에 NEBOSH는 선체 대학과 공동으로 2015 년에 첫 번째 학위를 수여하는 연구 기반 석사 학위를 받았습니다. NEBOSH는 2014 년에 HSE (Health and Safety Executive)와 협력하여 새로운 HSE Inspectors의 책임자에게 대학원 수준의 자격을 제공하기 시작했습니다 영국의 안전법 집행을 위해
NEBOSH 추천 교육 과정 / 교과서 중 일부는
직업 건강 및 안전에 관한 국가 일반 증명서 - H 입문


NEBOSH或職業安全與健康國家考試委員會是一個英國獨立考試委員會,提供健康,安全和環境實踐和管理方面的職業資格證書。 NEBOSH成立於1979年。NEBOSH有慈善地位。 NEBOSH提供廣泛的安全資格。 NEBOSH設定了考試要求和學習成果。 NEBOSH培訓機構必須設計培訓,以符合NEBOSH標準。 NEBOSH已經在世界上非常受歡迎。 NEBOSH有資格接受NEBOSH培訓的有超過18萬名NEBOSH培訓機構(或NEBOSH培訓機構接受了NEBOSH考試培訓)。
NEBOSH不提供NEBOSH課程或任何其他課程。 NEBOSH制定了其資格的教學大綱,NEBOSH制定了評估方法。評估方法可以是NEBOSH考試和實踐課程。 NEBOSH課程由NEBOSH認證課程提供者提供。

每年有超過50,000名候選人有興趣參加NEBOSH資格NEBOSH在全球40多個國家擁有600多個NEBOSH課程提供商。 NEBOSH表示,在2014-2015年間,在132個國家(NEBOSH培訓提供者英國文化協會會場場地),NEBOSH評估約有18萬次。 NEBOSH資格得到相關專業會員機構的認可。其中一些認可NEBOSH資格的人員包括職業安全與健康機構(IOSH),國際風險與安全管理研究所(IIRSM)和環境管理與評估研究所(IEMA)。
1974年“健康與安全工作法”規定了英國工作中健康和安全管理的一般原則。因此,健康與安全主任和健康與安全經理的角色在英國的工作場所中變得更為廣泛。為滿足在職業安全與衛生領域提供職業資格的需要,NEBOSH國家職業安全衛生檢驗委員會於1979年9月成立,NEBOSH開始在萊斯特營運。 NEBOSH仍然從萊斯特經營。 NEBOSH董事會的主要目標是:“提高職業安全與衛生職業資格人員素質和數量”
第一次NEBOSH助理級和成員級考試在1980年6月進行。候選人坐了五本NEBOSH論文;法;行為科學安全管理技術;職業健康與衛生與普通科學。 NEBOSH資格的認可開始增長。 1982年6月,有140人登記其NEBOSH普通級證書,84人獲得高級證書。到1986年,NEBOSH將年度考試次數從2個增加到3個。 NEBOSH於1987年2月推出新的NEBOSH資格證書,其中包括NEBOSH證書和NEBOSH文憑。 1988年,NEBOSH文憑課程資格更改為具有四個3小時考試和完成案例研究。

在20世紀90年代,NEBOSH開始與IOSH正式分離。於一九九二年三月,NEBOSH成立為有限公司與公司之家。 1992年4月,NEBOSH註冊為慈善事務委員會的慈善機構。在1992年,NEBOSH專家環境文憑被啟動,緊接著NEBOSH建築證書。
2000年,資格和課程管理局(QCA) - 現在資質和考試監督機構(Ofqual)認可NEBOSH為頒發機構。 NEBOSH啟動了兩項新資格,NEBOSH消防證書和NEBOSH國際通用證書。 NEBOSH專業環境文憑於2008年9月修訂並更名為NEBOSH環境管理文憑。2010年,NEBOSH獲得了四項額外資質:NEBOSH工作健康與安全獎,NEBOSH健康保健證書,NEBOSH國際建築證書和NEBOSH國際石油和天然氣運行安全技術證書。
國家職業健康與安全總則 - H簡介
Shénme shì NEBOSH?
NEBOSH huò zhíyè ānquán yǔ jiànkāng guójiā kǎoshì wěiyuánhuì shì yīgè yīngguó dúlì kǎoshì wěiyuánhuì, tígōng jiànkāng, ānquán hé huánjìng shíjiàn hé guǎnlǐ fāngmiàn de zhíyè zīgé zhèngshū. NEBOSH chénglì yú 1979 nián.NEBOSH yǒu císhàn dìwèi. NEBOSH tígōng guǎngfàn de ānquán zīgé. NEBOSH shèdìngle kǎoshì yāoqiú hé xuéxí chéngguǒ. NEBOSH péixùn jīgòu bìxū shèjì péixùn, yǐ fúhé NEBOSH biāozhǔn. NEBOSH yǐjīng zài shìjiè shàng fēicháng shòu huānyíng. NEBOSH yǒu zīgé jiēshòu NEBOSH péixùn de yǒu chāoguò 18 wàn míng NEBOSH péixùn jīgòu (huò NEBOSH péixùn jīgòu jiēshòule NEBOSH kǎoshì péixùn). Read more... NEBOSH bù tígōng NEBOSH kèchéng huò rènhé qítā kèchéng. NEBOSH zhìdìngle qí zīgé de jiàoxué dàgāng,NEBOSH zhìdìngle pínggū fāngfǎ. Pínggū fāngfǎ kěyǐ shì NEBOSH kǎoshì hé shíjiàn kèchéng. NEBOSH kèchéng yóu NEBOSH rènzhèng kèchéng tígōng zhě tígōng. Read more...

Měinián yǒu chāoguò 50,000 míng hòuxuǎn rén yǒu xìngqù cānjiā NEBOSH zīgé NEBOSH zài quánqiú 40 duō gè guójiā yǒngyǒu 600 duō gè NEBOSH kèchéng tígōng shāng. NEBOSH biǎoshì, zài 2014-2015 niánjiān, zài 132 gè guójiā (NEBOSH péixùn tígōng zhě yīngguó wénhuà xiéhuì huìchǎng chǎngdì),NEBOSH pínggū yuē yǒu 18 wàn cì. NEBOSH zīgé dédào xiāngguān zhuānyè kuài yuán jīgòu de rènkě. Qízhōng yīxiē rènkě NEBOSH zīgé de rényuán bāokuò zhíyè ānquán yǔ jiànkāng jīgòu (IOSH), guójì fēngxiǎn yǔ ānquán guǎnlǐ yánjiū suǒ (IIRSM) hé huánjìng guǎnlǐ yǔ pínggū yánjiū suǒ (IEMA). Read more... 1974 Nián “jiànkāng yǔ ānquán gōngzuò fǎ” guīdìngle yīngguó gōngzuò zhōng jiànkāng hé ānquán guǎnlǐ de yībān yuánzé. Yīncǐ, jiànkāng yǔ ānquán zhǔrèn hé jiànkāng yǔ ānquán jīnglǐ de juésè zài yīngguó de gōngzuò chǎngsuǒ zhōng biàn dé gèng wèi guǎngfàn. Wèi mǎnzú zài zhíyè ānquán yǔ wèishēng lǐngyù tí gòng zhíyè zīgé de xūyào,NEBOSH guójiā zhíyè ānquán wèishēng jiǎnyàn wěiyuánhuì yú 1979 nián 9 yuè chénglì,NEBOSH kāishǐ zài lái sī tè yíngyùn. NEBOSH réngrán cóng lái sī tè jīngyíng. NEBOSH dǒngshìhuì de zhǔyào mùbiāo shì:“Tígāo zhíyè ānquán yǔ wèishēng zhíyè zīgé rényuán sùzhì hé shùliàng”
dì yī cì NEBOSH zhùlǐ jí hé chéngyuán jí kǎoshì zài 1980 nián 6 yuè jìnxíng. Hòuxuǎn rén zuòle wǔ běn NEBOSH lùnwén; fǎ; xíngwéi kēxué ānquán guǎnlǐ jìshù; zhíyè jiànkāng yǔ wèishēng yǔ pǔtōng kēxué. NEBOSH zīgé de rènkě kāishǐ zēngzhǎng. 1982 Nián 6 yuè, yǒu 140 rén dēngjì qí NEBOSH pǔtōng jí zhèngshū,84 rén huòdé gāojí zhèngshū. Dào 1986 nián,NEBOSH jiāng niándù kǎoshì cìshù cóng 2 gè zēngjiā dào 3 gè. NEBOSH yú 1987 nián 2 yuè tuīchū xīn de NEBOSH zīgé zhèngshū, qízhōng bāokuò NEBOSH zhèngshū hé NEBOSH wénpíng. 1988 Nián,NEBOSH wénpíng kèchéng zīgé gēnggǎi wèi jùyǒu sì gè 3 xiǎoshí kǎoshì hé wánchéng ànlì yánjiū. Read more...

Zài 20 shìjì 90 niándài,NEBOSH kāishǐ yǔ IOSH zhèngshì fēnlí. Yú yījiǔjiǔ'èr nián sān yuè,NEBOSH chénglì wèi yǒuxiàn gōngsī yǔ gōngsī zhī jiā. 1992 Nián 4 yuè,NEBOSH zhùcè wèi císhàn shìwù wěiyuánhuì de císhàn jīgòu. Zài 1992 nián,NEBOSH zhuānjiā huánjìng wénpíng bèi qǐdòng, jǐn jiēzhe NEBOSH jiànzhú zhèngshū. Read more... 2000 Nián, zīgé hé kèchéng guǎnlǐ jú (QCA) - xiànzài zīzhì hé kǎoshì jiāndū jīgòu (Ofqual) rènkě NEBOSH wèi bānfā jīgòu. NEBOSH qǐdòngle liǎng xiàng xīn zīgé,NEBOSH xiāofáng zhèngshū hé NEBOSH guójì tōngyòng zhèngshū. NEBOSH zhuānyè huánjìng wénpíng yú 2008 nián 9 yuè xiūdìng bìng gēngmíng wèi NEBOSH huánjìng guǎnlǐ wénpíng.2010 Nián,NEBOSH huòdéle sì xiàng éwài zīzhì:NEBOSH gōngzuò jiànkāng yǔ ānquán jiǎng,NEBOSH jiànkāng bǎojiàn zhèngshū,NEBOSH guójì jiànzhú zhèngshū hé NEBOSH guójì shíyóu hé tiānránqì yùnxíng ānquán jìshù zhèngshū. Read more... 2011 Nián,NEBOSH yǐjí qítā yīngguó hé guójì zhuānyè jīgòu zhìdìngle zhíyè ānquán yǔ jiànkāng gùwèn dēngjì cè (OSHCR) jìhuà, gāi jìhuà wèi qǐyè hé gùzhǔ tígōng le yīgè jízhōng de hégé jiànkāng hé ānquán gùwèn dēngjì cè, yǐbiàn qīngsōng zhǎodào hé gùyòng wèi zìjǐ de gōngzuò chǎngsuǒ
2014 nián,NEBOSH yǔ hè ěr dàxué liánhé yánjiū shuòshì xuéwèi, bìng yú 2015 nián huòdé dì yī xuéwèi.2014 Nián,NEBOSH kāishǐ yǔ jiànkāng yǔ ānquán zhíxíng (HSE) hézuò, xiàng xīn de HSE jiǎnchá zhuānyuán tígōng yánjiūshēng shuǐpíng de zīgé zài yīngguó zhíxíng ānquán fǎ. Read more... Yīxiē NEBOSH rènkě de kèchéng/jiàokēshū shì
guójiā zhíyè jiànkāng yǔ ānquán zǒngzé - H jiǎnjiè

NEBOSH ကဘာလဲ?

NEBOSH ကဘာလဲ?
အလုပ်အကိုင်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးနှင့်ကျန်းမာရေးအတွက် NEBOSH သို့မဟုတ်အမျိုးသားစာမေးပွဲဘုတ်အဖွဲ့ကျန်းမာရေး, ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံမှု & သဘာဝပတ်ဝန်းကျင်ဆိုင်ရာအလေ့အကျင့်များနှင့်စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှုအတွက်သက်မွေးဝမ်းကျောင်းအရည်အချင်းများပို့နေတဲ့ဗြိတိန်အခြေစိုက်လွတ်လပ်သောစာမေးပွဲဘုတ်အဖွဲ့ဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ NEBOSH 1979 NEBOSH တစ်ကုသိုလ်ဖြစ် status ကိုရှိပါတယ်အတွက်ဖွဲ့စည်းခဲ့ပါသည်။ NEBOSH ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံမှုအရည်အချင်းများ၏ကျယ်ပြန့ပေးထားပါတယ်။ NEBOSH အဆိုပါစာမေးပွဲလိုအပ်ချက်နှင့်သင်ယူမှုရလဒ်များသတ်မှတ်။ NEBOSH လေ့ကျင့်ရေးပံ့ပိုးပေး NEBOSH စံချိန်စံညွှန်းများနှင့်တွေ့ဆုံရန်သင်တန်းဒီဇိုင်းရန်ရှိသည်။ NEBOSH ကမ္ဘာပေါ်မှာအလွန်ရေပန်းစားဖြစ်လာသည်။ တစ်ဦး NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများကိုကိုင်ထားကြောင်းလေ့ကျင့်သင်ကြား NEBOSH (သို့မဟုတ် NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲယူမှသူတို့ကိုလေ့ကျင့်သင်ကြားကြသူမဟုတ်ဘဲ NEBOSH လေ့ကျင့်ရေးပံ့ပိုးပေး) 180,000 ကျော်ရှိပါတယ်။
NEBOSH NEBOSH သင်တန်းများသို့မဟုတ်အခြားသင်တန်းများမကယ်မနှုတ်ပါဘူး။ NEBOSH ယင်း၏အရည်အချင်းများများအတွက် syllabuses ဖွံ့ဖြိုးခြင်းနှင့် NEBOSH အကဲဖြတ်၏နည်းလမ်းများသတ်မှတ်။ အကဲဖြတ်၏နည်းလမ်းများ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲနှင့်လက်တွေ့သင်ခန်းစာဖြစ်နိုင်ပါတယ်။ NEBOSH သင်တန်းများ NEBOSH အသိအမှတ်ပြုသင်တန်း Providers ဖြင့်ကယ်လွှတ်နေကြသည်။

နှစ်စဉ်နှစ်တိုင်း 50000 ကျော်ကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းများ NEBOSH ကမ္ဘာတဝှမ်း 40 ကျော်နိုင်ငံများတွင်အခြေစိုက် 600 ကျော် NEBOSH သင်တန်းအမှတ်စဥ် Providers ရှိပါတယ် NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများကိုတကျရောကျစိတ်ဝင်စားဖြစ်ကြသည်။ NEBOSH 2014-2015 ခုနှစ်တွင် 132 ကျော်နိုင်ငံများတွင်ခေါ်ဆောင်သွားအကြောင်းကို 180,000 NEBOSH အကဲဖြတ် (ဒီဗြိတိသျှကောင်စီကွင်း၏ NEBOSH လေ့ကျင့်ရေးပံ့ပိုးပေးနေရာများအတွက်ဖြစ်စေပါလိမ့်မယ်) ရှိကဖော်ပြသည်။ NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများသက်ဆိုင်ရာပရော်ဖက်ရှင်နယ်အဖွဲ့ဝင်အဖြစ်အလောင်းတွေကအသိအမှတ်ပြုထားပါသည်။ NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများအသိအမှတ်ပြုသောသူတို့၏တချို့ကအလုပ်အကိုင်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးနှင့်ကျန်းမာရေး (IOSH) ၏ Institution ကိုအန္တရာယ် & အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးစီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု၏နိုင်ငံတကာအင်စတီကျု (IIRSM) နှင့်ပတ်ဝန်းကျင်ဆိုင်ရာစီမံခန့်ခွဲမှုနှင့်အကဲဖြတ် (IEMA) ၏ Institute မှပါဝင်သည်။
1974 ခုနှစ်တွင်ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်လုပ်ငန်းခွင်အက်ဥပဒေမှာအန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးဗြိတိန်မှာအလုပ်မှာကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေးများ၏စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှုအတွက်ယေဘုယျစည်းမျဉ်းစည်းကမ်းများချမှတ်။ ရလဒ်အဖြစ်, ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေးအရာရှိတဦးနှင့်ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေးမန်နေဂျာ၏အခန်းကဏ္ဍကိုဗြိတိန်အလုပ်ခွင်တွင်ပိုမိုကျယ်ပြန့်ဖြစ်လာခဲ့ပါတယ်။ လုပ်ငန်းခွင်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံမှုနှင့်ကျန်းမာရေး၏ဧရိယာ၌သက်မွေးဝမ်းကျောင်းအရည်အချင်းများ၏ပြဌာန်းချက်အဘို့ဤလိုအပ်ချက်ဖြည့်ဆည်းဖို့, အလုပ်အကိုင်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးနှင့်ကျန်းမာရေး NEBOSH အမျိုးသားစာမေးပွဲဘုတ်အဖွဲ့စက်တင်ဘာလ 1979 ခုနှစ်တွင်စတင်တည်ထောင်ခဲ့ပြီး NEBOSH Leicester အတွက် operating စတင်ခဲ့သည်။ NEBOSH နေဆဲ Leicester ကနေလုပ်ကိုင်လျက်ရှိကြောင်းသိရသည်။ ထိုအခါ NEBOSH ဘုတ်အဖွဲ့က၎င်း၏အဓိကရည်ရွယ်ချက်မှာအထဲက set: "အလုပ်အကိုင်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးနှင့်ကျန်းမာရေးအတွက်အသက်မွေးမှုအရည်အချင်းများနှင့်အတူလူများ၏အရည်အသွေး & အရေအတွက်တိုးတက်စေရန်"
ပထမဦးဆုံးအ NEBOSH တွဲဘက်အဆင့်နှင့်အဖွဲ့ဝင်အဆင့်စာမေးပွဲ 1980 ကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းတွေငါးခု NEBOSH စာတမ်းများထိုင်လျက်ဇွန်လထဲမှာရာအရပျကို ယူ. , ဥပဒေ, အမူအကျင့်သိပ္ပံ; အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးစီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု၏နည်းစနစ်; အလုပ်အကိုင်ကျန်းမာရေး & တစ်ကိုယ်ရည်သန့်ရှင်းရေးနှင့်အထွေထွေသိပ္ပံ။ NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများ၏အသိအမှတ်ပြုမှုကြီးထွားစပြုလာသည်။ သူတို့ရဲ့ NEBOSH သာမန်အဆင့်ကိုလက်မှတ်နှင့်အဆင့်မြင့် level ကိုလက်မှတ် 84 များအတွက်မှတ်ပုံတင်ဇွန်လ 1982 ခုနှစ်တွင် 140 ကလူ။ 1986 အသုံးပြုပုံ NEBOSH မှသုံးနှစျခုကနေနှစ်စဉ်စာမေးပွဲအစည်းအဝေးများ၏နံပါတ်တိုးမြှင့်ခဲ့သည်။ ဖေဖော်ဝါရီလ 1987 ခုနှစ်တွင် NEBOSH တစ် NEBOSH လက်မှတ်နှင့် NEBOSH ဒီပလိုမာပါဝင်သည်ရာသစ်တစ်ခု NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများဖွဲ့စည်းပုံ, မိတ်ဆက်ပေးသည်။ 1988 ခုနှစ်တွင် NEBOSH ဒီပလိုမာအဆင့်အထိအရည်အချင်းများလေး 3 နာရီစာမေးပွဲနှင့်တစ်ဦးအမှုလေ့လာမှုပြီးစီး feature သို့ပြောင်းလဲခဲ့သည်။

1990 ခုနှစ်, NEBOSH တရားဝင် IOSH ကနေသူ့ဟာသူခွဲခြားရန်စတင်ခဲ့သည်။ မတ်လ 1992 ခုနှစ်မှာ NEBOSH ကုမ္ပဏီများအိမ်နှင့်အတူကန့်သတ်ကုမ္ပဏီအဖြစ်ထည့်သွင်း။ ဧပြီလ 1992 မှာတော့ NEBOSH သည့်ဒါနကော်မရှင်နှင့်အတူတစ်ဦးမေတ္တာအဖြစ်မှတ်ပုံတင်။ 1992 ခုနှစ်တွင် NEBOSH အထူးကုပတ်ဝန်းကျင်ထိန်းသိမ်းရေးဒီပလိုမာအတွက် NEBOSH ဆောက်လုပ်ရေးလက်မှတ်အားဖြင့်မကြာမီနောက်တော်သို့လိုက်, ဖြန့်ချိခဲ့သည်။
2000 ခုနှစ်တွင်အရည်အချင်းများနှင့်သင်ရိုးညွှန်းတမ်းအာဏာပိုင် (QCA) - ယခုအဆိုပါအဆိုပါအရည်အချင်းများရုံးနှင့်စာမေးပွဲ Regulator (Ofqual) သည့်ဆုပေးပွဲခန္ဓာကိုယ်အဖြစ် NEBOSH အသိအမှတ်ပြု။ NEBOSH သစ်နှစ်မျိုးကိုအရည်အချင်းများသည် NEBOSH မီးသတ်လက်မှတ်နှင့် NEBOSH အပြည်ပြည်ဆိုင်ရာအထွေထွေလက်မှတ်စတင်ဆောင်ရွက်ခဲ့သည်။ အဆိုပါ NEBOSH အထူးကုပတ်ဝန်းကျင်ထိန်းသိမ်းရေးဒီပလိုမာပြန်လည်ပြင်ဆင်ထားသောနှင့် 2010 ခုနှစ်တွင်စက်တင်ဘာလ 2008 ခုနှစ်ပတ်ဝန်းကျင်စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှုအတွက် NEBOSH ဒီပလိုမာအမည်ပြောင်းခဲ့သည်လေးကပို NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများဖြန့်ချိခဲ့ကြသည် - လုပ်ငန်းခွင်မှာကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေးအတွက် NEBOSH ဆုချီးမြှင့်ခြင်း, NEBOSH ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ကောင်းပြီ-ဖြစ်ခြင်းလက်မှတ်, အ NEBOSH အပြည်ပြည်ဆိုင်ရာဆောက်လုပ်ရေးလက်မှတ်နှင့် NEBOSH နိုင်ငံတကာနည်းပညာလက်မှတ်ရေနံနှင့်သဘာဝဓာတ်ငွေ့စစ်ဆင်ရေးအတွက်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေး။
2011 ခုနှစ်တွင် NEBOSH အဖြစ်ကောင်းစွာကဲ့သို့သောအခြားဗြိတိန်နှင့်နိုင်ငံတကာပရော်ဖက်ရှင်နယ်အလောင်းတွေ, ထိုအလုပ်အကိုင်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးနှင့်ကျန်းမာရေးအတိုင်ပင်ခံမှတ်ပုံတင်မည် (OSHCR) အတွက်အလွယ်တကူရှာဖွေငှားရမ်းရန်စီးပွားရေးလုပ်ငန်းများနှင့်အလုပ်ရှင်များအဘို့အအရည်အချင်းပြည့်မီကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေးအတိုင်ပင်ခံတစ်ဗဟိုကျင်းပမှတ်ပုံတင်ပေးပါသည်သောအစီအစဉ်အစီအစဉ်တီထွင် အလုပ်၏သူတို့ရဲ့ကိုယ်ပိုင်အရပ်တို့ကိုအဘို့။
2014 ခုနှစ်တွင် NEBOSH Hull ကတက္ကသိုလ်နှင့်အတူပူးတွဲမာစတာဘွဲ့အခြေစိုက်သုတေသန, 2014 ခုနှစ်တွင် 2015 ခုနှစ်အတွက်ချီးမြှင့်ကိုပထမဦးဆုံးဒီဂရီနှင့်အတူ, NEBOSH တာဝန်ရှိသစ်ကို HSE စုံစမ်းစစ်ဆေးရေးအရာရှိများမှတစ်ဘွဲ့လွန်အဆင့်ကိုအရည်အချင်းများကိုဆက်ကပ်ဖို့ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေးအလုပ်အမှုဆောင် (HSE) နဲ့အလုပ်လုပ်စတင်ခဲ့သည် ဗြိတိန်အတွက်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံမှုပညတ်တရား၏ဘက်တော်သားသည်။
အဆိုပါ NEBOSH ထောက်ခံသင်ရိုးညွှန်းတမ်း / ဖတ်စာအုပ်များတချို့ရှိနေပါတယ်
H ကိုမှနိဒါန်း - အလုပ်အကိုင်ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေးအတွက်အမျိုးသားဒီမိုကရေစီအဖွဲ့ချုပ်အထွေထွေလက်မှတ်များအတွက်
NEBOSH k bharlell?
aaloteaakine aantararal kainnshinnrayy nhaintkyannmarrayyaatwat NEBOSH shoetmahote aamyoesarr hcarmayypwal bhoteaahpwal kyannmarrayy, bhayy kainnlonehkyuanmhu & sabharwapaatwaannkyinsinerar a lae a kyint myarr nhaint hceman hkaant hkwal mhuaatwat saat mway wam kyaungg aaraiaahkyinnmyarr phoet nay tae byai tein aahkyayhcite lwatlautsaw hcarmayypwal bhoteaahpwal hpyitpartaal . NEBOSH 1979 NEBOSH taitkusolhpyit status ko shipartaal aatwat hpwalhcaee hkaeparsai . NEBOSH bhayy kainn lonehkyuanmhu aaraiaahkyinn myarreat kyaal pya n payyhtarrpartaal . NEBOSH aasopar hcarmayypwal loaauthkyet nhaint sainyuumhu raladmyarr saatmhaat . NEBOSH lae kyint rayy panpoepayy NEBOSH hcanhkyane hcan nywhaann myarr nhaint twaesoneraan saintaann dejine raan shisai . NEBOSH kambharpawmhar aalwan raypaannhcarr hpyitlarsai . tait u NEBOSH aaraiaahkyinnmyarr ko kine htarrkyaungg lae kyintsainkyarr NEBOSH (shoetmahote NEBOSH hcarmayypwal yuu mha suuthoetko lae kyint sainkyarr kya suumahotebhell NEBOSH lae kyint rayy panpoe payy) 180,000 kyaw shipartaal . Read more... NEBOSH NEBOSH saintaannmyarr shoetmahote aahkyarr saintaannmyarr m kaal m nhuat parbhuu . NEBOSH yainneat aaraiaahkyinnmyarrmyarraatwat syllabuses hpwanhpyaoe hkyinnnhaint NEBOSH aakellhpyat eat naeelammyarr saatmhaat . aakellhpyat eatnaeelammyarr NEBOSH hcarmayypwal nhaint laattwae sainhkaannhcar hpyitninepartaal . NEBOSH saintaannmyarr NEBOSH aasiaamhaatpyusaintaann Providers hpyang kaal lwhaat naykyasai . Read more...

nhaithcainnhaittine 50000 kyawkohcarrlhaallaunggmyarr NEBOSH kambhartawham 40 kyaw ninenganmyarrtwinaahkyayhcite 600 kyaw NEBOSH saintaannaamhaathcin Providers shipartaal NEBOSH aaraiaahkyinnmyarr ko takyarawkya hcatewainhcarr hpyitkyasai . NEBOSH 2014-2015 hkunhaittwin 132 kyaw ninenganmyarrtwin hkawsaungswarraakyaunggko 180,000 NEBOSH aakellhpyat ( de byaitish kaunghce kwineat NEBOSH lae kyint rayy panpoe payynay rar myarraatwat hpyithcay par lain maal) shi k hpawpyasai . NEBOSH aaraiaahkyinnmyarr saatsinerar parawhpaatshinnaal aahpwalwainaahpyit aalaunggtway k aasiaamhaatpyu htarrparsai . NEBOSH aaraiaahkyinnmyarr aasiaamhaatpyu saw suuthoeteat tahkyahoetk aaloteaakine aantararal kainnshinnrayy nhaintkyannmarrayy (IOSH) eat Institution koaantararal & aantararal kainnshinnrayy hceman hkaant hkwal mhu eat ninengantakar aain hc te kyau (IIRSM) nhaint paatwaannkyinsinerar hceman hkaant hkwal mhu nhaintaakellhpyat (IEMA) eat Institute mha parwainsai . Read more... 1974 hkunhaittwin kyannmarrayy nhaint lotengaannhkwin aaat upadaymhar aantararal kainnshinnrayy byai tein mhar aalotemhar kyannmarrayy nhaint bhayy kainn lonehkyuanrayy myarreat hceman hkaant hkwal mhuaatwat yaybhuyya hcaee myain hcaeekammyarr hkyamhaat . raladaahpyit, kyannmarrayy nhaint bhayy kainn lonehkyuanrayyaararshi t u nhaint kyannmarrayy nhaint bhayy kainn lonehkyuanrayy maannaygyaar eat aahkaannkandako byai tein aalotehkwin twin pomo kyaal pya an hpyitlarhkaepartaal . lotengaannhkwin bhayy kainn lonehkyuanmhu nhaint kyannmarrayy eat eriyar saat mway wam kyaungg aaraiaahkyinn myarreat pyahtarannhkyet a bhhoet i loaauthkyet hpya i saee hphoet, aaloteaakine aantararal kainnshinnrayy nhaintkyannmarrayy NEBOSH aamyoesarr hcarmayypwal bhoteaahpwalhcaattainbharl 1979 hkunhaittwin hcataintaihtaunghkaepyee NEBOSH Leicester aatwat operating hcatainhkaesai . NEBOSH naysell Leicester k nay lotekine lyetshikyaungg sirasai . htoaahkar NEBOSH bhoteaahpwal k ၎inneat aadhikarairwalhkyetmhar aahtellk set: " aaloteaakine aantararal kainnshinnrayy nhaint kyannmarrayyaatwat aasaatmwaymhu aaraiaahkyinnmyarr nhang aatuu luu myarreataaraiaasway & aarayaatwat toetaat hcayraan"
pahtam u sonea NEBOSH twalbhaat aasaint nhaint aahpwalwain aasanghcarmayypwal 1980 kohcarrlhaallaunggtwayngarrhku NEBOSH hcartammyarr htine lyet jwanl htellmhar rar a r pyako yuu. , upaday, a muu a kyint sippan; aantararal kainnshinnrayy hceman hkaant hkwal mhu eat naeehcanait; aaloteaakinekyannmarrayy & taitkorai saant shinn rayy nhaint aahtwayhtway sippan . NEBOSH aaraiaahkyinn myarreat aasiaamhaatpyumhu kyeehtwarr hc pyu larsai . suuthoetrae NEBOSH sarmaan aasaint ko laatmhaat nhaint aasaintmyint level kolaatmhaat 84 myarraatwat mhaatponetainjwanl 1982 hkunhaittwin 140 k luu . 1986 aasonepyupone NEBOSH mha sone nha hcya hku k nay nhaithcain hcarmayypwal aahcaeeaawayy myarreat nanparat toemyahain hkaesai . hpayhpawwarrel 1987 hkunhaittwin NEBOSH tait NEBOSH laatmhaatnhaint NEBOSH depalomar parwainsai rar saittaithku NEBOSH aaraiaahkyinnmyarr hpwalhcaeepone, matesaatpayysai . 1988 hkunhaittwin NEBOSH depalomar aasaint aahti aaraiaahkyinnmyarrlayy 3 narre hcarmayypwal nhang tait u a mhu laelarmhupyeehcee feature shoet pyaungglell hkaesai . Read more...

1990 hkunhait, NEBOSH tararrwain IOSH k nay shuharsuu hkwalhkyarr raan hcatainhkaesai . maatl 1992 hkunhaitmhar NEBOSH kumpanemyarr aain nhaint aatuu k an saat kumpane aahpyit htaeet swin . epyel 1992 mhartot NEBOSH saeet darn kawmashin nhang aatuu tait u mayttar aahpyit mhaatponetain . 1992 hkunhaittwin NEBOSH aahtuuku paatwaannkyinhteinsaimrayy depalomaraatwat NEBOSH soutloterayy laatmhaat aarr hpyint makyaarme nouttaw shoet lite, hpya an hkyai hkaesai . Read more... 2000 hkunhaittwin aaraiaahkyinnmyarr nhaint sainroenywhaanntamaarnarpine (QCA) - yahku aasopar aasopar aaraiaahkyinnmyarr rone nhainthcarmayypwal Regulator (Ofqual) saeet supayypwal hkandharkoaahpyit NEBOSH aasiaamhaatpyu . NEBOSH sait nhaitmyoeko aaraiaahkyinnmyarrsai NEBOSH meesaat laatmhaatnhaint NEBOSH aapyipyisinerar aahtwayhtway laatmhaat hcatain saungrwathkaesai . aasopar NEBOSH aahtuuku paatwaannkyinhteinsaimrayy depalomar pyanlai pyinsainhtarrsawnhaint 2010 hkunhaittwinhcaattainbharl 2008 hkunhait paatwaannkyin hceman hkaant hkwalmhuaatwat NEBOSH depalomar aamaipyaungg hkaesai layy kapo NEBOSH aaraiaahkyinnmyarr hpya an hkyaihkaekyasai - lotengaannhkwinmhar kyannmarrayy nhaint bhayy kainnlonehkyuanrayyaatwat NEBOSH su hkyaeemyaha in hkyinn, NEBOSH kyannmarrayy nhaint kaunggpye- hpyithkyinn laatmhaat, a NEBOSH aapyipyisinerar soutloterayy laatmhaatnhaint NEBOSH ninengantakar naeepanyar laatmhaat ray nan nhaint sabharwadharatngwae hcaitsainrayy aatwat aantararal kainnshinnrayy . Read more... 2011 hkunhaittwin NEBOSH aahpyit kaungghcwar kaeshoetsaw aahkyarr byai tein nhaint ninengantakar parawhpaatshinnaal aalaunggtway, hto aaloteaakine aantararal kainnshinnrayy nhaint kyannmarrayy aatinepainhkanmhaatponetainmai (OSHCR) aatwat aalwaltakuu sharhpway ngharram raan hceepwarrrayylotengaannmyarr nhaint aaloteshinmyarr a bhhoet a aaraiaahkyinn pyany me kyannmarrayy nhaint bhayy kainn lonehkyuanrayy aatinepainhkan tait baho kyinnp mhaatponetain payyparsai saw aahceaahcain aahceaahcaintehtwin aalote eat suuthoetrae kopine aaraut thoetko a bhhoet . Read more... 2014 hkunhaittwin NEBOSH Hull k takkasol nhaint aatuu puutwal marhcatar bhwal aahkyayhcite sutaysan, 2014 hkunhaittwin 2015 hkunhaitaatwat hkyaeemyaha in ko pahtam u sone degare nhang aatuu, NEBOSH tarwaanshi saitko HSE hconehcamhcaitsayyrayy aararshimyarr mha tait bhwal lwan aasaint ko aaraiaahkyinnmyarr ko saatkaut hphoet kyannmarrayy nhaint bhayy kainn lonehkyuanrayyaaloteaamhusaung (HSE) nae aalotelotehcatainhkaesai byai tein aatwat bhayy kainn lonehkyuanmhu panyaat tararr eat bhaattawsarr sai . Read more... aasopar NEBOSH htouthkansainroenywhaanntam / hpaat hcaraotemyarr tahkyahoetshinaypartaal
H ko mhanidarann - aaloteaakine kyannmarrayy nhaint bhayy kainn lonehkyuanrayyaatwat aamyoesarrdemokarayhceaahpwalhkyaote aahtwayhtway laatmhaatmyarr aatwat


Apa yang NEBOSH?
Atau Lembaga Ujian Nasional NEBOSH bagi Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan ialah Lembaga British bebas Peperiksaan untuk menyediakan kelayakan kesihatan vokasional, keselamatan dan amalan alam sekitar dan pengurusan. NEBOSH telah ditubuhkan pada tahun 1979. NEBOSH mempunyai status amal. NEBOSH menawarkan pelbagai kelayakan keselamatan. keperluan peperiksaan NEBOSH dan hasil pembelajaran yang ditetapkan. Institusi latihan NEBOSH perlu mereka bentuk latihan untuk memenuhi standard NEBOSH. NEBOSH telah sangat popular di dunia. NEBOSH NEBOSH layak untuk menerima latihan terdapat lebih daripada 180,000 institusi latihan NEBOSH (atau institusi untuk latihan peperiksaan latihan NEBOSH NEBOSH). Read more... NEBOSH NEBOSH tidak menawarkan sebarang kursus atau kursus-kursus lain. sukatan pelajaran NEBOSH dibangunkan kelayakan mereka, NEBOSH membangunkan kaedah penilaian. kaedah penilaian boleh menjadi peperiksaan NEBOSH dan kursus praktikal. Kursus NEBOSH kursus pensijilan NEBOSH disediakan oleh pembekal. Read more...

Setiap tahun, lebih 50,000 calon yang berminat untuk menyertai NEBOSH NEBOSH layak pembekal dengan lebih daripada 600 kursus NEBOSH di lebih daripada 40 negara di seluruh dunia. NEBOSH berkata dalam 2014-- 2015, di 132 buah negara (latihan NEBOSH yang disediakan oleh tapak tempat British Council), NEBOSH menilai kira-kira 18 juta kali. kelayakan NEBOSH diiktiraf oleh badan-badan keahlian profesional yang berkaitan. Sebahagian daripada kakitangan yang berkelayakan yang diiktiraf NEBOSH, termasuk keselamatan dan kesihatan agensi pekerjaan (IOSH), Institut Antarabangsa Pengurusan Risiko dan Keselamatan (IIRSM) dan Institut Pengurusan Alam Sekitar dan penilaian (IEMA). Read more... 1974 "Akta Kesihatan dan Keselamatan Kerja" menetapkan prinsip umum kesihatan pekerjaan dan pengurusan keselamatan di UK. Oleh itu, peranan pegawai-pegawai kesihatan dan keselamatan dan pengurus kesihatan dan keselamatan menjadi lebih meluas di tempat kerja UK. Bagi memenuhi keperluan kelayakan profesional dalam bidang keselamatan dan kesihatan pekerjaan, NEBOSH Institut Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan Suruhanjaya Pemeriksaan telah ditubuhkan pada September 1979, NEBOSH mula beroperasi pada Leicester. NEBOSH masih beroperasi dari Leicester. Objektif utama papan NEBOSH pengarah adalah: "untuk meningkatkan keselamatan dan kualiti kakitangan dan jumlah kelayakan kesihatan pekerjaan"
Pertama pembantu tahap NEBOSH dan tahap ahli peperiksaan pada bulan Jun 1980. Calon menduduki lima kertas NEBOSH; Undang-undang, pengurusan keselamatan sains tingkah laku; kesihatan dan kebersihan dan sains am. kelayakan NEBOSH pengiktirafan mula berkembang. Jun 1982, terdapat 140 orang mendaftar peringkat sijil umum NEBOSH mereka, 84 orang mendapatkan sijil yang lebih tinggi. Menjelang tahun 1986, NEBOSH bilangan tahunan peperiksaan meningkat daripada dua kepada tiga. NEBOSH pada Februari 1987 melancarkan kelayakan NEBOSH baru, termasuk sijil NEBOSH NEBOSH dan diploma. Pada tahun 1988, NEBOSH Diploma layak kursus perubahan dengan empat 3 jam untuk melengkapkan peperiksaan dan kes kajian. Read more...

Pada 1990-an, NEBOSH rasmi berasingan daripada IOSH. Pada bulan Mac 1992, NEBOSH ditubuhkan sebagai syarikat terhad dengan keluarga. April 1992, NEBOSH didaftarkan sebagai sebuah badan amal Suruhanjaya Amal. Pada tahun 1992, NEBOSH Diploma Environmental pakar bermula, diikuti oleh sijil pembinaan NEBOSH. Read more... Pada tahun 2000, Kelayakan dan Curriculum Authority (QCA) - kini peperiksaan kelayakan dan badan-badan pengawasan (Ofqual) NEBOSH diiktiraf pihak berkuasa. NEBOSH melancarkan dua kelayakan baru, Perakuan Bomba NEBOSH dan Sijil NEBOSH Antarabangsa General. NEBOSH Diploma Environmental disemak semula dan dinamakan semula NEBOSH Diploma Environmental Pengurusan pada bulan September 2008. Pada tahun 2010, NEBOSH memenangi empat kelayakan tambahan: NEBOSH Kesihatan dan Anugerah Keselamatan Kerja, NEBOSH sijil penjagaan kesihatan, Sijil Pembinaan Antarabangsa NEBOSH dan Minyak Antarabangsa NEBOSH dan Gas Keselamatan Operasi sijil teknikal. Read more... Pada tahun 2011, NEBOSH dan UK dan badan-badan profesional antarabangsa untuk membangunkan program Health Consultants Daftar (OSHCR) Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan, yang menyediakan kesihatan yang berkualiti dan perunding keselamatan yang berpusat Daftar untuk perniagaan dan majikan untuk dengan mudah mencari dan mengupah sebagai tempat kerja mereka
2014, penyelidikan bersama NEBOSH dengan Universiti ijazah Hull Sarjana, dan mendapat ijazah pertama pada tahun 2015. 2014, NEBOSH mula bekerja dengan Eksekutif Kesihatan dan Keselamatan (HSE), menyediakan kelayakan siswazah peringkat untuk Inspektor HSE baru melaksanakan undang-undang keselamatan di UK. Read more... Beberapa NEBOSH diiktiraf kursus / buku teks
Institut Kebangsaan Kesihatan dan Pekerjaan General Safety - H Pengenalan
Shénme Shi NEBOSH?
NEBOSH Huo ZHIYE Anquan yǔ Jiankang Guojia kǎoshì wěiyuánhuì Shi yīgè yīngguó Duli kǎoshì wěiyuánhuì, tígōng Jiankang, Anquan Hé huánjìng Shijian Hé guǎnlǐ fāngmiàn de ZHIYE Zige zhèngshū. NEBOSH ChengLi Yu 1979 nián.NEBOSH yǒu Cishan dìwèi. NEBOSH tígōng guǎngfàn de Anquan Zige. NEBOSH dia Dingle kǎoshì yāoqiú Hé Xuexi chéngguǒ. NEBOSH péixùn jīgòu bìxū shèjì péixùn, yǐ fúhé NEBOSH biāozhǔn. NEBOSH yǐjīng Zai Shijie Shang fēicháng Shou huānyíng. NEBOSH yǒu Zige Jieshou NEBOSH péixùn de yǒu chāoguò 18 Wan Ming NEBOSH péixùn jīgòu (Huo NEBOSH péixùn jīgòu jiēshòule NEBOSH kǎoshì péixùn). Read more... NEBOSH Bu tígōng NEBOSH Kecheng Huo Renhe qítā Kecheng. NEBOSH zhìdìngle qí Zige de jiàoxué Dagang, NEBOSH zhìdìngle Pinggu fāngfǎ. Pinggu fāngfǎ kěyǐ Shi NEBOSH kǎoshì Hé Shijian Kecheng. NEBOSH Kecheng anda NEBOSH rènzhèng Kecheng tígōng Zhe tígōng. Read more...

Měinián yǒu chāoguò 50,000 Ming hòuxuǎn rén yǒu xìngqù cānjiā NEBOSH Zige NEBOSH Zai quánqiú 40 DUO ge Guojia yǒngyǒu 600 DUO ge NEBOSH Kecheng tígōng Shang. Biǎoshì NEBOSH, Zai 2014-2015 niánjiān, zai 132 ge Guojia (NEBOSH péixùn tígōng Zhe yīngguó Wenhua xiéhuì huìchǎng chǎngdì), NEBOSH Pinggu Yue yǒu 18 Wan Ci. NEBOSH Zige dédào xiāngguān zhuānyè kuai Yuan jīgòu de Renke. Qizhong yīxiē Renke NEBOSH Zige de rényuán bāokuò ZHIYE Anquan yǔ Jiankang jīgòu (IOSH), Guoji fēngxiǎn yǔ Anquan guǎnlǐ yánjiū suǒ (IIRSM) dia huánjìng guǎnlǐ yǔ Pinggu yánjiū suǒ (IEMA). Read more... 1974 Nian "Jiankang yǔ Anquan gōngzuò fǎ" guīdìngle yīngguó gōngzuò Zhong Jiankang Hé Anquan guǎnlǐ de yībān yuánzé. Yīncǐ, Jiankang yǔ Anquan zhǔrèn Hé Jiankang yǔ Anquan jīnglǐ de juésè Zai yīngguó de gōngzuò chǎngsuǒ Zhong Bian dé Geng Wèi guǎngfàn. Wèi mǎnzú Zai ZHIYE Anquan yǔ Weisheng lǐngyù Tí Gong ZHIYE Zige de xūyào, NEBOSH Guojia ZHIYE Anquan Weisheng jiǎnyàn wěiyuánhuì Yu 1979 nian 9 Yue ChengLi, NEBOSH kāishǐ Zai lái Si Te yíngyùn NEBOSH réngrán Cong lái Si Te JINGYING NEBOSH dǒngshìhuì de zhǔyào mùbiāo Shi: .. "Tígāo ZHIYE Anquan yǔ Weisheng ZHIYE Zige rényuán sùzhì Hé shùliàng "
. Di yi ci NEBOSH zhùlǐ Ji Hé Chengyuan Ji kǎoshì Zai 1980 nian 6 Yue Jinxing Hòuxuǎn rén zuòle wǔ Ben NEBOSH lùnwén; fǎ; Xingwei Kexue Anquan guǎnlǐ Jishu ;. ZHIYE Jiankang yǔ Weisheng yǔ pǔtōng Kexue NEBOSH Zige de Renke kāishǐ zēngzhǎng 1982 nian. 6 Yue, yǒu 140 rén dēngjì qí NEBOSH pǔtōng Ji zhèngshū, 84 rén huòdé gāojí zhèngshū. dao 1986 nian, NEBOSH jiāng niándù kǎoshì cìshù Cong 2 GE Zengjia Dao 3 Ge. NEBOSH Yu 1987 nian 2 yue tuīchū xin de NEBOSH Zige zhèngshū, Qizhong bāokuò NEBOSH zhèngshū Hé NEBOSH wénpíng. 1988 nian, NEBOSH wénpíng Kecheng Zige gēnggǎi Wèi jùyǒu sì ge 3 xiǎoshí kǎoshì Hé Wancheng Anli yánjiū. Read more...

Zai 20 Shiji 90 niándài, NEBOSH kāishǐ yǔ IOSH Zhengshi fēnlí. Yu yījiǔjiǔ'èr nian San Yue, NEBOSH ChengLi Wèi yǒuxiàn Gongsi yǔ Gongsi Zhi Jia. 1992 nian 4 yue, NEBOSH zhùcè Wèi Cishan Shiwu wěiyuánhuì de Cishan jīgòu. Zai 1992 nian, NEBOSH zhuānjiā huánjìng wénpíng bei qǐdòng, jǐn jiēzhe NEBOSH Jianzhu zhèngshū. Read more... 2000 nian, Zige Hé Kecheng guǎnlǐ Ju (QCA) - .. Xiànzài zīzhì Hé kǎoshì jiāndū jīgòu (Ofqual) Renke NEBOSH Wèi bānfā jīgòu NEBOSH qǐdòngle liǎng Xiang Xin Zige, NEBOSH Xiaofang zhèngshū Hé NEBOSH Guoji Tongyong zhèngshū NEBOSH zhuānyè huánjìng wénpíng Yu 2008 nian 9 Yue xiūdìng Bing gēngmíng Wèi NEBOSH huánjìng guǎnlǐ wénpíng.2010 nian, NEBOSH huòdéle sì Xiang éwài zīzhì: NEBOSH gōngzuò Jiankang yǔ Anquan jiǎng, Jiankang NEBOSH


NEBOSH或职业安全与健康国家考试委员会是一个英国独立考试委员会,提供健康,安全和环境实践和管理方面的职业资格证书。 NEBOSH成立于1979年。NEBOSH有慈善地位。 NEBOSH提供广泛的安全资格。 NEBOSH设定了考试要求和学习成果。 NEBOSH培训机构必须设计培训,以符合NEBOSH标准。 NEBOSH已经在世界上非常受欢迎。 NEBOSH有资格接受NEBOSH培训的有超过18万名NEBOSH培训机构(或NEBOSH培训机构接受了NEBOSH考试培训)。
NEBOSH不提供NEBOSH课程或任何其他课程。 NEBOSH制定了其资格的教学大纲,NEBOSH制定了评估方法。评估方法可以是NEBOSH考试和实践课程。 NEBOSH课程由NEBOSH认证课程提供者提供。

每年有超过50,000名候选人有兴趣参加NEBOSH资格NEBOSH在全球40多个国家拥有600多个NEBOSH课程提供商。 NEBOSH表示,在2014-2015年间,在132个国家(NEBOSH培训提供者英国文化协会会场场地),NEBOSH评估约有18万次。 NEBOSH资格得到相关专业会员机构的认可。其中一些认可NEBOSH资格的人员包括职业安全与健康机构(IOSH),国际风险与安全管理研究所(IIRSM)和环境管理与评估研究所(IEMA)。
1974年“健康与安全工作法”规定了英国工作中健康和安全管理的一般原则。因此,健康与安全主任和健康与安全经理的角色在英国的工作场所中变得更为广泛。为满足在职业安全与卫生领域提供职业资格的需要,NEBOSH国家职业安全卫生检验委员会于1979年9月成立,NEBOSH开始在莱斯特营运。 NEBOSH仍然从莱斯特经营。 NEBOSH董事会的主要目标是:“提高职业安全与卫生职业资格人员素质和数量”
第一次NEBOSH助理级和成员级考试在1980年6月进行。候选人坐了五本NEBOSH论文;法;行为科学安全管理技术;职业健康与卫生与普通科学。 NEBOSH资格的认可开始增长。 1982年6月,有140人登记其NEBOSH普通级证书,84人获得高级证书。到1986年,NEBOSH将年度考试次数从2个增加到3个。 NEBOSH于1987年2月推出新的NEBOSH资格证书,其中包括NEBOSH证书和NEBOSH文凭。 1988年,NEBOSH文凭课程资格更改为具有四个3小时考试和完成案例研究。

在20世纪90年代,NEBOSH开始与IOSH正式分离。于一九九二年三月,NEBOSH成立为有限公司与公司之家。 1992年4月,NEBOSH注册为慈善事务委员会的慈善机构。在1992年,NEBOSH专家环境文凭被启动,紧接着NEBOSH建筑证书。
2000年,资格和课程管理局(QCA) - 现在资质和考试监督机构(Ofqual)认可NEBOSH为颁发机构。 NEBOSH启动了两项新资格,NEBOSH消防证书和NEBOSH国际通用证书。 NEBOSH专业环境文凭于2008年9月修订并更名为NEBOSH环境管理文凭。2010年,NEBOSH获得了四项额外资质:NEBOSH工作健康与安全奖,NEBOSH健康保健证书,NEBOSH国际建筑证书和NEBOSH国际石油和天然气运行安全技术证书。
国家职业健康与安全总则 - H简介
Shénme shì NEBOSH?
NEBOSH huò zhíyè ānquán yǔ jiànkāng guójiā kǎoshì wěiyuánhuì shì yīgè yīngguó dúlì kǎoshì wěiyuánhuì, tígōng jiànkāng, ānquán hé huánjìng shíjiàn hé guǎnlǐ fāngmiàn de zhíyè zīgé zhèngshū. NEBOSH chénglì yú 1979 nián.NEBOSH yǒu císhàn dìwèi. NEBOSH tígōng guǎngfàn de ānquán zīgé. NEBOSH shè dìngle kǎoshì yāoqiú hé xuéxí chéngguǒ. NEBOSH péixùn jīgòu bìxū shèjì péixùn, yǐ fúhé NEBOSH biāozhǔn. NEBOSH yǐjīng zài shìjiè shàng fēicháng shòu huānyíng. NEBOSH yǒu zīgé jiēshòu NEBOSH péixùn de yǒu chāoguò 18 wàn míng NEBOSH péixùn jīgòu (huò NEBOSH péixùn jīgòu jiēshòule NEBOSH kǎoshì péixùn). Read more... NEBOSH bù tígōng NEBOSH kèchéng huò rènhé qítā kèchéng. NEBOSH zhìdìngle qí zīgé de jiàoxué dàgāng,NEBOSH zhìdìngle pínggū fāngfǎ. Pínggū fāngfǎ kěyǐ shì NEBOSH kǎoshì hé shíjiàn kèchéng. NEBOSH kèchéng yóu NEBOSH rènzhèng kèchéng tígōng zhě tígōng. Read more...

Měinián yǒu chāoguò 50,000 míng hòuxuǎn rén yǒu xìngqù cānjiā NEBOSH zīgé NEBOSH zài quánqiú 40 duō gè guójiā yǒngyǒu 600 duō gè NEBOSH kèchéng tígōng shāng. NEBOSH biǎoshì, zài 2014-2015 niánjiān, zài 132 gè guójiā (NEBOSH péixùn tígōng zhě yīngguó wénhuà xiéhuì huìchǎng chǎngdì),NEBOSH pínggū yuē yǒu 18 wàn cì. NEBOSH zīgé dédào xiāngguān zhuānyè kuài yuán jīgòu de rènkě. Qízhōng yīxiē rènkě NEBOSH zīgé de rényuán bāokuò zhíyè ānquán yǔ jiànkāng jīgòu (IOSH), guójì fēngxiǎn yǔ ānquán guǎnlǐ yánjiū suǒ (IIRSM) hé huánjìng guǎnlǐ yǔ pínggū yánjiū suǒ (IEMA). Read more... 1974 Nián “jiànkāng yǔ ānquán gōngzuò fǎ” guīdìngle yīngguó gōngzuò zhōng jiànkāng hé ānquán guǎnlǐ de yībān yuánzé. Yīncǐ, jiànkāng yǔ ānquán zhǔrèn hé jiànkāng yǔ ānquán jīnglǐ de juésè zài yīngguó de gōngzuò chǎngsuǒ zhōng biàn dé gèng wèi guǎngfàn. Wèi mǎnzú zài zhíyè ānquán yǔ wèishēng lǐngyù tí gòng zhíyè zīgé de xūyào,NEBOSH guójiā zhíyè ānquán wèishēng jiǎnyàn wěiyuánhuì yú 1979 nián 9 yuè chénglì,NEBOSH kāishǐ zài lái sī tè yíngyùn. NEBOSH réngrán cóng lái sī tè jīngyíng. NEBOSH dǒngshìhuì de zhǔyào mùbiāo shì:“Tígāo zhíyè ānquán yǔ wèishēng zhíyè zīgé rényuán sùzhì hé shùliàng”
dì yī cì NEBOSH zhùlǐ jí hé chéngyuán jí kǎoshì zài 1980 nián 6 yuè jìnxíng. Hòuxuǎn rén zuòle wǔ běn NEBOSH lùnwén; fǎ; xíngwéi kēxué ānquán guǎnlǐ jìshù; zhíyè jiànkāng yǔ wèishēng yǔ pǔtōng kēxué. NEBOSH zīgé de rènkě kāishǐ zēngzhǎng. 1982 Nián 6 yuè, yǒu 140 rén dēngjì qí NEBOSH pǔtōng jí zhèngshū,84 rén huòdé gāojí zhèngshū. Dào 1986 nián,NEBOSH jiāng niándù kǎoshì cìshù cóng 2 gè zēngjiā dào 3 gè. NEBOSH yú 1987 nián 2 yuè tuīchū xīn de NEBOSH zīgé zhèngshū, qízhōng bāokuò NEBOSH zhèngshū hé NEBOSH wénpíng. 1988 Nián,NEBOSH wénpíng kèchéng zīgé gēnggǎi wèi jùyǒu sì gè 3 xiǎoshí kǎoshì hé wánchéng ànlì yánjiū. Read more...

Zài 20 shìjì 90 niándài,NEBOSH kāishǐ yǔ IOSH zhèngshì fēnlí. Yú yījiǔjiǔ'èr nián sān yuè,NEBOSH chénglì wèi yǒuxiàn gōngsī yǔ gōngsī zhī jiā. 1992 Nián 4 yuè,NEBOSH zhùcè wèi císhàn shìwù wěiyuánhuì de císhàn jīgòu. Zài 1992 nián,NEBOSH zhuānjiā huánjìng wénpíng bèi qǐdòng, jǐn jiēzhe NEBOSH jiànzhú zhèngshū. Read more... 2000 Nián, zīgé hé kèchéng guǎnlǐ jú (QCA) - xiànzài zīzhì hé kǎoshì jiāndū jīgòu (Ofqual) rènkě NEBOSH wèi bānfā jīgòu. NEBOSH qǐdòngle liǎng xiàng xīn zīgé,NEBOSH xiāofáng zhèngshū hé NEBOSH guójì tōngyòng zhèngshū. NEBOSH zhuānyè huánjìng wénpíng yú 2008 nián 9 yuè xiūdìng bìng gēngmíng wèi NEBOSH huánjìng guǎnlǐ wénpíng.2010 Nián,NEBOSH huòdéle sì xiàng éwài zīzhì:NEBOSH gōngzuò jiànkāng yǔ ānquán jiǎng,NEBOSH jiànkāng bǎojiàn zhèngshū,NEBOSH guójì jiànzhú zhèngshū hé NEBOSH guójì shíyóu hé tiānránqì yùnxíng ānquán jìshù zhèngshū. Read more... 2011 Nián,NEBOSH yǐjí qítā yīngguó hé guójì zhuānyè jīgòu zhìdìngle zhíyè ānquán yǔ jiànkāng gùwèn dēngjì cè (OSHCR) jìhuà, gāi jìhuà wèi qǐyè hé gùzhǔ tígōng le yīgè jízhōng de hégé jiànkāng hé ānquán gùwèn dēngjì cè, yǐbiàn qīngsōng zhǎodào hé gùyòng wèi zìjǐ de gōngzuò chǎngsuǒ
2014 nián,NEBOSH yǔ hè ěr dàxué liánhé yánjiū shuòshì xuéwèi, bìng yú 2015 nián huòdé dì yī xuéwèi.2014 Nián,NEBOSH kāishǐ yǔ jiànkāng yǔ ānquán zhíxíng (HSE) hézuò, xiàng xīn de HSE jiǎnchá zhuānyuán tígōng yánjiūshēng shuǐpíng de zīgé zài yīngguó zhíxíng ānquán fǎ. Read more... Yīxiē NEBOSH rènkě de kèchéng/jiàokēshū shì
guójiā zhíyè jiànkāng yǔ ānquán zǒngzé - H jiǎnjiè

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There are a number of mistakes that NEBOSH students make when it comes to selecting NEBOSH elearning centers and NEBOSH elearning materials

1) NEBOSH eLearning Innovation:

NEBOSH elearning or any elearning should never just be a set of powerpoint slides or pdf slides online. Elearning and distance learning has come a long way. As a NEBOSH student you need to ask if the NEBOSH elearning provider or the NEBOSH distance learning provider is up with the times

2) NEBOSH Elearning and NEBOSH distance learning students must be motivated

NEBOSH students are normally working adults and have less time. This is important when selecting the right NEBOSH training provider or the right NEBOSH elearning or NEBOSH distance learning provider that they continue to have conversations with you and puss you. Read more...


NEBOSH Exam Locations And Exam Dates

NEBOSH Courses Available Worldwide. Take your NEBOSH IGC any where. Take your NEBOSH IGC any time. Read more...

NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) in Occupational Safety and Health Exam Dates for 2017 and NEBOSH Health Safety At Work Award for 2017

NEBOSH IGC Course Location

We The Citizens Of Singapore

We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic society, based on justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation. Read more...

I grew up in a small flat in Taman Jurong. My neighbours were Malay Indian Chinese and eurasians. We played football at the lift lobby (no police or people complaining). We entered the chinese house and had Kueh TuTu. we would eat Epok Epok at the malay house and sometimes vadai at the Indian house. We would catch spiders or fly kites. Play hantam bolla and rounders with slippers. Read more...

We played carom while adults would chit chat.

We were told that we could be anything we wanted to be. We could be news reporters, actors, doctors, judges, pilots and anything else we wanted- all we needed was hard work. Read more...

Race and color didn't matter. We had a chinese leader who spoke fluent english, mandarin, malay. We believed in what he said. Our childhood idol was Fandi Ahmad. We greeted people in the lifts when the lifts worked!

We believed in the good of people and our government to lead us. Regardless of race religion and color. Read more...

Today while the country has flourished, its soul may have died. All I see are people hiding behind the phones. Rushing to work like there's no tomorrow. Every evening everyone hiding in their million dollar homes with the doors closed like their hearts. Read more...

Today we are told we need to be of a certain color before we are allowed to lead or be a leader. Read more... Today we are told we need to be of an elite status before we are allowed to contribute to our country
Today we are told that some young men who may have skills and creativity, maybe put behind computers to work and ensure compliance. Read more...

Today I am worried for the next generation.

We the citizens?

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Thoughts by a local boy

E Learning Elearning Courses Available

Elearning Basic safety health and environment oil & gas introductory award

Elearning Basic safety health and environment oil & gas introductory award

People who should attend are

E Learning NEBOSH And E Learning Safety Courses

Elearning Safety

There are better ways to get Safety Qualified and Safety Trained or even just Safety Training. ELearning or e-learning is where people learn more about safety and health through our online courses at your own pace and environment. Whether you are a new employee or a HSE professionals looking for elearning safety training pick any of our online elearning safety courses and you are ready to go!

Currently we have elearning safety training covering these topics

Basic safety health and environment oil & gas introductory award

Safety health & Environmental supervisor safety certification

Work at Height Safety Award

Work At Height Safety Supervisor Certificate Course

Confined Space Safety Supervisor Certification

Confined Space Safety Assessor Certification

Safe entry into confined space award

And at the end of the day, you still get qualified and get a proper certificate (after passing the assignments)


To find out more about Cert IV TAE


For more information on HSE Coach Courses


For more information on FPSO courses http://www.simplysafety.com.sg/simplysafety/ogsc_fpso_oil_rig_safety_assessor

For more information on NEBOSH Courses


Simply Safety is a Singapore international center for Safety, Health and Environmental training. We conduct courses accredited by NEBOSH and other courses such as OGSC FPSO Courses, WDA courses, MOM Accredited Courses, Australian Cert IV (Australian ACTA),online international certificate courses as well as a range of short courses designed to meet specific industry needs. Read more...

For more information about NEBOSH IGC, please visit our NEBOSH IGC page. You may also reach us at iac@simplysafety.com.sg or visit us at www.simplysafety.com.sg. Read more...

Worksites May Have To Hold Mandatory Safety Meetings Daily

Before any construction work can be done, all contractors, subcontractors, consultants and safety officers will soon need to attend a mandatory safety coordination meeting every day, The Straits Times understands. Read more...

All stakeholders in a construction site will be compelled to form a Project Safety Coordination Committee (PSCC), which will meet daily to discuss safety issues. While the need for site coordination is already part of the law, the current industry practice is for contractors to appoint a coordinator to do it. Read more...

A spokesman for the Ministry of Manpower said: "We will mandate the formation of a PSCC which aims to plan and coordinate all hazardous works at the worksite, in order to drive better onsite coordination, planning and communication

"MOM is reviewing and will be able to share more at a later date."

Details of this move surfaced in the wake of the collapse of a 40m viaduct segment in Upper Changi Road East last Friday. Read more...

Speaking to The Straits Times on the sidelines of a Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) forum yesterday, Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore president Nelson Tee said his association is finalising the recommendations for the PSCC. This is expected to be released in the third quarter of this year, he revealed. Read more...

Read more here


Contractor Who Was Fined $250k For Accident Involved In A New Accident 1 Killed 10 Injured

Just 3 days after it was charged in Singapore court and fined $250,000 for not taking workplace safety and health seriously, Or Kim Peow OKP is in the news again for the wrong reasons. Or Kim Peow OKP has been in the news where a tragedy struck

NEBOSH IGC (International General Certificate) Singapore Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Qatar

Amendments To Workplace Safety And Health Act Proposed

The government has proposed amendments to the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act, as the Singapore ramps up efforts to keep employees safe in the workplace. Read more...

Singapore’s workplace fatal injury rates remained stable while non-fatal workplace injuries increased in 2016. The workplace fatality rate remained at 1.9 per 100,000 employed persons while non-fatal injuries increased by 5.4%. Read more...


Singapore:Workplace Safety And Health Risks Rise During Economic Slowdown

Workplace safety is likely to be a significant risk in Singapore for the year ahead, as companies feel the pressure to reduce expenditure on safety measures against the backdrop of a global economic slowdown, said AIG Asia Pacific. Read more...

Ms Debra Burford, AIG Singapore’s Head of Liabilities, said: “In the face of headwinds and fewer projects, we have seen that companies are facing increasing and unnecessary exposure in workplace safety and health, with less focus on safety measures and some firms even going against the law by not buying work injury insurance.”

Wearables Technology Gains Traction In Workplace Safety

The momentum around wearable devices continues to build both in the general population where activity trackers have become nearly ubiquitous and within workplaces, where such devices promise to increase worker safety and reduce workers compensation claims. Read more...

But employers should put thought into how and why to deploy wearable devices if they hope to see a meaningful return on their investment, experts say. Read more...

The buzz around wearables was evident at last week’s American Society of Safety Engineers Safety 2017 conference in Denver. Several conference sessions were dedicated to wearables discussions and on the expo floor, wearable safety devices were on display. Peoria, Illinois-based Caterpillar Inc. demonstrated a solution it created to reduce accidents involving collisions between heavy machinery and construction personnel. Using a small beacon that fits inside a hardhat and a receiver mounted in the cab of a vehicle or machine, the solution can detect when a worker is dangerously close to the equipment and alert the driver with an alarm. Read more...

The construction industry is a prime early target market for wearable devices designed to improve workplace safety. Albert Zulps, director of virtual design and construction, and David Korman, environmental, health and safety director, both of Parsippany, New Jersey-based construction and development firm Skanska USA, outlined the potential of a variety of new and emerging wearable devices to improve safety and efficiency on construction jobsites. Read more...

Mr. Zulps and Mr. Korman demonstrated a worker positioning system using wireless beacons placed around the room and safety vests outfitted with transmitters that allowed software to track their movements throughout the aisles and among audience members in real time. Such systems could be deployed on construction sites and allow supervisors to define restricted or unsafe areas and send audible or visual alarms to a wearable device to warn workers to stay out. Read more...

In addition to safety applications, these devices could facilitate trade stacking — the organization and management of multiple contractors or subcontractors on a site at the same time — they said. Read more...

Mr. Korman and Mr. Zulps also touted the potential of wearable applications that can automatically or manually alert supervisors to accidents or warn workers if an evacuation is necessary due to weather or other environmental hazards.

NEBOSH Exams In United Arab Emirates.


If you live in QATAR, or work in Qatar, then taking the NEBOSH in Qatar is the way to go. Instead of flying to other parts of the world to do your NEBOSH just do your NEBOSH in Qatar. There is no rule that you cannot do your NEBOSH in Qatar.

All you need to do in Qatar is find a training provider that is willing to take you in for a face to face NEBOSH class or take the NEBOSH distance learning approach- at lease if you live in QATAR or work in Qatar

NEBOSH Thailand Bangkok Chiang Mai Nonthaburi Khon Kaen

NEBOSH Thailand Bangkok Chiang Mai Nonthaburi Khon Kaen

Simply Safety is the


NEBOSH in Batam Indonesia, Jakarta Indonesia and Bali Indonesia

Simply Safety

Simply Safety Apps On Google Play

More than 100,000 students take the NEBOSH IGC exams. Some are ready and most arent. Read more...

These Preparation Questions for NEBOSH IGC aim to prepare students for their NEBOSH IGC exams
These are quick and easy to go through yet cover a wide variety

Do you have a mobile phone? Is it always with you? If yes - Then why not download the Simply Safety apps

NEBOSH Ultimate Guide For Exams

Preparing For NEBOSH Exams? NEBOSH IGC

If you are preparing for NEBOSH exams this is the answer. Those that want to increase their chances of passing NEBOSH IGC this is the place. You need this to get over the fears of the NEBOSH IGC exams

The NEBOSH IGC exams are held in many countries around the world and this preparation guide is for students taking the NEBOSH IGC exams

NEBOSH Ultimate Guide For Exams
NEBOSH Revision Materials
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NEBOSH IGC Prep Ultimate Guide 1 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH IGC 1 Exams

NEBOSH IGC Prep Ultimate Guide 2 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH IGC 1 Exams

NEBOSH IGC Prep Ultimate Guide 3 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH IGC 1 Exams

NEBOSH IGC Prep Ultimate Guide 4 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH IGC 1 Exams

NEBOSH IGC Prep Ultimate Guide 1 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH GC 2 Exams

NEBOSH IGC Prep Ultimate Guide 2 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH GC 2 Exams

NEBOSH IGC Prep Ultimate Guide 3 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH GC 2 Exams

NEBOSH IGC Prep Ultimate Guide 4 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH GC 2 Exams

Dems Unveil Bill To Bring Back Workplace Safety Rule

Democrats on Monday introduced a bill to reinstate an Obama-era worker protection rule Republicans overturned in March. Read more...

The Accurate Workplace Injury and Illness Records Restoration Act would bring back the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) record-keeping rule that was overturned by way of a resolution under the Congressional Review Act. Read more...

The rule, which took effect in January 2017, clarified that employers are obligated to record and keep records on injuries and illnesses for five years. Trump signed the resolution into law in April. Read more...

“The Trump administration promised to stand up for America's workers but it has pursued an aggressive anti-worker agenda,” Takano said in a statement. “This is an opportunity for President Trump is fix a mistake and keep his promise to stand with working families.”

The legislation introduced Monday requires OSHA to issue a new regulation within 180 days and specifically authorizes OSHA to do so since the Congressional Review Act bars agencies from issuing a rule in “substantially the

NEBOSH June 2017 Examinations Here In Singapore

Simply Safety is running the NEBOSH June 2017 Examinations here in Singapore. Read more...

ILO Calls For Vastly Improved National Occupational Safety And Health Data

The International Labour Organization commemorated the World Day for Safety and Health on 28 April, as it emphasized the “urgent need” for vastly improved national occupational safety and health (OSH) data. Read more...

"Countries that have good data will be better placed to fulfil their commitment to implement and report on the global plan of action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all under the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development," said

NEBOSH June 2017 Examinations Here In Singapore


AWSHPP Apply Workplace Safety Health Process Plants

Simply Safety NEBOSH Revision App

So you spent money registering for the NEBOSH training and NEBOSH exams?

You spent time training for the NEBOSH exams?

How much time have you spent on the NEBOSH textbooks? How much time have you spent in the class room preparing for the NEBOSH exams by attending those NEBOSH lessons?

Would you not want to ensure you pass your NEBOSH exams? Would you not want to ensure that you do well in the NEBOSH exams? After all that money and time spent on the NEBOSH training and booking of the NEBOSH exams?

NEBOSH IGC Blended Learning

Simply Safety is offering NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) – Blended Learning. Read more...

Blended learning is becoming popular as the preferred approach for organizations that wish to optimize the use of their limited resources that are available for training while making no compromises with learning effectiveness. Blended learning takes advantage of the potential offered by the myriad of new, online learning technologies, using these alongside the wide range of conventional classroom and self-study methods to generate new combinations that outperform traditional approaches. Read more...


NEBOSH To Attend Global HSE Conference And Exhibition Bahrain

NEBOSH will be attending the Global HSE event taking place at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa, Adliya, Bahrain in April 2017. Read more...

This event brings international and regional experts together under the theme of “Overcoming Challenges of Today to Build a Resilient Future”– it has never been more pertinent to secure the highest levels of health, safety and environmental management in workplaces worldwide for decades to come. Read more...

Developing and sustaining a positive and proactive HSE culture is a challenge faced by many organisations as they operate in an increasingly globalised environment. NEBOSH is proud to contribute to this goal by equipping HSE professionals with the competencies required to manage risk effectively and protect their organisations, workforce and the environment. Read more...

The conference and exhibition will provide an excellent platform for stakeholders across the globe to build partnerships and share their knowledge. There is a balanced mix of key notes from organisational and HSE leaders, technical presentations, interactive panel discussions, as well as post conference workshops. Read more...

Teresa Budworth, NEBOSH Chief Executive will be participating in numerous activities scheduled throughout the two days, including chairing the CEO Leadership Panel and delivering a presentation on HSE Training and Competency. Teresa Budworth explained that she is

Working On Workplace Safety

In a business environment dictated by numerous challenges and changes, many organisations continue to deliberate on the changing nature of jobs and the need to continuously raise productivity in the workplace. Read more...

The emergence of new disruptive technologies also creates more complex challenges for businesses. Read more...

Furthermore, organisations have to pay equal attention to the important aspect of workplace safety and health (WSH). Read more...

Many organisations have become more aware of WSH and they are making strides in enhancing and creating healthy and sustainable workplaces. Read more...

The five-step bizSAFE programme, conceptualised and implemented by the Workplace Safety and Health Council, can be credited for this progress. Read more...

Safety Groups Urge Lawmakers To Uphold OSH Funding

Leading safety organizations are appealing to members of Congress to preserve federal funding for OSHA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Read on to find out why concern is high. Read more...

The request came in a letter signed by 13 leading safety and health groups, including the National Safety Council, American Society of Safety Engineers, and American Industrial Hygiene Association. The organizations are appealing to Rep. Tom Cole, the Republican chairman of a House labor subcommittee, and Rep. Rosa DeLauro, the Democratic ranking member, to support a fiscal year 2018 budget appropriation for OSHA of at least $573.8 million. Adjusted for inflation, that’s level with the amount enacted for fiscal year 2016. Read more...

The signers also asked that the lawmakers support funding for NIOSH at a minimum of $339.1 million and preserve the agriculture, forestry, and fishing sector program. That initiative is on the chopping block in the budget proposal. Read more...

Overall, the Trump administration’s proposed budget would cut $2.5 billion from the Department of Labor and would eliminate funds for OSHA Susan Harwood training grants, which the White House calls “unproven.” That would yield about $11 million. Read more...

The letter noted that, daily, about 12,000 U.S. workers sustain injuries on the job that are serious enough to require medical consultation, 11 die from an unintentional work injury, and 145 die from work-related diseases. This burden, they say, costs industry and citizens about $4.8 billion per week. Read more...

The groups say the level funding is the minimum required “to ensure the health and safety of our nation’s workers.” They advised against cutting the NIOSH agriculture, forestry, and fishing program, pointing out that the fatality rate in that job sector is nearly seven times that of the overall industry average. Read more...

SIAEC Fined $230k For Fatal Safety Lapse

SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) was fined $230,000 yesterday for a workplace safety lapse which resulted in the death of a technician about 3 1/2 years ago. Read more...

The fatal accident happened at Changi Hangar Complex Hangar 3 in Airline Road at about 3.15pm on Oct 10, 2013. Read more...

SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) was fined $230,000 yesterday for a workplace safety lapse which resulted in the death of a technician about 3 1/2 years ago. Read more...

The fatal accident happened at Changi Hangar Complex Hangar 3 in Airline Road at about 3.15pm on Oct 10, 2013. Read more...

Mr Puvanalingam Balakrishnan, 34, was waiting underneath the starboard fuselage docking platform as he wanted to access the cargo compartment of a Boeing 777 aircraft after the platform was repositioned. Read more...



NEBOSH To Attend Global HSE Conference And Exhibition BahrainNEBOSH To Attend Global HSE Conference And Exhibition Bahrain

NEBOSH will be attending the Global HSE event taking place at the Gulf by DNSUnlocker">HOTEL

Facebook Safety Check


October 16 2014- Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook (founder of Facebook) said

"Today we announced the launch of Safety Check on Facebook. Read more...

Over the last few years there have been many disasters and crises where people have turned to the Internet for help. Each time, we see people use Facebook to check on their loved ones and see if they're safe. Connecting with people is always valuable, but these are the moments when it matters most. Read more...

Safety Check is our way of helping our community during natural disasters and gives you an easy and simple way to say you’re safe and check on all your friends and family in one place. Read more...

It's meaningful to be in Tokyo to announce this because the great earthquake and tsunami a few years ago inspired us to build the first version of this for Japan. Now we're glad to have this ready to serve everyone in the world. Read more...

You can read more details here:

In times of disaster or crisis, people turn to Facebook to check on loved ones and get updates. It is in these moments that communication is most critical both for people in the affected areas and for their friends and families anxious for news. Read more...

We want to provide a helpful tool that people can use when major disasters strike, so we’ve created

Difference Between NEBOSH IOSH And OSHA

Many people have heard

NEBOSH IGC What To Expect

Safe Systems Of Work- NEBOSH Training

Safe Systems of Work

A safe system of work is a formal procedure which results from systematic examination of the tasks of a working process in order to identify all the hazards and defines methods of working which eliminate those hazards or minimise the risks associated with them. Read more...

The essence of the concept is that it is a system for dealing with the hazards.

Redmart Training Executive- A Company Eduardo Saverin Invested In

Training Executive


Jurong East, West

Retail Trainer $3800


  • Responsible for Brand’s training which includes products training, selling skills, customer service skills and basic beauty trainings.
  • To organize and perform training sessions to ensure staff are well-trained to carry out their roles as Beauty Advisors
  • To identify training needs and training gaps
  • Conduct field-coaching as needed
  • Perform targeted follow-up / coaching with proper planning and tracking for identified performance gaps
  • Work with HQ in implementing aligned training programs and developing localized training modules and materials
  • To ensure training materials are well organized and kept up-to-date
  • Manage yearly training plans and monthly training calendar
  • Handling of product inquiries
  • Customer service support
  • Responsible for overseeing Field Trainer position
  • Work closely with Field Trainer to achieve performance target
  • Monitor performance gaps and implement plans for improvement
  • Improvise reporting/tracking templates from time to time in order to achieve effective tracking of BA performance.

Agency For Integrated Care Looking For HR Development Executive With ACTA

Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)

At Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), our core values of "PRIZED Team" (Professionalism, Respect, Innovation, Zest Empathy and Diversity), guide and shape our organisational culture in achieving our mission to achieve the best health outcome for our clients. We believe that our work in facilitating care integration within our community is a fulfilling journey towards addressing Singapore's aging population long term challenges. Join us on this journey. Read more...
For more information about Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), please visit www.aic.sg

  • Review and develop Learning & Development policies
  • Assist in the design and implementation of Learning and Development framework and systems
  • Design and implement effective leadership and new hire orientation programs
  • Develop total learning road map for employee
  • Engage key stakeholders to identify learning needs and prioritise training needs for the organisation
  • Identify, assess and recommend various form of training initiatives to meet division and/or individual training requests
  • Administer Learning Needs Analysis exercise
  • Track and ensure training requirement are completed in relation to employee's development plan, onboarding plan and on-the-job training plan/schedule
  • Involved in designing and developing training content and delivery approach for in-house training programmes
  • Evaluate and review the effectiveness of in-house & external training programmes
  • Forecast, manage and track the annual training budget
  • Manage the Learning Management System, providing data for management reporting purposes and coordinating E-learning programmes.


  • Good degree in Business or HRM or the equivalent
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in training and development with evident tracked record of achievements in training management, planning, monthly reporting and organising training programmes and workshops
  • Able to work independently, yet a team-oriented player in delivery results and meeting training needs in a fast paced and dynamic environment
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong analytical, project management and presentation skills
  • Ability to accomplish timely and high quality work, and handle a variety of duties
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and SAP system
  • ACTA certification preferred

General Principles Of Prevention

General Principles of Prevention

  • Avoiding risks

    HSE Medic Jobs

    HSE Medic

    Samsung Stores Catching Fire

    Samsung doesnt seem to be able to catch a break. Instead of being able to catch a break- Samsung store catches fire. Read more...

    It was reported that a fire broke out at the storeroom of Samsung Experience Store in Ang Mo Kio Hub. The fire caused surrounding stores in the shopping mall to temporarily close for safety reasons and cleaning.

    WSHC CultureSAFE Resources

    Singapore is trying very hard to improve its work place safety culture. It has launched its CultureSafe program.

    NEBOSH IGC June 2017 Examinations

    Simply Safety is running the NEBOSH June 2017 Examinations here in Singapore. Read more...

    Why NEBOSH Qualification For You

    Get NEBOSH General Certificate to ensure greater safety and health in the organization

    NEBOSH IGC is one of the most regarded safety and health qualifications from UK. The NEBOSH IGC certification program has been completed by more than 30,000 people taking it yearly. The popularity of the NEBOSH IGC certification program is not restricted to the citizens of the U.K, but also has spread across the globe.

    Student Testimonials

    Mr Raj is an experience trainer who share his experiences in real life situation. Compared to other trainers who base on text book and slides. Keep it up sir!


    NEBOSH Develops New Qualification With HSE

    The health, safety and environmental management examination board, NEBOSH, has developed a new qualification in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Read more...

    The new qualification: the NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management

    FICCI-EY Report Highlights Importance Of Women's Safety At Workplace

    On the occasion of a workshop conducted on ?Women?s Safety at Workplace?, a FICCI-EY report ?Reflections on the State of Women Safety at the Workplace in India? was released by Sutapa Sanyal, Director General of Police, U.P. Police Mahila Samman Prakoshth here today. Read more...

    The report states that for tackling sexual harassment at the workplace, there is a need for invoking a strong commitment to this cause, creating a mechanism to address different perspectives, managing issues effectively and utilising diligent investigative mechanisms. Read more...

    Addressing the workshop, Sanyal said the need for gender balance was critical in raising a country?s GDP. She said that in a full potential scenario roughly USD 28 trillion or 26 per cent could be added to the global GDP. She also urged employers to provide a work environment that help women to realise their full potential and achieve gender balance in the work space. Read more...

    The report also suggests ways for enhancing the safety of women at the workplace in India such as getting women to speak up, deploying technology, adopting a zero-tolerance policy, dealing with cultural matters, engaging third-party service providers, instituting gender-sensitisation trainings, mandating appropriate work practices and instituting safe working conditions. Read more...

    ?Greater number of women stepping out in the corporate world today has prompted organizations to build safer working establishments for women employees in India. While issues related to cases of sexual harassment at workplace are a major concern for corporates today, there exist many other factors that need to be accounted for to enable safer workplace for employees. The onus is on corporates to set the tone at the top that focuses on gender based challenges and enable sensitising trainings that reinforces the commitment of organizations to safer work environment,? said Saguna Sodhi, Executive Director, Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services, EY India. Read more...

    Ambika Sharma, Director General - International, FICCI and Chairperson, Internal Complaints Committee, FICCI, said that safety should not be just confined to the physical environment of the office but should address all interactions that women engage in as part of the work. Read more...

    ?It is necessary to implement robust procedures as often most of the women employees were hesitant to bring this issue of harassment to the notice of the management. Hence a strong commitment from the organisations and sensitive treatment for all complaints with due diligence and speedy response was required and responsibility of an organisation to assure women to bring up issues before the committee,? she added. Read more...

    The session was moderated by Sumeet Gupta, Director, FICCI. Read more...

    (This article has not been edited by DNA's editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)


    International Women’s Day: Most Women Prefer To Work

    A new, landmark report from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Gallup, “Towards a Better Future for Women and Work: Voices of Women and Men,” examines the attitudes and perceptions of women and men regarding women and work. Read more...

    The results come from the Gallup World Poll, which was conducted in 142 countries and territories and surveyed almost 149,000 adults. It is representative of more than 99 percent of the global adult population. Read more...

    Some 70 percent of women and 66 percent of men would prefer that women work at paid jobs. Women worldwide would prefer to be either working at paid jobs (29 percent) or be in situations in which they could both work and take care of their families (41 percent), indicating a desire for a good work/life balance. Only 27 percent of the women polled did not want a paid job. Read more...

    “This survey clearly shows that most women and men around the globe prefer that women have paid jobs,” said ILO Director-General Guy Ryder. “Family-supportive policies, which enable women to remain and progress in paid employment and encourage men to take their fair share of care work, are crucial to achieving gender equality at work.”

    Surprisingly, the percentage of women who want paid jobs includes a majority of women who are not in the workforce, including women in all regions worldwide such as regions where women’s participation in the workforce traditionally is low, such as the Arab states and territories. Read more...

    Men’s views are very similar to women’s in many instances, the report showed, with 28 percent of men saying they would like female family members to have paid jobs, and another 38 percent saying they would prefer that women could both work and take care of the family. Less than one-third of men – 29 percent – would prefer that women not work at paid jobs. Read more...

    At the global level, women who are working full time for an employer (more than 30 hours a week by Gallup’s definition) are more likely to prefer situations where they can balance work and family/home obligations. Women and men with higher levels of education also are more likely to prefer that women both work at paid jobs and provide care. Read more...

    Work-Family Balance

    Reconciling work with care for their families, however, poses a significant challenge for working women globally. In fact, both men and women in the vast majority of countries and territories surveyed mention, “balance between work and family” as one of the top problems facing women in paid jobs. Read more...

    Other issues such as unfair treatment, abuse, harassment in the workplace, lack of good-paying jobs and unequal pay also emerge among the top problems in various regions of the world. Read more...

    In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, about as many cite reasons that fall into the response category of “unfair treatment/discrimination” in the workplace (19 percent) as mention work-family balance (18 percent). In Northern, Southern and Western Europe, more mention work-family balance, but equal pay also is viewed as an important challenge. In Northern America, people are most likely to cite unequal pay (30 percent), followed by work-family balance (16 percent) and unfair treatment/discrimination (15 percent). In Northern Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Asia and the Arab States, “family members do not approve of women working” is among the top five most frequently mentioned obstacles that working women face. Read more...

    “The world needs to advance gender equality and empower women at work. Not just for the benefit of women, but for the benefit of all humankind,” said Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of Gallup. Read more...

    Worldwide, the majority of women who are employed say what they earn is a significant source (30 percent) or main source (26 percent) of their household’s income. Men still are more likely than women to report being the main providers: 48 percent of employed men say what they earn is the main source of their household’s income. However, among employed women and men with higher levels of education, the gap regarding their contribution to their household’s income is smaller. Read more...

    Globally, women and men share similar views on women’s employment opportunities. The report found that, if a woman has similar education and experience to a man, women and men worldwide are most likely to say that she has the same opportunity to find a good job in the city or area where they live. Northern America leads other regions in terms of perceived equal opportunity. The majority polled in the region (55 percent) say a woman with similar qualifications as a man has the same opportunity to find a good job. Men (60 percent) are more likely than women (50 percent) to feel this way



    In 2016, there were 66 workplace fatalities resulting in a fatal injury rate of 1.9 per 100,000 employed persons, similar to 2015, according to the Singapore Ministry of Manpower. Read more...

    However, the number of workplace injury cases increased by 5.4%, from 12,351 cases in 2015 to 13,014 in 2016. Occupational disease cases decreased from 935 in 2015 to 732 in 2016. Read more...

    The Construction sector remained the top contributor of workplace fatalities. However, the number of fatalities fell from 27 in 2015 to 24 in 2016. Read more...

    The fatal injury rate also decreased to 4.9 per 100,000 employed persons, the lowest since 2007. Read more...

    The Marine sector, however, saw an increase in fatalities, from 4 in 2015 to 6 in 2016. Fatalities in the Manufacturing sector also increased, with 9 in 2016, compared to 6 in 2015. The Transportation & Storage sector accounted for 11 fatalities, compared to 15 in 2015. Read more...

    Among the 66 fatalities, Falls was the leading incident type with 19 (29%) fatalities, followed by Struck by Moving Objects with 13 (20%) fatalities, Caught in/between Objects with 8 (12%) fatalities, and Struck by Falling Objects with 6 (9%) fatalities. Read more...

    Major and minor injuries

    The number of workplace major injuries decreased slightly from 597 cases in 2015 to 594 cases in 2016. Workplace minor injuries however, increased by 5.7% from 11,688 cases in 2015, to 12,354 cases in 2016. Read more...

    Crushing, Fractures and Dislocations were the leading types of injury, accounting for 55% of all workplace major injuries. The number of cases went up slightly from 323 in 2015 to 329 in 2016. Read more...

    Amputations were the second leading injury type, with 143 workers suffering from complete loss of a member/part of a member of the injured person’s body in 2016. This is a 22% increase compared to the 117 cases in 2015. Read more...

    Falls, Struck by Moving Objects and Caught in/between Objects accounted for 65% (387 cases) of all major injuries in 2016. Read more...

    Slips, Trips and Falls remained the main area of concern for workplace minor injuries being 27% (3,315 cases) of all minor injuries in 2016. Read more...

    Dangerous occurrences

    The number of dangerous occurrences (DO) decreased slightly from 46 cases in 2015 to 45 cases in 2016. Construction sector was the top contributor of DO cases, accounting for 22 cases compared with 23 in 2015. This is almost half (49%) of all DOs in 2016. Read more...

    Manufacturing sector was the second top contributor with 11 cases in 2016, down from 12 cases in 2015. Read more...

    The top DO was Collapse/Failure of Structures and Equipment (60% of all DOs), of which 19 cases (42% of all DOs) were incidents related to crane such as collapse, failure of wire ropes and safety devices. Read more...

    Occupational diseases
    The number of occupational diseases (OD) cases decreased from 935 cases in 2015, to 732 this year. Read more...

    Similar to 2015, the leading OD was Noise-Induced Deafness (NID) (322 cases), followed by Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (316 cases). Together they made up 87% of all OD cases. Read more...

    The drop in the number of OD cases was due to a drop in NID cases from the Construction, Marine, and Manufacturing sectors. Read more...

    Concern over increase in workplace injury cases in 2016

    “Besides looking at fatal injuries, there is a need to pay closer attention to major injuries which cause much suffering to the injured worker and also his family,” says Executive Director of the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Institute, Dr Gan Siok Lin. Read more...

    Injured workers who are on longer medical leave and have some loss in function are more likely not to return to the workforce. Read more...

    “I therefore strongly urge the industry to review their risk assessments, to ensure that all workplace hazards are identified and the control measures are communicated to workers so that they are not harmed by their work and can return home safe to their families. This will also help to raise morale and productivity when workers know their employers care."


    Testimonials From Our Safety Courses And Fellow Safety Students

    We care about our customers. But our staff are equally important. We often get emails asking for free NEBOSH training, free Certificate IV in Training and Health training, requests for jobs. We understand your issues and where you are.

    NEBOSH Unit 1 Element 1.1

    Simply Safety has been running training courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia for close to a decade now. We have trained over 45,000 people world wide. We are the foremost training center and our values are caring about the quality of training being delivered. Read more...

    Simply Safety is a NEBOSH accredited training provider and will be conducting Weekend Class for NEBOSH IGC in May 2017 for the NEBOSH IGC Exams to be held in June 2017. If you are eager to take up the NEBOSH IGC but cannot afford the days needed to attend the full time NEBOSH training for 10 days, then this is an ideal choice for you. Read more...

    Simply Safety is putting up this video for ALL NEBOSH students so that they can have a better understanding. Read more...

    NEBOSH Weekend Classes May 2017

    Simply Safety has been running training courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia for close to a decade now. We have trained over 45,000 people world wide. We are the foremost training center and our values are caring about the quality of training being delivered. Read more...

    NEBOSH Exams World Wide 2017

    Why take a NEBOSH Exam

    Why NEBOSH? Why take the NEBOSH Exam? Just because someone told you to take the NEBOSH exams? Because a NEBOSH training provider sent you a brochure to take the NEBOSH exams?

    Instead of asking you for your money and having a sales relationship, lets have a human relationship. Lets work together to achieve you goals and ours.

    The Importance Of Consultation In Workplace Safety

    WorkSafe South Australia describes consultation as a

    Ow To Ask Out A Co-Worker This Valentine's Day

    If you're thinking about

    Workplace Safety Needs Improving, Says Labour Group

    The BC Federation of Labour is calling for improved workplace safety after on-the-job fatalities in Kelowna and Lumby. Read more...

    On Friday, a worker at a log-sorting facility in Lumby was killed. Also, a Tolko tugboat operator died Monday night when his boat sank. Read more...

    State's Largest Workplace Safety And Health Conference Planned

    The old adage is that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. But everyday heroes — safety and health professionals in a variety of industries and organizations — work to ensure Hoosier workplaces are safe and compliant, and minimize the potential for disaster. Read more...

    The Indiana Chamber says one way Hoosier organizations can equip their team with successful strategies is by attending the 2017 Indiana Safety and Health Conference & Expo that runs from Feb. 28 to March 2 at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis. Read more...

    Presented with the Central Indiana Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers and INSafe Indiana, the event is one of the largest safety conferences in the Midwest. Read more...

    What Our Simply Safety NEBOSH Students Say About Us

    Thank You sir.

    Sanjiwan Pradhan

    NEBOSH IGC 8 March 2017 Exam Course And Exam Available

    The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) is one of the most recognisable and sort after certifications. It is highly recommended for safety professionals across the world. The NEBOSH IGC offers knowledge, skills and know how to fulfil the health and safety responsibilities for any individual working in almost all industries and organisations.

    CLaunch Of Singapore Standard On Safe Use Of MEWPs

    The new Singapore Standard SS 616:2016 code of practice for safe use of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) was launched at an event on 15 November 2016 in Singapore. The standard covers the safety requirements for the protection of persons working with MEWPs including the basic safety principles, operation, maintenance and inspection of MEWPs. Read more...

    SS 616 complements the Approved Codes of Practice/Singapore Standards related to lifting equipment and work at heights. The standard serves to provide more guidance on lifting equipment to help optimise workers’ health and safety on the job. Read more...

    IPAF South East Asia Regional General Manager, Raymond Wat who sits on the drafting panel and who presented a paper at the launch event, said, “IPAF welcomes the new standard specifically for MEWPs which will help to keep the industry safer in Singapore. As the use of MEWPs increases we want to make sure that lifting equipment is properly maintained, safely deployed and operated, and lifting activities are well-planned and well-managed to minimise the risks of accidents.”

    Tim Whiteman, IPAF CEO & Managing Director said, “IPAF welcomes the launch of the Singapore standards covering MEWPs. The principles of safe use of MEWPs are the same across the world and it is excellent to see the consideration of other international standards in the development of country specific ones.”

    The event provided attendees with an overview of the standards and how they can improve personal and workplace safety and health; legislative requirements relating to lifting equipment and general requirements on lifting equipment, safety criteria and clearance for lifting activities. Read more...

    Those attending the launch Included workplace safety and health professionals, engineers, contractors and supervisors; environment, Health & Safety consultants, safety officers and academics; occupier, manufacturers/suppliers and all personnel involving with lifting equipment and activities; representatives from relevant government agencies. Read more...

    About IPAF IPAF is a not-for-profit members’ organisation that promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide. Members include manufacturers, rental companies, contractors and users. Details at

    Cert IV TAE Or ACTA, Why ACTA Or Cert IV

    Singapore is changing. We have come a long way and things are still changing. And it should start with HR Human Resource experts and HR Human Resource specialists. Not only should HR personnel develop job descriptions as we all know. In fact they should do through needs analysis and understand what the company or companies require their personnel to do on a day to day basis much like a operational factory and what to do incase something goes a little off. Writing a one paragraph job description like the following

    Job Description

    • Assisting with data entry, compilation, as well as client and underwriter document generation and dispatch.

    Certificate IV In Training And Assessment 2017 Feb

    Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE Singapore

    You want to be a registered Trainer? You need the Certificate IV Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE

    You want to have a second career as a professional or registered Trainer? You need the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE

    You want to be qualified in Singapore and Australia?

    Mandatory AWSHPP SOCOP Oil Petrochecmical

    SOCOP Safety Orientation Courses Oil Petrochemical MOM

    Previously the safety training for oil petrochemical industry was the

    SCAL Mobile App Launched

    The newspapers and TV where looking at SCAL The Singapore Contractors Association Limited who just launched a new mobile app yesterday, in a bid to improve safety at the workplace. The app when opened shows good and bad safety practice photographs at worksites. The app looks and covers nine topics ranging from preventing electrocution and falls from height. So onsite safety personnel can use it to teach workers how to keep themselves safe. The idea would be to add in more pictures or examples and use of caption in different languages from Mandarin to Tamil to Thai so said Mr Lee Kay Chai, Scal's workplace safety and health sub-committee chairman. Read more...

    Together with the launch SCAL and the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry published a report on productivity issues in the construction sector. Recommendations for improveents will be submitted to Building and Construction Authority over the next few months said Kenneth Loo.

    Electrolux Safety Alert

    Electrolux a world renownedd appliance maker from Sweden has sent out an alert. The Swedish appliance maker Electrolux has recalled four models of its glass gas cooker hobs. Electrolux recalled the models after customers' reports of the glass tops shattering and small explosions occurring when in use. So far about 5800 homes are affected as they use the Electrolux cookers

    As reported by Singapore Spring Singapore at least one user was scalded as a result

    Singapore Construction Bright 2017

    We all can feel the economic slowdown globally. We would be fools if we refuse to see the truth. 2016 has seen a slowdown in the construction sector in Singapore as well with total value of construction demand falling for a second consecutive year.

    How Did You Get Into Health And Safety?

    As part of SHP’s focus on careers, Shannon Jolly tells us about being young in the H&S profession and how she felt being granted Tech IOSH at just 19-years-old.

    How did you get into health and safety?

    I started at Compass

    Workplace Safety Index Finds One Billion Dollars Spent Each Week On Injuries In U.S. Workplaces


    Collective Efforts Needed To Improve Workplace Safety And Health Outcomes

    I refer to the letters "Work together to make work safer" and "Learn about safety from oil and gas industry" (The New Paper, Dec 27). Read more...

    Similar to main contractors, sub-contractors are also liable and subjected to an enforcement and penalty framework if they are found responsible for safety lapses. Read more...

    The relationship between main and sub-contractors should, however, not be about shifting blame. Read more...

    It must be collaborative in nature with the main contractor exercising strong leadership to improve workplace safety and health (WSH) outcomes at their sites for all workers. Read more...

    Developers and main contractors should consider the WSH track records and capabilities of sub-contractors when awarding contracts. Read more...

    Sub-contractors should take steps to improve their WSH management system. The bizSAFE programme serves this purpose. Today, over 25,000 companies are bizSAFE-certified. Read more...

    he Government has taken the lead to require at least bizSAFE Level 3 certification for public construction project tenders. Read more...


    Training is also important in ensuring that workers are aware of risks and know how to protect themselves. Read more...

    Today, there are over 56 safety courses across four key industries. The curriculum is regularly reviewed, and we have a system of audits to uphold standards. Read more...

    In the past 12 months, we have revoked the licences of 11 accredited training providers (ATPs) for fraudulent practices. By July 1 this year, all ATPs are required to attain the ISO standards. By 2019, all WSH courses will be qualified under the Workforce Skills Qualifications framework. Read more...

    Ultimately, sustained improvement in WSH can be realised only if leadership is committed to bringing about a culture where all harm can be prevented. Read more...

    We are, therefore, heartened that leaders from eight industry associations, representing the entire value chain in the construction industry, came together in 2015 to pledge their commitment to reduce the fatality rate in the construction sector. Read more...

    Over 50 action items are in progress, including the introduction of an induction programme for construction workers and the development of Professional Standards for WSH professionals. Read more...

    MOM and WSH Council will continue to work closely with all stakeholders to implement these plans to ensure the safety and health of our workers. Read more...


    Trainer For Chye Thiam Maintenance

    Assistant Executive (Training & Audit)

    ASRETEC Looking For Trainer

    Work-at-Height / Rescue Trainer

    Singapore Cert IV In TAE Or ACTA Advanced Certificate In Training Assessment Trainer

    Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE Singapore

    You want to be a registered Trainer? You need the Certificate IV Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE

    You want to have a second career as a professional or registered Trainer? You need the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE

    You want to be qualified in Singapore and Australia?

    AWSHPP SOCOP OPSOC Apply Workplace Safety Health In Process Plants

    SOCOP Safety Orientation Courses Oil Petrochemical MOM

    Previously the safety training for oil petrochemical industry was the

    ASPRI IPI Safety Training

    IPI ASPRI Training

    What is IPI. How is it related to ASPRI. How is it related to oil & gas and process industry?

    ASPRI, previously known as Process Industry Contractors’ Association Singapore (PICAS), was incorporated on March 7, 1996 with about 50 members. ASPRI is a membership-based trade association that represents and promotes the interests of the Engineering Service Providers (ESPs) that supports the Process Industry in the area of Plant Construction and Maintenance. The ESPs contributed 1.8% of Singapore GDP in 2010*. Read more...

    ASPRI-IPI is the training division of ASPRI. ASPRI worked with the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to establish the ASPRI-Institute of Process Industry (ASPRI-IPI). The Institute was set up to upgrade the skills and knowledge of workforce in the Process Industry and offers nationally recognized and comprehensive training and placement programmes for the Process Industry. ASPRI-IPI aims to enhance the operating standards and employability of the workforce in the Process Industry through various skills upgrading initiatives. According to its website information. Read more...

    ASPRI Westlite Congrats

    ASPRI Westlite



    ASPRI Westlite Congrats

    ASPRI Westlite



    Elearning Safety, E-Learning Safety Topics

    Elearning Safety

    There are better ways to get Safety Qualified and Safety Trained or even just Safety Training. ELearning or e-learning is where people learn more about safety and health through our online courses at your own pace and environment. Whether you are a new employee or a HSE professionals looking for elearning safety training pick any of our online elearning safety courses and you are ready to go!

    Currently we have elearning safety training covering these topics

    Basic safety health and environment oil & gas introductory award

    Safety health & Environmental supervisor safety certification

    Work at Height Safety Award

    Work At Height Safety Supervisor Certificate Course

    Confined Space Safety Supervisor Certification

    Confined Space Safety Assessor Certification

    Safe entry into confined space award

    And at the end of the day, you still get qualified and get a proper certificate (after passing the assignments)


    To find out more about Cert IV TAE


    For more information on HSE Coach Courses


    For more information on FPSO courses http://www.simplysafety.com.sg/simplysafety/ogsc_fpso_oil_rig_safety_assessor

    For more information on NEBOSH Courses


    Simply Safety is a Singapore international center for Safety, Health and Environmental training. We conduct courses accredited by NEBOSH and other courses such as OGSC FPSO Courses, WDA courses, MOM Accredited Courses, Australian Cert IV (Australian ACTA),online international certificate courses as well as a range of short courses designed to meet specific industry needs. Read more...

    For more information about NEBOSH IGC, please visit our NEBOSH IGC page. You may also reach us at iac@simplysafety.com.sg or visit us at www.simplysafety.com.sg. Read more...

    Josephine Teo- Still Too Early To Determine Impact Of Malacca Port On Singapore’s Economy

    Kodak used to produce almost all of the photos and the photo materials in the world. Nokia was the leading phone company. Both are gone. Why? Because they didnt notice the changes around them or the distruption being caused to their industries.

    New Accreditation Scheme For Lawyers

    CJ Menon said in the long run, the specialist accreditation scheme will improve the quality of Singapore's legal services and the standard of the Bar in general. Read more...

    "Accreditation will function as a mark of recognition that a particular lawyer in fact, has certain specific skills, expertise and experience. This will both encourage aspiring specialists to deepen their skills and also provide users with a degree of quality assurance," he said.

    East Timor Multi Billion Dollar Deal Ends With Australia

    Australia and East Timor had a multi billion dollar oil and gas treaty and this multi billion dollar treaty is now at the threat of

    Oil Price Rebound, Is It Too Late

    Many companie in the North Sea are facing troubles with refinancing and declining capital investment and these have in turn have taken their toll. In 2012, not a single company when out of business among the UK oil and gas companies, only 1 in 2013 but 16 in 2016!

    Oil and gas companies have been facing problems with refinancing as banks are looking to reduce their exposure to the oil and gas sectors. Look at all the banks reducing their loans or risks to such companies. Also costs of manpower and materials does not help as with the costs of decommissioning offshore rigs. Experts are not very optimistic that the current oil prices, or even if prices have recovered from last January and February 13-year-lows that companies would not be affected.

    Workplace Safety And Health Among Temps

    As the prevalence of non-standard work arrangements (such as temporary agency, contract, and “gig” arrangements) rises, so do concerns about workplace safety and health among this workforce. Read more...

    A recent article, “Non-standard work arrangements and worker health and safety” published in the

    How Does Workplace Safety And Health Align With Sustainability?

    In May, we were contacted by representatives from the U.S. government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to discuss how they might engage in efforts that bring the agency’s work into broader sustainability discussions and initiatives. We had a good discussion, connected them with corporate representatives we thought they should talk with, and asked them to let us know what they found. Read more...

    The result is the recently published report

    New Year’s Resolutions For The DWP, Inspired By Daniel Blake

    Three captains took their turn in 2016 at trying to plot a safe course for the enormous oil tanker that is the Department for Work and Pensions: Iain Duncan Smith, Stephen Crabb, and Damian Green. Read more...

    Since 2010, the Department has been pulled in different directions by three often competing priorities: ensuring paid work represents a route out of poverty, delivering cuts, and protecting the most vulnerable. Read more...

    The shipping forecast for the first two captains had been presented by the then Chancellor, George Osborne, with the announcement of £12bn of cuts from the working-age welfare budget to be delivered by 2020. Read more...

    IDS went full-steam ahead with Universal Credit – a new working-age benefit which was meant to roll six benefits into one – but it was beset by stormy weather from the moment it left port, and went completely off course in 2016. Read more...
    In March, Osborne announced an additional multibillion pound cut to benefits paid to severely disabled people. IDS chose this moment to abandon ship, and his replacement, Stephen Crabb, was shortly knocked overboard by the change of government following the referendum. Read more...

    IDS went full-steam ahead with Universal Credit – a new working-age benefit which was meant to roll six benefits into one – but it was beset by stormy weather from the moment it left port, and went completely off course in 2016. Read more...
    In March, Osborne announced an additional multibillion pound cut to benefits paid to severely disabled people. IDS chose this moment to abandon ship, and his replacement, Stephen Crabb, was shortly knocked overboard by the change of government following the referendum. Read more...


    Safety: The Perfect New Year’s Resolution

    With the start of the new year, your workers are probably making many resolutions. Encourage them to put safety at the top of the list by participating in the

    Workplaces Reminded To Make Safety A Priority In The Lead-up To Christmas

    WorkSafe WA is reminding all businesses to make workers’ safety a top priority in the lead-up to Christmas. Read more...

    “As we head towards the end of the year and the festive season, it is timely to remind both employers and workers of the need to remain vigilant where workplace safety is concerned,” said WorkSafe WA Commissioner Lex McCulloch. Read more...

    “Five Western Australian workers have died so far this financial year as a result of work-related incidents, and even one death is too many. Read more...

    “Two of the five deaths took place in waste recycling workplaces, one at a mine site, one at a construction site and the latest in the forestry industry, illustrating that serious incidents really can happen in any industry, especially where safe systems of work are not in place or if these systems are ignored. Read more...

    While the build-up to Christmas is a busy period for businesses and workers, WorkSafe said safety should not be sacrificed. Read more...

    “Trying to get things done quickly can result in a lack of attention to detail, and one moment of inattention can easily lead to tragedy, with the impact being felt throughout the workplace, family, friends and the community,” said Mr. McCulloch. Read more...

    “Similarly, it’s all too common for workers to remain in “holiday mode” after the festive season, so I appeal to everyone to make safety the top priority across the festive season.”


    Here’s How To Keep Your Business Safe And Secure Over The Coming Christmas Holidays

    With the holidays approaching and the majority of businesses locked down for the summer break, many business owners are awash with feelings of relief as well as unease. Read more...

    Despite the holiday ahead, worrisome thoughts about the safety of the business and employees can play on the mind. “Can someone break in? Will the electricity circuit black out? and will the team stay safe?” are some of the questions business owners tend to think about during this period. Read more...

    Depending on the business, there are a number of things that can go wrong without anyone there to manage the problem. Here are my five tips on how to keep businesses safe over the Christmas holidays. Read more...

    1. Identify risks with your unique business

    When I speak to a number of business owners I hear a similar comment: “We’ve got nothing anyone would be interested in stealing”. This comes from a belief that criminals are only interested in cash and valuables. However risk goes beyond simple theft and any incident which affects your business could have a far greater impact than the cost of the goods alone. Read more...

    A butcher showed me his cool room holding nearly $200,000 worth of meat and assumed nobody would steal half a cow. I pointed out that a fridge failure over the weekend could write off his entire stock (and a monitored alarm system can alert you to temperature changes). The consequences of a loss far outweigh the modest cost of preventing it. Read more...

    2. Protect workers wherever they roam

    Most businesses address Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) but have a natural tendency to confine this to the office or headquarters rather than any place workers could actually be. Not only does the employer carry a legal responsibility for their safety, an injury to an employee (even while off-duty) can have a serious impact on a business’s operations. As well as wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday, employers should take a few moments to talk to staff and remind them how to be careful in a season of drinking and partying. Read more...

    Calamity’s Fearless mobile safety app is a useful way for employers to provide lone worker protection using the location tracking, camera and microphone of a standard mobile phone. As a perk, staff can also use the technology when they’re off-duty as well, on a night out or vacation, knowing that if they get in trouble or fail to check-in they can still summon help from a 24/7 monitored service, paid for by their employer. Read more...

    3. Test your systems

    Although Australian Standards specify security systems should be tested regularly (at least once a year for most commercial premises) very few people do it. It’s not uncommon for us to find a business owned by someone who was security conscious and put in an alarm system that was ahead of its time 20 years ago. However now it’s 20 years old and hasn’t been serviced for years. Read more...

    4. Upgrade your security before, not after you need it

    Most people’s natural behaviour is to ignore security until after they’ve suffered loss. Calamity is constantly contacted by people who’ve just been robbed and want to discuss alarm installation and monitoring. This is too late! It’s much better to implement security proactively, before you suffer a loss in the first place. Don’t leave it to the last minute. We get so many people who ring every year just before Christmas worried about security over the holidays. However criminals work all year round. Security is just as important in February as it is in December. Read more...

    5. Plan for a safe, secure 2017

    Many businesses use the quiet January period to plan for their year. Start to include safety and security in these plans each year. Assess your overall risk (or seek assistance from someone who can help with this). Encourage staff to be a part of this exercise. If they own it they will implement it. Security only works when it’s everyone’s responsibility – not just the owner’s, managers’ or security contractor’s. Read more...

    Quick things to consider:
    • Locks and Key Issue.

      Health And Safety Experts Offer 2017 Predictions

      Last year, SHP asked professionals from a varied range of backgrounds and sectors to share their thoughts and opinions on what 2016 would bring for the health and safety profession.

      Higher Fines Expected For Employers Guilty Of Breaching Workplace Safety Laws

      SINGAPORE - Employers found guilty by the court for failing to take adequate measures to ensure the health and safety of its workers at the workplace can expect to face stiffer fines in the future. Read more...

      The High Court has agreed with prosecutors that the fines imposed by the courts in previous cases under the Workplace Safety and Health Act have been too low and that a review of the sentencing regime was necessary. Read more...

      In a 42-page written judgment, Judicial Commissioner See Kee Oon laid down a sentencing framework which sets out a range of possible fines depending on whether the culpability and the potential harm in each case was high, medium or low. Read more...

      For instance, a company whose acts reflect a high level of culpability and a high potential for harm could be fined between $300,000 and $500,000. On the other end of the spectrum, a company whose acts show a low level of culpability and a low potential for harm could be fined up to $20,000. Read more...

      "For future cases, the sentencing court should bear in mind that the legislative intent for the introduction of more severe penalties was to create a more palpable deterrent effect and encourage stakeholders to take more proactive measures to minimise the occurrence of accidents at the workplace," he said. Read more...

      Public Services For Everyone – All Under One Roof!

      Seeking assistance from the Government but not sure who to turn to or where to go? The newly-opened Public Service Centre at Our Tampines Hub should help solve some of your problems. Read more...

      The Public Service Centre has a 24-hour e-service lobby and features services from six different Government agencies: namely the People’s Association, North East Community Development Council, Housing Development Board, Workforce Singapore, Ministry of Social and Family Development, and ActiveSG. Read more...

      The centre aims to make it easier for anyone to access Government services, and reduce instances of residents being referred from one agency to another without the proper follow-up. For example, you will be able to sign-up for sports programmes, renew your season parking, and register for skills upgrading courses all under one roof. Read more...

      The centre is the first of its kind in Singapore and there are plans to expand it to other places in Singapore. Read more...

      Number Of Jobseekers Outnumber Vacancies Available, Ministry Of Manpower Reports

      The Ministry of Manpower in releasing its Labour Market Report for the third quarter of this year said that based

      Singapore To Give Loans To Help Struggling Oil-Linked Companies

      Singapore will provide financing support to the country’s marine and offshore engineering companies to help ease some of the liquidity problems the industry has been facing amid weak oil prices. Read more...

      Companies in that sector will have access to borrow as much as S$5 million ($3.5 million) each for as long as six years, the Ministry of Trade and Industry said in a statement Friday. The maximum amount a borrower group will have is S$15 million, it said. The loans will be available starting next month, it said. Read more...

      The global center for oil-rig construction for decades, the slowdown in the industry contributed to Singapore’s

      Cleaning Firm Acts To Protect Workers Against Electrocution

      ATL to install circuit breakers on water jets and change plugs following worker's death

      The employer of a cleaner who was electrocuted because he did not wear safety boots while using a high-pressure water jet, has taken measures to prevent a repeat of the incident. Read more...

      Cleaning services company ATL Maintenance will install circuit breakers on jets and work with suppliers to change its cleaning equipment plugs, said the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Read more...

      At a coroner's inquest last month, State Coroner Marvin Bay urged workers to conscientiously stick to wearing safety footwear in a work area to avoid accidents. Read more...

      Mr Kabir Mohammad Faysal, a 29-year-old cleaner, was killed in June while washing the floor of a residential block in Hougang with a water jet that was not properly wired. Read more...

      He was barefoot, not wearing boots that might have insulated him. Read more...

      New Standard Rolled Out For Workplace Safety Officers

      Workers in charge of safety can now refer to a new standard that will help them chart their careers and upgrade their skills. Read more...

      The Singapore Institution of Safety Officers (SISO) yesterday introduced the first professional standard for workplace safety and health professionals here. Read more...

      It covers five tiers of career progression in the field - from officer to director - and specifies the years of experience and skillsets needed at each level. The standard also lays out a code of conduct and ethics for these workers. Read more...

      Its aim is to help workers in the field better develop their careers, and boost their competency. Read more...

      SISO honorary president Seet Choh San said the standard also helps to address the mismatch between an employee's skills and an employer's needs, by helping companies find a suitably skilled worker more easily. Read more...

      He recounted his experience with a firm which struggled to find a Singaporean worker to fill the post of workplace safety and health regional manager. The problem, he realised, was that it had failed to specify the right requirements for the job. Read more...

      The company was on the verge of hiring someone from Australia, but managed to attract a suitable Singaporean candidate after tweaking the job advertisement. Read more...

      "This new standard helps align expectations, so if companies want a regional safety director in future, they can just signal that they're looking for a level-four professional," he said. "All the requirements - experience, skills - are set out in the standard."

      The new standard is supported by the Ministry of Manpower, Workplace Safety and Health Council, and the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). SISO plans to introduce it across a range of sectors, including manufacturing and construction. It will hold roadshows next year to publicise the standard. Read more...

      So far, about eight NTUC-affiliated unions have come on board to support the standard. Read more...

      One of them is the United Workers of Electronics and Electrical Industries, which sees to the interests of about 66,000 members. Read more...

      Its president Fahmi Abu Bakar Bafana said the standard will make workers aware of skills they need to pick up, or courses they should enrol in, to progress to the next career tier. Read more...

      The new standard was launched yesterday after a ceremony for the pioneer batch of graduates from the Workplace Safety and Health Leadership Programme. Read more...

      Started last year by SISO and NTUC, it aims to groom managers in the field for leadership positions. Read more...


      OSHA Issues Recommended Pactices To Promote Workplace Safety And Health Programs In Construction

      Washington, DC (WorkersCompensation.com) - The Occupational Safety and Health Administration today issued

      Hurricane Agrees FPSO For Lancaster, Plans To Drill Halifax Well

      UK fractured basement player Hurricane Energy has agreed in principal deal for a floating production and storage offloading (FPSO) unit to develop its Lancaster field and is set to drill its nearby Halifax prospect, west of Shetland, UK. Read more...

      Under a heads of terms agreement, the

      ACT Training Awards Winners Making A Difference To Lives

      On the surface Jacob Keed is a bus driver. Working with the Transport Canberra and City Services Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Bus Team, it's his job to ferry around members of Canberra's Indigenous community. Read more...

      But his job is so much more than that. Read more...

      "A lot of our mob find themselves in situations where they're isolated from services and certain events because they have no way of getting there," Mr Keed said.

      Safe Steps For Working At Height

      Working at height refers to any work that takes place where a person could fall a distance that can cause personal injury. This includes working on a ladder or flat roof, falling through a fragile surface or even falling into an opening in a floor or a

      Over 20% Of First-time Jobseekers Fail To Adapt To Workplace

      Taipei, Nov. 15 (CNA) More than 20 percent of first-time jobseekers in Taiwan failed to adapt to their workplaces quickly, according to the results of survey released Tuesday by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) under the Ministry of Labor. Read more...

      Citing the survey results, the WDA said that about 22.59 percent of the polled 1,080 first-time jobseekers said they remained strangers to their workplace after landing their first jobs. Read more...

      Out of the first-time jobseekers who said they could not adapt to their work environment, 43.85 percent said they lacked an understanding of the requirements of their jobs and the work environment, the results indicate. Read more...

      According to the survey, 22.95 percent of the respondents said they discovered a gap between the content of their jobs and what they had learned at school, while 21.31 percent said they found a difference between the reality of the job they had landed and what books had described to them. Read more...

      The WDA said that many of the respondents said that the way they worked with their supervisors could affect how quickly they got used to their workplaces. Read more...

      The agency said that new entrants to the workforce need to get a better sense of how their bosses or supervisors carry out their jobs and what are their expectations about their employees or subordinates. Read more...

      The agency added that a newcomer in a company should also collect as much information as possible about the culture of the workplace. Read more...

      The survey also shows that more than 30 percent of the respondents said that interest in the job content topped their priorities in choosing a job, followed by the consideration of wages and benefits, as well as whether a job is relevant to what they learned at school. Read more...

      The 2016 first-time jobseeker survey was conducted Aug. 10-31, with a confidence level of 95 percent and a margin of error of plus or minus 2.95 percentage points, the WDA said.

      Will Workplace Safety Survive A Trump Presidency?

      On the campaign trail, Donald Trump repeatedly promised to bring back U.S. factory jobs. The message resonated with blue-collar workers and Trump’s success is credited, in large part, to voters who have seen their jobs disappear and livelihoods diminish as U.S. manufacturing companies moved toward

      Learning And Development Manager GlaxoSmithKline

      Basic qualifications:

      Senior Manager International Business Development And Sales

      Senior Manager (International Business Development and Sales)

      HSEQ Manager

      Head - Group HSQE

      Heng Sheng Construction And Engineering Pte Ltd Site Engineer Supervisor

      Site Engineer/Supervisor

      HSE WSHO Supervisor Officer Singapore

      HSE/WSHO Supervisor/Officer/Engineer

      NEBOSH Launches Revised Health And Safety Diplomas

      NEBOSH is delighted to announce that revised syllabuses for its National and International Diplomas in Occupational Health and Safety are now being delivered by its accredited course providers. Read more...

      As a result of the revisions the content of the highly regarded Diplomas, which are currently held by over 17,000* health and safety professionals around the world, is now aligned wherever possible to ensure equivalence between the two qualifications.

      Safe Workplace Benefits Great Falls Clinic

      An emphasis on worker safety at Great Falls Clinic led to the medical center receiving a big check Thursday. Read more...

      Lanny Hubbard, president and CEO of the Montana State Fund, the state’s largest workers’ compensation insurance company, was on hand to present clinic administrators with an oversized check for $62,918.88. Read more...

      MSF’s board of directors recently announced the agency is distributing a record-matching $35 million in dividends to policyholders by Dec. 9. It’s the second year in a row that the Montana State Fund has distributed $35 million in dividends. Read more...

      While never guaranteed, dividends are a result of increased safety efforts by employers and better-than-expected operating records and investment performance. Read more...

      “Workplace safety is the key to reducing workers’ compensation costs and ensuring safer workers,” Hubbard said Thursday. “Only safe employers can earn a dividend.”

      He thanked Great Falls Clinic Chief Executive Officer Vicki Newmiller for the medical facility’s worker safety efforts. Read more...

      Health And Safety At The Workplace

      Few would disagree that the preservation of the health and safety of workers should be the primary objective of employers, employees, trade unions and policymakers. Yet, very often ‘action’ goes no more than paying lip-service. Read more...

      The management of workplace hazards is becoming a complex science where different stakeholders interact to ensure that workers are exposed to as little risk as possible and that the risks they face are managed well. Read more...

      Civil Liberties Minister Helena Dalli is right in expressing concern about the serious nature of workplace accidents that so far this year have resulted in seven deaths. It must also be said that the prevention of workplace accidents cannot be achieved simply by Occupational Health and Safety Authority officials policing workplaces to ensure the laws relating to health and safety are not breached and that reportable incidents are in fact brought to its attention or that of some other entity. Like most western countries, Malta has adequate health and safety laws to insist that a person running a business would ensure the health and safety of workers at their place of work so far as is reasonably practical. Read more...

      Many associate health and safety risks at work with physical injuries and, indeed, such accidents are usually the most dramatic and visible. But health and safety legislation may need to be updated to include other hazards that can be just as debilitating on workers if they are not managed well. Read more...

      Statistics submitted to OHSA or other entities are an important part of the process of managing risk, however, on their own they do little to make the workplace safer. A cultural change is required in the way all stakeholders look at this grave responsibility of protecting workers from occupational risks. Read more...

      Employers, together with employees and their union representatives, must first identify and assess the risks to health and safety in a particular workplace. Decisions must then be made on how to eliminate or minimise the risks. Read more...

      The most recent risk management strategies promote the establishment of risk registers in workplaces where actual accidents as well as near misses are recorded so that similar instances can be prevented or managed better in future. Read more...

      Most workplaces today have a risk committee that is composed mainly of workers’ representatives and senior managers representing the employers. These committees have various functions, including making decisions about procedures for monitoring the health and safety of workers or conditions at the workplace. They are also involved in defining health and safety training for all workers. Read more...

      This is one way through which both employers and employees own the process of keeping the workplace safe. Read more...

      Workplace health and safety strategies need to make another leap forward by including in their agenda the well-being of workers. It is a sad reality that mental health problems are increasing in many workplaces as a result of substance abuse, alcoholism, and the rapid change in lifestyles of some workers. These elements often lead to absenteeism, staff turnover, disability and low productivity. Read more...

      Voluntary organisations that deal with mental health issues are also invaluable allies to employers and workers to ensure that our workplaces manage their risks effectively and comprehensively. Read more...

      Smart employers and trade unionists invest more of their time and money to deal with these more recent aspects of workplace risks. They wisely shift from a health and safety culture based on fear of legal sanctions to one where investment in workers’ well-being is seen as giving a better return to the business. Read more...


      To find out more about Cert IV TAE
      For more information on HSE Coach Courses
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      For more information on internationally recognised safety training

      Simply Safety is a Singapore international center for Safety, Health and Environmental training. We conduct courses accredited by NEBOSH and other courses such as OGSC FPSO Courses, WDA courses, MOM Accredited Courses, Australian Cert IV (Australian ACTA),online international certificate courses as well as a range of short courses designed to meet specific industry needs. Read more...

      For more information about NEBOSH IGC, please visit our NEBOSH IGC page. You may also reach us at iac@simplysafety.com.sg or visit us at

      Regional Sales Manager Maritime Software DNV

      Company & Business Area Description

      Driven by our purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, DNV GL enables organisations to advance the safety and sustainability of their business. We provide classification and technical assurance along with software and independent expert advisory services to the maritime, oil & gas and energy industries. We also provide certification services to customers across a wide range of industries. Read more...

      Instructor Trainer Oil Gas Industry

      Instructor or Trainer for the Oil and Gas Sector

      HSE Supervisor Oil Gas Singapore

      SPIE Oil & Gas Services is always seeking talented individuals to join its teams.

      1. To adopt and demonstrate an exemplary behaviour with regard to HSSE and to implement HSSE rules and requirements within his area of responsibility. Read more...

      2. To participate on behalf of CPY FOPS to all HSE equipment operational test as part of commissioning activities

      3. To ensure that CTR HSE readiness preparation is in line with defined operations readiness road map

      4. To ensure that contractor HSE procedures are well implemented on site

      5. To ensure that HSE equipments and toolbox are suitable and well maintained/preserved

      etc….

      1. have experience 10-15 years with min 7 years in the similar position

      2. English Mandatory

      Penta Ocean Site Engineers

      Penta Ocean Singapore is looking for Site Engineers

      CH2M Hill Resident Engineer Singapore

      CHM2M is looking for Resident Engineers

      • Work under the direction of the Chief Resident Engineer
      • Responsible for enforcing specifications and codes of practice for civil engineering discipline on all contracts
      • Responsible for the review and approval of design calculations and drawings
      • Ensure consistent and thorough submittal reviews of the Contractors’ submission have been done throughout the submittal approval process
      • Ensure that the use of compatible materials and equipment is well coordinated
      • Liaise with the design office engineering support team (Design Support Team) for design changes as proposed by the Contractor or initiated by the Board
      • Define and oversee inspection and special testing requirements for civil


      Simply Safety NEBOSH IGC ELEARNING

      Certificate IV Training And Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE.

      You want to be a registered Trainer? You need the Certificate IV Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE.

      Sembmarine Completes PPL Shipyard Acquisition

      Singapore’s offshore rig builder Sembcorp Marine, also known as Sembmarine, has completed the acquisition of the remaining 15% equity stake in PPL Shipyard (PPLS). Read more...

      As reported last

      This Labor Day - Make Safety A Priority In Your Workplace

      Listening to workers

      Our survey found that 62% of construction workers and those in agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting - all high-risk industries - believe management does only the minimum required by law to keep employees safe. The survey respondents are relying on their employers to provide safe systems. At the National Safety Council, we know the organizations that take safety seriously - in any industry, not just those that are dangerous - have committed leadership and engage their employees. Read more...

      One of my former colleagues used to say, “You sweep the stairs from the top,” and I always found this to be a helpful visual. If everyone in the organization is to commit to safety, it starts with a CEO communicating a safety vision for the organization, leading by example and conveying that safety is a shared responsibility. Safety training and resources must be provided to workers to ensure they are equipped to work safely. Read more...

      And employees should always be empowered to speak up if unsafe conditions exist. Another sobering finding from our survey was that more than 40% of workers in high-risk environments - transportation, construction and the healthcare sector - were afraid to report safety issues. While fear of reporting problems can stem from multiple factors, everyone in the organization, their customers and the public is at risk if employees are worried about losing their job if they raise a safety concern. Read more...

      How does your workplace compare?

      Take a step back and evaluate your own workplace. Are there things that can be improved to make you feel safer? If your employer is not communicating with you about safety on a regular basis, are there safety topics you and your co-workers could bring up for discussion?

      If you want to know about the biggest risks you face on and off the job, take advantage of our Safety Checkup tool to receive a snapshot of your personal risks based on your age, gender, occupation and where you live. Read more...

      At NSC, our vision is to eliminate preventable deaths in our lifetime, but we can only do that if everyone prioritizes safety. Employers play an important role in creating safe systems, providing training, and evaluating and addressing risks. You can play an important role in advancing safety at any level in an organization. Always be on the lookout for dangers, and remember that your personal safety comes first. There is no project or deadline worth risking your life. Read more...


      Workplace Health And Wellness Drops In Fitness Trend List

      Fitness professionals respond to annual survey and indicate that workplace health and fitness is a declining trend. Researchers state wellness programs may hold more importance in coming years. Read more...

      Site Supervisor Soilbuild Holdings Ltd

      Site Supervisor

      Goodrich Global Pte Ltd Site Supervisor

      Site Supervisor

      Project Manager Ovivo Water Singapore

      Project Manager

      Ampelmann Business Development Manager

      Business Development Manager - Asia Pac

      Are you the person who gets their sales energy through the “hunt” for new opportunities? An exciting new position has arisen for a Business Development Manager to join our internationally growing and innovative organization. This position will based in Singapore. Read more...

      The Business Development department is accountable for overall sales achievements worldwide, in order to maximize sales growth and optimize profits. Ampelmann is a fast growing and innovative company changing the offshore industry through our Ampelmann technology and services. Read more...

      Your role
      As Business Development Manager you are responsible for new business and market segment development. This is principally a “hunter” role with the view to opening new market segments, cold-calling new potential customers, qualifying and bringing in new early stage business. You will work in a team of 4 commercial colleagues jointly developing the region’s sales growth in the regional office that service the Asia Pacific Region. Read more...

      Daily activities:
      Identify potential market segments and customers within these segments
      Develop a market / customer penetration strategy, to efficiently assess the opportunity of the chosen segment and customers within the segment
      Prepare and implement cold-calling campaigns to open up access to potential customers
      Meet face to face with potential new customers to assess their needs and present the Ampelmann solution
      Qualify sales and overcome objections to sales
      Develop and maintain (on-going) a sales plan
      Be on top of your game, ensure that all your prospects and existing customers have a high level of satisfaction of your service

      We ask:
      Bachelor or Master degree with a minimum of 7 years successful sales experience
      Proven track record of successful sales experience, from a sales opportunity through a sales close
      A demonstrable understanding of the mechanical engineer industry and the oil and gas industries that Ampelmann sells into
      Ability to persuade and influence others and put Ampelmann across in the best light
      A self-motivated individual with excellent communication and relation skills, happy to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction in large accounts
      Willingness to travel (>50%), work will require significant travel throughout the Asia Pacific region and occasional require weekend or evening work
      Excellent communication and influencing skills in English

      We offer:
      High degree of responsibility in short term and high impact projects
      A challenging job that will stretch you to your next level
      A good salary and excellent secondary benefits

      Do you recognize yourself in our core values: Technological and Professional Excellence, Safety and Team spirit?

      Write to Ampelmann directly

      GE Oil & Gas Roles

      GE Oil & Gas

      Business Segment Oil & Gas Digital Solutions

      GE is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. Through our people, leadership development, services, technology and scale, GE delivers better outcomes for global customers by speaking the language of industry. GE offers a great work environment, professional development, challenging careers, and competitive compensation. GE is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other characteristics protected by law. Read more... Posted Position Title Business Development Director – APAC

      Career Level Experienced
      Function Business Development
      Function Segment Business Development
      Location(s) Where Opening Is Available Singapore
      City Singapore
      Postal Code 628631

      Relocation Assistance No
      Role Summary/Purpose The Business Development Director – APAC will be responsible for both strategy and execution of how GE Oil & Gas Digital goes to market with its ecosystem of Partners in APAC. Read more... Essential Responsibilities In this role the Business Development Director – APAC will align with execute the GE Oil & Gas Alliances and Channels strategy for the Global Head of Alliances and Channels - GE Oil & Gas Digital. The Business Development Director – APAC will work closely with the Regional and Industry Commercial Leaders, Partner Account Directors, and Cross-functional teams to develop, accelerate pipeline, and execute revenue with key strategic partners. This individual will work across multiple Partner types in APAC providing a consistent GoToMarket (GTM) engagement methodology and approach. Read more...

      Roles and Responsibilities:
      • Collaborate with GE Businesses, Global Growth & Operations (GGO), and Partners to execute a GTM Strategy for APAC
      • Align with Partners while mapping Partner influence to GE Oil & Gas Digital target accounts
      • Develop a joint GE and Partner vision for key accounts during Strategic Account Planning Workshops
      • In collaboration with Partners and GE Executives communicate the GE Digital Industrial Transformation Vision showcasing the Predix Platform to key customers during Executive Briefing Sessions
      • Work with Partners and the Account Teams to develop Business Cases with a focus on achieving a compelling ROI
      • Collaborate with Partners while developing joint Solution Assets on the Predix Platform
      • Develop deal pipeline and manage key strategic deals to closure during ongoing reviews with Partners and the corresponding Key Account Leaders
      • Collaborate with Partner and Marketing on a co-sponsored Marketing/Event Calendar
      • Collaborate with Partner, Product Management, Sales, Customer Success, and Engineering on Enablement Workshops for Partners on the Predix Platform
      • Cultivate relationships across team, functions, and the Partner ecosystem to drive execution of GTM plans (i.e. Marketing, Operations, Sales Enablement, Customer Success, etc.)
      • Build awareness (both internally and externally) on joint offers including but not limited to social medial, press, webinars, and other Oil & Gas Industry Events
      Qualifications/Requirements • 10 years in commercial roles
      • Marketing/Sales (Direct and Indirect)
      • Partner Management
      • Prior GTM development and execution experience
      • A proven track record of developing Partner Sourced Revenue Pipeline and Executing upon Joint Selling Revenue Targets with Partners
      • Ability to develop an account vision with Strategic Partners and develop an execution plan resulting in revenue producing opportunities
      • In Region experience and strong network
      • Partner Management, Alliances, Business Development
      • Fluent in English and Region specific language (written and spoken)
      Desired Characteristics • Ability to execute in a matrix environment with multiple internal and external stakeholders
      • Ability to help onboard partners achieving key milestones and objectives
      • Partner business plan execution

      Call or email GE directly

      Trainee Program Executives

      Trainee Program Executives

      New Thomson-East Coast MRT Line To Run On Contracting Model

      "Commuters will benefit from today's renewed emphasis on quality, but taxpayers may yet pay the cost for this,"

      Pokemon Is More Important Than Jobs Or The Economy?

      Channel News Asia has reported that the Pokemon Cafe is coming to Singapore. The Pokemon cafe was in Singapore in May to Jul 2016. Read more...

      Apprarently the first edition of the Pokemon cafe drew big long queues with hundreds of fans of the Pokemon go game as well as the Pokemon cartoon. This time it will be back in November 2016 at Bugis Junction Singapore.

      Health And Safety Advisor Jobs Must Have NEBOSH IGC

      Health and Safety Advisor

      England, London · £30,000-£40,000

      Health And Safety Advisor Job UK

      Part Time Trainers Intellisoft Singaore

      Part Time Trainers

      Bizlink Trainer ACTA

      Training Manager ACTA DACE

      WSH Trainers

      Singapore Keppel Cuts 8000 Jobs

      Reported in the news on 21st October 2016, Singapore Keppel Corporation has cut 8000 jobs. Keppel Corp has cited that the 8000 job cuts were due to weak energy prices which in turn affected profits. Keppel Corp is one of the worlds largest oil rig builders and FPSO builders.

      Singapore Driverless Car Hits Lorry- Now Lets Start Driverless Bus Test

      Singapore started the Driverless car test a while back with much excitement. The self driving car was supposed to disrupt transport as mentioned by the Singapore authorities. On 18th October 2016 a self driving car or a driverless car hit a lorry. Singapore has its first driverless accident now. The self driving car collided with a lorry in Biopolis Drive at one north about 930am. 930am should have light traffic and biopolis already has light traffic through the day.

      MOH Planning To Update Law That Governs All Singapore Healthcare Services

      SINGAPORE - The Ministry of Health (MOH) is planning to update the main piece of legislation that governs all healthcare services in Singapore, which was last amended more than 15 years ago. Read more...

      This is so that regulations can keep pace with the rapidly changing healthcare environment while still having sufficient safeguards so that patient safety is not compromised. Read more...

      The current Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act works on the assumption that healthcare services are provided from a physical location, said Minister of State for Health Lam Pin Min on Tuesday morning (Oct 25). Read more...


      Simply Safety

      Cosco Delays Delivery Of Axis Offshore Rig

      The delivery is extended to August 20, 2017.

      Cosco Corp Singapore's unit Cosco Quidong has come to an agreement with Axis Vega Singapore to extend the delivery date of the offshore rig to August 20, 2017 from originally scheduled March 10, 2016. Read more...

      Axis Vega has waived all liquidated damages having accrued due to delay and agreed not to exercise any cacellation rights due to delay of the shipbuilding contract prior to August 4, 2017. Read more...

      In view of the rescheduling and the uncertainty as to when Axis will take delivery of the rig, Cosco said that it is not possible to ascertain the financial impact of the rescheduling at this point in tume. Read more...

      - See more at: http://sbr.com.sg/shipping-marine/more-news/cosco-delays-delivery-axis-offshore-rig#sthash.HpV8tGOe.dpuf

      To find out more about Cert IV TAE
      For more information on HSE Coach Courses
      For more information on FPSO courses http://www.simplysafety.com.sg/simplysafety/ogsc_fpso_oil_rig_safety_assessor
      For more information on NEBOSH Courses
      For more information on IOSH Managing Safely
      For more information on internationally recognised safety training
      Simply Safety is a Singapore international center for Safety, Health and Environmental training. We conduct courses accredited by NEBOSH and other courses such as OGSC FPSO Courses, WDA courses, MOM Accredited Courses, Australian Cert IV (Australian ACTA),online international certificate courses as well as a range of short courses designed to meet specific industry needs.

      <h 2em="" 0px="" 0.8em;="" padding:="" 0px;="" border:="" font-variant-numeric:="" inherit;="" font-weight:="" font-stretch:="" font-size:="" 1.2em;="" line-height:="" 1em;="" font-family:="" "roboto="" condensed",="" sans-serif;="" vertical-align:="" baseline;="" color:="" rgb(55,="" 63,="" 66);"="">
      For more information about NEBOSH IGC, please visit our

      Always Looking Out For Danger: Man Sends Alerts To MOM On Workplace Safety Lapses


      More Public Agencies To Tap On Drones After 3 Companies Win Contract

      What Type Of Workplace Accidents Should Companies Report?

      Health And Safety In A Changing World

      A set of six reports, which come after five years of research as part of

      There's Worse To Come For Singapore's Rigbuilders

      THE world's two largest rigbuilders' third-quarter earnings may have been enough of a fright for investors already - but analysts have warned that the fourth quarter could be even gloomier for Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Marine. Read more...

      Investors should still brace themselves for more potential provisions and impairments, and should expect contract wins to be few and far between for the next few years, analysts said, though they added that stock valuations already appear to be near their troughs, and earnings may also be close to the bottom by this juncture. Read more...

      They also noted that since Keppel has a more diversified revenue stream than SembMarine, the conglomerate's earnings are likely to be more resilient amid the prolonged downturn than its smaller rival's. Read more...

      Sembcorp Marine Swings To Loss In Q3, Slashes Jobs

      SINGAPORE - Singapore's Sembcorp Marine Ltd swung to a loss in the third quarter and the rig builder's revenue was hurt by customers deferring rig deliveries amid a protracted downturn in the oil and natural gas market. Read more...

      Chief executive Wong Weng Sun also said that the firm had "terminated less efficient sub-contractors and allowed for natural attrition of our employees", resulting in a reduction of about 8,000,

      NEBOSH Chief Executive To Chair Utility Week H&S Conference

      NEBOSH Chief Executive Teresa Budworth is chairing the 2016 Utility Week Health & Safety Conference. Read more...

      The 4th

      IOSH Confirmed As Partner Of European OSH Campaign

      IOSH has been confirmed as a partner of a European drive to highlight the importance of good occupational safety and health management throughout people’s working lives.

      Healthy workplaces for all ages

      Worksite's Focus On Safety And Welfare Gets Thumbs-up

      With a high-tech biometric entry system and dedicated facilities such as an on-site canteen and a prayer room for Muslim workers, Paya Lebar Quarter might not seem like an average construction site. Read more...

      Underlying these measures is a focus on safety and productivity. Read more...


      Keppel Corp Cuts 8000 Jobs

      Reported in the news on 21st October 2016, Singapore Keppel Corporation has cut 8000 jobs. Keppel Corp has cited that the 8000 job cuts were due to weak energy prices which in turn affected profits. Keppel Corp is one of the worlds largest oil rig builders and FPSO builders.

      Protecting Our Future: Young Worker Safety On The Job

      Getting that first job is an exciting time. For the young worker, there's the euphoria of disposable income combined with the confidence boost of learning someone other than a family member or coach is willing to give them a chance. Nowhere on the radar are there thoughts of being injured, maimed, or even worse during that initial foray into the workforce. But grim statics show there's reason for concern. And it's the collective responsibility of all involved—employers, parents, educators, and the young workers—to take accountability to ensure that first job doesn't end in tragedy. Read more...

      The Occupational Safety and Health Administration views "young workers" as employees under the age of 25. Assistant Secretary of Labor Dr. David Michaels pointed out in a June 24, 2014, U.S. Department of Labor blog that young workers are twice as likely to be injured on the job as older workers. OSHA statistics also reveal that one teenaged worker is injured on the job every nine minutes. And when it comes to workplace fatalities, where even one is one too many, in 2014, 351 young workers were killed on the job, with 21 of the victims younger than 18. Read more...

      Why are young workers so much more likely to be injured on the job? This question makes me reflect back on my workplace injuries. I’ve been injured to the point of needing emergency room treatment twice in the past 36 years, and both incidents occurred prior to me turning 21. The first event required stitches after I took a rock to the head on an excavation work site. Hard hats were readily available and we were encouraged, but not required, to wear them. After the stitches, I was a hard hat convert. The second incident resulted in a tetanus shot. I stepped on a nail while assisting on a maintenance project at a manufacturing facility. From what I remember, safety footwear with puncture resistant midsoles was not worn; they were definitely not required at that facility. After that incident, I watched more closely where I stepped. Read more...

      Article Resources


      Dothan Could Become Home To Regional Public Safety Training Center

      he City of Dothan is looking beyond a training facility to meet the minimal needs of local police and fire personnel, thanks to a grant from the Wiregrass Foundation. Read more...


      OSHA Announces First Update To Safety And Health Program Management Guidelines In 30 Years

      Anaheim, CA – OSHA has updated its

      NSC CEO Says It's Time To Eliminate Preventable Fatalities

      Fifty years ago, President John F. Kennedy shared his vision to put a man on the moon. Now we’re talking about manned exploration to Mars. President Barack Obama announced a plan to cure cancer “once and for all.”

      “These were all moonshots,” said National Safety Council (NSC) CEO and President Deborah Hersman in her opening remarks at the National Safety Congress and Expo in Anaheim earlier this week. “They came when someone said, ‘I do not care how hard it is. We are going to do it anyway. A moonshot is when you look at something important and decide: it’s not impossible, it just hasn’t been done yet.”

      She went on to say that the NSC has announced its own moonshot: to eliminate preventable injuries in our lifetime. “We know this is a bold idea,” Hersman admitted, “but it’s one we cannot ignore.”

      The United States is at an all-time high for preventable deaths. Four thousand happen in the workplace, but over 130,000 total preventable deaths occur each year. Read more...

      The National Safety Council believes that all 130,000 preventable deaths can be eliminated, said Hersman. Read more...

      While that task does seem impossible, she put it in terms that her audience could grasp. “If you think it’s possible to eliminate preventable deaths in our lifetime, please stand up,” she said. “If you think it’s possible to eliminate preventable deaths at your company, please stand up. If you think you can eliminate preventable deaths in your department, please stand up. In your team, please stand up.”

      Eventually, every audience member was standing. “We

      80,000 Improve Job Skills Or Explore New Interests

      Some have tapped it to upgrade their job skills; others have used it to try out new interests. Read more...

      More than 80,000 Singaporeans aged 25 and older utilised the SkillsFuture Credit from January to August this year. Read more...

      Mr Lee Hock Seng, a security officer at the Indian Heritage Centre, took advantage of it to enrol in a Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications security training course at Temasek Polytechnic in January. Read more...

      "I wanted to use the credits to improve my security knowledge, which can help me in my work," he said. "I wanted to be a better security officer."

      During the three-day course, Mr Lee, 70, attended practical lessons, such as hands-on training and simulation exercises, which boosted his confidence at work. Read more...

      Shark Video


      Obituary Great Barrier Reef

      The Great Barrier Reef of Australia passed away in

      Is The Great Barrier Reef Dead

      Is the Great Barrier Reef dead?

      There are reports of the death of the Great Barrier Reef

      However the reports of the death of the Great Barrier Reef are

      DC Legends Of Tomorrow

      DC's Legends of Tomorrow, or simply

      Entries Now Open For RoSPA Awards 2017

      Entries are now open for the NEBOSH sponsored RoSPA Awards 2017

      2017 will be the twelfth year NEBOSH has sponsored the Awards, reflecting the invaluable contribution we believe they make to health, safety and environmental practice.Each year the prestigious RoSPA Health and Safety Awards celebrate excellence in workplace safety. They are internationally recognised accolades that offer organisations the opportunity to prove their ongoing commitment to raising standards. Read more...

      Entering the RoSPA Awards offers many benefits. It can:

      Employers, Workers Still Benefit From Skills Training But Fewer Find It Useful: WDA Survey

      SINGAPORE - Workers and employers still benefit from skills training, but some are growing less enamoured of it, findings from a Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) survey last year showed. Read more...

      More companies wanted to keep sending workers for training, but fewer felt it was helping business performance, according to the results of the annual Outcomes Evaluation Survey released on Wednesday (July 20). Read more...

      In all six categories of the survey, fewer employees who underwent Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) training felt it was useful. Read more...

      Of these, 88.4 per cent felt the training helped them perform more efficiently, down from 94 per cent in 2014. Read more...

      Only 7.8 per cent thought the training aided them in getting a promotion, down from 12.2 per cent in 2014, while 11.3 per cent said it led to a pay increment, down from 17.6 per cent. Read more...

      FPSO Responds To Safety Issues

      A group of Franklin Parish women took part Monday night in the first of what could become a series of self-defense classes being offered by the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s office. Read more...

      According to Sheriff Kevin Cobb, the Sheriff’s Office is offering the classes in response to requests from the public following recent incidents which have raised concerned about public and individual safety. Read more...

      Cobb issued an invitation to local women to take part in two, one-day courses held at the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office Annex located in the former Franklin Parish Library building across the street from the Courthouse. Read more...

      Worksite's Focus On Safety And Welfare Gets Thumbs-up

      Workers at Paya Lebar Quarter appreciate work-hours tracking, canteen, prayer room

      With a high-tech biometric entry system and dedicated facilities such as an on-site canteen and a prayer room for Muslim workers, Paya Lebar Quarter might not seem like an average construction site. Read more...

      Underlying these measures is a focus on safety and productivity. Read more...

      Said Mr Richard Paine, managing director of Lendlease's Paya Lebar Quarter: "By being a supportive workplace that cares for our workers, we will be able to improve their lives and enable them to be more productive."

      Paya Lebar Quarter is a mixed development with seven buildings: one for retail, three for commercial use and three for residential use. Read more...

      The worksite is an example of better welfare and safety for construction workers, whose work conditions have been in the spotlight due to deaths and injuries. Of the 55 workplace deaths so far this year, 20 were in the construction industry. Read more...

      박보검이 직접 부른 '구르미 그린 달빛' OST가 공개됐다 (영상)

      박보검이 직접 부른 '구르미 그린 달빛'의 OST가 공개됐다.

      11일 자정 '구르미 그린 달빛' OST의 열한 번째 트랙인 '내 사람'은 박보검이 직접 부른 곡이다. 극중 박보검이 맡은 역할인 '이영'의 마음을 담았다. Read more...

      10일 방송된 '구르미 그린 달빛'에서는 이 노래가 배경음악으로 사용되기도 했다.

      Guns N'Roses Singapore 2017

      Guns N’ Roses will be performing in Singapore. Guns N'Roses will be here in Singapore as part of their ongoing Not In This Lifetime global tour. Read more...

      The legendary hard rock band Guns N'Roses will perform at Changi Exhibition Centre on Feb 25.

      1MDB: Singapore Shuts Down Swiss Falcon Bank Over Malaysian Scandal

      Did Swiss Falcon Bank flout any money laundering controls? The Regulators say yes. They claim that Falcon persistently flouted money laundering controls. At the same time DBS Bank and UBS Banks received fines for separate lapses. These lapses were seen as non pervasive. Read more...


      Samsung - Turn Off Your Phone!

      Samsung has told users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to turn off the Samsung smartphone. This while it investigates new reports of the replacement devices catching fire. Read more...

      Samsung also told that it will stop all sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

      Overnight Celebrity Ken Bone

      Ken Bone was just a normal person. Ken Bone was an uncommitted voter. Ken Bone just wanted to attend the second presidential debate at Washington University St Louis Missouri

      Today Ken Bone is internet famous. All because he dared to ask a question.

      Fire In Jurong West St 41

      Singapore Jurong West- a coffee shop and wet market were ablaze in the early hours of Tuesday morning. About 245am Singapore Civil Defence Force SCDF rushed to Jurong West Street 41 with 3 fire engines, 4 red rhinos and seven support vehicles and 4 ambulances

      The SCDF said that coffeeshop and wet market were

      Government Does Not Expect 'outright Recession' For Singapore

      In the local Singapore news, its been mentioned that a recession is unlikely. Yet it also stated that there is a possibility of Singapore economy having negative growth. This was discussion in Parliament by the Minister of Trade and Industry (Trade) Lim Hng Kiang on 10 October 2016

      During parliament Marine Parade GRC MP Mr Seah Kian Peng said that there was indications of weak economic activities and the mode on the ground was a sombre outlook for the economy. And Mr Seah Kian Peng asked if there was a sign off recession, if a recession was imminent and what were the measures that the Government would take?

      This is when Minister of Trade and Industry (Trade) Lim Hng Kiang stated that while they baseline projection is not an "outright recession" yet the Government cannot rule out the possibility that the economy will experience some quarters of negative growth. Read more...

      Mr Lim Hng Kiang said the global economic outlook is expected to remain weak. This is due to the slower growth in China, weak oil prices, lack of investment demands and weaker global trade flows. Read more...

      He did mention that the Government is ready to respond if an economic downturn takes hold. Yet he did not go into details what the measures were. Mr Lim did state that SMEs can tap into the SME Working Capital Loacns that helps small companies with cash-flow concerns and financing needs for growth. He also stated that the the marine sector's foreign worker levy increases has been deferred for a year, amid challenging conditions faced by the sector. Read more...

      Singaporeans should remember that when there was a downturn in the economy in 2007-2009, there were many training activities and training grants issued to companies and individuals. 2015-2016, Singapore has launched the SkillsFuture scheme which gives Singaporeans $500 to spend on approved courses. Read more...

      Singapore Government has also launched the SME Working Capital Loans. Why? Does the mass public realise that there could be a slow down in the economy? How is the job market?

      LTA Chairman: Use Near-miss Reporting As Learning Opportunity

      Singapore construction industry has been in the limelight for the wrong reasons. It has not been performing well in terms of its Work Safety and Health practices. This was emphasised by Mr Alan Chan, chairman of Land Transport Authority (LTA)

      In Singapore we have had 48 fatalities due to workplace accidents and two of these fatalities were on LTA projects

      Alan Chan the LTA Chairman was speaking at the 18th LTA Annual Safety Award Convention

      Mr Chan mentioned that workplace accidents and fatalities can be attributed to supervision lapses, gaps in safe work practices and insufficient resources dedicated to safety. Contractors were to learn from these lessons and take ownership in ensuring a safer workplace for workers. Read more...

      "Near-miss reporting should not be associated with punishment or reprimand. Instead, it is to be taken as a learning opportunity to correct substandard behaviours and practices," said Mr Chan. Read more...

      “We are equally responsible for minimising the impact to the community in which we work in. Environmental effects such as construction noise, mosquitos breeding and wastewater discharge must be well-managed,” he said. Read more...

      Samsung C & T Corporation installed a training centre, though reported as the first of its kind in Singapore, to give its workers practical experience in workplace safety. However this has been done before in various sites

      "Safety is non-negotiable and a basic fundamental part of our project. Without safety, other components of the project cannot be achieved," said Mr Hong Jung Seok, project manager of Samsung C & T (Singapore). Read more...


      ASPRI Institute of Process Industry ASPRI

      What is ASRPI, who joins ASPRI, How do they join ASRPI, what are the benefits of ASPRI?

      ASPRI is known as the Association of Process Industry. ASPRI was previously known as PICAS Process Industry Contractors Association Singapore. It’s a member based trade association. Members are mainly in the Singapore Process Industry. They are mainly Engineering Service Providers that work with or support the Process Industry. ASPRI has 500 members or more. Read more...

      ASPRI also has close ties with Process Industry Process Plant owners. ASPRI also has a training center which trains the Process Industry contractors and the workforce of the ASPRI members. Read more...

      ASPRI is the association for contractors in the process industry. ASPRI also carries out training. ASPRI training is both safety related and non safety related. ASPRI has a training arm called IPI

      Some of the training that ASPRI IPI does

      ASPRI IPI Certificate in Generic Manufacturing

      ASPRI IPI Certified Operations Specialist (COS)

      ASPRI IPI Certified Operations Professional (COP)

      ASPRI IPI Certified Process Industry Supervisor Course (CPISC)

      ASPRI IPI ASPRI IPI WSQ Assess Confined Space for Safe Entry and Work

      ASPRI IPI WSQ Perform Work in Confined Space Operation 14

      ASPRI IPI WSQ Supervise Work in Confined Space

      ASPRI IPI WSQ Apply Workplace Safety and Health in

      ASPRI IPI WSQ Supervise Workplace Safety and Health in

      ASPRI IPI WSQ Respond to Fire Emergency in Buildings 16

      ASPRI IPI Emergency Response and Crisis Management

      ASPRI IPI WSQ Respond to Fire Incident in Workplace 8

      ASPRI IPI ITE Skills Evaluation Test Certificate (SETC) Level One

      ASPRI IPI Electrical Fitting

      Australia- Here You Come, Immigration

      Immigrate Australia

      Many Singaporean (Singapore PR Singapore Citizens) or those living in Singapore or working in Singapore have plans to migrate to Australia. Yes that’s right people from Singapore want to work in Australia and people from Singapore want to live in Australia. Read more...

      Looking at the Australian way of life, Australian cities like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, Western Australia and many more

      The problem with Singaporeans wanting to live in Australia or migrate to Australia from Singapore, they need to be able to find jobs in Australia. To do that, their qualifications need to be recognised in Australia by Australian standarsds. Read more...

      We highly recommend the Cert IV in Training and Assessment in Education from Australia for Singaporeans thinking of migrating to Australia. Read more...

      When you have a recognised Cert IV in Training and Assessment in Education or Cert IV in TAE, you can try to find work as a trainer. Use the knowledge that you have and have earned to work as a trainer, assessor or facilitator

      You want to be a registered Trainer? In Singapore you have to get ACTA qualified first. Whats ACTA you ask. ACTA is the Advanced Certificate in Training Assessment. You need ACTA if you want to be registered as a Trainer. However most people don’t know that there are different courses other than ACTA. Theres the Certificate IV Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE. But lets talk about ACTA first

      Any person who delivers any training in Singapore under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework needs to be competent and the Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) deems the person competent. You need the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment ACTA if you want to be an insurance trainer. You need the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment ACTA if you want to be a trainer in the real estate industry. You need to have the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment ACTA for safety industry. Read more...

      However what if you need to practice in Australia? What if you wish to operate or move to Australia? Then the Australian Cert IV in Training and Assessment TAE (Cert IV TAE) is a more ideal choice for you to get registered as a trainer. Read more...

      ACTA in Singapore is only offered by a few companies and we are not competing with them for the ACTA qualifications. Currently you can take the Australian Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE and do a “top up” with CU1 to get the complete ACTA. Read more...

      Even if you have already gotten the ACTA or even DACE, the Australian Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Cert IV TAE is the next course for you. To be deemed a competent trainer in Australia, you need the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Cert IV TAE. Read more...

      Come join us for the next run of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE

      To find out more about our Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Cert IV TAE), contact us today. Email us at iac@simplysafety.com.sg or can call us at +65 62640889. Read more...

      To find out more about Cert IV TAE


      The Verge Serangoon Road

      The Verge is a well-known Little India property. The Verge is near Tekka Centre. The Verge is being sold for $317 million and the Verge is to be redeveloped into a mixed project, including a mall and serviced apartments. Read more...

      The buyer of The Verge, once called Tekka Mall, is Mr Keith Tang. He is the grandson of the Tangs family. The company owns more than 19 luxury hotels and serviced apartments in Australia and New Zealand.

      Tetrapak Health Safety Environment Manager

      GE Is Looking For EHS Specialists Oil & Gas

      This position is accountable for: directing EHS activities at his/her location; establishing EHS objectives and targets; internal reporting of EHS performance; communication of local regulatory requirements, and; maintaining site ISO/OHSAS certifications; managing interfaces with the governmental authorities with adverse findings and enforcement actions; directing actions during crises; site security, creating a strong EHS culture that engages employees throughout the site. Read more...

      Essential Responsibilities

      Uber Looking For APAC Safety Specialist

      Not only can you ride Uber, or be a Uber Driver but now you can join Uber as a Safety Specialist

      Roots Communication Safety Coordinator

      Provide technical guidance and consultation on development and implementation of prevailing WSH standards and management systems. Read more...Conduct routine site safety inspection and enforce compliance on prevailing MOM safety acts and regulations.

      Health Safety Security Environmental Engineer

      - Report to Group HSSE Manager and functional reporting to Business Unit General Manager
      - Communicate comprehensive knowledge of legislative requirements, code of practices, Singapore Standards to management teams
      - Disseminate changes to legislative requirements to managements and workforce
      - Align HSSE activities to Corporate requirements and protocols
      - Mobilize and assist with establishment of HSSE systems
      - Initiate and develop risk assessment for new activities
      - Inspect and audit activities and review for compliance with legislative and corporate requirements
      - Develop initiatives for promotion of Behavioral Based Safety Program
      - Coordinate collection of HSE lead and lag indicators and review and interpret, make recommendations for continuous improvement
      - Be driving force for best practice
      - Investigate any accident, dangerous occurrence or occupational disease that occurred within the work site
      - Review all incident reports and ensure adequate controls for prevention of re-occurrence(s) are in place
      - Review site corrective action registers, maintain business unit register and monitor for closeouts
      - Assist with chairing Group HSE Committee meetings
      - Coordinate and assist with Workers Compensation and Return to Work programs
      - Identify training requirements and develop training programs
      - Assist with tender documentation including sample HSSE management plans, HSSE pre-qualification questionnaires and audits
      - Maintain and Coordinate equipment and machineries maintenance registers and inspection

      NEBOSH Provider In Indonesia Batam For Those Taking NEBOSH In Batam Bali Jakarta Indonesia

      NEBOSH for those in Batam come to Simply Safety

      There is a lot of Shipyards in

      Simpy Safety NEBOSH Bali Training

      NEBOSH for those in Batam come to Simply Safety for the Bali Indonesia experience

      NEBOSH HSW FAQ Health Safety At Work

      NEBOSH Health and Safety At Work Award Qualification HSW– FAQ


      Singapore MOM Safety Training Different Types Safety

      Types of

      NEBOSH HSW Health Safety At Work FAQ Simply Safety

      NEBOSH Health and Safety At Work Award Qualification HSW– FAQ


      Singapore Preventing Workplace Injuries

      The Singapore District Court recently heard a claim by a former employee seeking further compensation to that already provided by his employer following a workplace injury. While the claim was dismissed, the case is a timely reminder for employers of their obligations in relation to safety and health in the workplace. Read more...

      The employee was a construction worker and suffered a minor eye injury when a nail he was hammering broke and a nail fragment flew into his eye. At the time, the employee was taken to hospital and subsequently went on medical leave for a number of days. The employer paid the employee’s medical bill (and for additional surgery for an eye condition that was unrelated to the workplace injury) and paid the employee while be recovered from this surgery. Read more...

      The employee had claimed that he had suffered a "serious" eye injury through his employer’s negligence in not providing him with safety goggles. However, in the trial the employee admitted that the employer had provided safety goggles but he had chosen not to wear them. Read more...

      The claim was dismissed and the presiding judge was critical of the employee’s claim, labelling it as “opportunistic”. Read more...

      Key takeaways

      Although the employee's claim was dismissed, this case is a useful reminder of an employer’s obligations in relation to workplace injuries. The key obligation for employers is to protect the safety and health of employees and workers working under their direction. Employers will need to ensure that safety measures are in place, such as:

      • Providing workers with adequate instruction, training and supervision to enable them to perform their work in a safe manner;
      • Carrying out risk assessments to identify hazards and to implement effective measures to manage risk;
      • Ensuring that appropriate safety measures are taken in relation to plant, machinery and other equipment and that safe procedures and processes are used at the workplace; and
      • Putting in place risk management policies and emergency plans and systems.

      Employer’s should also be aware of their obligations in relation to reporting workplace accidents and injuries, dangerous occurrences and occupational diseases, as failures to report within the prescribed time frames can result in substantial penalties. Read more...

      Workplace Accidents Up In First Half Of 2016, Death Toll 40% More Than Same Period Last Year

      SINGAPORE - Workplace deaths in the first half of this year went up from a year ago, as did the number of minor injuries sustained at work. Major injuries, however, decreased. Read more...

      There were 42 fatal work accidents from January to June this year, compared with 30 in the same period last year, according to a Workplace Safety and Health Institute report released on Monday (Sept 26). This is a 40 per cent increase. Read more...

      The bulk of these were falls, which accounted for 16 deaths. Seven workers died from being caught between objects, such as vehicles or industrial machines, while six died from being struck by moving objects such as trucks at worksites. Read more...

      Construction had the most number of fatalities, with 40 per cent of the deaths in the first half of the year occurring in that sector. Read more...

      The workplace death toll this year so far has been at least 49. One of the latest cases is of a construction worker from China who fell seven storeys to his death at a Woodlands Close site on Aug 28. Read more...


      NEBOSH Exams In United Arab Emirates.

      Many students in UAE United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia and Qatarr wish to take up NEBOSH. The NEBOSH training centers in UAE United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia and Qatar are plenty. From foreign owned NEBOSH centers in UAE Saudi Arabia and Qatar to local owned NEBOSH training Centers in UAE Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Read more...

      NEBOSH Exams In United Arab Emirates.

      The Oil And Gas Industry Takes A Progressive Approach To Safety Training

      The modern recipe for vocational training begins with partnerships between industry, education and workforce development. However, it's the right application of technology that provides the secret ingredient in delivering training to meet the individual learning styles of students across a wide range of learning, language and reading skills. In turn, qualified workers are prepared to meet the skilled labor needs of industry and the trades. Read more...

      This is exactly what is happening at the Energy Innovation Center (EIC) in Pittsburgh, which began operations late in 2014 at the former home of Connelley Trade School. Founded by Robert Meeder, Ph.D., president of Pittsburgh Gateways Corp., the Energy Innovation Center acquired the 6.7 acre campus located in downtown Pittsburgh in 2011. Its mission: To contribute to socially responsible workforce development, foster energy and sustainable technologies advancement, assist in job creation through a commitment to diversity, innovation and comprehensive education across the entire spectrum of the energy industry. Read more...

      An important part of its mission includes providing workforce development training for at-risk populations, including women, minorities, veterans and disenfranchised young adults, and it sources workforce development for employers. Central to the effort of "dragging instructor-led training into the 21st century," a phrase repeated by several people interviewed for this article, is the creation of a learning curriculum based on emerging technologies. United Academy, the training arm of United Rentals, and Serious Labs Inc., a simulator and game-based industrial training developer, are partnering in the creation of curriculum for the EIC. The curriculum makes use of gaming, simulation, short-form video and mobile methods that are wrapped up in adaptable and measurable content. Read more...

      One of the workforce training programs developed by the EIC is called the Energy Safety Passport, which is designed to standardize basic worker safety awareness and competencies in the upstream energy industry. Read more...

      "The concept for the Energy Safety Passport began with energy producers working together to standardize safety and environment training," said Rich DiClaudio, an EIC founding board member and officer. Read more...

      DiClaudio also is EIC's director of corporate workforce development. The Energy Safety Passport program is designed to streamline site access approvals for workers, vendors and subcontractors. Read more...

      Article Resources:


      DPM Teo To Attend Singapore Day In San Francisco After US Working Visit


      Tough Times Ahead But Singapore Workers To Get More Help

      Singaporeans need to brace themselves for trying times, as global economic headwinds and restructuring pains at home displace more workers, two ministers said yesterday. Read more...

      But Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say and Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Chan Chun Sing, who is also the labour chief, reassured workers that more is being done to match them to better jobs, provided they themselves step up and go for training. Read more...

      They were responding to the dismal figures in Thursday's labour market report, which show rising unemployment and layoffs in the first half of the year reaching a seven-year high. Job vacancies also dropped below the number of job seekers for the first time since 2012. Read more...

      NEBOSH Elearning

      Simply Safety NEBOSH IGC ELEARNING

      Yes NEBOSH E Learning or ELearning NEBOSH IGC
      We Simply Safety Pte Ltd a NEBOSH Accreditated training provider for NEBOSH IGC and NEBOSH HSAW is now accredited for NEBOSH IGC E Learning. 100% Elearning
      So now we are accredited for NEBOSH IGC for the following ways of learning or training
      - NEBOSH IGC Full Time
      - NEBOSH IGC Part Time
      - NEBOSH IGC Blended Learing
      - NEBOSH IGC Distance Learning
      - NEBOSH IGC Elearning
      We are so thrilled that now you can achieve your NEBOSH IGC certificate from anywhere in the world through elearning at your own pace for the NEBOSH Elearning. Isnt that great? There have been many enquiries about NEBOSH Elearning and finally we have NEBOSH Elearning. Join us on our own platform for NEBOSH Elearning.
      NEBOSH Elearning mistakes NEBOSH students make
      There are a number of mistakes that NEBOSH students make when it comes to selectingNEBOSH elearning centers and NEBOSH elearning materials
      1) NEBOSH eLearning Innovation: NEBOSH elearning or any elearning should never just be a set of powerpoint slides or pdf slides online. Elearning and distance learning has come a long way. As a NEBOSH student you need to ask if the NEBOSH elearning provider or the NEBOSH distance learning provider is up with the times
      2) NEBOSH Elearning and NEBOSH distance learning students must be motivated
      NEBOSH students are normally working adults and have less time. This is important when selecting the right NEBOSH training provider or the right NEBOSH elearning or NEBOSH distance learning provider that they continue to have conversations with you and puss you.

      NEBOSH Training By Course Provider In INDIA

      NEBOSH Training By Course Provider In China Beijing

      NEBOSH Training By Course Provider In Korea

      NEBOSH Training By Course Provider In UAE

      NEBOSH Course Provider In Philippines CEBU Manila Davao

      Simply Safety has started to develop a following in Philippines especially for those Philippines Safety Personnel looking to get the NEBOSH IGC certification at affordable rates but keeping the quality good. Read more...

      Health And Safety Training Incentives Offered To Singapore Construction Industry

      Singaporean construction industry to benefit from lower levies on foreign workers who undergo extra health and safety training

      Author: PM editorial | Date: 29 Jun 2016

      Foreign Workers Trained In Safety To Get Longer Employment Period, Lower Levies From Oct

      SINGAPORE: Foreign construction workers experienced in environment, health and safety will be able to get recognised as higher-skilled workers from October this year, said Minister of State for Manpower Sam Tan on Wednesday (Jun 22). Read more...

      Environment, health and safety workers typically carry out safety-related work at construction sites, like putting up barricades. Read more...

      Once certified as higher-skilled R1 workers, they will be able to get a longer employment period of up to 22 years, and lower levies as compared to those from the basic skilled R2 workers category. R2 workers are only allowed employment of up to 10 years in Singapore. Read more...

      The move is part of efforts to raise workplace safety and health (WSH) standards and productivity of the sector. Read more...

      Mr Tan made the announcement at a seminar on construction safety, health and security on Wednesday. Read more...

      On the benefits of the new measure, Mr Tan said: "Employers will also have greater flexibility in deploying these multi-skilled workers on site, reducing downtime and improving productivity. Read more...

      "The sector's WSH standards and quality of the construction workforce in Singapore will naturally improve," he added.

      Incentives For Firms To Send Workers For Safety Training

      Construction firms will be able to save $350 a month for each foreign worker on their staff - after they send them for safety training. Read more...

      The discount on levies will begin in October and cover foreign workers with at least six years of construction experience in Singapore and who are certified by the Building and Construction Authority. Read more...

      Bosses will also be allowed to keep their foreign staff for longer. Read more...

      The incentives were announced yesterday by Minister of State for Manpower Sam Tan and follow a spate of 40 deaths in the workplace since January. Read more...

      Seventeen were from the construction sector, double the total for the same period last year. The sector also had the highest number of fatalities for the whole of last year. Read more...

      South Africa's Mines Ministry Defends Safety Drive

      South Africa's government defended a renewed drive to reduce deaths and injuries in the mining industry on Tuesday, saying health and safety issues are "non- negotiable."

      Mining executives have recently expressed concern about government-ordered safety stops - dubbed "Section 54s" after the regulatory code they fall under - saying production and profits were being hurt as too many were being imposed. Read more...

      Sibanye Gold's Chief Executive Neal Froneman in July said the department of mineral resources was "destroying hundreds of millions, if not billions of rand in value", because of unnecessary safety stops. Read more...
      Sibanye has said it lost 135 million rand ($10 million) in revenue in the 12 months to June at its Kroondal platinum mine due to government safety stops. Read more...

      The Department of Mineral Resources hit back on Tuesday, saying "society can ill-afford to compromise human lives in the interest of commercial gains ... The Minister reaffirms the importance of safety audits. The department noted that companies had the right to appeal a Section 54 notice but "to date, the Minister of Mineral Resources has not received any formal appeals."

      According to the National Union of Mineworkers, 59 miners have been killed in South Africa's mines in the year to date, compared to 48 in the same period in 2015. Read more...

      Chamber of Mines data shows that the death toll in South Africa's mines, which are the deepest in the world, fell for seven straight years to a record low of 77 in 2015. Read more...

      In 1993, 615 South African miners died on the job. Read more...

      This article appeared in the South African News. We did not modify because it is important to see how people are now viewing safety and health.

      Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say WSH Conference

      Minister Lim Swee Say, the Singapore Manpower Minister said that 9 out of 10 workplace deaths in construction sector occur because workers had unsafe behaviours or adopted unsafe behaviours for example taking shortcuts or not wearing safety harness or other personal protective devices or personal protective gear. Read more...

      The Singapore Manpower Ministry was speaking at the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health WSH Conference on Wednesday 24 August 2016. Minister Lim warned that the workplace fatality rate is on the rise. Read more...

      It is noted that 48 fatalities occurred in 2016 up to now. Manpower Minister warned that the fatality rate may hit 2.2 this year. This is up from 1.8 in 2014. Read more...

      Manpower Minister at the WSH Conference said that 22 construction deaths from June 2015 to May 2016- 7 out of 10 were dues to poor planning or poor execution of work activities. This was cited from the WSH Institute. Read more...

      WSH Institute study showed that risk assessments were not carried out or proper risk control measures were not put in place for 87 percent of the companies involved in the 33 deaths

      Manpower Minister said that some companies have even set aside safety budgets to cover enforcement fines. Read more...

      He stressed that workers health was also important and that 33% of work fatalities involved workers with existing medical conditions which may be aggravated by their work resulting in accidents. He added that there is a need to redesign jobs for elderly workers. Read more...

      Manpower Minister Lim called for a more progressive and pervasive culture of WSH. Read more...

      He is quoted as saying “Safety is not just about keeping oneself safe. More often than not accidents are not caused by the victims themselves but by the people around them. Companies should take greater ownership themselves by identifying workplace safety and health risks upstream. The Government can likewise support and encourage by incorporating more safety considerations into public construction tenders. This will spur private developers to do the same”

      Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say was speaking at the WSH Conference. The WSH Conference is a 2 day WSH Conference that starts on Wednesday 24 August 2016 and closes on Thursday 25 August 2016 with more than 1000 WSH experts and employers. Read more...

      Process Safety Engineer Exxon Mobil Jobs

      Job Description


      - Provide process safety and risk assessment support to refineries and chemical plants

      - Carry out process safety reviews during new projects

      - Lead HAZOP/risk assessments and other safety-related studies/analyses

      Quality And Product Safety Manager Schindler Lifts

      Quality & Product Safety Manager
      • Create and drive quality & product safety initiatives.

      KPW Safety Coordinators (‘SC’) – 2 Positions (S$3,000 To 3,200) – Chevron Oronite, Jurong Island Project

      Safety Coordinators (‘SC’) – 2 Positions (S$3,000 to 3,200) – Chevron Oronite, Jurong Island Project

      Minimum Qualification/Certificates

      • WSH Level B or Safety Coordinator (MOM Registered)
      • Supervisor Workplace Safety and Health In Process Plant (SWIPP) or Oil / Petrochemical Safety Supervisor (OPSS)
      • Work-At-Height Supervisor (MOM)

      Other Qualification (Added Advantage):

      • Confined Space Safety Assessor Course
      • Risk Management Bisafe Level 2
      • Safety Instruction

      Senior System Safety Engineer Enggsol Pte Ltd


      Lead development team in fulfilling the System Safety Engineering requirements. Read more...

      Provide effective and efficient mitigating solutions in ensuring risk are lowered to an acceptable level (ALARP)

      System safety analysis of the land platform vehicle system design and development projects. These developed vehicles are deployed for military operational uses. Read more...

      The main objective of system safety assurance is to ensure good functionality and safety readiness of the developed systems for customer's use. This is also my key deliverable and responsibility as a safety assurance engineer. Read more...

      System safety analysis is done based on MIL-STD 882D defined by the United States Department of Defence and tasks defined by company guidelines. Read more...

      Methodologies used so far in my safety analysis job scope are Functional Hazard Analysis, Tasks Safety Analysis, System Hazard Analysis and Software Criticality Analysis. Read more...

      Based on results from the systems safety analysis, the Safety Assessment Report (SAR) will be drafted to provide final assessment for trial or customer operational use. Read more...

      The job scope of system safety engineer requires me to have strong analytical, communication and written skills. Strong analytical skills are required to identify all safety critical product flaws during the design and development phase and devise mitigation plans and tasks good enough to contain or eliminate the identified hazards. Read more...


      Degree in Engineering (preferred in Software or Computer/Networking

      At least three years of working experiences in System Safety Engineering processes during system development/integration

      Conversant with international standards on System Safety Engineering processes and activities; eg; MIL-STD-882, IEC61508, or other equivalent. Read more...

      Interested candidates are advised to send your updated CV to Engssol Pte Ltd

      Former President SR Nathan Passes Away

      Former Singapore President S R Nathan died on Monday (Aug 22), three weeks after suffering a stroke.

      Road Safety Singapore

      Its a common site, motorcylists wearing shorts and slippers riding their bikes through traffic, On Sunday 21 August 2016 Singapore Traffic Police and The Singapore Road Safety Council urged to wear safety gear such as riding jackets and gloves and not to weave in and out of traffic. They have started a new safety campaign at the Singapore Bike Show at the Singapore Expo. Read more...

      The new campaign called "Wear safe, ride safe" is to encourage motorcyclists to use proper PPE or personnal protective equipment while on the roads. It also reminds them to slow down at bends and check their bikes for good working conditions

      We all know that Motorcylists are a major concern when it comes to road accidents not just interms of fatalities but also injuries

      While we may see them riding bikes to and from work, lets not forget delivery riders too from Pizzahut, Dominos, Foodpanda, and more

      Foodpanda CEO Jakob Angele said it is mandatory for his 2,000 delivery riders to wear long-sleeved shirts with protective padding, trousers and covered shoes. "Our riders know the risks on the roads and are quite reasonable about (wearing protective gear)," said Mr Angele. Read more...

      Lets make our roads safer for all users

      NEBOSH Malaysia IFSEC

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      Singapore Prime Minister Lee Takes Ill During National Day Rally 2016

      Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took ill while delivering a National Day rally speech on 21 August 2016. PM Lee however

      Dont Escalate Tension, Manila Urges Beijing

      THE PHILIPPINES on Friday urged China to refrain from any activity that would further escalate tension in the hotly contested West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). Read more...

      Charles Jose, spokesman of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), was reacting to a Hong Kong media report that Beijing may begin reclamation work at Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal after the G20 Summit on September 4 to 5 in Hangzhou, China. Read more...

      “We continue to call on all parties to refrain from doing anything that would further escalate the tension and we continue to call on all parties to exercise self-restraint and work with the regional effort to promote peace, security and stability in the region,” Jose told reporters. Read more...

      Panatag, a resource-rich traditional fishing ground, is within the Philippines’ 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ), where the country can exercise sovereign rights under the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos). China is a signatory to the treaty. Read more...

      Relations between Manila and Beijing hit a low point after a July 12 ruling by an international tribunal that invalidated China’s historic claims to most of the South China Sea. Read more...

      The South China Morning Post has reported that there would be no provocative action from China until after the G20 meeting in eastern China, but construction could begin before the US presidential election in November. This means China’s buildup may start between September 6 and November 8. Read more...

      “Since the G20 will be held in Hangzhou next month, and regional peace will be the main topic among leaders of the great powers, China will refrain from [acting on the]reclamation plan,” the report quoted a source as saying. Read more...

      “US President Barack Obama will focus on domestic issues ahead of the [US] election as he needs to pass down legacies before leaving office. That might make him busy and he might not have time to take care of regional security issues,” the source added. Read more...

      The Philippines has the capacity to monitor what’s happening in Panatag, but the DFA still has to verify the Hong Kong report, Jose said. Read more...

      Striking distance
      The location of Panatag, 124 nautical miles northwest of Luzon, is strategic as it puts Chinese warships and fighter jets within striking distance of the Philippines’ main island. Read more...

      China will also have easier and unguarded access to the Pacific Ocean through the Bashi Channel—a waterway between the Philippines and Taiwan—to attack the United States in the event of a war. Read more...

      President Rodrigo Duterte is set to attend the annual summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) in Laos on September 6 to 8 where he will meet the leaders of the US and China, but said on Wednesday he won’t raise the dispute. Read more...

      Duterte told reporters he wanted the matter discussed in a bilateral setting. Read more...

      “No, I will only bring the issue face-to-face [with China]… because if you quarrel with them now, claim sovereignty, make noise here and there, they might not just even want to talk,” he said. Read more...

      “Let us create an environment where we can sit down and talk directly, and that is the time I would say, we proceed from here,” Duterte added. Read more...

      Full report on Manila Times

      Simply Safety NEBOSH IGC NEBOSH Cert

      NEBOSH Singapore Simply Safety

      The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) in Occupational Safety and Health is a qualification recognized worldwide. It deals with a range of workplace hazards and methods of control, underpinned by international legislation, guidance and standards. Successful candidates can potentially gain employment anywhere in the world and in any industrial sector.

      Prior Knowledge

      This course does not require delegates to have prior knowledge on health and safety, but delegates must be able to understand and write English. Read more...

      Course Outline

      1. Unit IGC1 – Management of International Health & Safety (IGC1)

      • Element 1 – Foundations In Health & Safety
      • Element 2 – Health & Safety Management: Systems 1 – Policy
      • Element 3 – Health & Safety Management: Systems 2 – Organizing
      • Element 4 – Health & Safety Management: Systems 3 – Planning
      • Element 5 – Health & Safety Management: Systems 4 – Measuring, Audit &

      NEBOSH IGC Simply Safety

      NEBOSH IGC (International General Certificate) Singapore Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Qatar

      We are so blessed that we have NEBOSH IGC participants from Singapore Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Qatar taking the NEBOSH IGC exams in December 2015. Not only are they taking the NEBOSH IGC Exams in December, to help them along- we are coordinating all their NEBOSH IGC lessons. Those that cant attend the face to face NEBOSH IGC lessons, we even have recorded sessions of the NEBOSH IGC. So no matter where they are in Singapore Indonesia Malaysia Philipines Qatar, they will be prepared for the NEBOSH IGC exams in December. Read more...

      We know that students want to take the NEBOSH IGC to pass and be among the other candidates who have pass and gotten credits and distinctions in the NEBOSH IGC exams. Read more...

      Are you ready to take your NEBOSH IGC exams? Are you ready to study for your NEBOSH IGC exams? Does your current training provider for NEBOSH IGC give you as much support as we do for the NEBOSH IGC exams? Want to know what we will do for you to prepare for the NEBOSH IGC Exams (Singapore Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Qatar doesn’t matter), then call us or drop us an email with the title NEBOSH IGC Exams.

      PWICSO Simply Safety Confined Space Workers

      PWICSO at Simply Safety

      First Since the inception of the WDA (Workplace Development Agency) WSQ (Workplace Skills Qualification) and the hand over of MOM (Ministry of Manpower) OPSOC/OPSIC (Oil Petrochemical Safety Orientation Course and the Oil Petrochemical Safety Instruction Course for Supervisors) as well as the SOCManhole/ SICManhole (Safety Orientation Course for Manhole and the Safety Instruction Course for Manhole) to

      PWICSO- Perform Work in Confined Space Operations (formerly SOC Manhole),

      AWSHPP Simply Safety

      AWSHPP at Simply Safety

      First Since the inception of the WDA (Workplace Development Agency) WSQ (Workplace Skills Qualification) and the hand over of MOM (Ministry of Manpower) OPSOC/OPSIC (Oil Petrochemical Safety Orientation Course and the Oil Petrochemical Safety Instruction Course for Supervisors) as well as the SOCManhole/ SICManhole (Safety Orientation Course for Manhole and the Safety Instruction Course for Manhole) to

      AWSHPP- Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants (formerly OPSOC),

      NEBOSH HSW Health Safety At Work

      Course Title

      Health Safety At Work Award

      Singapore Firms Warned Over Joseph Schooling

      It was reported in the news yesterday and the day before about AMBUSH Marketing.

      NEBOSH Dates And Locations

      NEBOSH Courses Available Worldwide

      International General Certificate (IGC) in Occupational Safety and Health Exam Dates for December

      Swimming And Coaching

      Sergio Lopez the Singapore Swimming Coach who now is identified as the coach that helped Singapore achieve its first Olympic Gold with Joselp Schooling said

      ACTA Certificate IV

      Singapore is changing. We have come a long way and things are still changing. And it should start with HR Human Resource experts and HR Human Resource specialists. Not only should HR personnel develop job descriptions as we all know. In fact they should do through needs analysis and understand what the company or companies require their personnel to do on a day to day basis much like a operational factory and what to do incase something goes a little off. Writing a one paragraph job description like the following

      Job Description

      • Assisting with data entry, compilation, as well as client and underwriter document generation and dispatch.

      ACTA Or Cert IV

      SOCOP Oil Petrochemical

      SOCOP Safety Orientation Courses Oil Petrochemical MOM

      Previously the safety training for oil petrochemical industry was the MOM SOCOP Safety Orientation Course Oil Petrochemical. The Oil Petrochemical Safety Orientation Course was the mandatory safety orientation course for Process Plants or Oil Petrochemical plants. But in 2013, there were changes and MOM WDA has changed the SOCOP Safety Orientation Course Oil Petrochemical to the WDA WSQ Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants AWSHPP. Read more...

      In the SOCOP Safety Orientation Course Oil Petrochemical, the learners will have the skills and knowledge in working safely in Oil Petrochemical Safety environment in the Oil and Petrochemical Industry. Read more...

      Who attended the SOCOP Safety Orientation Course Oil Petrochemical?

      Oil Petrochemical Workers, Foremen and supervisors in Oil Petrochemical environment, technicians and engineers or managers in the Oil Petrochemical environment

      But as mentioned this SOCOP Safety Orientation Course Oil Petrochemical is now the WDA WSQ Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants and will cover the following topics

      FPSO Safety HSSE Position

      FPSO Safety HSSE is responsible for following-up, monitoring and supervising HSSE activities carried out by FPSO Contractor at the Angolan Construction yards during the Construction, Integration, Precommissioning and Commissioning phases, ensuring that HSSE contractual and technical requirements are duly applied by FPSO Contractor and/or Subcontractors. Read more...

      These activities are performed in total synergy with the FPSO Contractor’s site HSSE team which is working as an integrated team together with Company’s site HSSE team. Read more...

      While reporting on a day-to-day basis to the Topside Company Site Representative, the FPSO Safety HSSE is also in continuous liaison with and reports to the FPSO HSSE Leader, enforcing decisions/directions taken at FPSO Management level. Read more...

      The FPSO Safety HSSE may have to lead several yard HSSE supervisors, and, as such, is acting as a team leader, informing and motivating them adequately and giving them clear priorities/directions for the performance of their duties. Read more...

      The FPSO Safety HSSE also brings them assistance in HSSE techniques and implementation of Project HSSE Management System. The FPSO HSSE ensures that at every level of Company’s site HSSE team the concept of integrated team is running as appropriate and working methods and behaviours are adapted to such organization. Read more...

      The FPSO Safety HSSE participates to HIRAs (hazard identification and risk assessments) and JRAs (Job risk analysis) as appropriate for critical activities, ensures that drills (emergency, safety...) are performed as per the plan, monitors the communication and incentive campaign and identifies/expresses the need for Company specialists to be temporarily mobilised when needed for specific activities (lifting, hydraulic and radiographic tests, marine operations, industrial hygiene...). Read more...

      Please write in to the client directly

      NEBOSH FAQ Burma

      NEBOSH မေးလေ့ရှိသောမေးခွန်းများ
      NEBOSH Qualifications - နားလည်မှု NEBOSH Qualifications
      NEBOSH Qualifications နားလည်ခြင်း
      NEBOSH Qualifications နားလည်ခြင်း
      NEBOSH စီအများအပြားအမျိုးမျိုးသော NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများတယောက်ရဖို့ရှာကြံ, 125 ကွဲပြားခြားနားသောနိုင်ငံများတွင်နေထိုင်လူမြိုးမှနှစ်စဉ်နှစ်တိုင်းနီးပါးတရာ thousand- 100,000 ကျော် NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲမှတ်ပုံတင်ကိုလက်ခံရရှိပါတယ်။ ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေးစီမံခန့်ခွဲမှုအတွက်အသက်မွေးဝမ်းကျောင်းအောက်ပါသို့မဟုတ်လိုက်ရှာလူတွေကသူတို့တစ်တွေ NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများလိုအပ်လိမ့်မည်ဟုယုံကြည်ကြသည်။ တချို့ကကိုယ့်အမှုအတွက် NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများနှင့်ပြည့်ယူပါ။ သူတို့ရဲ့အလုပ်အကိုင်ကလိုအပ်သောကွောငျ့အခွားသူမြား NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများနှင့်ပြည့်ယူပါ။ ဗြိတိန်တွင်သုတေသနအများအပြားအလုပ်ရှင်တစ်ဦး NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများကျင်းပရန်လျှောက်ထားရန်လိုအပ်ကြောင်းထုတ်ဖော်ပြောကြားခဲ့သည်။ အဲဒီကုမ္ပဏီတွေကအတော်များများပရော်ဖက်ရှင်နယ်အဆင့်ဒီဂရီ-ညီမျှ NEBOSH ဒီပလိုမာလိုအပ်သည်။ ကွဲပြားခြားနားတဲ့အလုပ်ခွင်အခန်းကဏ္ဍနှင့်အတူ NEBOSH qualificaitons ဒါပေမဲ့ကျွမ်းကျင်ပညာရှင်များလိုအပ်ကြောင်း၎င်း၏ရုံသာမကဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံမှုပညာရှင်များယခု NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများနှင့်ပြည့်ဖြင့်ကိုင်ထားပါ။ ကနျြးမာရေး, ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံမှုနှင့်သဘာဝပတ်ဝန်းကျင်စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှုဆောက်လုပ်ရေးအလုပ်သမားများ, အာမခံအကြံပေး, လူ့စွမ်းအားအရင်းအမြစ်ပုဂ္ဂိုလ်များနှင့်ပိုမိုကုမ္ပဏီဒါရိုက်တာကနေအများအပြားကွဲပြားခြားနားသောအခန်းကဏ္ဍများအတွက်အရည်အချင်းများဖြစ်ပါသည်။ NEBOSH သင်တန်းများကိုမကယ်မနှုတ်ပါဘူး။ အဘယ်သူမျှမ NEBOSH အ NEBOSH လေ့ကျင့်ရေးလုပျမပေးပါဘူး။ အဲဒီအစား NEBOSH NEBOSH လေ့ကျင့်ရေးပံ့ပိုးပေးအသိအမှတ်ပြု accredits ။ အဆိုပါ NEBOSH လေ့ကျင့်ရေးပံ့ပိုးပေးကမ္ဘာတဝှမ်းအချို့သော 620 NEBOSH အသိအမှတ်ပြုသင်တန်း Providers ရှိပါတယ်ဖြစ်ကြ၏ NEBOSH လေ့ကျင့်ရေးပြုလုပ်ရန်သောသူများဖြစ်ကြ၏အသိအမှတ်ပြု။ NEBOSH သင်တန်းပေး NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများကိုရရှိရန်လိုအပ်သော NEBOSH သင်တန်းနှင့်ပညာရေးကိုပေး။ အဘယ်မှာရှိတစ်ဦး NEBOSH သင်တန်းတစ်ခုသို့မဟုတ် NEBOSH လေ့ကျင့်ရေး Providers ကိုရှာဖွေရန်စတင်ပါသနည်း သငျသညျ NEBOSH Qualifications မတူညီသော NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများဒါမှမဟုတ် NEBOSH တိုတောင်းသောပုံစံများကိုလူအားဖြင့်လွှမ်းမိုးခြင်းကိုခံရတာ '' ကိုလေ့လာဖို့အဘယ်မှာရှိ '' တစ်ဦး NEBOSH သင်တန်းသို့မဟုတ်အသိအမှတ်ပြုသင်တန်းပေးသူကိုရှာဖွေအောက်မှာ NEBOSH ဝက်ဘ်ဆိုက်မှာစတင်နိုင်ပါသည် NEBOSH HSW သို့မဟုတ် NEBOSH IGC မှသုံးစွဲဖို့ထင်ရအခြေခံအားဖြင့်လက်ရှိရှိပါတယ် NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများ NEBOSH ဆုကို NEBOSH လက်မှတ် NEBOSH ဒီပလိုမာသုံးခုကွဲပြားခြားနားသောအမျိုးအစားများ။ Hull တက္ကသိုလ်နှင့်အတူသို့မဟုတ်တဆင့်အခု NEBOSH လည်းယခုမာစတာဒီဂရီတစ်ခုအကွာအဝေးပေးထားပါတယ်။ NEBOSH ဆုပေးပွဲတစ်ဆုချီးမြှင့်အရည်အချင်းများဘာသာရပ်ဖုံးလွှမ်းနှင့်အခြားအဆင့်မြင့် NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများနှင့်ပြည့်မှတစ်ဦးနိဒါန်းအဖြစ်အသုံးပြုစေခြင်းငှါ၏အခြေခံကျကျနားလည်ပြသသည်။ NEBOSH သုံးဆုကိုအဆငျ့အရည်အချင်းများကမ်းလှမ်း: ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေးအတွက် NEBOSH ဆုကိုသူ Work NEBOSH ပတ်ဝန်းကျင်ထိန်းသိမ်းရေးသိရှိရေးမှာလုံခြုံမှု, ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ပတ်ဝန်းကျင်ထိန်းသိမ်းရေးအတွက်အလုပ်အအရည်အချင်း NEBOSH ဆုကိုမှာအထူးသဖြင့်အတွင်း Process ကို Industries, အလုပ်ရှင်များအဘို့နားလညျမှုရှိလူများအထောက်အကူပြုဖို့အရည်အချင်းများ၏ဤ NEBOSH ဆုကိုအဆင့်အထိဆွဲဆောင်နေကြတယ် ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံမှုနှင့်ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့် The NEBOSH ဆုကိုအင်္ဂလိပ်ပြုကောင်းတစ်ဦးယဉ်ကျေးမှုကိုတည်ဆောက်စေ။ လုပ်ငန်းခွင်မှာကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေးအတွက် NEBOSH ဆုကိုပြင်သစ်, စပိန်, အာရဗီ, အဘိဓါန် Mandarin တရုတ်နှင့်ရုရှားအတွက်ယူနိုင်ပါသည်။ NEBOSH လက်မှတ် NEBOSH လက်မှတ်အဆင့်အတန်းအရည်အချင်းများနှင့်ပြည့်ဖုံးလွှမ်းဘာသာရပ်၏ကျယ်ပြန့်အသိပညာဆန္ဒပြခဲ့ကြသည်။ ကိုး NEBOSH လက်မှတ်အဆင့်အတန်းအရည်အချင်းများရှိပါသည်။ ဟုတ်ကဲ့သင်လိုချင်တဲ့အရာပေါ် မူတည်. ကိုးကွဲပြားခြားနားသော NEBOSH certificates- ရှိပါတယ်။ မီးသတ်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးအတွက်မီးသတ်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးနှင့်အန္တရာယ်စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု NEBOSH အမျိုးသားဒီမိုကရေစီအဖွဲ့ချုပ်လက်မှတ်အတွက်ဆောက်လုပ်ရေးကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေး NEBOSH အပြည်ပြည်ဆိုင်ရာလက်မှတ်အတွက်ဆောက်လုပ်ရေးကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေး NEBOSH အမျိုးသားဒီမိုကရေစီအဖွဲ့ချုပ်လက်မှတ်အတွက်အလုပ်အကိုင်ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေး NEBOSH အပြည်ပြည်ဆိုင်ရာလက်မှတ်အတွက်အလုပ်အကိုင်ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေး NEBOSH အမျိုးသားဒီမိုကရေစီအဖွဲ့ချုပ်အထွေထွေလက်မှတ်အတွက် NEBOSH အပြည်ပြည်ဆိုင်ရာအထွေထွေလက်မှတ်နှင့် အန္တရာယ်စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှုရေနံနှင့်သဘာဝဓာတ်ငွေ့အတွက် NEBOSH နိုင်ငံတကာနည်းပညာလက်မှတ်ကနျြးမာရေး၏စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှုအတွက်စစ်ဆင်ရေးအတွက်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေး NEBOSH အမျိုးသားဒီမိုကရေစီအဖွဲ့ချုပ်လက်မှတ်နှင့်သဘာဝပတ်ဝန်းကျင်စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှုအတွက်လုပ်ငန်းခွင် NEBOSH လက်မှတ်မှာကောင်းပြီ-ဖြစ်ခြင်းသော့ချက်အရည်အချင်းများတစ်ဦးအဖြစ်ကြည့်ရှု။ နောက်ထပ်လူမဆိုအခြား NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများအဆိုပါ NEBOSH အပြည်ပြည်ဆိုင်ရာအင်္ဂလိပ်ပွုသောအ NEBOSH အမျိုးသားနှင့် NEBOSH နိုင်ငံတကာအရည်အချင်းများနှင့်ပြည့်ယူပါ။ အဆိုပါ NEBOSH အပြည်ပြည်ဆိုင်ရာအထွေထွေလက်မှတ်ပြင်သစ်, ပေါ်တူဂီ, စပိန်, အာရဗီ, ရုရှားနှင့်တူရကီအတွက်လည်းဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ NEBOSH Diploma သုံး NEBOSH ဒီပလိုမာအရည်အချင်းရှိပါတယ်နေကြပါတယ်: အလုပ်အကိုင်ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်သဘာဝပတ်ဝန်းကျင်စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု NEBOSH ဒီပလိုမာအတွက်အလုပ်အကိုင်ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေး NEBOSH ဒီပလိုမာအတွက်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေး NEBOSH International Diploma ကိုအတွက် NEBOSH အမျိုးသားဒီမိုကရေစီအဖွဲ့ချုပ်ဒီပလိုမာတကမ္ဘာလုံးအသိအမှတ်ပြုကြသည်။ NEBOSH ဒီပလိုမာကိုင်ဆောင်သူကိုလည်းပရော်ဖက်ရှင်နယ်အလောင်းတွေ၏အဖွဲ့ဝင်များအတွက်အရည်အချင်းပြည့်မှီစေနိုင်သည်။ အလုပ်အကိုင်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးနှင့်ကျန်းမာရေး NEBOSH ဒီပလိုမာကိုင်ဆောင်သူများ Institution ၏ဘွဲ့လွန် (Grad IOSH) နှင့် Chartered ဘဏ်ဟာ (CMIOSH) အဖွဲ့ဝင်အန္တရာယ်နှင့်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးစီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု၏ Institute ၏အဖွဲ့ဝင်တဦးအဆင့်အတန်း (MIIRSM) အတွက်လျှောက်ထားနိုင်ပါသည်ဘို့ NEBOSH ဒီပလိုမာကိုင်ဆောင်သူလျှောက်ထားနိုင်ပါသည်။ အလုပ်အကိုင်ကနျြးမာရေးအတွက် MSc, အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးနှင့်အလုပ်အကိုင်ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်အလုပ်အကိုင်အတွက်ပတ်ဝန်းကျင်ဆိုင်ရာစီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု MRes အတွက်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးစီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု MSc အတွက်ပတ်ဝန်းကျင်ဆိုင်ရာစီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု MSc: NEBOSH မာစတာ NEBOSH သိပ္ပံသုံးမာစတာ (MSc) ဒီဂရီနှင့် Hull တက္ကသိုလ်နှင့်အတူသုံးသုတေသနမဟာ (MRes) ဒီဂရီကမ်းလှမ်း အလုပ်အကိုင်ကျန်းမာရေးနှင့်ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေးစီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု MRes အတွက်ကျန်းမာရေး, အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးနှင့်သဘာဝပတ်ဝန်းကျင်စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု MRes သဘာဝပတ်ဝန်းကျင်စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲများအတွက်ညာဘက် NEBOSH သင်တန်းကိုရွေးချယ်ပါနှင့် NEBOSH ဆုချီးမြှင့်, လက်မှတ်သို့မဟုတ်ဒီပလိုမာစာမေးပွဲအဆိုပါ NEBOSH အထွေထွေလက်မှတ်ယူနှစ်ခု NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲများကို Two-နာရီစာမေးပွဲကိုအသီးအသီးနဲ့ 1 များမှာ NEBOSH လက်တွေ့ကျတဲ့အလုပ်ခွင်တာဝန်ကို။ သတင်းအချက်အလက်နှင့်အကူအညီများများအတွက် NEBOSH ဝက်ဘ်ဆိုက်မှာကြည့်ပါ။ တချို့က NEBOSH သတင်းအချက်အလက် NEBOSH ဝက်ဘ်ဆိုက်စာမေးပွဲ '' အစီရင်ခံစာများအပေါ်လွတ်လပ်စွာရရှိနိုင်၏, ဥပမာအားမေးခွန်းစက္ကူနှင့်မျှော်လင့်ထားအဖြေကိုပေါ်စာမေးပွဲ '' တုံ့ပြန်ချက်; ကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းတွေအဘို့နှင့် GC3 လမ်းညွှန်မှုနှင့်သတင်းအချက်အလက်။ အချို့သော NEBOSH စစ်ဌာနချုပ်စ​​ကားဒါမှမဟုတ် NEBOSH လှုပ်ရှားမှုစကားခွဲခြားလေ့လာပါ, Outline, ဖော်ပြပါ, ရှင်းပြပါနှင့်ပေးပါ။ လက်မှတ်စာမေးပွဲများအတွက်အသုံးပြုတဲ့ command ကိုစကားလုံးများ၏အဓိပ္ပာယ်ကိုကျောင်းအုပ်ကြီးရဲ့ features သို့မဟုတ်ဖော်ပြထားသမျှ၏အဓိကရှုထောင့်တစ်ဦးအကျဉ်းချုပ်ပေး၏ကွဲပြားခြားနားသောအစိတ်အပိုင်းများကိုညွှန်ပြရန်၎င်း၏အမည်သို့မဟုတ်ခေါင်းစဉ် Outline ဖြစ်နိုင်ပါတယ်သော, တစ်ဦးကို item ရည်ညွှန်းပေးရန်ခွဲခြားစကားလုံးအနက်ဥပမာဆင့် မေးခွန်းမှာဘာသာရပ်၏ထူးခြားသော features တွေကိုတစ်အသေးစိတ်ရေးထားလျက်ရှိ၏အကောင့်ပေးရန်ဖော်ပြပါ။ တစ်ဦးနားလည်မှုကိုပေးစေရန်ရှင်းပြပါ။ တိုတောင်းပေးရန်စိတ်ကူးတစ်ခုသို့မဟုတ်ကြားဆက်ဆံရေးရှင်းရှင်းလင်းလင်းပေးစေခြင်းငှါ, factual အဖြေကိုအလေ့အကျင့် perfect- အလေ့အကျင့် NEBOSH ကဲ့ရဲ့မေးခွန်းများကိုသို့မဟုတ်စာသားစာအုပ်မေးခွန်းများကိုစေသည်။ NEBOSH မေးခွန်းတွေကိုလေ့ကျင့်ပြင်ဆင်နေအတွက်အရေးပါတဲ့နှင့်အရေးကြီးပါတယ်။ NEBOSH မေးလေ့ရှိသောမေးခွန်းများ 1) Student- ငါနောက်ထပ်ထိုင်ငါ့မှတ်ပုံတင်ကြေးလွှဲပြောင်းနိုင်ပါသလား? အဘယ်သူမျှမငျသညျမတတျနိုငျ။ သင်သည်သင်၏ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲနေ့စွဲကြိုတင်ဘွတ်ကင်နှင့်တပြိုင်နက်, ကနောက်ဆုံးဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ သင့်အနေဖြင့်စာမေးပွဲထိုင်မှာပျက်ကွက်မှတ်သားမည်ဖြစ်ပြီးအပြည့်အဝပေးချေမှုသင်၏နောက်စာမေးပွဲထိုင်လျက်မှာလိုအပ်ပါလိမ့်မည်။ 2) သောကြောင့်အချို့, မမြင်နိုင်တဲ့ခွအေနမြေား၏ကျွန်မတစ်ဦး NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲတက်ရောက်ရန်နိုင်ခြင်းမရှိခဲ့ပေ။ ငါအပိုအလုပ်ရှိဒါကြောင့်ငါ, ငါ၏ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲပြုပါမရှိမဖြစ်ဒါနဲ့ညဆိုင်းလုပ်နေတယ်ပါ၏ကျွန်မရဲ့ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲပြုပါမရှိမဖြစ်ဒါနဲ့ပြည်ပကိုသွားနေပါတယ်, ငါ့ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲပြုပါမရှိမဖြစ်ကျွန်မရဲ့စာမေးပွဲမှတ်ပုံတင်ကြေးငွေပြန်အမ်းခံရဖို့အတှကျကဖြစ်နိုင်ပါသလော အဘယ်သူမျှမငျသညျမတတျနိုငျ။ သငျသညျ) လက် 3 မီက 6 လအထိကိုသင့် NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲစီစဉ်ခြင်းနှင့်စာအုပ်ဆိုင်မှအချိန်နှင့်ဇိမ်ခံကားများငါ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲဖြေဆိုနေ့၌အလုပ်ရှိသည်, ငါတစ်ဦးကွဲပြားခြားနားအချိန်တွင်စတင်နိုင်မည်နည်း အဘယ်သူမျှမငျသညျမတတျနိုငျ။ အဆိုပါ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲနေ့နှင့် NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲအချိန် fixed ကြသည်။ အပြောင်းအလဲမရှိပါ 4) ငါ Data ကိုကာကွယ်စောင့်ရှောက်ရေးအက်ဥပဒေကိုငါ့အမှတ်အသားစာမေးပွဲ script ကိုတွေ့မြင်နိုင်ပါသလား? အဘယ်သူမျှမသင့်မှတ်သား NEBOSH စာတမ်းများကိုမမွငျနိုငျသညျ။ NEBOSH မူဝါဒကိုနှင်းအပ်ခဲ့ပါအလောင်းတွေတရားဝင်စာမေးပွဲ script များမှဝင်ရောက်ခွင့်ပေးဖို့တာဝန်ရှိကြောင်းကြသည်မဟုတ်သောအောက်မှာဒေတာများကိုကာကွယ်စောင့်ရှောက်ရေးအက်ဥပဒေကို 1998 ခုနှစ်, အောက်ပါအတိုင်း။ ဒေတာကာကွယ်စောင့်ရှောက်ရေးအက်ဥပဒေဇယား 7 အပိုဒျ 9 "တစ်ဦး, ပညာရေးပရော်ဖက်ရှင်နယ်သို့မဟုတ်အခြားစာမေးပွဲကာလအတွင်းကျောင်းသားကျောင်းသူများကမှတ်တမ်းတင်သတင်းအချက်အလက်များပါဝင်သည်ဟုပုဂ္ဂိုလ်ရေး data ကိုကင်းလွတ်ခွင့်ရသည်က" ဤသို့ဖော်ပြသည်။ '' စာမေးပွဲ ' "မဆိုစမ်းသပ်, အလုပ်သို့မဟုတ်အခြားလှုပ်ရှားမှု၌သူ၏စွမ်းဆောင်ရည်ကိုရည်ညွှန်းဖြင့်ကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းများ၏အသိပညာ, ထောက်လှမ်းရေး, ကျွမ်းကျင်မှုသို့မဟုတ်စွမ်းရည်အဆုံးအဖြတ်သည်အဘယ် process ကို" အပါအဝင်အဖြစ်အက်ဥပဒေအောက်တွင်သတ်မှတ်ပါတယ်။ ထိုကဲ့သို့သောအဖြစ်သင်သည်သင်၏ NEBOSH စာတမ်းများသို့မဟုတ်သင့်မှတ်သား NEBOSH အဖြေ scripts ကိုမမွငျနိုငျ 5) ငါရလဒ်သည်ငါ့မျှော်လင့်မကိုက်ညီသောကွောငျ့, ငါ့မှတ်သား NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲ script ကိုတွေ့မြင်ချင်တယ်။ ငါ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲများအတွက်ကောင်းစွာသွင်းယူခံစားရတယ်။ ငါ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲကျရှုံးအဘယ်ကြောင့်သိလိုကြသည်။ အဘယ်သူမျှမသင်မှတ်သား NEBOSH စာတမ်းများကိုမမွငျနိုငျသညျ။ သင်သည်သင်၏ NEBOSH ရလဒ်မှန်မဟုတ်ကြောင်းယုံကြည်ပါက, သင် NEBOSH ရလဒ် NEBOSH ကထုတ်ပေးခဲ့သည့်ရက်စွဲ၏တစ်လအတွင်းရလဒ် (EAR) အကြောင်းတစ်ဦး NEBOSH Enquiry တောင်းဆိုနိုင်သည်။ ငါ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲများကိုများအတွက်ကောင်းစွာပြုပါနှင့်နောက်လာမည့် NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲအတွက်တုံ့ပြန်ချက်ရရှိရန်လိုအပ်မေ့သွားရောအ NEBOSH EAR 6) များအတွက်အခကြေးငွေရှိပါတယ်။ ငါဘယ်လိုအ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲအတွက်တုံ့ပြန်ချက်ရနိုင်မလဲ? ငါသည်ငါ့ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲများကိုများအတွက်တုံ့ပြန်ချက်အပေါ် NEBOSH မေးမြန်းနိုင်ပါသလား? ငါတုံ့ပြန်ချက်များအတွက် NEBOSH ဖို့အတွက်ကိုရေးသားနိုင်ပါသလား? နံပါတျသငျ NEBOSH ဝက်ဘ်ဆိုက်သို့မဟုတ်အွန်လိုင်းပေါ်စာမေးပွဲနည်းစနစ်များအတွက်ကြည့်ရှုနိုင်ပါတယ်။ အခြားရွေးချယ်စရာသင်သည်သင်၏ NEBOSH လေ့ကျင့်ရေးပံ့ပိုးပေးသူမေးနိုငျသို့မဟုတ်သင့် NEBOSH နည်းပြဆရာ NEBOSH တစ်ဦးချင်းစီ၏စွမ်းဆောင်ရည်အပေါ်တုံ့ပြန်ချက်မပေးပါဘူး။ သင်ပိုမို NEBOSH သင်တန်းများ 7 တက်သည်လက်မှတ်ထိုးနိုင်) ငါ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲအဘို့ထိုင်စေ၏။ ငါ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲများအတွက်ပေးဆောင်။ အကြှနျုပျ၏အရေအတွက်သော NEBOSH script များငါ့အားပိုင်မှတ်သားဆိုလိုတာအ NEBOSH script များအပေါ် appeards? အ NEBOSH script များကိုငါ့ဉာဏပစ္စည်းဥစ္စာပိုင်ဆိုင်မှုပါသလား? အမှတ်အဆိုပါမူပိုင်ခွင့်ရုံးသို့ "ဟုစာမေးပွဲ setting သို​​့မဟုတ်ဖြေကြား၏ရည်ရွယ်ချက်အဘို့ပြုတစ်စုံတစ်ရာဉာဏပစ္စည်းဥစ္စာပိုင်ဆိုင်မှုဖွဲ့စည်းမထားဘူး" ဖော်ပြထားခဲ့သည်။ တစ်စာမေးပွဲ script ကိုဖြည့်သောအခါ NEBOSH အဆိုအရကျောင်းသားတစ်ဦးဉာဏပစ္စည်းဥစ္စာပိုင်ဆိုင်မှုကိုထုတ်လုပ်ဖို့မထားဘူး။ အဆိုပါ NEBOSH script များ NEBOSH နှင့်သာ NEBOSH ၏ပစ္စည်းဥစ္စာပိုင်ဆိုင်မှုဖြစ်ကြသည်။ 8) ထိုအခါ Freedom ကိုပြန်ကြားရေးအက်ဥပဒေ NEBOSH လျှောက်ထားသနည်း? အဆိုပါ Freedom ကိုပြန်ကြားရေးအက်ဥပဒေ 2000 အဘယ်သူမျှမသာ (ဥပမာကျောင်းများ, ကောလိပ်များနှင့်တက္ကသိုလ်များကဲ့သို့) အများပြည်သူအာဏာပိုင်များ, ဆိုလိုသည်မှာ, လူသိရှင်ကြား-ရန်ပုံငွေအလောင်းတွေသက်ဆိုင်သည်။ NEBOSH ပုဂ္ဂလိကအဖွဲ့အစည်းတစ်ခုဖြစ်သည်နှင့်အက်ဥပဒေမှဘာသာရပ်မဟုတ်ပါဘူး။ 9) ကိုယ့် exams- ငါသည်ငါ့ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲစာတမ်းများသို့မဟုတ်မရှိပါငါသည်ငါ့စာမေးပွဲမေးခွန်းစာရွက်စောင့်ရှောက်နိုင်သ NEBOSH အဖြေစာအုပ်ငယ်စောင့်ရှောက်နိုင်သညျငါ၏ NEBOSH ယူပြီးပါ၏? NEBOSH ကျောင်းသားများ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲအခန်းကနေ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲမေးခွန်းစာရွက်များသို့မဟုတ် NEBOSH အဖြေစာအုပ်ငယ်ကိုဖယ်ရှားခွင့်ပြုမထားပေ။ သင် NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲ invigilator 10 ရှင်းလင်းကြသည်သည်အထိ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲထွက်ခွာ) ငါသည်ငါ့ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်သို့မဟုတ်ငါ၏အ NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းတစ်ခုအီလက်ထရောနစ်မိတ္တူတစ် Scan မိတ္တူရနိုင်သည်မဟုတ်လော အဘယ်သူမျှမကလုံခြုံရေးအကြောင်းပြချက်များအတွက် NEBOSH နှင့်ကျွန်တော်တို့ကို NEBOSH ယူနစ်လက်မှတ်သို့မဟုတ် NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းဖြင့်သားရေစာ၏အီလက်ထရောနစ်မိတ္တူထုတ်ပေးကြပါဘူး။ ၎င်း၏လည်းသင့်ရဲ့ကိုယ်ပိုင်ကောငျးကြိုးအတှကျ။ 11) ငါသည်ငါ့တည်းဖြတ်မူငါသည်ငါ့ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲစွမ်းဆောင်ရည်ဟန့်တားရာတစ်ခုခုရှိခဲ့ခံစားရထိခိုက်ခဲ့ကွောငျးခံစားရ NEBOSH အထူးစဉ်းစားကြည့်ပါလျှောက်ထားနိုင်ပါသည်။ အဘယ်သူမျှမသင်အလယ်ဗဟိုကိုငါ့စာမေးပွဲဇာတ်ညွှန်းသို့မဟုတ်တာဝန်ကိုပျောက်ဆုံးလျှင်ဘာဖွစျသှားစာမေးပွဲ script များဆုံးရှုံးလျှင်ဘာဖွစျသှား) NEBOSH အထူးထည့်သွင်းစဉ်းစား 12 ရထိုက်ခွင့်ဖြစ်လိမ့်မည်မဟုတ်လော ၎င်း၏မဖြစ်နိုင်။ က The စင်တာများတိကျတဲ့အချိန်ဘောင်အတွက် script များတင်သွင်းရန်လိုအပ်ပါတယ်နှင့်သင့်လျော်သောအစီအမံမှတဆင့် NEBOSH နှင့် NEBOSH လေ့ကျင့်ရေးပံ့ပိုးပေးပြီးစီးခဲ့ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲ script များ၏လုံခြုံရေးသေချာစေရန်အရပျ၌တိကျခိုင်မာစွာလုပ်ထုံးလုပ်နည်းများရှိသည်, NEBOSH လက်တွေ့ကျတဲ့အကဲဖြတ်ခြင်းနှင့်တာဝန်တွေ, NEBOSH လက်တွေ့ကျတဲ့အကဲဖြတ်များအတွက် inplace များမှာ ဒါကြောင့်ကျောင်းသားကျောင်းသူများ၎င်းတို့၏အကဲဖြတ်ထွက်စာရိုက်နေစဉ်ကယ်တင်ခြင်းသို့ရောက်ရ၏ဗားရှင်းကိုစောင့်ရှောက်ခြင်းနှင့်ဒါမှမဟုတ်သူတို့လက်ရေးအကဲဖြတ်ကိုသုံးလျှင် Scan သည်ကယ်တင်ခြင်းသို့ရောက်မိတ္တူစောင့်ရှောက်သောပညာရှိဖြစ်၏။ တစ်စုံတစ်ဦးကတစ်ဦး NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများရှိပြီးသိသာထင်ရှားတဲ့သင်သည်သင်၏ NEBOSH သင်တန်းကိုပံ့ပိုးပေး legit နှင့် NEBOSH နှင့်အတူအသိအမှတ်ပြုကြောင်းအာမခံပေးရမည် NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများ legit ကြောင်း NEBOSH သင်တန်းပေးသူပေးရမညျ ကျေးဇူးပြု. သတိပြုပါသည်ငါစစျဆေးမညျမြှ) သင် NEBOSH 13 assessments ပေးပို့ဖို့အသုံးပြုကြောင်းအီးမေးလ်ဖြစ်ပါတယ် Keep သူတို့အဘို့အသိအမှတ်ပြုသောလေ့ကျင့်ရေး။ ဥပမာအားတစ်ဦး NEBOSH သင်တန်းအမှတ်စဥ်ပံ့ပိုးပေးတစ်ခုတည်းသော, ထို့နောက် NEBOSH သင်တန်းအမှတ်စဥ်ပံ့ပိုးပေးသူမှသာ NEBOSH သင်တန်းကိုပံ့ပိုးပေးသည်အခြားသင်တန်းများပေးသို့မဟုတျအခွားမနိုင်အဲဒီအချိန်ပြည့်သို့မဟုတ်အချိန်ပိုင်းဒါပေမယ့် 80 နာရီဖြစ်ဖြစ် 80 နာရီကျော် NEBOSH IGC ကျင်းပနိုင်သည်ကို NEBOSH IGC အပြည့်အဝအခြိနျနှငျ့အပိုင်းအချိန်များအတွက်အသိအမှတ်ပြုလျှင် တစ်ဦးတစ်ဦးချင်းစီကတကယ်တော့တစ်ဦး NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများရရှိထားသူလျှင်နည်းလမ်းများ NEBOSH အတည်ပြုရန်အလုပ်ရှင်, စုဆောင်းမှုအေဂျင်စီများ, အဆင့်မြင့်ပညာရေးအဖွဲ့အစည်းများနှင့်အခြားအလားတူအလောင်းတွေတွေဆီကတောင်းဆိုချက်တွေကိုလက်ခံနိုင်သည်။ သင်ပြုရန်လိုအပ်ပါတယ်အဘယျသို့လိမ်လည်မှုနှင့်အတုအောင်လက်မှတ်များထုတ်ပေးရန်၏ဖြစ်ဖြစ်ရပ်များရှိပါသည်ရှိသည် NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများခေပျြမြား၏အဆင်သင့်မိတ္တူရှိသည်, NEBOSH ကြောင့်စစ်မှန်သောသို့မဟုတ်မရှိမရှိ 5 အလုပ်လုပ်ရက်အတွင်းအတည်ပြုနိုင်မည်ဖြစ်ပါသည်။ သင်အရည်အချင်းများခေပျြမြား၏တစ်ဦးမိတ္တူရှိသည်မဟုတ်ကြဘူးဆိုရငျ, NEBOSH နေဆဲတစ်ဦးချင်းစီကျွန်တော်တို့ရဲ့အရည်အချင်းများတယောက်ရရှိထားသူဖြစ်စေမအတည်ပြုရန်နိုင်ပါတယ်။ တောင်းဆိုချက်အရေးအသားအတွက်လက်ခံရရှိလျှင်သို့သော်ဒေတာများကိုကာကွယ်စောင့်ရှောက်ရေးအက်ဥပဒေနှင့်အတူလိုက်နာရန် NEBOSH အဘို့အလို့ငှာ, ထိုကဲ့သို့သောတောင်းဆိုမှုများကိုသာလုပ်ငန်းများ၌နိုင်ပါတယ်; ထိုအရည်အချင်းများစိစစ်အတည်ပြုဖောင်ကိုသုံးနိုင်သည်။ ထုတ်ဖော်တယ်လီဖုန်းကနေတဆင့်တစ်ဦးစုံစမ်းရေးကော်မရှင်မှတုန့်ပြန်ထားလိမ့်မည်မဟုတ်ပေ။ ဖြင့်သားရေစာများ၏မိတ္တူ၏မရှိခြင်းကျင်းပအရည်အချင်းများကိုအတည်ပြုဖို့တောင်းဆိုမှုများအဖြစ်မကြာမီအားလုံးသက်ဆိုင်ရာသတင်းအချက်အလက်နှင့်ခွင့်ကိုရရှိခဲ့ကြသည်အဖြစ်လုပ်ငန်းများ၌ပါလိမ့်မည်, သို့သော် NEBOSH 20 ရက်အထိကြာလိမ့်မည်။ ဤတောင်းဆိုမှုကိုမှဘာသာရပ်အဆိုပါပုဂ္ဂိုလ်တစ်ဦးခွင့်ပြုချက်ပေးမထားဘူး။ သို့သော်သူတို့စစ်ဆေးမှုများလုပ်လျှက်ဖြစ်ကြောင်းသတိပြုမိဖြစ်ရပါမည်။ မေတ္တာရပ်ခံချက်အောင်ပုအဖှဲ့အစညျးသူတို့သူတို့အမည်ခံသောအရည်အချင်းများကိုကိုင်ထားကြောင်းအတည်ပြုရန်ရှာကြံလိမ့်မည်သည့်တစ်ဦးချင်းအကြံပြုကြပြီအထောက်အထားပေးရမညျ။ သူတို့ကဒီအထောက်အထားပေးနိုင်ခြင်းမရှိသေးလျှင်, တောင်းဆိုမှုကို၏ဘာသာရပ်သောပုဂ္ဂိုလ်တစ်ဦးထံမှခွင့်ပြုချက်မလိုအပ်ပါလိမ့်မည်။ NEBOSH ပေးသတင်းအချက်အလက်, တစ်ဦးချင်းစီ၏အရည်အချင်းများအခိုင်အမာရရှိထားသူဖြစ်စေမကန့်သတ်လိမ့်မည်။ NEBOSH အောင်မြင်အမှတ်အသားများထုတ်ဖော်သို့မဟုတ်ယူနစ်စာမေးပွဲရလဒ်များကိုအတည်ပြုရန်လိမ့်မည်မဟုတ်ပါ။ NEBOSH မေတ္တာရပ်ခံလျှင်, အောင်မြင်အမှတ်အသားများထုတ်ဖော်သို့မဟုတ်ယူနစ်စာမေးပွဲရလဒ်များကိုအတည်ပြုရန်ပါလိမ့်မယ်။ အကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းထံမှ Authorisation လိုအပ်ပါလိမ့်မည်။ အောက်ပါစွဲချက်ဤဝန်ဆောင်မှုကိုလျှောက်ထား: £ 25 ကြေး•ပြင်ပအဖွဲ့အစည်းကသို့မဟုတ်ဘယ်မှာရလဒ်မှတ်တမ်းလက်ခံနိုင်ဖွယ်မဖြစ်သဖြင့်ထောက်ပံ့စာရွက်စာတမ်းဖြည့်သည်။ •လုံခြုံစာပို့ခအဘို့အကြေး - အီးမေးလျလက်ခံနိုင်ဖွယ်မသည်အဘယ်မှာရှိ£ 15 ဗြိတိန်နိုင်ငံ, ပြည်ပ£ 40 ။ အားလုံးအရည်အချင်းများစိစစ်အတည်ပြုတောင်းဆိုမှုများ NEBOSH ဝက်ဘ်ဆိုက် 14 chech ကျေးဇူးပြု. verifications@nebosh.org.uk~~V မှကိုင်တွယ်ဖြေရှင်းသင့်ပါတယ်) ငါ NEBOSH ပုံမှန်အားဖြင့် NEBOSH ရလဒ်များကိုအကြောင်း 1-2 လအတွင်းပေးအပ်ကြသည်ရလဒ်များအရမည်သည့်အခါငါ NEBOSH သင်တန်းနှင့် NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲကိုယူ။ ဤသည်ကိုငါ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်များပုံမှန်အားဖြင့် NEBOSH ရလိမ့်မည်သည့်အခါငါ NEBOSH သင်တန်းနှင့် NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲယူ) ကြေညာချက်များ 15 ရလဒ်များအ NEBOSH 2 လအတွင်းထိုအခါ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်များနှင့်အရည်အချင်းဖြင့်သားရေစာသူတို့၏ NEBOSH EAR လုပ်ဖို့ statisfied မဟုတ်ကြသူကျောင်းသားကျောင်းသူများကိုစလှေတျကြသည်ခွင့်ပြု ရလဒ်များကိုအကြောင်း 1-2 လအတွင်းပေးအပ်ကြသည်။ ဤသူသည်ငါအဘို့အကြှနျုပျ၏ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်အဘယျသို့ကိုသုံးနိုင်သည်) ကြေညာချက်များ 16 ရလဒ်များထိုအခါ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်များနှင့်အရည်အချင်းဖြင့်သားရေစာသူတို့၏ NEBOSH EAR လုပ်ဖို့ statisfied မဟုတ်ကြသူကျောင်းသားများ NEBOSH 2 လအတွင်းပို့ကြသည်ခွင့်ပြု? ငါအဘို့အကြှနျုပျ၏လက်မှတ်အဘယျသို့အသုံးပွုနိုငျသနညျး အဆိုပါ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်အကြှနျုပျ၏ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်ဖြစ်ပါတယ်) ကို NEBOSH လက်မှတ်ထုတ်ပေးရေး 17 မိတ္တူကိုတောင်းစေခြင်းငှါထို NEBOSH လက်မှတ်ကြိမ်မှာအားလုံးသင့်ရဲ့ပရော်ဖက်ရှင်နယ်အောင်လက်မှတ်များထုတ်ပေးရန်အလုပ်ရှင်များ, ပရော်ဖက်ရှင်နယ်အလောင်းနှင့်ပညာရေးဆိုင်ရာအဖွဲ့အစည်းများနှင့်ဝသကဲ့သို့လုံခြုံစွာစောင့်ရှောက်သင့်ပါတယ် examinations အ NEBOSH အတွက်အောင်မြင်မှု၏အောင်မြင်မှု၏အထောက်အထားကိုထောက်ပံ့ပေး ပျောက်ဆုံးသို့မဟုတ်ငါသည်ငါ့ NEBOSH certificte ပျက်စီးငါအသစ်တစ်ခု NEBOSH လက်မှတ်သို့မဟုတ်ငါ၏အ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်တစ်ဦးကိုအစားထိုးရနိုင်သလဲ အကြှနျုပျ၏လက်မှတ်, ဆုံးရှုံးခဲ့ပြီငါကိုအစားထိုးရနိုင်သလဲ NEBOSH အသစ်တစ်ခုအစားထိုး NEBOSH လက်မှတ်ထုတ်ဝေပါကအသစ် NEBOSH လက်မှတ်အသစ်တစ်ခုကိုထပ်မံထုတ်ပြန်သည့်ရက်စွဲရှိသည်လိမ့်မယ်ဒါပေမယ့်အသစ်တခု NEBOSH လက်မှတ်မူရင်း reissued သည်နှင့်တပြိုင်နက်ဟောင်း NEBOSH လက်မှတ်အသစ် NEBOSH အစားထိုးလက်မှတ်ပေါ်တွင်တည်နေကြလိမ့်မည်ပြန်လည်ထုတ်ပြန်နှုတ်ကပတ်တော်နှင့်အတူမှတ်သားခံရဖို့ရှိပါတယ် NEBOSH လက်မှတ်သူတို့ကိုလက်ခံခင် NEBOSH လက်မှတ်များအတွက်သို့မဟုတ်တူညီသော NEBOSH သင်တန်းကိုပံ့ပိုးပေးသူအနေဖြင့်တူညီသောကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းကနေတရားဝင်ထပ်တောင်းဆိုမှုများကိုစုံစမ်းစစ်ဆေးကြလိမ့်မည်မဟုတ်တော့ပါဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ လိမ်လည်လှည်နှင့် / သို့မဟုတ်နွှဲလှုပ်ရှားမှု၏သက်သေအထောက်အထားများကိုတွေ့လျှင်, အဖြစ်အပျက်ပြင်ပအဖြစ် NEBOSH ကကုသဘယ်မှာသင့်လျော်ယူ action ကို 18 ပါလိမ့်မည်) တစ်စုံတစ်ဦးကိုမဟုတ်မမှန်တဲ့ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်ကိုင်ဖို့ဆိုပေမယ့်အကျိုးဆက်တွေကိုဖြစ်ကြသည်ဘာ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်ကိုင်ဘူးသောအခါဘာဖွစျသှား ၏မဟုတ်မမှန်တဲ့ NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများကျင်းပရန်ဟုဆိုကာ? NEBOSH အားလုံးစာမေးပွဲကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းများနှင့် NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများမဆိုဆုချီးမြှင့်ခဲ့ကြသူအပေါင်းတို့သည်လူပုဂ္ဂိုလ်များ၏မှတ်တမ်းများကိုစောင့်ရှောက်။ တစ်ခုချင်းစီကို NEBOSH ယူနစ်လက်မှတ်နှင့်အရည်အချင်းဖြင့်သားရေစာထူးခြားတဲ့ဖော်ထုတ်အရေအတွက်အပါအဝင် Anti-အတုနဲ့ anti-လိမ်လည်မှု features တွေ, တစ်အရေအတွက်ရှိပါတယ်။ NEBOSH အလားအလာသို့မဟုတ်လက်ရှိန်ထမ်းအမှန်တကယ် NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများကိုင်ကျင့်သောအားစိစစ်အတွက်အလုပ်ရှင်နှင့်စုဆောင်းမှုအေဂျင်စီများအထောက်အကူပြုပါလိမ့်မယ်။ အလုပ်တစ်ခုရယူနိုင်ရန်အတွက်အရည်အချင်းတိမ်ချက်ချင်းန်ထမ်းထှကျသှားစပွေီးများအတွက်ခိုင်လုံသောအကြောင်းပြချက်ဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ နိုင်ငံအများစု၌ဤလိမ်လည်မှုအဖြစ်ခွဲခြားနှင့်ရာဇဝတ်သားပြစ်မှုစေနိုင်ပါတယ်။ NEBOSH ရဲတို့အားဤသို့သောအမှုများအစီရင်ခံအဖြစ်ကောင်းစွာအဖြစ်အခြားပရော်ဖက်ရှင်နယ်အလောင်းတွေကိုပြောပြလိမ့်မယ်။ ဒါဟာငါ NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲယူငါ၏အ NEBOSH ရလဒ်များကိုလက်ခံရရှိပေမယ်ငါသည်ငါ့ယူနစ်လက်မှတ် / အရည်အချင်းဖြင့်သားရေစာ NEBOSH တတ်နိုင်ဗြိတိန်တှငျမှတျတမျးတငျထားပေးအပ်ခြင်းအားဖြင့်ခြေရာခံအားဖြင့်လက်မှတ်များပေးပို့လက်ခံရရှိပြီမဟုတ်သည့် NEBOSH လက်မှတ်ကိုလက်ခံရရှိမဟုတ်ကြပြီ) 19 ငျြ့တရားနှငျ့တရားဝင်မှားသည် ဘုတ်အဖွဲ့-ပြန်စာအိတ်ထဲမှာပြည်ပနေရာများမှပေးပို့သူတို့အသိအမှတ်ပြုသင်တန်းကိုပံ့ပိုးပေးသူ၏ရိုးရှင်းစွာအအန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးတယောက်အားဖြင့်လက်ခံရရှိကြသည်ကိုသေချာစေရန်နှင့်ပျက်စီးဆုံးရှုံးမှုကိုရှောင်ကြဉ်ရန်။ ဤသူတို့သည်သင့်အားဝေဖန်ကြောင့်ရိုးရှင်းစွာအအန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးသာကျနော်တို့အထီးထွက် NEBOSH လက်မှတ်များမကိုတိုက်ရိုက်ကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းများမှ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်များပေးလိမ့်မည်။ မူရင်း NEBOSH လက်မှတ်များပုံမှန်အားဖြင့်သက်ဆိုင်ရာ NEBOSH ယူနစ်ရလဒ်သတိပေးချက်စာတစ်စောင် (သို့မဟုတ်လေးလစာမေးပွဲ၏နေ့စွဲပြီးနောက်) ရက်နေ့တွင်နေ့စွဲ၏ 40 အလုပ်လုပ်ရက်အတွင်းထုတ်ပို့ကြသည်။ ရိုးရှင်းစွာအအန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးပျောက်ဆုံးဖြစ်ကြောင်းဆို NEBOSH လက်မှတ်များတစ်ခု admin ရဲ့အခကြေးငွေသို့မဟုတ်အန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးအတွက် NEBOSH လက်မှတ်ကိုပိုင်ဆိုင်ဘယ်သူ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်များ 20) ၏နေရာတွင်အစားထိုးများအတွက်အခကြေးငွေလိမ့်မည်ရိုးရှင်းစွာအ reissued ခံရဖို့လိုအပ်လိမ့်မည်နည်း ထိုသို့ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်ဒါမှမဟုတ်လက်မှတ်ကိုပိုင်ဆိုင်ဘယ်သူ NEBOSH သင်တန်းသည်ငါ့ကိုစေလွှတ်တော်မူသောအကုမ္ပဏီကိုပိုင်ဆိုင်သောသူသည်ငါ့ကိုလား? NEBOSH ယူနစ်လက်မှတ်နှင့်အရည်အချင်းဖြင့်သားရေစာအ NEBOSH အကဲဖြတ်သူတို့ရဲ့အောင်မြင်တဲ့ပြီးစီးဖျောညှနျးဖို့လက်မှတ်အပေါ်အမည်ရှိပုဂ္ဂိုလ်တစ်ဦးမှမဟုတ်လေ့လာမှု၏ကျောင်းသားရဲ့သင်တန်းကိုကမကထသောအဖှဲ့အစညျးသို့မဟုတ်တစ်ဦးချင်းစီ (s) မှ NEBOSH အားဖြင့်ပေးအပ်ချီးမြှင့်ကြသည်။ 21) တစ်ဦးကိုအစားထိုးလက်မှတ်၏ကုန်ကျစရိတ်သည်အဘယ်သို့တစ်ဦးကိုအစားထိုး NEBOSH လက်မှတ်၏ကုန်ကျစရိတ်ကဘာလဲ? အသီးအသီး NEBOSH ယူနစ်လက်မှတ်သို့မဟုတ်အရည်အချင်းများခေပျြမြားကိုအစားထိုးခြင်း၏ကုန်ကျစရိတ် SGD120 ပေါင်း admin ရဲ့နှင့် DHL အခကြေးငွေဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ အဲဒီမှာ NEBOSH EAR ကြီးနှင့် NEBOSH နားကိုဆုံးအောင်လက်မှတ်တာဝန်ခံအခမဲ့ထုတ်ပေးပါလိမ့်မည်အောငျမွငျခဲ့မယ်ဆိုရင်ငွေပေးချေမှုရမည့်စစ်ဆေးမှုများ, ငွေသား, အဖြစ်အပျက်ခုနှစ်တွင်ဘဏ်ငွေလွှဲသို့မဟုတ်ခရက်ဒစ်ကဒ်အားဖြင့်ဖန်ဆင်းနိုင်ပါသည်။ သို့သော်မူရင်း NEBOSH လက်မှတ်နှင့် / သို့မဟုတ်ခေပျြမြားအ NEBOSH ကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းအားဖြင့်ပြန်လာသောရပါမည်နှင့်မူရင်း NEBOSH လက်မှတ် recieved ခဲ့ကြသည့်တိုင်အောင် NEBOSH အစားထိုးထုတ်ပေးလိမ့်မည်မဟုတ်ပါ။ 22) ငါဘယ်လိုငါသည်သင်တို့ကိုသင်တို့ခေါ်ဆောင်အောင်မြင်ပြီးသော NEBOSH ယူနစ်တကင်းလွတ်ခွင့်တောင်းခံနိုင်သည်ဟုဆိုထားသည်ကိုဘယ်လိုအကြှနျုပျ၏ NEBOSH ခေပျြမြားရရှိနိုငျသလဲတယောက် NEBOSH ယူနစ်ပြုသောအမှုနှင့်ပြီ သငျသညျကင်းလွတ်ခွင့်ဟုဆိုသောသင်၏အ NEBOSH မှတ်ပုံတင်ပုံစံပေါ်တွင်ရှင်းရှင်းလင်းလင်းအထိမ်းအမှတ်ပေးပါ။ ဤသည်သင်၏ယခင်အရည်အချင်းများစစ်ဆေးနှငျ့သငျအလိုအလျှောက်ဆုအတွင်းသုံး NEBOSH ယူနစ်အားလုံးကြွင်းသောအရာ၏အောင်မြင်သောပြီးစီးအပေါ်တစ်ဦး NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းဖြင့်သားရေစာကိုလက်ခံရရှိကြောင်းသေချာစေရန်ကူး NEBOSH enable ပါလိမ့်မယ်။ 23) အဘယ်သူသည်လက်မှတ်အားလက်ခံတွေ့ဆုံအဘယ်သူသည် NEBOSH လက်မှတ်များအားလက်ခံတွေ့ဆုံ? NEBOSH ယူနစ်လက်မှတ်နှင့်လက်မှတ်-Level အရည်အချင်းများနှင့်ပြည့်အဘို့ဖြင့်သားရေစာပုံမှန်အားဖြင့်အ NEBOSH ကျောင်းသားများအားဖြန့်ဖြူးဖို့ NEBOSH သင်တန်းကိုပံ့ပိုးပေးသူဖြစ်သည့်အားရိုးရှင်းစွာအအန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးထုတ်ပေးကြသည်။ 24) တစ်ဦးကိုအစားထိုးလက်မှတ်ကိုတောင်းဆိုအားလုံး NEBOSH ကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းများသို့မဟုတ် NEBOSH သင်တန်းကိုပံ့ပိုးပေးပြင်ဆင်ချက်များနှင့်ပြန်လည်ထုတ်ပေးအပါအဝင် NEBOSH ကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းလက်မှတ်များ ပတ်သက်. NEBOSH ပေါ်လစီဖတ်ရမယ်အစားထိုး NEBOSH လက်မှတ်သို့မဟုတ်တစ်ပြင်ဆင် NEBOSH ယူနစ်လက်မှတ်ဘို့ NEBOSH ဖို့တောင်းဆိုချက်တစ်ခုလုပ်လုပ်နည်း။ တစ်ဦး NEBOSH ယူနစ်လက်မှတ်သို့မဟုတ် NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းဖြင့်သားရေစာကိုအစားထိုးနိုင်ရန်, NEBOSH ကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းတစ်ဦး NEBOSH အစားထိုးယူနစ်လက်မှတ် / အရည်အချင်းများခေပျြမြားတောငျးဆိုခကျြပုံစံ (form ကို UCP1) ဖြည့်စွက်ခြင်းနှင့် NEBOSH မှပြီးစီးခဲ့ပုံစံကိုပြန်လာကြရပေမည်။ 25) ငါ့အ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်ပေါ်တွင်ငါ၏နာမမှားသို့မဟုတ်မမှန်ကန်ပါကပြောင်းလဲရန် NEBOSH နိုင်သလဲ အကြှနျုပျ၏လက်မှတ်ပေါ်တွင်အသေးစိတ်ကို (ဥပမာ, အမည်) မမှန်ကန်ပါသို့မဟုတ်ပြောင်းလဲပြီ, သူတို့ကပြင်ဆင်ရနိုင်သနည်း ရိုးရှင်းစွာအအန္တရာယ်ကင်းရှင်းရေးမှန်ကန်စွာသူတို့၏အမည်များမှတ်ပုံတင်ရန် NEBOSH ကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းများသတိပေးနေပါတယ်။ သက္ကရာဇ်နှင့်ပထမအမည်ရှင်းလင်းစွာစာဖြင့်ရေးသားရမည်ဖြစ်သည်။ NEBOSH ကျောင်းသားများကိုရှင်းလင်းစွာသူတို့၏အမညျသသည်အဘယ်သို့သင်၏အ NEBOSH ယူနစ်လက်မှတ်နှင့်အရည်အချင်းဖြင့်သားရေစာပေါ်သောနာမတျောကိုသင့်ရဲ့ NEBOSH ကျောင်းအပ်နှင့် / သို့မဟုတ် NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲမှတ်ပုံတင်ပုံစံများကိုမှယူတတ်၏ညွှန်ပြရပေမည်။ သင်၏နာမကိုမှန်ကန်စွာစာလုံးပေါင်းကြောင်းသေချာစေရန် NEBOSH ကျောင်းအပ်နှင့် NEBOSH စာမေးပွဲ entry ကိုအတည်ပြုသင့်ရဲ့အတည်ပြုချက်စစ်ဆေးပါ။ သင်၏နာမကိုမှားယွင်းစွာမှတျတမျးတငျထားလိုလျှင်တတ်နိုင်သမျှအမြန်ဆုံးရေးသားခြင်းအတွက်မှန်ကန်သောစာလုံးပေါင်းကိုအသိပေးကျွန်တော် NEBOSH လက်မှတ်မှစသောအပြောင်းအလဲအဘို့အ NEBOSH တောင်းဆိုချက်များအကြောင်းကြားနိုင်ပြီး NEBOSH ဖြင့်သားရေစာလေးအမျိုးအစားထဲသို့ကျကျေးဇူးပြုပြီး: ပြောင်းခြင်း•အမှားများ (စာလုံးပေါငျးမှားယှငျး, etc) မှည့နှင့်အတူ•လက်မှတ် မှုကြောင့်လက်ထပ်ထိမ်းမြားရန်ဥပဒေရေးရာရည်ရွယ်ချက် (ဥပမာ, အဘို့အမည်ပြောင်းလဲမှု• (အမညျသနှင့်အောင်လက်မှတ်ရည်ရွယ်ချက်များအတွက်ပထမဦးဆုံးနာမကိုစကြရအောင်ဥပမာ,) အမည်များပြောင်းခြင်းအမိန့်• '' ပိုမိုနှစ်သက် '' နာမကို (ဂျင်မ် Smith ကသို့မဟုတ်အပြန်အလှန်ဥပမာ, ယောနသန်သည်ဂျိမ်းစမစ်) မှမှတ်ပုံတင်ပြီးအဖြစ်အမည် သို့မဟုတ်လုပ်ရပ်စစ်တမ်းအားဖြင့်) သငျဟာကိုထပ်မံထုတ်ပြန်များအတွက်ငွေပေးချေစေနှင့် NEBOSH သောကွောငျ့အခြို့သောလိုအပ်ချက်များကို 26 သဘောတူမည်မဟုတ်ပါလိုအပ်နိုင်ပါသည်) ငါ NEBOSH လက်မှတ်တစ်ဦးအပိုဆောင်းမိတ္တူရနိုင်သို့မဟုတ်အကြှနျုပျ၏အလုပ်ရှင်များက NEBOSH လက်မှတ်တစ်ဦးအပိုဆောင်းမိတ္တူရနိုင်မလဲ? NEBOSH စည်းမျဉ်းတာဝန်ဝတ္တရားသာ NEBOSH အောင်မြင် NEBOSH ယူနစ်နှင့်တစ်ဦးကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းအားဖြင့်အောင်မြင်တစ်ခုချင်းစီ NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများဘို့တ NEBOSH အရည်အချင်းများခေပျြမြားနှုန်းတစ်ယူနစ်လက်မှတ်ထုတ်ပေးခွင့်

      NEBOSH FAQ Korea

      NEBOSH 자격 - 이해 NEBOSH 자격
      NEBOSH 자격 이해
      NEBOSH 자격 이해
      NEBOSH 각이 많은 다양한 NEBOSH 자격 중 하나를 얻기 위해 추구, 125 개 국가에 살고있는 사람들의 거의 백 thousand- 100,000 NEBOSH 시험 등록을 매년 받는다. 다음 또는 건강 및 안전 관리에 경력을 추구하는 사람들은이 NEBOSH 자격을 필요가 있다고 생각합니다. 일부는 경우에 NEBOSH 자격을. 고용이 필요하기 때문에 다른 사람들은 NEBOSH 자격을. 영국의 연구는 많은 고용주가 NEBOSH 자격을 보유 지원자를 요구하는 공개했다. 이들 기업의 대부분은 전문가 수준도 상당 NEBOSH 학위를 필요로한다. 다른 직장 역할과 NEBOSH의 qualificaitons하지만 전문가를 필요로 그뿐만 아니라 안전 전문가는 지금 NEBOSH 자격을 보유. 건강, 안전 및 환경 관리는 건설 노동자, 보험 자문, HR 담당자 등에 대한 회사의 이사에서 여러 가지 역할에 대한 자격입니다. NEBOSH은 교육 과정을 제공하지 않습니다. 어떤 NEBOSH은 NEBOSH 훈련을하지 않습니다. 대신 NEBOSH은 NEBOSH 공인 된 훈련 기관에 인증을. NEBOSH 교육 공급자는 세계의 일부 (620) NEBOSH 공인 코스 공급자가있는 NEBOSH 교육을 실시 그들이다인가. NEBOSH 교육 공급자는 NEBOSH 자격을 얻기 위해 필요한 NEBOSH 훈련과 교육을 제공합니다. 어디 하나는 NEBOSH 과정 또는 NEBOSH 교육 공급자를 찾기 위해 시작합니까? 당신은 사람들이 기본적으로 현재이 있습니다 NEBOSH HSW 또는 NEBOSH IGC에서 사용하는 것 NEBOSH 자격이 다른 NEBOSH 자격 또는 NEBOSH 짧은 형태로 압도하지 말라 '공부하기'는 NEBOSH 과정 또는 공인 코스 공급자를 찾는 아래 NEBOSH 웹 사이트에서 시작할 수 있습니다 NEBOSH 자격 NEBOSH 상 NEBOSH 인증서 NEBOSH 디플로마의 세 가지 범주. 또는 선체의 대학을 통해 지금, NEBOSH은 지금 석사 학위의 범위를 제공합니다. NEBOSH 상 수상 자격은 적용 대상의 기본적인 이해를 보여주고 다른 높은 수준의 NEBOSH 자격에 대한 소개로 사용될 수있다. 이해 사람들을 지원하기 위해 산업 고용주는 특히 자격이 NEBOSH 상 수준에 매료 된 프로세스에 대한 안전, 보건 및 환경에서 작업 자격 NEBOSH 상에 작업 NEBOSH 환경 교육에서 보건 및 안전에 NEBOSH 상 : NEBOSH 세 상 수준의 자격을 제공합니다 안전 보건 및 NEBOSH 수상은 영어로 이루어집니다 좋은 문화를 구축 할 수 있습니다. 직장에서 건강 및 안전에 NEBOSH상은 프랑스어, 스페인어, 아랍어, 중국어 및 러시아어로 촬영할 수 있습니다. NEBOSH 인증서 NEBOSH 인증서 수준의 자격 요건은 적용 대상의 폭 넓은 지식을 보여줍니다. 구 NEBOSH 인증서 수준의 자격이있다. 예 당신이 원하는에 따라 인증서 - 9 개의 다른 NEBOSH이 있습니다. 화재 안전에 산업 보건 및 건설 보건 안전 NEBOSH 국제 인증서 및 건설 보건 안전 NEBOSH 국립 인증서 및 안전 NEBOSH 국제 인증 화재 안전 및 위험 관리 NEBOSH 국립 증명서 산업 안전 보건 NEBOSH 국립 일반 인증서의 NEBOSH 국제 일반 인증서 및 보건의 관리 오일의 리스크 관리 NEBOSH 국제 기술 인증 및 가스 운영 안전 NEBOSH 국립 인증서 웰빙 환경 관리 작업 NEBOSH 인증서로하면 키 자격 중 하나를 보았다. 더 많은 사람들이 다른 NEBOSH 자격 NEBOSH 국제 영어로 이루어집니다 NEBOSH 국가와 NEBOSH 국제 자격을. NEBOSH 국제 일반 인증서 러시아어, 터키어 스페인어 프랑스어, 포르투갈어, 아랍어,도이다. 환경 관리 NEBOSH 디플로마에서 산업 보건의 NEBOSH 국립 디플로마 및 안전 NEBOSH 국제 디플로마 산업 보건 및 안전 NEBOSH 디플로마 세계적으로 인정됩니다 NEBOSH 학위는 세 NEBOSH 디플로마 자격이 있습니다. NEBOSH 학위 소지자는 전문 기관의 회원을받을 수 있습니다. NEBOSH 학위 소지자는 위험의 연구소 및 안전 관리의 부재 상태 (MIIRSM)을 신청할 수 있습니다 대학원 (대학원 IOSH) 및 산업 안전 보건 NEBOSH 학위 소지자의 기관의 공인 (CMIOSH) 회원 가입을 신청 할 수 있습니다. 산업의 환경 경영 전투 식량의 산업 보건 및 안전 관리 석사 산업 보건, 안전 및 환경 관리 석사 석사 : NEBOSH 석사 NEBOSH은 선체의 대학 세 과학 (석사) 석사 학위와 연구 (전투 식량)의 세 석사 학위를 제공합니다 건강, 안전 및 환경 관리 NEBOSH 시험에서 산업 보건 및 안전 경영 전투 식량의 환경 경영 전투 식량은 바로 NEBOSH 코스를 선택하고 NEBOSH 일반 인증서가 두 NEBOSH 시험 두 시간 시험 1의 각 인 NEBOSH 수상, 증명서 또는 졸업 시험을 NEBOSH 실제 직장 할당. 정보와 지원에 대한 NEBOSH 웹 사이트에서 확인하십시오. 일부 NEBOSH 정보는 NEBOSH 웹 사이트 심사관 '보고서에서 무료로 사용할 수 있습니다; 예를 들어 질문 종이와 예상 답변에 심사관 '피드백; 및 GC3지도 및 후보자에 대한 정보입니다. 일부 NEBOSH 명령 단어 나 NEBOSH 액션 단어, 개요, 확인 설명, 설명하고 보내기를 알아보세요. 인증 시험 명령 단어 의미 예에서 사용 된 명령 단어의 의미하는 것은 언급되는 이름이나 제목 개요가 주 기능 또는 무엇이든의 주요 측면에 대한 간략한 개요를 제공의 다른 부분을 나타 내기 위해 할 수있는 항목에 대한 참조를 제공하기 위해 확인 질문에 피사체의 고유 한 특징에 대한 상세한 기록 계정을 제공하기 위해 설명하십시오. 이해를 제공하기 위해 설명한다. 아이디어 또는 관계를 분명히 적어 보라는 연습 연습 NEBOSH 모의 질문이나 교과서 문제 perfect-하게 짧은, 사실적인 답변을 제공 할 수 있도록. NEBOSH 질문을 연습하는 것은 준비에 중요하고 중요하다. NEBOSH FAQ 1) 학생 - 내가 다른 앉아 내 등록 수수료를 전송할 수 있습니까? 아니 당신은 할 수 없습니다. 당신이 당신의 NEBOSH 시험 날짜를 예약 한 후에는 마지막이다. 당신은 시험 앉아에 결석 표시되고 전체 결제는 다음 시험 앉아에 필요합니다. 2) 때문에 어떤 예상치 못한 상황의 나는 NEBOSH 시험에 참석 할 수 없습니다. 나는 내가 내 NEBOSH 시험을 수행하지 못할 그래서 나는 야간 근무를하고있는 중이 야 내 NEBOSH 시험을 수행하지 못할 해외려고하고 내 NEBOSH 시험을 수행하지 못할 내 시험 등록비를 환불하는 것이 가능 그래서 여분의 일이? 아니 당신은 할 수 없습니다. 당신은 내가 다른 시간에 시작할 수 있으며, NEBOSH 시험 날에 일이) 계획하고 손 3 전에 6개월에 NEBOSH 시험을 예약 할 시간과 여유가? 아니 당신은 할 수 없습니다. NEBOSH 시험 날짜와 NEBOSH 시험 시간은 고정되어 있습니다. 없음 변경 4) 내 표시 검사 스크립트는 데이터 보호 법에 따라 볼 수 있습니까? 아니 당신은 당신의 표시 NEBOSH 논문을 볼 수 없습니다. NEBOSH 정책은 수여 기관이 법적 심사 스크립트에 대한 액세스를 제공 할 의무가되지 않는 아래의 데이터 보호 법 1998, 다음과 같습니다. 일정 (7) 데이터 보호에 관한 법률 조제 9 "는, 학술 전문가 또는 다른 검사 중 학생에 의해 기록 된 정보로 구성된 개인 정보는 제외된다"고 말한다. '시험'는 "모든 테스트, 작업 또는 다른 활동에서 자신의 성능을 참조하여 지식, 정보, 기술 또는 후보자의 능력을 결정하기위한 모든 프로세스"를 포함하는 것으로 법에 따라 정의된다. 따라서 당신은 당신의 NEBOSH 서류 또는 표시 NEBOSH 응답 스크립트 5) 나는 결과가 내 기대와 일치하지 않기 때문에 내 표시 NEBOSH 검사 스크립트를 참조 할 볼 수 없습니다. 나는 NEBOSH 시험을 잘 득점 느낀다. 나는 NEBOSH 시험에 실패한 이유를 알고 싶어요. 아니 당신은 표시 NEBOSH 논문을 볼 수 없습니다. 당신이 당신의 NEBOSH 결과가 바로이 아니라고 생각되면, 당신은 NEBOSH 결과가 NEBOSH에서 발급 한 날로부터 1 개월 이내에 결과에 대해 (EAR을)를 NEBOSH 문의를 요청할 수 있습니다. NEBOSH EAR 6) 나는 NEBOSH 시험에 대해 잘하고 다음 NEBOSH 시험에 대한 피드백을 얻을 필요가 didnt가에 대한 수수료가 있습니다. 어떻게 NEBOSH 시험에 대한 피드백을받을 수 있나요? 내 NEBOSH 시험에 대한 피드백에 NEBOSH을 요청할 수 있습니다? 나는 의견을 NEBOSH에 쓸 수 있습니까? 아니요 NEBOSH 웹 사이트 또는 온라인에 시험 기술도 찾아보실 수 있습니다. 대체 당신은 당신의 NEBOSH 교육 제공을 요청할 수 있습니다 또는 NEBOSH 교사 NEBOSH은 개인의 성과에 대한 피드백을 제공하지 않습니다. 당신은 내가 NEBOSH 시험을 앉아 더 NEBOSH 교육 과정 7)에 가입 할 수 있습니다. 나는 NEBOSH 시험을 지불했다. 내 번호는 스크립트 나에 속하는 것으로 표시 즉 NEBOSH을 의미 않음 NEBOSH 스크립트에 appeards? NEBOSH 스크립트는 내 지적 재산권입니까? 아니요 특허청은 "설정 또는 지적 재산권을 구성하지 않는 검사에 응답하기위한 목적으로 수행 아무것도"을 주장했다. 시험 스크립트를 작성할 때 NEBOSH에 따르면, 학생의 지적 재산권을 생성하지 않습니다. NEBOSH 스크립트는 NEBOSH와 NEBOSH의 재산입니다. 8) 다음 정보 자유 법은 NEBOSH 적용됩니까? 없음 정보 법 2000의 자유, 공공 기관에만 적용 즉, (예 : 학교, 대학 등) 공립 기관. NEBOSH은 민간 기업과 법 적용되지 않습니다. 9) 내가 아니요 내 시험 질문 용지를 유지할 수 내 NEBOSH 시험 서류 또는 NEBOSH 응답 책자를 유지할 수 있습니까 NEBOSH exams-을 복용하지입니까? NEBOSH 학생들은 NEBOSH 시험 방에서 NEBOSH 시험 질문 서류 또는 NEBOSH 응답 책자를 제거 할 수 없습니다. 당신이 NEBOSH 시험 invigilator (10)에 의해 삭제 될 때까지 내 NEBOSH 인증서 또는 내 NEBOSH 자격의 전자 사본을 스캔 사본을받을 수)에 NEBOSH 시험을 두지 마십시오? 없음 보안상의 이유로 NEBOSH 우리는 NEBOSH 단위 인증서 또는 NEBOSH 자격 양피지의 전자 사본을 발급하지 않습니다하십시오. 그 또한 자신의 좋은합니다. 11) 나는 내 개정 내 NEBOSH 시험 성능을 방해 무언가가 있었다 느낌 영향을받은 느낌 NEBOSH 특별 고려 사항을 신청할 수 있습니다. 아니 당신은 센터 내 시험 스크립트 또는 할당이 손실 된 경우 어떻게됩니까 시험 스크립트를 상실하면 어떻게됩니까 NEBOSH 특별한 배려 (12))을받을 수 없습니다? 그것의 가능성. 센터는, NEBOSH 실제적인 평가와 과제는, NEBOSH 실제 평가의 경우 인플레 이스 완료 NEBOSH 검사 스크립트의 보안을 보장하는 장소에서 엄격한 절차에있는 한 특정 시간 프레임에 적절한 조치 NEBOSH와 NEBOSH 교육 공급자를 통해 스크립트를 제출해야 학생들이 평가를 입력하는 동안 저장된 버전을 유지하고하거나 필기 평가를 사용하는 경우 스캔 저장된 복사본을 유지하는 것이 현명하다. 나는 누군가가 NEBOSH 자격을 보유하고 분명히 합법적 NEBOSH 자격은 당신이 당신의 NEBOSH 물론 공급자가 NEBOSH 교육 과정 제공 업체가 제공해야합니다 유의하시기 바랍니다 NEBOSH와 합법적 공인 있는지 확인해야한다는 것입니다 확인 방법은 NEBOSH 13 발생 평가 보내는 데 사용되는 전자 우편을) 유지 그들이 공인 된 교육. NEBOSH 과정 제공자는 NEBOSH IGC 풀 타임 및 파트 타임에 대한 인증을 받았으며 예 경우에만 다음 NEBOSH 코스 공급자는 80시간 NEBOSH 물론 공급자가 다른 코스 등을 제공 할 수 풀 타임 또는 파트 타임하지만 80시간 중 하나 이상 NEBOSH IGC을 수행 할 수 있음 방법 NEBOSH은 개인이 실제로 NEBOSH 자격을 보유하고있는 경우 고용주,​​ 채용 기관, 고등 교육 기관, 및 기타 유사한 기관의 요청이 확인받을 수 있습니다. 이 당신이 NEBOSH 자격 양피지의 준비가 복사본을 가지고있다 할 필요가 무엇 사기의 경우 가짜 인증되었으며, 정품인지 여부 NEBOSH 5 일 이내에 확인할 수 있습니다. 당신은 자격 양피지의 사본이없는 경우, NEBOSH은 여전히​​ 개인이 우리의 자격 중 하나를 보유하고 있는지 여부를 확인할 수 있습니다. 요청이 서면으로 수신되는 경우, 데이터 보호법을 준수하기 NEBOSH에 대한 위해, 이러한 요청 만 처리 할 수​​ 있습니다; 자격 검증 요청 양식을 사용하여. 개시 전화를 통한 문의에 응답 할 수 없습니다. 양피지 사본의 부재에서 개최 자격을 확인하는 요청은 모든 관련 정보를 즉시 처리됩니다 및 권한은 수신하지만, NEBOSH 20 일까지 걸릴 수 있습니다. 이 요청에 따라 사람은 권한 부여를 제공 할 필요가 없습니다. 그러나, 그들은 검사가 이루어지고 있음을 알고 있어야합니다. 그들은 그들이 주장하는 자격을 유지하는지 확인하고자한다 개별 조언 있다는 증거를 제공해야하는 요청을하는 단체입니다. 그들은해야합니다 요청의 대상이되는 사람으로부터이 증거, 권한 부여를 제공 할 수없는 경우. NEBOSH가 제공하는 정보는 개인이 자격 항 보유 여부를 한정한다. NEBOSH 달성 마크를 공개 또는 단위 시험 결과를 확인하지 않습니다. 요청이있는 경우 NEBOSH은 달성 마크를 공개 또는 단위 시험 결과를 확인합니다. 후보의 허가가 필요합니다. 외부 조직이나 위치 결과 성적이 허용되지 않습니다에서 제공하는 서류를 완료하기위한 • £ 25 요금 : 다음 요금이 서비스를 적용 할 수 있습니다. • 보안 우표 요금 - £ 15 영국, 해외 £ 40, 이메일은 허용되지 않습니다. 나는 NEBOSH은 일반적으로 NEBOSH 결과는 1-2 개월 만에 주어진 결과를 얻을 때 모든 자격 검증 요청은, 내가 NEBOSH 코스와 NEBOSH 시험을했다) NEBOSH 웹 사이트 (14) 프라하, 단 바랍니다 verifications@nebosh.org.uk~~V에 문의하십시오. 이것은 내가 NEBOSH 인증서 일반적으로 NEBOSH을받을 때 다음 NEBOSH 인증서 및 자격 양피지가 NEBOSH 2 개월 이내에 전송됩니다 자신의 NEBOSH EAR을 할 statisfied하지 않는 학생들이, 내가 NEBOSH 코스와 NEBOSH 시험을했다 15) 선언을 초래 할 수 있습니다 결과는 1-2 개월 동안 제공됩니다. 이것은 다음 NEBOSH 인증서 및 자격 양피지가 NEBOSH 2 개월 이내에 전송됩니다 자신의 NEBOSH EAR을 할 statisfied하지 않는 학생들이 선언 결과 수 16) 내 NEBOSH 인증서가 무엇에 사용할 수 있습니까? 내 인증서를 어떤 용도로 사용할 수 있습니까? NEBOSH 인증서가 NEBOSH 성공의 성취의 증거가 NEBOSH 인증서가 NEBOSH 인증 (17)의 사본을 요청할 수 있습니다 시간에 모든 전문 자격증 고용주,​​ 전문 기관 및 교육 기관과 마찬가지로 안전하게 보관해야합니다 시험 제공) 내 NEBOSH 인증서입니다 분실 또는 내가 새로운 NEBOSH 인증서 또는 내 NEBOSH 인증서에 대한 교체를 얻을 수 있습니다 내 NEBOSH certificte 손상? 내 인증서는 내가 교체를 얻을 수, 손실되었습니다? NEBOSH이 새로운 NEBOSH 교체 인증서에 남아 새로운 재발급 날짜 그러나 이전 NEBOSH 인증서를해야합니다 새로운 NEBOSH 인증서를 재발급 단어로 표시되어야하는 새로운 대체 NEBOSH 인증서를 발행하는 경우 일단 새로운 NEBOSH 인증서 원본을 재발행 NEBOSH 인증서는 더 이상이 승인되기 전에 조사한다 NEBOSH 인증서 또는 동일한 NEBOSH 과정 공급자로부터 같은 후보 유효 반복 요청 없습니다. 사기 및 / 또는 과실 활동의 증거가 발견되면,이 사건은 누군가가 거짓 NEBOSH 인증서를 보유 주장하지만 결과는 무엇 NEBOSH 인증서를 보유하지 않는 경우 어떻게됩니까 과실 및 적절한 테이크 액션 18)로 NEBOSH에 의해 처리됩니다 의 거짓 NEBOSH 자격을 보유 주장? NEBOSH 모든 검사 후보와 NEBOSH 자격 중 하나를 수여 된 모든 사람의 기록을 유지합니다. 각 NEBOSH 단위 인증서 및 자격 양피지는 고유 한 식별 번호를 포함한 위조 방지 및 사기 방지 기능의 번호를 가지고 있습니다. NEBOSH는 미래하거나 기존 직원이 실제로 NEBOSH 자격을 보유 할 것을 확인에 고용주와 채용 기관에 도움이 될 것입니다. 일자리를 얻기 위해 자격을 위조하는 즉시 직원을 해고에 대한 유효한 이유입니다. 대부분의 국가에서이 사기로 분류하고 범죄 행위가 될 수 있습니다. NEBOSH은 경찰에 이런 경우를보고뿐만 아니라 다른 전문 기관을 알려드립니다. 내가의 NEBOSH 시험을 찍은 내 NEBOSH 결과를 수신하지만 난 내 단위 인증서 / 자격 양피지 NEBOSH 영국과 수 트랙으로 기록 전달하여 인증서를 전송받지 않은 NEBOSH 인증서를받지 못한 한 도덕적으로 법적으로) 19 잘못된 보드 백 봉투에 해외 위치에 배달들은 인증 과정 공급자의 전자 안전 하나에 의해 수신 확인하고 손상을 방지 할 수 있습니다. 단순히 안전은 직접 우리가하지 남성 NEBOSH 인증이 당신에게 중요하기 때문에 후보에 NEBOSH 인증서를 제공 할 것입니다. 원래 NEBOSH 인증서는 일반적으로 관련 NEBOSH 단위 결과 알림 문자 (또는 시험의 날짜 이후 사개월)의 날짜의 40 일 이내에 발송됩니다. 간단하게 안전이 손실되는 모든 NEBOSH 인증서에 대한 관리 수수료를 부과하거나 사용 재발행 할 안전 20)가 NEBOSH 인증서를 소유 한 NEBOSH 인증서 교체를 위해 수수료를 부과 할 필요가? 그것은 NEBOSH 인증서 또는 인증서를 소유 한 NEBOSH 코스 나를 보내신 회사를 소유하고있는 사람 나인가? NEBOSH 단위 인증서 및 자격 양피지은 연구의 학생의 과정을 후원하는 조직 또는 개인 (들)에 자신의 성공적인 NEBOSH 평가 완료하지를 나타 내기 위해 인증서에라는 사람에게 NEBOSH에 의해 수여된다. 21) 대체 인증서의 비용 무엇 교체 NEBOSH 인증서의 비용은 무엇입니까? 각 NEBOSH 단위 증명서 또는 자격 양피지를 교체하는 비용은 SGD120 플러스 관리 및 DHL 요금입니다. 거기 NEBOSH EAR했다 및 NEBOSH EAR은 수정 인증이 무료로 발급됩니다 성공하면 지불이 경우 수표, 현금, 은행 송금 또는 신용 카드로 할 수있다. 그러나 원래 NEBOSH 인증서 및 / 또는 양피지는 NEBOSH 후보로 반환해야합니다 원래 NEBOSH 인증서를 받았다 때까지 NEBOSH은 교체를 발행하지 않습니다. 22) 내가 다 내가 당신이 찍은 통과 한 그 NEBOSH 단위 중 하나에 대한 면제를 주장 할 수 어떻게 내 NEBOSH 양피지를받을 수있는 방법을 하나 NEBOSH 장치를 통과? 당신이 면제를 주장하여 NEBOSH 등록 양식에 명확하게 표시하십시오. 이것은 이전의 자격을 확인 건너 자동 수상에서 세 NEBOSH 단위의 모든 나머지의 성공적인 완료에 NEBOSH 자격 양피지를받을 수 있도록 NEBOSH 수있게된다. 23) 누가 인증서를받는 NEBOSH 인증서를 수신? NEBOSH 단위 인증서 및 인증서 수준의 자격에 대한 양피지는 일반적으로 발행에 간단히 NEBOSH 학생 분포 NEBOSH 교육 과정 제공 업체입니다 안전. 24) 어떻게 수정 및 재발행 포함 NEBOSH 후보 인증서에 관한 NEBOSH 정책을 읽을 수 있어야 교체 인증서를 요청 대체 NEBOSH 인증서 또는 개정 NEBOSH 단위 인증서 모든 NEBOSH 후보 또는 NEBOSH 교육 과정 공급자에 대한 NEBOSH 요청을 확인합니다. NEBOSH 단위 인증서 또는 NEBOSH 자격 양피지를 교체하려면, NEBOSH 후보는 NEBOSH 교체 유닛 인증서 / 자격 양피지 요청 양식을 작성 (UCP1을 형성)과 NEBOSH에 완성 된 양식을 반환해야합니다. 내 NEBOSH 인증서 25) 내 이름이 틀리거나 부정확, 변경 NEBOSH 수 있습니까? 내 인증서의 세부 사항 (예를 들어, 이름이) 잘못된 또는 개정 될 수 있으며, 변경된? 간단하게 안전이 제대로 자신의 이름을 등록 NEBOSH 후보를 생각 나게한다. 성 및 이름이 명확하게 작성해야합니다. NEBOSH 학생들은 명확하게 자신의 성 당신의 NEBOSH 등록 및 / 또는 NEBOSH 시험 등록 양식에서 가져온 것입니다 당신의 NEBOSH 단위 인증서 및 자격 양피지에 표시되는 이름이 무엇인지 표시해야합니다. 당신의 이름이 올바르게 입력되었는지 확인 NEBOSH 등록 및 NEBOSH 검사 항목 확인 당신의 확인을 확인하시기 바랍니다. 당신의 이름이 잘못 기록 된 경우 가능한 한 빨리 서면으로 올바른 맞춤법을 우리에게 알려 우리는 NEBOSH 인증서 및 NEBOSH 양피지에 대한 변경 NEBOSH 요청을 알릴 수있는 네 가지 범주로 구분하십시오 인증서 • 변경 • 오류를 (철자 오류 등) 이름으로 '선호'이름으로 등록 된 이름 (예를 들어, 짐 스미스 또는 그 반대로 조나단 제임스 스미스) • 이름 변경하기 위해 (예를 들어, 인증 목적을 위해 성 (姓)과 이름 반전) 결혼으로 인해 • 법적 목적을 위해 이름 변경 (예를 또는 행위 조사)에 의해 당신은 재발행을 위해 지불해야 할 수도 있습니다 및 NEBOSH 때문에 특정 요구 사항 26) 나는 NEBOSH 인증서의 추가 사본을 얻을 수 또는 내 고용주가 NEBOSH 인증서의 추가 사본을 얻을 수의 일치하지 않을 수도 있습니다? NEBOSH 규제 의무는 NEBOSH 달성 NEBOSH 유닛 당 하나의 단위 인증서와 후보에 의해 달성 각 NEBOSH 자격에 대해 하나의 NEBOSH 자격 양피지를 발행 할 수 있습니다. NEBOSH 새로운 NEBOSH 인증서 또는 NEBOSH 양피지를 다시 발행 않는 경우, 원래의 NEBOSH 인증서 또는 NEBOSH 양피지는 더 이상 유효하지 않습니다. 같은 NEBOSH 인증서를 여러 개 발급 할 수 없습니다. 27) 확인을 나는 새 NEBOSH 인증서 또는 NEBOSH 양피지를 재발행되고있어, 얼마나 걸립니까? 얼마나 새로운 인증서를받을 걸릴까요? NEBOSH 후보 NEBOSH에 의한 요청을받은 20 일 이내에 NEBOSH 인증서를받을 것으로 예상한다. 28) 내 이전 NEBOSH 인증서 내 NEBOSH 인증서가 도난당한 도난당한 나는 누군가가 내 NEBOSH 인증서를 사용하거나 내 NEBOSH 인증서의 복사본을 만들 수 있다는 우려입니다. NEBOSH 인증서 및 NEBOSH 양피지의 사기 중복의 위험을 최소화하기 위해, NEBOSH 인증서는 워터 마크와 홀로그램을 포함하는 보안 용지에 인쇄됩니다. NEBOSH 인증서 및 NEBOSH 양피지 개별적으로 번호가 매겨집니다. NEBOSH 발급 및 재발급 모든 NEBOSH 인증서 및 NEBOSH 양피지의 기록을 유지한다. 교체가 발행되면, 원래의 NEBOSH 인증서는 더 이상 유효하지 않습니다. 29) 어떻게 NEBOSH 단위 인증서 또는 내 NEBOSH 자격 양피지 내가 단위 증명서, 자격 양피지 또는 단위 결과 통지가 정품인지 알 수있는 방법 유효한지 알 수 있습니까? NEBOSH 그들에게 발행 한 인증서 또는 양피지에있는 번호와 함께, 모든 자격 소지자의 레지스터를 유지한다. 단순히 안전 발행 자체 NEBOSH 후보의 등록뿐만 아니라 NEBOSH 인증서를 관리합니다. 우리는 학생들이 내 이름을 내 NEBOSH 증명서 또는 NEBOSH에 인쇄됩니다 어떻게 NEBOSH 30)로 의심되는 인증서, 양피지 또는 NEBOSH 단위 결과 통지의 NEBOSH 사본을 보내 주시기 바랍니다 자신의 NEBOSH 인증서를 수집 한 것을 승인에 서명 할 이유는 사실이다 양피지? 이전 NEBOSH 시험을 수행하는 등록에 그것이 어떤 훈련을하지 않습니다, 분명히 RO 당신의 이름과 SURNAMEor 당신은 첫 번째 이름을 알고 최선을 성 (姓)을 언급 할 필요가 그것을이 형태로 간단하게 안전 등록 양식을 작성해야합니다 센터는 귀하의 공식적인 ID를 요청합니다, 나타내는 있지만 소유주는 첫 번째 정식 NEBOSH 유럽 명명 형식을 사용하여 NEBOSH 단위 인증서 및 NEBOSH 양피지를 발행 요청하지 않는 한 성씨을 표시 요청합니다. 이하 NEBOSH가 수행 할 수있는 국제 명명 포맷의 일례이다. 제목 씨 먼저 마이클 성 / 가족 워커의 이름을 가장 NEBOSH 교육 공급자가 당신이 어떤 NEBOSH 교육 제공을 요구하는 경우 그들이 당신은 할 필요가 제일 NEBOSH 교육 공급자 것을 말할 것이다 분명히 마이클 워커 (31)가 될 NEBOSH 인증서)에 선택의 시간, 위치 및 방법을 공부하고 당신이 우리 단순히 안전을 연구 할 8 년 이상 NEBOSH 교육 공급자가 세계 최고의 기업들에 좋은 실적을 기반으로. 우리는 다른 부서에 대한 교육뿐만 아니라 쉘 및 다른 많은 석유 회사를 위해 훈련 된 우리는 우리의 NEBOSH 학생들이 좋은 정보를 얻을 것이다 전세계 nebosh 학생들이없는 경우에도 희망에 무료로 NEBOSH 많은 정보를 넣어 32 나는 NEBOSH 교육 공급자가없는 나라에서하고 있어요) 단순히 안전은 내가 회전에 해외 있어요) IGC (33)에 대한 NEBOSH 원격 교육 및 NEBOSH e 러닝 라이센스를 수여 된 NEBOSH 교육 공급자가 단순히 안전이 NEBOSH 교육이다 내가 예는 영국 문화원에서 NEBOSH 시험을 할 수있는 영국 문화원에서 내 NEBOSH 시험에 응시 가능) IGC (34)에 대한 NEBOSH 거리 학습과 NEBOSH e 러닝 라이센스를 수상했습니다 제공, 우리는 단순히 안전 영국 문화원 당신이를 이용하실 수 있습니다 35) 내 NEBOSH 시험 날짜를 변경할 수 있나요? 그것은합니까) 예는 NEBOSH 시험 날짜를 변경할 수 있지만 관리 비용 (36)이있을 것이다) 내가 예뿐만 아니라 37이에 대한 요금을 NEBOSH 시험 장소를 변경할 수 있지만있을 것입니다 내 NEBOSH 시험 위치 또는 NEBOSH 시험 장소를 변경할 수, 따라 NEBOSH 자격은 유효 기간이 있나요? 나는 NEBOSH 자격을 달성했다. NEBOSH 자격은 유효 기간이 있나요? 아니 한 번 모두 성공적으로 유효 기간이 없으며 NEBOSH은 자격을 필요로하지 않습니다 완료 NEBOSH 자격은 주기적으로 다시 취해지지합니다. 38) 얼마나 NEBOSH 교육이 걸립니까? 얼마나 걸릴까요? 이것은 당신이 공부를 선택 NEBOSH 무슨 자격에 따라 달라집니다. 이 문제를 논의하기 위해 우리를 호출하고 우리는 이것이 또한, 본 NEBOSH HSW는 NEBOSH IGC 전체 시간 또는 차단 해제를 훈련 3 일이 얼굴에 풀 타임 얼굴 10 일입니다 설명 할뿐만 아니라 자체는 NEBOSH 원격 교육을 공부하고 NEBOSH e 러닝은 여전히​​ 당신을 의미 39) 왜 NEBOSH는, 다른 코스 검사, 표시, 인증서에게 NEBOSH 시험 스크립트가 NEBOSH로 다시 전송됩니다 일단 NEBOSH 검사가 완료된 다음 날이 엄격한 표준화를 겪는다 NEBOSH 인증서 그렇게 오래 걸리지 않는 시간에 넣어해야 결과의 결정 처리의 정확성과 일관성을 보장한다. 그 세계가 인정하는 표준 40) 우리의 웹 사이트에서 찾을 수 있습니다 또는 당신은 단순히 안전 NEBOSH 수수료가 다른 NEBOSH 교육 공급자는 다른 이유) iac@simplysafety.com.sg (41)에 직접 이메일을 보내 수 있습니다 얼마 NEBOSH 코스 코스 수수료 ? NEBOSH 코스 수수료 NEBOSH 교육 공급자 NEBOSH 교육 공급자의 변화 당신이 편안하고 교육 제공 업체를 선택뿐만 아니라 저렴한 42) 내가이 NEBOSH 교사 또는 NEBOSH 트레이너가 NEBOSH 교사 또는 NEBOSH 트레이너 또는 NEBOSH 있으려면해야 할 강사는 NEBOSH뿐만 아니라 또한 승인 또는 진료 43) NEBOSH에 대한 NEBOSH하는 교육 또는 훈련 경험 그런 다음 NEBOSH 교사 신청서를 제출 할 수 있습니다 다양한 년이 필요합니다 그 업계에서 경험의 년으로 인식 공식적인 자격이 필요합니다 자격은 건설 기술 인증 제도는 CSCS 카드의 건강과 안전 시험 면제로 NEBOSH 자격을 허용 하는가? 산업 안전 보건 합격자에 건설 건강 및 안전 NEBOSH 국립 디플로마 건설 안전 보건 NEBOSH 국제 인증에 NEBOSH 국립 인증서 9 월 2013 (30), 건설 기술 인증 제도는 카드 AQP (학업 자격을 갖춘 사람)에 대해 다음과 같은 자격을 인식합니다 이 NEBOSH 교육 자격을 유지하는 것은 5 년간 유효 인 AQP (학업 자격을 갖춘 사람) 카드가 발급됩니다. 모든 지원자는 CITB 관리자와 전문가 건강, 안전 및 환경 테스트를 통과해야합니다. 년 10 월 2002 산업 안전 보건 연구소 (IOSH)의 전문가 회원 (기술 IOSH)에 대한 학문적 인 요구 사항을 충족 한 후 44) NEBOSH와 IOSH NEBOSH 국립 일반 인증서 자격 달성했다. 2002년 11월 전에 달성 NEBOSH 국립 일반 인증서 자격, 기술 IOSH 회원 허용 IOSH에 제출 12개월 백 년 연속 전문 개발 (CPD) 증거를 제공한다. 2002년 11월 전에 자격을 달성 NEBOSH 국립 일반 인증서 보유자는 기술 IOSH 회원에 CPD 경로에 대한 자세한 내용은 IOSH 회원 부서에 문의하는 것이 좋습니다. NEBOSH 국립 일반 인증서 건설 안전 보건 NEBOSH 국립 증명서 산업 안전 보건 NEBOSH 국립 증명서에서 : 45) 다음 NEBOSH 인증서 자격은 스코틀랜드의 신용 및 자격 프레임 워크 (SCQF)에서 레벨 6에서 평가하는 NEBOSH 인증서 어느 수준이다 건강 및 작업에 웰빙의 관리 환경 관리 NEBOSH 국립 인증서의 화재 안전 및 위험 관리 NEBOSH 국립 인증서. 산업 보건 및 화재 안전에 건설 안전 보건 NEBOSH 국제 인증의 안전 NEBOSH 국제 인증서 및 리스크 관리 46)에 NEBOSH 국제 일반 인증서는 NEBOSH 상 수준이다 Whay 어떤 수준의 NEBOSH 수상 자격입니까? 다음 NEBOSH 수상 자격 1 년 1 월 2012 년, 스코틀랜드의 신용 및 자격 프레임 워크 (SCQF)에서 5 단계에서 평가 : 직장 SCQF 레벨 5에서​​ 보건 및 안전에 • NEBOSH 수상은 잉글랜드, 웨일즈 NQF / QCF 레벨 2에 필적 북 아일랜드, 또는 GCSE 표준입니다. 47) 나는 학생들이 시험이나 과제의 통과 기준을 충족하지 않은 의미 NEBOSH 시험에서 '참조'결과를받은 경우 내 NEBOSH 결과에 참조 얻었다. 내 NEBOSH 시험을 resit 때 언급 NEBOSH 학생들은 필기 시험 또는 실제 평가 48) 좋아, 나는 내 NEBOSH 시험에 참조있어 재 등록 할 수 있습니다? 당신은 앉아 표준 시험 (3, 6, 9, 12 월)에서 인증서 수준의 자격을 resit하실 수 있습니다. 그러나, 우리는 또한 수요 NEBOSH 시험 날짜에 배치 할 수 있지만이 후보의에 언급 된 비용 49) 내가 쓴 NEBOSH 시험을 내 NEBOSH 결과를받을 수있는 경우, 날짜가있는하여 NEBOSH 후보는 서면 NEBOSH 결과 알림을받을에서 올 NEBOSH 시험 항목 확인. Read more... 2016 년 산업 안전 보건 시험 날짜 국제 일반 증명서 (IGC)
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      NEBOSH FAQ Indonesia

      NEBOSH Kualifikasi - Memahami Kualifikasi NEBOSH
      Memahami NEBOSH Kualifikasi
      Memahami NEBOSH Kualifikasi
      NEBOSH menerima hampir seratus seribu lebih dari 100.000 pendaftaran pemeriksaan NEBOSH setiap tahun dari orang-orang yang tinggal di 125 negara yang berbeda, masing-masing berusaha untuk mendapatkan salah satu dari banyak berbagai kualifikasi NEBOSH. Orang berikut atau mengejar karir di manajemen keselamatan kesehatan dan percaya bahwa mereka akan memerlukan kualifikasi NEBOSH. Beberapa mengambil kualifikasi NEBOSH hanya dalam kasus. Yang lain mengambil kualifikasi NEBOSH karena pekerjaan mereka membutuhkan itu. Penelitian di Inggris telah mengungkapkan bahwa banyak pengusaha membutuhkan pelamar untuk memegang kualifikasi NEBOSH. Banyak dari perusahaan-perusahaan ini membutuhkan profesional tingkat gelar-setara Diploma NEBOSH. Yang tidak hanya profesional keamanan yang membutuhkan qualificaitons NEBOSH tapi profesional dengan peran kerja yang berbeda sekarang memiliki kualifikasi NEBOSH. Kesehatan, keamanan dan pengelolaan lingkungan adalah kualifikasi bagi banyak peran yang berbeda dari direksi perusahaan untuk pekerja konstruksi, penasehat asuransi, personil HR dan banyak lagi. NEBOSH tidak memberikan kursus. Tidak ada NEBOSH tidak melakukan pelatihan NEBOSH. Sebaliknya NEBOSH akreditasi penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH terakreditasi. The NEBOSH terakreditasi penyedia pelatihan adalah orang-orang yang melakukan pelatihan NEBOSH Ada beberapa 620 Penyedia NEBOSH Terakreditasi Course di seluruh dunia. Penyedia Pelatihan NEBOSH memberikan pelatihan NEBOSH dan pendidikan yang diperlukan untuk memperoleh kualifikasi NEBOSH. Di mana salah satu mulai menemukan kursus NEBOSH atau Penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH? Anda dapat mulai website NEBOSH bawah menemukan kursus NEBOSH atau Terakreditasi Provider Course 'Dimana Belajar' Kualifikasi NEBOSH Jangan kewalahan oleh kualifikasi NEBOSH berbeda atau bentuk pendek NEBOSH orang tampaknya menggunakan dari NEBOSH HSW atau NEBOSH IGC Pada dasarnya ada saat ini tiga kategori yang berbeda dari kualifikasi NEBOSH NEBOSH pemberian NEBOSH Sertifikat NEBOSH Diploma. Sekarang dengan atau melalui University of Hull, NEBOSH juga sekarang menawarkan berbagai gelar Master. kualifikasi NEBOSH Choice Sebuah Penghargaan menunjukkan pemahaman dasar tentang subjek tertutup dan dapat digunakan sebagai pengantar kualifikasi NEBOSH tingkat yang lebih tinggi lainnya. NEBOSH menawarkan tiga kualifikasi tingkat Award: NEBOSH Award pada Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kesadaran Kerja NEBOSH Lingkungan Kerja Kualifikasi NEBOSH Award pada Keselamatan, Kesehatan dan Lingkungan untuk Proses Industri Pengusaha khususnya tertarik untuk ini tingkat NEBOSH Award kualifikasi untuk membantu orang dalam memahami keselamatan dan kesehatan dan membangun budaya yang baik The NEBOSH Award dilakukan dalam bahasa Inggris. The NEBOSH Award pada Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja dapat diambil di Prancis, Spanyol, Arab, Mandarin Cina dan Rusia. kualifikasi tingkat NEBOSH Sertifikat NEBOSH Sertifikat menunjukkan pengetahuan yang luas dari subjek tertutup. Ada sembilan kualifikasi tingkat NEBOSH Sertifikat. Ya ada sembilan NEBOSH berbeda certificates- tergantung pada apa yang Anda inginkan. NEBOSH International General Certificate dalam Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja NEBOSH Nasional General Certificate dalam Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja NEBOSH Sertifikat Internasional di Kesehatan Konstruksi dan Sertifikat Nasional NEBOSH Keselamatan Kesehatan Konstruksi dan Keselamatan NEBOSH Internasional Sertifikat Fire Safety dan Manajemen Risiko Sertifikat Nasional NEBOSH di Fire Safety dan Manajemen risiko NEBOSH Internasional Sertifikat Teknis di Minyak dan Gas Sertifikat Nasional Operasional Keselamatan NEBOSH dalam Manajemen Kesehatan dan kesejahteraan Kerja NEBOSH Sertifikat Manajemen Lingkungan dipandang sebagai salah satu kualifikasi kunci. Lebih banyak orang mengambil kualifikasi NEBOSH Nasional dan NEBOSH Internasional bahwa setiap kualifikasi NEBOSH lain The NEBOSH Internasional dilakukan dalam bahasa Inggris. The NEBOSH International General Certificate juga di Perancis, Portugis, Spanyol, Arab, Rusia dan Turki. NEBOSH Diploma Ada tiga NEBOSH kualifikasi Diploma: NEBOSH National Diploma Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja NEBOSH International Diploma Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja NEBOSH Diploma Manajemen Lingkungan NEBOSH Diploma diakui secara global. pemegang NEBOSH Diploma juga mungkin memenuhi syarat untuk keanggotaan badan profesional. pemegang NEBOSH Diploma dapat mendaftar untuk Graduate (Grad IOSH) dan Chartered (CMIOSH) keanggotaan Lembaga Keselamatan dan pemegang Kesehatan NEBOSH Diploma dapat mengajukan permohonan status anggota (MIIRSM) dari Institut Risiko dan Manajemen Keselamatan. NEBOSH Masters NEBOSH menawarkan tiga Master of Science (MSc) derajat dan tiga Master of Research (MRes) derajat dengan University of Hull: MSc Keselamatan, Kesehatan Kerja dan Pengelolaan Lingkungan MSc Kesehatan dan Manajemen Keselamatan MSc Manajemen MRes Lingkungan di Kerja Kesehatan, Keselamatan dan Manajemen MRes Lingkungan di Kesehatan dan Manajemen Keselamatan MRes dalam ujian Pengelolaan Lingkungan NEBOSH Pilih saja NEBOSH kanan dan mengambil NEBOSH penghargaan, sertifikat atau diploma ujian The NEBOSH Umum sertifikat dua ujian NEBOSH setiap ujian dua jam dan 1 NEBOSH tugas kerja praktis. Lihatlah situs NEBOSH untuk informasi dan bantuan. Beberapa informasi NEBOSH tersedia secara bebas di Laporan situs NEBOSH Penguji '; Contoh kertas pertanyaan dan umpan balik Penguji 'pada jawaban yang diharapkan; dan GC3 Bimbingan dan Informasi untuk Calon. Belajar beberapa kata NEBOSH Command atau Kata NEBOSH Action Mengidentifikasi, Outline, Jelaskan, Menjelaskan dan Memberikan. Arti dari kata-kata perintah yang digunakan dalam ujian sertifikat Command kata yang berarti Contoh Identifikasi Untuk memberikan referensi ke sebuah item, yang bisa menjadi nama atau judul Outline Untuk menunjukkan fitur utama atau bagian yang berbeda dari memberikan ringkasan singkat dari aspek utama dari apa pun yang menyatakan dalam pertanyaan Jelaskan Untuk memberikan rekening tertulis rinci tentang fitur khas dari subjek. Jelaskan Untuk memberikan pemahaman. Untuk membuat sebuah ide atau hubungan Give jelas untuk memberikan singkat, jawaban faktual Praktek membuat sempurna-Praktek NEBOSH pertanyaan mock atau pertanyaan buku teks. Berlatih pertanyaan NEBOSH sangat penting dan penting dalam mempersiapkan. NEBOSH FAQ 1) murid-Dapatkah saya mentransfer biaya pendaftaran saya untuk duduk lain? Tidak Anda tidak bisa. Setelah Anda telah memesan tanggal ujian NEBOSH Anda, itu adalah final. Anda akan ditandai absen pada duduk pemeriksaan dan pembayaran penuh akan dibutuhkan pada pemeriksaan berikutnya duduk. 2) Karena beberapa keadaan yang tak terduga saya tidak dapat menghadiri pemeriksaan NEBOSH. Saya memiliki pekerjaan tambahan sehingga saya tidak bisa melakukan ujian NEBOSH saya saya pergi ke luar negeri jadi saya tidak bisa melakukan ujian NEBOSH saya saya melakukan shift malam jadi saya tidak bisa melakukan ujian NEBOSH saya Apakah mungkin untuk biaya pendaftaran ujian saya untuk dikembalikan? Tidak Anda tidak bisa. Anda memiliki waktu dan mewah untuk merencanakan dan memesan ujian NEBOSH Anda sampai dengan 6 bulan sebelum tangan 3) Saya memiliki pekerjaan pada hari ujian NEBOSH, saya bisa mulai pada waktu yang berbeda? Tidak Anda tidak bisa. Ujian NEBOSH hari dan waktu ujian NEBOSH tetap. Tidak ada perubahan 4) Dapatkah saya melihat naskah ujian menandai saya di bawah Undang-Undang Perlindungan Data? Tidak Anda tidak dapat melihat kertas NEBOSH Anda ditandai. Kebijakan NEBOSH berikut Data Protection Act tahun 1998, di mana institusi tidak diwajibkan secara hukum untuk menyediakan akses ke skrip pemeriksaan. Jadwal 7 Ayat 9 dari Undang-Undang Perlindungan Data menyatakan bahwa "data pribadi yang terdiri dari informasi yang dicatat oleh siswa saat ujian akademik, profesional atau lainnya dibebaskan". 'Pemeriksaan' didefinisikan bawah Undang-Undang sebagai termasuk "setiap proses untuk menentukan pengetahuan, kecerdasan, keterampilan atau kemampuan calon dengan mengacu pada penampilannya di setiap tes, pekerjaan atau kegiatan lainnya". Dengan demikian Anda tidak dapat melihat kertas NEBOSH atau ditandai skrip jawaban NEBOSH Anda 5) Saya ingin melihat ditandai skrip pemeriksaan NEBOSH saya karena hasilnya tidak sesuai harapan saya. Saya merasa saya mencetak gol dengan baik untuk ujian NEBOSH. Saya ingin tahu mengapa saya gagal ujian NEBOSH. Tidak Anda tidak dapat melihat kertas NEBOSH ditandai. Jika Anda yakin bahwa hasil NEBOSH Anda tidak benar, Anda dapat meminta NEBOSH Enquiry Tentang Hasil (EAR) dalam waktu satu bulan dari tanggal hasil NEBOSH dikeluarkan oleh NEBOSH. Ada biaya untuk EAR NEBOSH 6) aku tidak melakukannya dengan baik untuk Ujian NEBOSH dan perlu mendapatkan umpan balik untuk ujian NEBOSH berikutnya. Bagaimana saya bisa mendapatkan umpan balik untuk ujian NEBOSH? Dapatkah saya meminta NEBOSH umpan balik untuk Ujian NEBOSH saya? Dapatkah saya menulis untuk NEBOSH untuk umpan balik? Tidak Anda dapat mencari teknik pemeriksaan pada website NEBOSH atau online. Alternatif Anda dapat meminta penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH atau guru NEBOSH Anda NEBOSH tidak memberikan umpan balik pada kinerja individu. Anda dapat mendaftar untuk kelas pelatihan NEBOSH lebih 7) aku duduk untuk ujian NEBOSH. Saya dibayar untuk ujian NEBOSH. nomor saya appeards pada skrip NEBOSH Apakah itu berarti NEBOSH ditandai skrip milik saya? Adalah script NEBOSH kekayaan intelektual saya? Tidak Kantor Paten menyatakan, "Apa pun yang dilakukan untuk tujuan pengaturan atau menjawab pemeriksaan bukan merupakan kekayaan intelektual". Menurut NEBOSH mahasiswa tidak menghasilkan kekayaan intelektual ketika menyelesaikan script pemeriksaan. Script NEBOSH adalah milik NEBOSH dan NEBOSH saja. 8) Lalu, apakah Undang-Undang Kebebasan Informasi berlaku untuk NEBOSH? Tidak ada The Freedom of Information Act 2000 hanya berlaku untuk otoritas publik, yaitu, badan publik yang didanai (seperti sekolah, perguruan tinggi dan universitas). NEBOSH adalah entitas pribadi dan tidak tunduk pada UU. 9) saya mengambil exams- NEBOSH saya Dapatkah saya tetap kertas ujian NEBOSH saya atau buklet jawaban NEBOSH ada Dapatkah saya tetap pemeriksaan saya kertas pertanyaan? siswa NEBOSH tidak diizinkan untuk menghapus kertas pertanyaan ujian NEBOSH atau buklet jawaban NEBOSH dari ruang pemeriksaan NEBOSH. Jangan biarkan ujian NEBOSH sampai Anda dibersihkan oleh NEBOSH ujian pengawas ujian 10) Dapatkah saya mendapatkan salinan scan sertifikat NEBOSH saya atau salinan elektronik dari NEBOSH Kualifikasi saya? Tidak Untuk alasan keamanan NEBOSH dan kami tidak mengeluarkan salinan elektronik dari NEBOSH Sertifikat Satuan atau NEBOSH Kualifikasi perkamen. Yang juga untuk kebaikan Anda sendiri. 11) Dapatkah saya mengajukan permohonan untuk Pertimbangan khusus NEBOSH saya merasa bahwa revisi saya terpengaruh saya merasa ada sesuatu yang menghambat kinerja pemeriksaan NEBOSH saya. Tidak Anda tidak akan memenuhi syarat untuk NEBOSH pertimbangan khusus 12) Apa yang terjadi jika pusat kehilangan script ujian Apa yang terjadi jika naskah ujian saya atau tugas hilang? Yang tidak mungkin. Pusat perlu mengirimkan skrip dalam jangka waktu tertentu dan melalui langkah-langkah yang tepat NEBOSH dan penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH telah prosedur yang ketat untuk memastikan keamanan menyelesaikan skrip pemeriksaan NEBOSH, penilaian praktis NEBOSH dan tugas, yang inplace Untuk penilaian praktis NEBOSH, adalah bijaksana bahwa siswa menyimpan versi disimpan saat mengetik pengkajian dan atau menyimpan salinan disimpan dipindai jika mereka menggunakan penilaian tulisan tangan. Menjaga email yang Anda gunakan untuk mengirim NEBOSH penilaian lokasi 13) Bagaimana saya memeriksa adalah seseorang memiliki kualifikasi NEBOSH dan bahwa kualifikasi NEBOSH legit Jelas Anda harus memastikan bahwa penyedia kursus NEBOSH Anda adalah legit dan terakreditasi dengan NEBOSH Harap dicatat penyedia NEBOSH Course harus memberikan pelatihan yang mereka terakreditasi untuk. Sebagai contoh jika penyedia NEBOSH Course diakreditasi untuk NEBOSH IGC Waktu Penuh dan Paruh Waktu HANYA, maka penyedia NEBOSH Course hanya dapat melakukan NEBOSH IGC lebih dari 80 jam baik penuh waktu atau paruh waktu, tetapi 80 jam itu penyedia kursus NEBOSH tidak dapat menyediakan kursus atau lainnya cara NEBOSH dapat menerima permintaan dari majikan, agen perekrutan, lembaga Pendidikan Tinggi, dan badan-badan sejenis lainnya untuk memverifikasi jika seorang individu benar-benar memegang kualifikasi NEBOSH. Ada kasus penipuan dan sertifikasi palsu Apa yang perlu Anda lakukan adalah memiliki siap salinan perkamen kualifikasi NEBOSH, dan NEBOSH dapat memverifikasi waktu 5 hari kerja apakah itu asli atau tidak. Jika Anda tidak memiliki salinan perkamen kualifikasi, NEBOSH masih dapat memverifikasi apakah atau tidak individu memegang salah satu kualifikasi kami. Namun, dalam rangka untuk NEBOSH untuk mematuhi Undang-Undang Perlindungan Data, permintaan tersebut hanya dapat diproses jika permohonan diterima secara tertulis; menggunakan formulir permintaan verifikasi kualifikasi. Pengungkapan tidak akan dilakukan dalam menanggapi penyelidikan melalui telepon. Permintaan untuk mengkonfirmasi kualifikasi diadakan tanpa adanya salinan perkamen akan diproses segera setelah semua informasi yang relevan dan otorisasi diterima, tetapi NEBOSH bisa memakan waktu hingga 20 hari kerja. orang tunduk permintaan ini tidak harus memberikan otorisasi. Namun, mereka harus sadar bahwa pemeriksaan sedang dilakukan. Organisasi yang membuat permintaan harus memberikan bukti bahwa mereka telah menyarankan individu mereka akan berusaha untuk memverifikasi bahwa mereka memegang kualifikasi yang mereka klaim. Jika mereka tidak dapat memberikan bukti ini, otorisasi dari orang yang menjadi subyek dari permintaan akan diperlukan. Informasi NEBOSH menyediakan, akan terbatas pada apakah atau tidak individu memegang kualifikasi diklaim. NEBOSH tidak akan mengungkapkan tanda dicapai atau memverifikasi hasil satuan pemeriksaan. NEBOSH akan jika diminta, mengungkapkan tanda dicapai atau memverifikasi hasil satuan pemeriksaan. Otorisasi dari kandidat akan diperlukan. Biaya berikut berlaku untuk layanan ini: • Biaya £ 25 untuk menyelesaikan dokumen yang disediakan oleh organisasi eksternal atau di mana transkrip hasil tidak dapat diterima. • Biaya ongkos kirim aman - £ 15 UK, £ 40 di luar negeri, di mana email tidak dapat diterima. Semua permintaan verifikasi kualifikasi harus ditujukan kepada verifications@nebosh.org.uk~~V Silakan chech situs NEBOSH 14) saya mengambil kursus NEBOSH dan ujian NEBOSH, ketika saya akan mendapatkan NEBOSH hasil hasil Biasanya NEBOSH diberikan dalam sekitar 1-2 bulan. Hal ini memungkinkan siswa yang tidak statisfied untuk melakukan EAR NEBOSH mereka Kemudian NEBOSH sertifikat dan perkamen Kualifikasi dikirim dalam waktu 2 bulan dari NEBOSH hasil deklarasi 15) saya mengambil kursus NEBOSH dan ujian NEBOSH, ketika saya akan mendapatkan sertifikat NEBOSH Biasanya NEBOSH hasil diberikan dalam sekitar 1-2 bulan. Hal ini memungkinkan siswa yang tidak statisfied untuk melakukan EAR NEBOSH mereka Kemudian sertifikat NEBOSH dan perkamen Kualifikasi dikirim dalam waktu 2 bulan dari NEBOSH hasil deklarasi 16) Apa yang bisa saya menggunakan sertifikat NEBOSH saya untuk? Apa yang bisa saya menggunakan sertifikat saya untuk? The NEBOSH Sertifikat memberikan bukti pencapaian keberhasilan dalam NEBOSH pemeriksaan Sertifikat NEBOSH harus disimpan dengan aman karena dengan semua sertifikasi Pengusaha Anda profesional, badan profesional dan institusi akademik di kali mungkin meminta salinan Sertifikasi NEBOSH 17) My NEBOSH Sertifikat hilang atau saya rusak certificte NEBOSH saya bisa saya mendapatkan sertifikat NEBOSH baru atau pengganti sertifikat NEBOSH saya? sertifikat saya telah hilang, saya bisa mendapatkan penggantian? Jika NEBOSH mengeluarkan sertifikat pengganti NEBOSH baru yang itu harus ditandai dengan kata ulang Sertifikat NEBOSH baru akan memiliki tanggal ulang baru Tapi sertifikat NEBOSH lama akan tetap pada sertifikat pengganti NEBOSH baru Setelah sertifikat NEBOSH baru diterbitkan kembali asli sertifikat NEBOSH tidak lagi permintaan Ulangi valid dari calon yang sama untuk sertifikat NEBOSH atau dari penyedia kursus NEBOSH yang sama akan diselidiki sebelum mereka diterima. Jika bukti aktivitas penipuan dan / atau lalai ditemukan, insiden itu akan diperlakukan oleh NEBOSH sebagai malpraktik dan mana yang sesuai take tindakan 18) Apa yang terjadi ketika seseorang mengaku diri memiliki sertifikat NEBOSH tetapi tidak memiliki sertifikat NEBOSH Apa konsekuensi dari palsu yang mengaku memegang kualifikasi NEBOSH? NEBOSH menyimpan catatan dari semua calon pemeriksaan dan semua orang yang telah diberikan salah satu kualifikasi NEBOSH. Setiap NEBOSH Satuan Sertifikat dan Kualifikasi Parchment memiliki sejumlah anti-pemalsuan dan anti-penipuan fitur, termasuk nomor identifikasi yang unik. NEBOSH akan membantu pengusaha dan agen perekrutan di memverifikasi bahwa calon atau yang sudah ada karyawan benar-benar melakukan memiliki kualifikasi NEBOSH. Memalsukan kualifikasi untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan adalah alasan VALID untuk langsung memecat karyawan. Di kebanyakan negara ini diklasifikasikan sebagai penipuan dan dapat merupakan tindak pidana. NEBOSH akan melaporkan kasus tersebut ke polisi serta memberitahu badan-badan profesional lainnya. Hal ini secara moral dan hukum yang salah 19) Aku telah mengambil ujian NEBOSH, menerima hasil NEBOSH saya tetapi belum menerima sertifikat NEBOSH saya belum menerima saya Satuan Certificate / Kualifikasi Parchment NEBOSH mengirimkan sertifikat oleh pengiriman tercatat di Inggris dan oleh track mampu pengiriman ke lokasi di luar negeri di papan-kembali amplop untuk memastikan mereka diterima oleh Simply Keselamatan salah satu penyedia kursus terakreditasi dan untuk menghindari kerusakan. Cukup Keselamatan hanya akan memberikan sertifikat NEBOSH untuk calon langsung Kami tidak akan laki-laki keluar sertifikat NEBOSH karena ini sangat penting untuk Anda. Sertifikat NEBOSH asli biasanya dikirim dalam waktu 40 hari kerja dari tanggal pada NEBOSH Satuan surat Pemberitahuan Hasil yang relevan (atau empat bulan setelah tanggal pemeriksaan). Cukup Keselamatan akan mengenakan biaya admin untuk setiap sertifikat NEBOSH yang hilang atau perlu diterbitkan kembali hanya Keselamatan akan mengenakan biaya untuk penggantian sertifikat NEBOSH 20) Siapa yang memiliki sertifikat NEBOSH? Apakah saya yang memiliki sertifikat NEBOSH atau perusahaan yang mengirim saya untuk kursus NEBOSH Siapa yang memiliki sertifikat? NEBOSH Satuan Sertifikat dan Kualifikasi perkamen diberikan oleh NEBOSH kepada orang yang tercantum pada sertifikat untuk menunjukkan berhasil menyelesaikan mereka dari penilaian NEBOSH dan tidak organisasi atau individu (s) yang disponsori kursus siswa studi. 21) Berapa biaya sertifikat NEBOSH pengganti Berapa biaya sertifikat pengganti? Biaya penggantian setiap NEBOSH Unit sertifikat atau kualifikasi perkamen adalah SGD120 ditambah admin dan biaya DHL. Pembayaran dapat dilakukan dengan cek, uang tunai, transfer bank atau kartu kredit Dalam acara tersebut jika ada EAR NEBOSH dan EAR NEBOSH berhasil sertifikasi dikoreksi akan dikeluarkan secara gratis. Namun, sertifikat NEBOSH asli dan / atau perkamen harus dikembalikan oleh calon NEBOSH dan NEBOSH tidak akan mengeluarkan pengganti sampai NEBOSH Sertifikat asli telah diterima. 22) Saya telah melakukan dan melewati satu unit NEBOSH bagaimana saya dapat menerima perkamen NEBOSH saya Bagaimana Anda bisa mengklaim pengecualian untuk salah satu unit NEBOSH yang telah diambil dan lulus? Tandai dengan jelas pada formulir pendaftaran NEBOSH Anda bahwa Anda mengklaim pembebasan. Hal ini akan memungkinkan NEBOSH untuk cross check kualifikasi sebelumnya dan memastikan bahwa Anda secara otomatis menerima NEBOSH Kualifikasi Parchment pada berhasil menyelesaikan semua sisa tiga unit NEBOSH dalam penghargaan. 23) Siapa yang menerima sertifikat NEBOSH Siapa yang menerima Sertifikat? NEBOSH Satuan Sertifikat dan perkamen untuk kualifikasi Sertifikat tingkat biasanya dikeluarkan untuk Simply Keselamatan yang NEBOSH penyedia tentu saja untuk distribusi kepada siswa NEBOSH. 24) Bagaimana membuat permintaan untuk NEBOSH untuk sertifikat pengganti NEBOSH atau diubah Unit NEBOSH Sertifikat kandidat Semua NEBOSH atau penyedia kursus NEBOSH meminta sertifikat pengganti harus membaca Kebijakan NEBOSH mengenai sertifikat calon NEBOSH termasuk koreksi dan reissues. Untuk mengganti NEBOSH Satuan Sertifikat atau NEBOSH Kualifikasi Parchment, calon NEBOSH harus menyelesaikan unit Penggantian formulir permintaan sertifikat / kualifikasi perkamen NEBOSH (membentuk UCP1) dan mengembalikan formulir yang telah diisi ke NEBOSH. 25) Nama saya pada sertifikat NEBOSH saya salah atau tidak benar, dapat NEBOSH mengubahnya? Rincian (misalnya, nama) pada sertifikat saya salah atau telah berubah, mereka dapat diubah? Cukup Keselamatan mengingatkan calon NEBOSH untuk mendaftarkan nama mereka dengan benar. Nama asli dan Nama Pertama harus ditulis dengan jelas. siswa NEBOSH harus jelas menunjukkan apa nama mereka Nama yang muncul pada Anda NEBOSH Sertifikat Satuan dan Kualifikasi Parchment diambil dari pendaftaran NEBOSH Anda dan / atau formulir pendaftaran pemeriksaan NEBOSH. Silahkan cek konfirmasi pendaftaran NEBOSH dan pemeriksaan NEBOSH konfirmasi entri untuk memastikan bahwa nama Anda dieja dengan benar. Jika nama Anda tercatat salah informasikan kepada kami dari ejaan yang benar dalam menulis sesegera mungkin dan kami dapat menginformasikan Permintaan NEBOSH untuk perubahan Sertifikat NEBOSH dan NEBOSH perkamen jatuh ke dalam empat kategori: • Sertifikat dengan penamaan kesalahan (kesalahan ejaan, dll) • Mengubah nama yang didaftarkan ke nama 'disukai' (misalnya, Jonathan James Smith untuk Jim Smith atau sebaliknya) • mengubah urutan nama (misalnya, membalikkan nama dan nama pertama untuk tujuan sertifikasi) • perubahan nama untuk tujuan hukum (misalnya, karena perkawinan atau dengan jajak pendapat akta) Anda mungkin perlu melakukan pembayaran untuk pembayaran ulang dan NEBOSH mungkin tidak setuju karena persyaratan tertentu 26) Dapatkah saya mendapatkan salinan tambahan dari sertifikat NEBOSH atau bisa majikan saya mendapatkan salinan tambahan dari sertifikat NEBOSH? kewajiban regulasi NEBOSH hanya memungkinkan NEBOSH untuk mengeluarkan satu unit sertifikat per unit NEBOSH dicapai dan satu perkamen kualifikasi NEBOSH untuk setiap kualifikasi NEBOSH dicapai oleh kandidat. Jika NEBOSH tidak ulang masalah sertifikat NEBOSH baru atau perkamen NEBOSH, sertifikat NEBOSH asli atau perkamen NEBOSH tidak berlaku lagi. Beberapa salinan sertifikat NEBOSH yang sama tidak dapat dikeluarkan. 27) Ok aku sedang diterbitkan kembali sertifikat NEBOSH baru atau perkamen NEBOSH, berapa lama waktu yang dibutuhkan? Berapa lama waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk menerima Sertifikat baru? calon NEBOSH harus mengharapkan untuk menerima sertifikat NEBOSH mereka dalam waktu 20 hari kerja sejak diterimanya permohonan oleh NEBOSH. 28) Sertifikat NEBOSH tua saya telah dicuri sertifikat NEBOSH saya telah dicuri dan saya khawatir bahwa seseorang dapat menggunakan sertifikat NEBOSH saya atau membuat salinan sertifikat NEBOSH saya. Untuk meminimalkan risiko duplikasi penipuan Sertifikat NEBOSH dan NEBOSH perkamen, sertifikat NEBOSH dicetak di atas kertas keamanan yang mencakup tanda air dan hologram. NEBOSH Sertifikat dan NEBOSH perkamen yang nomor individual. NEBOSH memelihara catatan dari semua Sertifikat NEBOSH dan NEBOSH perkamen yang dikeluarkan dan diterbitkan kembali. Setelah penggantinya telah dikeluarkan, yang NEBOSH Sertifikat asli tidak lagi berlaku. 29) Bagaimana saya bisa tahu jika unit sertifikat NEBOSH saya atau perkamen kualifikasi NEBOSH saya berlaku Bagaimana saya bisa tahu jika sertifikat satuan, perkamen kualifikasi atau pemberitahuan hasil unit asli? NEBOSH memelihara daftar semua pemegang kualifikasi, bersama dengan nomor pada sertifikat atau perkamen dikeluarkan untuk mereka. Cukup Keselamatan mengelola daftar sendiri calon NEBOSH serta sertifikat NEBOSH dikeluarkan. Bahkan ini adalah mengapa kita membuat siswa menandatangani pengakuan bahwa mereka telah mengumpulkan sertifikat NEBOSH mereka Silakan kirim copy NEBOSH sertifikat dicurigai, perkamen atau NEBOSH hasil Unit pemberitahuan kepada NEBOSH 30) Bagaimana nama saya dicetak pada sertifikat NEBOSH saya atau NEBOSH perkamen? Sebelum mendaftar untuk melakukan pemeriksaan NEBOSH Anda akan diminta untuk mengisi formulir pendaftaran Cukup Keselamatan dalam bentuk ini jelas perlu ro disebutkan NAMA PERTAMA Anda dan SURNAMEor Anda tahu Nama depan Anda dan nama keluarga yang terbaik, itu bukan untuk pelatihan pusat untuk menunjukkan, kami akan meminta ID resmi Anda, tetapi akan meminta Anda ro menunjukkan pertama Anda dan nama keluarga Kecuali secara resmi meminta NEBOSH akan mengeluarkan Unit NEBOSH Sertifikat dan NEBOSH perkamen menggunakan format penamaan Eropa. Berikut adalah contoh format penamaan internasional NEBOSH mampu melakukan. Judul Mr Pertama Michael Nama asli / keluarga Nama Walker pada sertifikat NEBOSH akan Michael Walker 31) Siapa yang terbaik penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH Jelas jika Anda bertanya penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH mereka akan mengatakan bahwa mereka adalah yang terbaik penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH Anda perlu membuat Temukan berdasarkan waktu Anda, lokasi Anda dan bagaimana Anda akan belajar dan apa yang Anda akan mempelajari Kami Cukup Keselamatan penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH selama lebih dari 8 tahun memiliki track record yang baik di beberapa perusahaan terbaik di dunia. Kami telah berlatih untuk Shell dan banyak perusahaan minyak lainnya serta dilatih untuk departemen yang berbeda kita mengeluarkan banyak informasi NEBOSH gratis dengan harapan bahwa siswa NEBOSH seluruh dunia bahkan jika mereka tidak siswa NEBOSH kami akan mendapatkan informasi yang baik 32 ) saya bekerja di sebuah negara yang tidak memiliki penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH Cukup Keselamatan adalah penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH yang telah diberikan pembelajaran jarak jauh NEBOSH dan lisensi elearning NEBOSH untuk IGC 33) saya bekerja lepas pantai pada rotasi Cukup Keselamatan adalah pelatihan NEBOSH operator yang telah dianugerahi pembelajaran jarak jauh NEBOSH dan lisensi elearning NEBOSH untuk IGC 34) Dapatkah saya mengambil ujian NEBOSH saya di British Council Ya, Anda dapat mengambil ujian NEBOSH di British Council, kita cukup Keselamatan dapat mengatur ini untuk Anda dengan British Council 35) Dapatkah saya mengubah tanggal ujian NEBOSH saya? Itu tergantung, ya Anda dapat mengubah tanggal ujian NEBOSH tetapi akan ada biaya administrasi 36) Dapatkah saya mengubah saya lokasi ujian NEBOSH atau NEBOSH ujian tempat Ya, Anda dapat mengubah ujian NEBOSH tempat tapi akan ada biaya untuk ini juga 37) Apakah kualifikasi NEBOSH memiliki tanggal kedaluwarsa? Saya telah mencapai kualifikasi NEBOSH. Apakah kualifikasi NEBOSH telah tanggal kadaluwarsa? Tidak ada kualifikasi NEBOSH setelah semua berhasil menyelesaikan tidak memiliki tanggal kedaluwarsa dan NEBOSH tidak memerlukan kualifikasi yang akan secara berkala kembali diambil. 38) Berapa lama pelatihan NEBOSH mengambil? Itu akan makan waktu berapa lama? Ini akan tergantung pada apa kualifikasi NEBOSH Anda memilih untuk belajar. Hubungi kami untuk membicarakan hal ini dan kami dapat menjelaskan hal ini lebih lanjut The NEBOSH HSW adalah 3 hari dari pelatihan The NEBOSH IGC Penuh waktu atau Blok rilis adalah 10 hari penuh waktu tatap muka tetapi juga diri mempelajari The NEBOSH pembelajaran jarak jauh dan elearning NEBOSH berarti Anda masih harus dimasukkan ke dalam jam 39) Mengapa NEBOSH mengambil begitu lama untuk sertifikat NEBOSH, program lainnya memiliki sertifikat hari berikutnya Setelah pemeriksaan NEBOSH telah selesai skrip ujian NEBOSH dikirim kembali ke NEBOSH dan menjalani standarisasi ketat, menandai, memeriksa dan proses hasil tekad untuk memastikan akurasi dan konsistensi. Dengan standar yang diakui dunia 40) Berapa banyak untuk biaya kursus Kursus NEBOSH ditemukan di website kami atau Anda dapat email kami langsung di iac@simplysafety.com.sg 41) Mengapa Cukup biaya Keselamatan NEBOSH berbeda dari penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH lainnya ? Biaya NEBOSH Course bervariasi dari penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH untuk penyedia pelatihan NEBOSH Memilih penyedia pelatihan yang Anda merasa nyaman dengan dan tidak hanya yang termurah 42) Apa yang harus saya menjadi tutor NEBOSH atau pelatih NEBOSH Untuk menjadi guru NEBOSH atau pelatih NEBOSH atau NEBOSH instruktur Anda harus memiliki kualifikasi formal diakui oleh NEBOSH serta tahun pengalaman di industri yang Anda juga perlu memiliki berbagai tahun mengajar atau pengalaman pelatihan Kemudian formulir aplikasi guru NEBOSH Anda dapat disampaikan kepada NEBOSH untuk disetujui atau pemeriksaan 43) NEBOSH kualifikasi apakah Konstruksi Sertifikat Keterampilan Skema menerima kualifikasi NEBOSH sebagai pembebasan dari tes kesehatan dan keselamatan kartu CSCS? Dari 30 September 2013, Keterampilan Konstruksi Sertifikat Skema akan mengenali kualifikasi sebagai berikut untuk AQP (akademis Orang Berkualitas) kartu: Sertifikat Nasional NEBOSH Kesehatan Konstruksi dan Keselamatan NEBOSH Internasional Sertifikat Kesehatan Konstruksi dan Keselamatan NEBOSH Diploma Nasional di Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja Pemohon yang berhasil memegang ini kualifikasi akademik NEBOSH akan dikeluarkan dengan AQP (akademis Orang Berkualitas) kartu yang berlaku selama lima tahun. Semua pelamar harus lulus Manajer Citb dan Profesional Kesehatan, Keselamatan dan Lingkungan Test. 44) NEBOSH dan IOSH NEBOSH Nasional General Certificate kualifikasi dicapai setelah Oktober 2002 memenuhi persyaratan akademik untuk keanggotaan Teknisi (Tek IOSH) Lembaga Keselamatan dan Kesehatan (IOSH). kualifikasi NEBOSH Nasional General Certificate dicapai sebelum November 2002 akan diterima untuk keanggotaan Tek IOSH, tersedia 12 bulan yang lalu-tanggal Continuous Professional Development (CPD) bukti diserahkan ke IOSH. pemegang NEBOSH Nasional General Certificate yang mencapai kualifikasi mereka sebelum November 2002 disarankan untuk menghubungi departemen Keanggotaan IOSH untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai rute CPD keanggotaan Tek IOSH. 45) Apa tingkat adalah sertifikat NEBOSH berikut kualifikasi NEBOSH Sertifikat dinilai di Level 6 di Credit Skotlandia dan Kualifikasi Framework (SCQF): Sertifikat NEBOSH Umum Nasional di Kesehatan dan Sertifikat Nasional NEBOSH Keselamatan Kesehatan Konstruksi dan Sertifikat Nasional Keselamatan NEBOSH di Keselamatan api dan Manajemen Risiko Sertifikat Nasional NEBOSH dalam Pengelolaan Lingkungan NEBOSH Sertifikat Nasional di Manajemen Kesehatan dan kesejahteraan Kerja. Sertifikat NEBOSH International General di Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja NEBOSH Sertifikat Internasional di Kesehatan Konstruksi dan Keselamatan NEBOSH Internasional Sertifikat Fire Safety dan Manajemen Risiko 46) Whay tingkat adalah NEBOSH pemberian Apa tingkat kualifikasi NEBOSH pemberian? berikut kualifikasi NEBOSH Award dinilai di Level 5 di Credit Skotlandia dan Kualifikasi Framework (SCQF), dari 1 Januari 2012: • NEBOSH Award pada Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja SCQF Level 5 sebanding dengan NQF / QCF Level 2 di Inggris, Wales dan Irlandia Utara, atau standar GCSE. 47) Aku punya Rujuk dalam hasil NEBOSH saya Jika siswa menerima 'merujuk' hasil dalam ujian NEBOSH yang berarti mereka tidak memenuhi standar lulus dalam ujian atau tugas. Disebut siswa NEBOSH dapat mendaftar ulang untuk ujian tertulis atau penilaian praktis 48) Ok saya mendapat merujuk pada ujian NEBOSH saya, ketika saya bisa resit ujian NEBOSH saya? Anda mungkin ingin resit kualifikasi sertifikat tingkat Anda, pada pemeriksaan standar duduk (Maret, Juni, September dan Desember). Namun, kita juga dapat mengatur pada tanggal ujian permintaan NEBOSH tetapi ini datang dengan biaya 49) Ketika saya bisa menerima hasil NEBOSH saya Untuk ujian NEBOSH ditulis, tanggal dimana calon NEBOSH harus menerima ditulis hasil pemberitahuan NEBOSH dinyatakan pada kandidat pemeriksaan NEBOSH konfirmasi entri. Read more... General Certificate Internasional (IGC) di Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Tanggal Ujian untuk 2016
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      NEBOSH Kwalificaties - Inzicht NEBOSH Kwalificaties
      Inzicht NEBOSH Kwalificaties
      Inzicht NEBOSH Kwalificaties
      NEBOSH ontvangt bijna honderd van duizend meer dan 100.000 NEBOSH onderzoek registraties per jaar van mensen in 125 verschillende landen, elk op zoek naar één van de vele verschillende NEBOSH kwalificaties te krijgen. Mensen na of het nastreven van een carrière in de gezondheid en veiligheid van het beheer van mening dat ze een NEBOSH kwalificatie zal nodig hebben. Sommigen nemen de NEBOSH kwalificaties voor het geval dat. Anderen nemen het NEBOSH kwalificaties omdat hun werkgelegenheid vereist. Onderzoek in het Verenigd Koninkrijk is gebleken dat veel werkgevers vereisen aanvragers een NEBOSH kwalificatie te houden. Veel van deze bedrijven vereisen professioneel niveau diploma-gelijkwaardige NEBOSH Diploma. Het is niet alleen de veiligheid professionals die de NEBOSH qualificaitons maar professionals met verschillende werkplek rollen vereisen nu houden NEBOSH kwalificaties. Gezondheid, veiligheid en milieu-management is een kwalificatie voor een groot aantal verschillende rollen van de bedrijfsleiders om werknemers in de bouw, verzekeringsadviseurs, HR personeel en meer. NEBOSH niet cursussen te leveren. Geen NEBOSH niet de NEBOSH training te doen. In plaats daarvan NEBOSH accrediteert NEBOSH geaccrediteerde opleidingen. De NEBOSH geaccrediteerde opleidingen zijn degenen die de NEBOSH cursussen te geven Er zijn een aantal 620 NEBOSH Accredited Course providers over de hele wereld. NEBOSH aanbieders van opleidingen bieden de NEBOSH training en opleiding nodig om NEBOSH kwalificaties krijgen. Waar komt men beginnen aan een NEBOSH cursus of een NEBOSH training Providers vinden? U kunt beginnen bij het NEBOSH website onder het vinden van een NEBOSH cursus of geaccrediteerde opleiding Provider 'Where om te studeren' NEBOSH Qualifications Dont worden overweldigd door de verschillende NEBOSH kwalificaties of de NEBOSH korte vormen mensen lijken te gebruiken vanaf NEBOSH HSW of NEBOSH IGC In principe zijn er momenteel drie verschillende categorieën NEBOSH kwalificatie NEBOSH Award NEBOSH Certificate NEBOSH Diploma. Nu met of door middel van de Universiteit van Hull, NEBOSH ook biedt nu een scala aan Masters graden. NEBOSH Awards een Award kwalificatie toont fundamenteel begrip van het onderwerp overdekt en kan worden gebruikt als een kennismaking met andere hoger niveau NEBOSH kwalificaties. NEBOSH biedt drie Award kwalificaties: NEBOSH Award in de gezondheid en veiligheid op het werk NEBOSH Environmental Awareness op het werk Kwalificatie NEBOSH Award in Veiligheid, Gezondheid en Milieu voor de procesindustrie Werkgevers worden in het bijzonder aangetrokken tot deze NEBOSH Award kwalificatieniveau om mensen te helpen bij het begrijpen veiligheid en gezondheid en het opbouwen van een goede cultuur De NEBOSH Award wordt gedaan in het Engels. De NEBOSH Award in veiligheid en gezondheid op het werk kunnen worden genomen in het Frans, Spaans, Arabisch, Mandarijn Chinees en Russisch. NEBOSH Certificaten NEBOSH Certificaat kwalificaties aantonen brede kennis van het onderwerp gedekt. Er zijn negen NEBOSH Certificaat kwalificaties. Ja, er zijn negen verschillende NEBOSH-certificaten, afhankelijk van wat je wilt. NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH International Certificate in Bouw gezondheid en veiligheid NEBOSH National Certificate in Bouw gezondheid en veiligheid NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety en Risk Management NEBOSH National Certificate in Brandveiligheid en Risk management NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety NEBOSH National Certificate in het beheer van Gezondheid en Welzijn op het Werk NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental management gezien als een van de belangrijkste kwalificaties. Meer mensen nemen de NEBOSH Nationale en Internationale NEBOSH kwalificaties die elke andere NEBOSH kwalificaties De NEBOSH International wordt gedaan in het Engels. De NEBOSH International General Certificate is ook in het Frans, Portugees, Spaans, Arabisch, Russisch en Turks. NEBOSH Diploma Er zijn drie NEBOSH Diploma kwalificaties: NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH Diploma in Environmental Management NEBOSH Diploma's worden wereldwijd erkend. NEBOSH Diploma houders kunnen ook in aanmerking komen voor het lidmaatschap van beroepsorganisaties. NEBOSH Diploma houders kunnen zich aanmelden voor Graduate (Grad IOSH) en Chartered (CMIOSH) lidmaatschap van de Institution of Occupational Safety and Health NEBOSH Diploma houders van toepassing kan zijn voor lid-status (MIIRSM) van het Institute of Risk and Safety Management. NEBOSH Masters NEBOSH biedt drie Master of Science (MSc) graden en drie Master of Research (MREs) graden met de Universiteit van Hull: MSc in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management MSc in Occupational Health and Safety management MSc in Environmental Management MREs in Occupational Veiligheid, gezondheid en milieu management MREs in Occupational Health and Safety management MREs in Environmental management NEBOSH examens Kies de juiste NEBOSH cursus en neem de NEBOSH award, certificaat of diploma examens de NEBOSH General Certificate zijn twee NEBOSH examens elk van de twee uur durende examens en 1 NEBOSH praktische werkplek opdracht. Kijk naar de NEBOSH website voor informatie en hulp. Sommige NEBOSH informatie is vrij beschikbaar op Rapporten NEBOSH website Examiners '; Voorbeeld vraag papier en examinatoren 'feedback over de verwachte antwoorden; en GC3 begeleiding en informatie voor de kandidaten. Leer enkele NEBOSH Command woorden of NEBOSH Actie Woorden Identificeren, Outline, beschrijven, verklaren en Give. Betekenis van de opdracht gebruikte woorden in het certificaat van examens Command woord Betekenis Voorbeeld identificeren verwijzing naar een item, die zouden kunnen worden zijn naam of titel Outline Om de belangrijkste functies of verschillende delen van een korte samenvatting van de belangrijkste aspecten van wat dan ook aan te geven te geven wordt vermeld in de vraag beschrijven gedetailleerd schriftelijk verslag van de onderscheidende kenmerken van een onderwerp te geven. Leg Om inzicht te verschaffen. Om ervoor te zorgen een idee of relatie duidelijk te geven aan korte, feitelijke antwoorden praktijk maakt perfect, de praktijk NEBOSH mock vragen of tekst boek vragen. Het beoefenen van NEBOSH vragen is kritisch en belangrijk in de voorbereiding. NEBOSH FAQ 1) Student- Kan ik mijn inschrijfgeld naar een andere vergadering? Nee, je kan het niet. Zodra u uw NEBOSH examen datum hebben geboekt, is het definitief. U zult afwezig bij het onderzoek zitting worden gemarkeerd en volledige betaling zal bij uw volgende tentamen vereist. 2) Als gevolg van een aantal onvoorziene omstandigheden was ik niet in staat om een ​​NEBOSH onderzoek bij te wonen. Ik heb extra werk dus ik kan doen mijn NEBOSH examens ik in het buitenland ga, dus ik cant doe mijn NEBOSH examens Ik doe nachtdienst, dus ik mijn NEBOSH examens niet kunnen doen, is het mogelijk voor mijn examen inschrijfgeld te worden terugbetaald? Nee, je kan het niet. Je hebt de tijd en luxe om te plannen en boek uw NEBOSH examens tot 6 maanden voor de hand 3) Ik heb werk aan de NEBOSH dag van het examen, kan ik beginnen op een ander tijdstip? Nee, je kan het niet. De dag NEBOSH examen en NEBOSH examen tijd worden vastgesteld. Geen wijzigingen 4) Kan ik zie mijn gecorrigeerde examenteksten in het kader van de Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens? Nee, je kunt niet zien uw gemarkeerde NEBOSH papieren. NEBOSH beleid volgt de Data Protection Act 1998, waaronder certificerende instellingen zijn niet wettelijk verplicht om toegang te verlenen aan een onderzoek scripts. Schedule 7 Paragraaf 9 van de Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens stelt dat "persoonlijke gegevens bestaande uit informatie die is opgenomen door studenten tijdens een academische, professionele of andere onderzoek zijn vrijgesteld". 'Onderzoek' wordt gedefinieerd in de wet als met inbegrip van "een proces voor het bepalen van de kennis, intelligentie, vaardigheid of het vermogen van een kandidaat op basis van zijn prestaties in elke test, werk of andere activiteiten". Als zodanig kun je niet zien uw NEBOSH papieren of uw gemarkeerde NEBOSH antwoord scripts 5) wil ik zie mijn gemarkeerd NEBOSH onderzoek script omdat het resultaat niet overeenkomt met mijn verwachtingen. Ik voel dat ik scoorde goed voor NEBOSH examens. Ik wil weten waarom ik niet NEBOSH examens. Nee, je kunt niet de gemarkeerde NEBOSH papieren zien. Als u van mening bent dat uw NEBOSH resultaat is niet goed, dan kunt u een NEBOSH Aanvraag vragen Over Resultaat (EAR) binnen een maand na de datum waarop de NEBOSH resultaat werd uitgegeven door NEBOSH. Er is een vergoeding voor de NEBOSH EAR 6) Ik heb niet goed te doen voor de NEBOSH Examens en de noodzaak om feedback te krijgen voor de volgende NEBOSH examens. Hoe kan ik feedback voor de NEBOSH examens krijgen? Mag ik vragen NEBOSH op feedback voor mijn NEBOSH examens? Kan ik schrijf in te NEBOSH voor feedback? Nee, u kunt kijken voor onderzoekstechnieken op NEBOSH website of online. Alternatief kunt u uw NEBOSH training provider te vragen of je NEBOSH tutor NEBOSH niet geven feedback op de individuele prestaties. U kunt zich aanmelden voor meer NEBOSH opleiding klassen 7) Ik zat voor de NEBOSH examens. Ik betaalde voor de NEBOSH examens. Mijn nummer appeards op de NEBOSH scripts Betekent dit dat de NEBOSH gemarkeerde scripts van mij? Zijn de NEBOSH scripts mijn intellectuele eigendom? Nee, de Patent Office heeft verklaard, "Alles gebeurt met het oog op de instelling of het beantwoorden van een onderzoek geen intellectuele eigendom vormen". Volgens NEBOSH een student niet de intellectuele eigendom te genereren bij het invullen van een onderzoek script. De NEBOSH scripts zijn het eigendom van enige NEBOSH en NEBOSH. 8) Vervolgens heeft de Freedom of Information Act van toepassing op NEBOSH? Nee De Freedom of Information Act 2000 geldt alleen voor de overheid, dat wil zeggen, door de overheid gefinancierde instellingen (zoals scholen, hogescholen en universiteiten). NEBOSH is een prive-entiteit en is niet onderworpen aan de wet. 9) Ik neem mijn NEBOSH exams- Kan ik mijn NEBOSH examens of NEBOSH antwoord boekjes Nee Kan ik mijn examen vraag papier? NEBOSH studenten zijn niet toegestaan ​​NEBOSH examen vraag papieren of NEBOSH antwoord boekjes uit de NEBOSH onderzoek kamer te verwijderen. Laat de NEBOSH examens niet verlaten totdat u worden gewist door de NEBOSH examen surveillant 10) Kan ik een gescande kopie van mijn NEBOSH certificaat of een elektronische kopie van mijn NEBOSH kwalificatie te krijgen? Geen Om veiligheidsredenen NEBOSH en ons niet elektronische kopieën van NEBOSH Unit Certificaten of NEBOSH Kwalificatie Parchments geven. Het is ook voor je eigen bestwil. 11) Kan ik NEBOSH Speciale overwegingen Ik heb het gevoel dat mijn herziening werd beïnvloed ik het gevoel dat er iets belemmeren mijn NEBOSH onderzoek prestaties. Nee, je zal niet in aanmerking voor NEBOSH speciale aandacht 12) Wat gebeurt er als het centrum verliest het examen scripts Wat gebeurt er als mijn onderzoek script of opdracht is verloren? Zijn onwaarschijnlijk. De centra moeten de scripts in een bepaald tijdsbestek en door de juiste maatregelen NEBOSH en de NEBOSH opleidingen kenbaar hebben strenge procedures om de veiligheid van de voltooide NEBOSH onderzoek scripts te verzekeren, NEBOSH praktijkexamens en opdrachten, zijn inplace Voor NEBOSH praktijkexamens, is het verstandig dat de studenten opgeslagen versies te houden tijdens het typen van hun evaluaties en of houd gescand opgeslagen kopieën als ze gebruik maken van handgeschreven assessments. Houd de e-mail die u gebruikt voor het verzenden van de NEBOSH assessments 13) Hoe controleer ik is iemand een NEBOSH kwalificatie en is dat NEBOSH kwalificatie legit Uiteraard moet u ervoor zorgen dat uw NEBOSH cursus provider is legit en geaccrediteerd met NEBOSH Let NEBOSH Course providers moet verstrekken de opleiding die zij geaccrediteerd voor. Bijvoorbeeld als een NEBOSH cursus provider is geaccrediteerd voor NEBOSH IGC Volledige en Deeltijd ONLY, dan is dat NEBOSH Course provider alleen NEBOSH IGC kan uitvoeren meer dan 80 uur ofwel full time of part-time, maar 80 uur Dat NEBOSH natuurlijk provider niet kan bieden andere cursussen of andere manieren NEBOSH kan ontvangen verzoeken van werkgevers, wervingsbureaus, instellingen voor hoger onderwijs en andere soortgelijke instanties om te controleren of een persoon daadwerkelijk een NEBOSH kwalificatie. Er zijn gevallen van fraude en valse certificaten Wat u moet doen is klaar een exemplaar van de NEBOSH kwalificatie perkament, en NEBOSH kan controleren binnen 5 werkdagen of het echt is of niet. Als u niet beschikt over een kopie van het diploma perkament, kan NEBOSH nog nagaan of de persoon bezit een van onze kwalificaties. Echter, om voor NEBOSH om te voldoen aan de Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens, dergelijke verzoeken kan alleen worden verwerkt als het verzoek is ontvangen schriftelijk; met behulp van de kwalificatie verificatie aanvraagformulier. Openbaarmaking zal niet worden gedaan in reactie op een vraag via de telefoon. Verzoeken om kwalificaties in de afwezigheid van een kopie van het perkament te bevestigen zal zo snel worden verwerkt als alle relevante informatie en autorisaties worden ontvangen, maar NEBOSH kan tot 20 werkdagen. De persoon tegen wie dit verzoek niet moet toekennen. Echter, moeten ze zich ervan bewust dat de controles worden gemaakt. De organisatie die het verzoek moeten aantonen dat zij het individu dat ze zullen trachten om te verifiëren dat zij de kwalificatie die ze beweren te houden hebben geadviseerd te bieden. Als ze niet in staat zijn om dit bewijsmateriaal, toestemming van de persoon die het voorwerp uitmaakt van het verzoek nodig zal zijn voorzien. De informatie NEBOSH biedt, zal worden beperkt tot de vraag of de individuele bezit van de aantekening geclaimd. NEBOSH zal geen sporen bereikt onthullen of te controleren eenheid examenresultaten. NEBOSH zal desgevraagd openbaren merken bereikt of te controleren eenheid examenresultaten. Machtiging van de kandidaat nodig zal zijn. De volgende kosten van toepassing voor deze service: • £ 25 kosten voor het invullen van papierwerk door een externe organisatie of wanneer een resultaat transcript is niet aanvaardbaar geleverd. • Kosten voor het veilige port - £ 15 UK, £ 40 in het buitenland, waarbij een e-mail is niet aanvaardbaar. Alle kwalificatie verificatie verzoeken moeten worden gericht aan verifications@nebosh.org.uk~~V Gelieve Chech NEBOSH website 14) Ik nam de NEBOSH cursus en het examen NEBOSH, wanneer krijg ik de NEBOSH resultaten Normaal NEBOSH resultaten zijn weergegeven in ongeveer 1-2 maanden. Hierdoor kunnen studenten die niet zijn statisfied hun NEBOSH EAR vervolgens de NEBOSH certificaten en Kwalificatie perkamenten worden verzonden binnen 2 maanden na de NEBOSH doen resulteert aangiften 15) nam ik de NEBOSH cursus en de NEBOSH examen, wanneer krijg ik de NEBOSH certificaten Normaal NEBOSH resultaten worden in ongeveer 1-2 maanden. Hierdoor kunnen studenten die niet zijn statisfied hun NEBOSH EAR vervolgens de NEBOSH certificaten en Kwalificatie perkamenten worden verzonden binnen 2 maanden na de NEBOSH doen resulteert aangiften 16) Wat kan ik mijn NEBOSH certificaat voor? Wat kan ik mijn certificaat? De NEBOSH certificaat levert het bewijs van het bereiken van succes in de NEBOSH examens De NEBOSH certificaat moet veilig met al uw professionele certificeringen Werkgevers, beroepsverenigingen en academische instellingen soms kan vragen om een ​​kopie van de NEBOSH Certification 17 worden gehouden) Mijn NEBOSH certificaat is verloren of beschadigde ik mijn NEBOSH certificte kan ik een nieuwe NEBOSH certificaat of een vervanging voor mijn NEBOSH certificaat? Mijn certificaat is verloren, kan ik een vervanger? Als NEBOSH geeft een nieuwe vervangende NEBOSH bewijs dat het met het woord te markeren Reissue De nieuwe NEBOSH certificaat zal een nieuwe heruitgave datum Maar de oude NEBOSH certificaat op de nieuwe NEBOSH vervangende certificaat blijft hebben Zodra er een nieuwe NEBOSH certificaat wordt heruitgegeven het origineel NEBOSH certificaat is niet meer geldig Herhaal verzoeken van dezelfde kandidaat voor NEBOSH certificaten of uit dezelfde NEBOSH cursus provider zal worden onderzocht voordat ze worden geaccepteerd. Als bewijs van fraude en / of nalatige activiteit wordt gevonden, zal het incident worden behandeld door NEBOSH als wanpraktijken en zo nodig ingrijpen 18) Wat gebeurt er als iemand valselijk beweert een NEBOSH diploma te hebben, maar niet een NEBOSH certificaat Wat zijn de gevolgen te houden van valselijk beweert een NEBOSH kwalificatie te houden? NEBOSH registreert alle examenkandidaten en alle personen die een van de NEBOSH kwalificaties hebben gegund. Elke NEBOSH Unit Certificaat en Qualification Perkament heeft een aantal anti-vervalsing en fraudebestrijding functies, waaronder een uniek identificatienummer. NEBOSH zullen werkgevers en wervingsbureaus helpen bij het verifiëren dat potentiële of bestaande werknemers daadwerkelijk te doen houden NEBOSH kwalificaties. Vervalsen kwalificaties om een ​​baan te krijgen is een geldige reden voor het onmiddellijk ontslag van de werknemer. In de meeste landen is dit geclassificeerd als fraude en kan een strafbaar feit zijn. NEBOSH zullen dergelijke gevallen bij de politie te melden, evenals vertellen andere beroepsorganisaties. Het is moreel en juridisch verkeerd 19) Ik heb de NEBOSH examens genomen, ontving mijn NEBOSH resultaten, maar hebben de NEBOSH certificaat heb ik niet gekregen van mijn Unit Certificaat / Kwalificatie Perkament NEBOSH stuurt certificaten per aangetekende post in het Verenigd Koninkrijk en door het spoor staat niet ontvangen levering aan het buitenland locaties in board-back enveloppen te zorgen dat ze worden ontvangen door Simply Veiligheid één van de erkende cursus provider en om schade te voorkomen. Gewoon Veiligheid zal alleen de NEBOSH certificaten aan kandidaten rechtstreeks We zullen niet mannelijk uit NEBOSH certificaten, omdat deze zijn van cruciaal belang voor u. Originele NEBOSH certificaten worden doorgaans verzonden binnen 40 werkdagen na de datum van de desbetreffende NEBOSH Eenheid Kennisgevingsbrief (of vier maanden na de datum van het examen). Gewoon Veiligheid zal een admin vergoeding voor elke NEBOSH certificaten die verloren zijn gegaan of moeten gewoon worden heruitgegeven Veiligheid zal de vergoeding voor de vervanging van de NEBOSH certificaten 20) Wie is eigenaar van de NEBOSH certificaat? Ligt het aan mij, die de NEBOSH certificaat of het bedrijf dat mij voor de NEBOSH cursus Wie is eigenaar van het certificaat toegezonden bezit? NEBOSH Unit Certificaten en kwalificatie Parchments worden toegekend door NEBOSH naar de persoon die op het certificaat om hun succesvolle afronding van de NEBOSH assessment en niet te duiden voor de organisatie of individu (en) die studie de student gesponsord. 21) Wat zijn de kosten van een vervangend NEBOSH certificaat Wat zijn de kosten van een vervangend bewijs? De kosten van vervanging van elk NEBOSH eenheid certificaat of diploma perkament is SGD120 plus admin en DHL kosten. Betaling kan geschieden per cheque, cash, overschrijving of credit card In het geval als er een NEBOSH EAR en de NEBOSH EAR succesvol was de gecorrigeerde certificering zal gratis worden afgegeven. Wel moet de originele NEBOSH certificaat en / of perkament worden geretourneerd door de NEBOSH kandidaat en NEBOSH zal niet vervangingen af ​​te geven totdat de oorspronkelijke NEBOSH certificaat hebben ontvangen. 22) die ik heb gedaan en gaf een NEBOSH unit hoe kan ik mijn NEBOSH perkament Hoe kun je aanspraak maken op vrijstelling voor één van de NEBOSH eenheden die u hebt genomen en doorgegeven? Markeer duidelijk op uw NEBOSH inschrijfformulier dat u verzoek om een ​​ontheffing. Dit zal toelaten NEBOSH controleer je eerdere kwalificaties te steken en ervoor te zorgen dat u een NEBOSH Kwalificatie Parchment automatisch ontvangen op de succesvolle afronding van de rest van de drie NEBOSH eenheden binnen de award. 23) Wie ontvangt de NEBOSH certificaten die het certificaat ontvangt? NEBOSH Unit Certificaten en Parchments om certificaat niveau kwalificaties worden normaal uitgegeven aan Simply Veiligheid die NEBOSH cursus provider om distributie naar de NEBOSH studenten. 24) Hoe kan ik een verzoek aan NEBOSH voor een vervangend NEBOSH certificaat of een gewijzigde NEBOSH eenheid Certificaat Alle NEBOSH kandidaten of NEBOSH natuurlijk provider aanvragen van een vervangend certificaat moet de NEBOSH Beleid lezen over NEBOSH kandidaat-certificaten, met inbegrip correcties en heruitgaven te maken. Om een ​​NEBOSH Unit Certificate of NEBOSH Kwalificatie Parchment vervangen, moet NEBOSH kandidaten een NEBOSH Replacement unit certificaat / diploma perkament aanvraag formulier in te vullen (te vormen UCP1) en het ingevulde formulier naar NEBOSH. 25) Mijn naam op mijn NEBOSH certificaat is verkeerd of onjuist is, kan het NEBOSH veranderen? De gegevens (bijvoorbeeld naam) op mijn certificaat onjuist zijn of gewijzigd, kunnen ze worden gewijzigd? Gewoon herinnert Safety NEBOSH kandidaten om hun namen correct te registreren. Naam en voornaam moet duidelijk worden geschreven. NEBOSH studenten moet duidelijk worden aangegeven wat is hun achternaam De naam die op uw NEBOSH Unit Certificaten en kwalificatie Parchment blijkt is overgenomen uit uw NEBOSH inschrijving en / of NEBOSH tentamen inschrijfformulieren. Controleer de bevestiging van de inschrijving en NEBOSH NEBOSH onderzoek inschrijfbevestiging om ervoor te zorgen dat uw naam correct gespeld is. Als uw naam verkeerd wordt opgenomen gelieve ons te informeren over de juiste spelling schriftelijk zo spoedig mogelijk en kunnen we NEBOSH Verzoeken om wijzigingen aan NEBOSH Certificaten en NEBOSH Parchments informeren vallen in vier categorieën: • Certificaten met het benoemen van fouten (verkeerde spelling, etc.) • Veranderen naam als geregistreerd 'preferred' naam (bv, Jonathan James Smith aan Jim Smith of vice versa) • Het veranderen van volgorde van de namen (bijvoorbeeld achteruitrijden naam en voornaam voor certificatie doeleinden) • Naamswijziging voor legale doeleinden (bijvoorbeeld als gevolg van het huwelijk of bij akte poll) het kan nodig zijn om de betaling te maken voor een heruitgave en NEBOSH mogen niet mee eens omdat bepaalde eisen 26) kan ik een extra kopie van de NEBOSH certificaat of kan mijn werkgevers krijgen een extra kopie van het certificaat NEBOSH? NEBOSH regulerende verplichtingen alleen toestaan ​​NEBOSH één unit certificaat per NEBOSH eenheid bereikt en één NEBOSH kwalificatie perkament voor elke NEBOSH kwalificatie bereikt met een kandidaat af te geven. Als NEBOSH heeft re-issue van een nieuwe NEBOSH certificaat of NEBOSH perkament, de oorspronkelijke NEBOSH certificaat of NEBOSH perkament is niet langer geldig. Meerdere kopieën van dezelfde NEBOSH certificaat kan niet worden uitgegeven. 27) Ok ik word heruitgegeven een nieuw NEBOSH certificaat of NEBOSH perkament, hoe lang zal het duren? Hoe lang duurt het om een ​​nieuw certificaat ontvangen? NEBOSH kandidaten moeten verwachten om hun NEBOSH certificaten binnen 20 werkdagen na ontvangst van het verzoek door NEBOSH ontvangen. 28) Mijn oude NEBOSH certificaat is gestolen Mijn NEBOSH certificaat is gestolen en ik ben bang dat iemand mijn NEBOSH certificaat kan gebruiken of kopieën van mijn NEBOSH certificaat. Om het risico van frauduleuze verdubbeling van NEBOSH Certificaten en NEBOSH Parchments een minimum te beperken, worden NEBOSH certificaten gedrukt op waardepapier papier dat een watermerk of een hologram bevat. NEBOSH Certificaten en NEBOSH Parchments zijn individueel genummerd. NEBOSH houdt gegevens bij van alle NEBOSH Certificaat en NEBOSH Parchments uitgegeven en heruitgegeven. Zodra een vervanger is afgegeven, wordt de oorspronkelijke NEBOSH certificaat niet meer geldig zijn. 29) Hoe kan ik zien of mijn NEBOSH unit certificaat of mijn NEBOSH kwalificatie perkament geldt Hoe kan ik zien of een eenheid certificaat kwalificatie perkament of een eenheid resultaat kennisgeving is echt? NEBOSH houdt een register bij van alle kwalificatie houders, samen met het nummer op het certificaat of perkament uitgegeven aan hen. Gewoon beheert Veiligheid zijn eigen register van NEBOSH kandidaten evenals NEBOSH afgegeven. In feite is dit de reden waarom maken we studenten teken op de erkenning dat zij hun NEBOSH certificaten zijn verzameld Stuur NEBOSH kopie van de verdachte certificaat, perkament of NEBOSH eenheid resultaat kennisgeving aan NEBOSH 30) Hoe zal mijn naam worden afgedrukt op mijn NEBOSH certificaat of NEBOSH perkament? Voorafgaand aan het registreren van een NEBOSH onderzoek verrichten je wordt gevraagd te vullen een eenvoudig Safety inschrijfformulier in deze vorm duidelijk moet worden ro worden vermeld uw voornaam en SURNAMEor U kent uw voor- en achternaam van de beste, het is niet voor een training center aan te geven, zullen we vragen om uw formele ID, maar zal vragen u ro aangeven uw voor- en achternamen tenzij formeel verzocht NEBOSH zal de NEBOSH Unit Certificaten en NEBOSH Parchments af met gebruikmaking van de Europese naamgeving formaat. Hieronder is een voorbeeld van de internationale naamgeving formaten NEBOSH in staat is om te ondernemen. Titel De heer Eerste Michael Naam / familie Walker Name op de NEBOSH certificaat zal Michael Walker 31) Wie is de beste NEBOSH opleidingen Natuurlijk, als je elke NEBOSH training provider te vragen zullen ze zeggen dat ze de beste NEBOSH opleidingen Je moet maken selectie op basis van uw tijd, uw locatie en hoe je zal bestuderen en wat je zult studeren we gewoon Safety een NEBOSH aanbieder van opleidingen voor meer dan 8 jaar hebben een goede track record in een aantal van de beste bedrijven in de wereld. We hebben getraind voor Shell en vele andere oliemaatschappijen evenals opgeleid voor verschillende afdelingen We hebben een heleboel NEBOSH informatie gratis in de hoop dat nebosh studenten over de hele wereld, zelfs als ze niet onze NEBOSH studenten goede informatie krijgen 32 ) ik ben werkzaam in een land dat niet beschikt over een NEBOSH training provider Simpel Veiligheid is een NEBOSH training provider die is bekroond met de NEBOSH afstandsonderwijs en NEBOSH elearning vergunningen voor de IGC 33) ik ben de offshore bezig met rotatie Simply Veiligheid is een NEBOSH training provider die is bekroond met het leren NEBOSH afstand en NEBOSH elearning vergunningen voor de IGC 34) kan ik mijn NEBOSH examens aan een British Council Ja, je kunt NEBOSH examens afleggen in een British Council, we gewoon Veiligheid kan dit voor u regelen met de British Council 35) Kan ik mijn NEBOSH examen datum te wijzigen? Het hangt ervan af, ja je kunt de NEBOSH examendatum te veranderen, maar er zullen de administratieve lasten 36) Kan ik verander mijn NEBOSH examen locatie of NEBOSH examen plaats Ja, je kunt de NEBOSH examen locatie voor dit te veranderen, maar er zullen kosten en 37) Werkt de NEBOSH kwalificatie hebben een vervaldatum? Ik heb een NEBOSH kwalificatie behaald. Doe NEBOSH kwalificaties hebben een vervaldatum? Nee, de NEBOSH kwalificatie zodra alle succesvol afgerond heeft geen vervaldatum en NEBOSH geen kwalificaties moeten worden periodiek opnieuw genomen. 38) Hoe lang duurt het NEBOSH training te nemen? Hoe lang duurt het? Dit zal afhangen van wat NEBOSH kwalificatie u kiezen voor een studie. Bel ons om dit te bespreken en we kunnen uitleggen dit verder te Het NEBOSH HSW is 3 dagen van opleiding De NEBOSH IGC Full time of Block release is 10 dagen fulltime face to face, maar ook zelfstudie De NEBOSH afstandsonderwijs en NEBOSH e-learning betekent dat je nog steeds hebben in de uren te zetten 39) Waarom heeft NEBOSH zo lang voordat de NEBOSH certificaat, andere cursussen certificaten de volgende dag Zodra een NEBOSH onderzoek is afgerond de NEBOSH examen scripts worden teruggestuurd naar NEBOSH en ondergaan strenge standaardisatie, markering, het controleren en de resultaten vastberadenheid processen om de nauwkeurigheid en consistentie te waarborgen. Het is een standaard die wereldwijd erkend 40) Hoeveel kost de NEBOSH cursus Cursus kosten zijn te vinden op onze website of u kunt ons direct mailen op iac@simplysafety.com.sg 41) Waarom Simply Veiligheid NEBOSH vergoedingen zijn verschillend van andere NEBOSH opleidingsverstrekkers ? NEBOSH Cursus vergoedingen variëren van NEBOSH training provider NEBOSH opleidingen Koos de training provider die u vertrouwd mee bent en niet alleen de goedkoopste 42) Wat heb ik nodig om een ​​NEBOSH docent of NEBOSH trainer Om een ​​NEBOSH docent of NEBOSH trainer of NEBOSH zijn instructeur moet je diploma erkend door NEBOSH evenals de jarenlange ervaring in deze branche ook je nodig hebt om de verschillende jaren van het onderwijs of opleiding ervaring dan uw NEBOSH tutor aanvraagformulier kan worden voorgelegd aan NEBOSH ter goedkeuring of vetting 43) NEBOSH hebben kwalificaties heeft de Construction Skills Certificate Scheme accepteren NEBOSH kwalificaties vrijstelling van de test gezondheid en veiligheid van de CSCS kaarten? Van 30 september 2013 zal de bouw Skills Certificate Scheme de volgende kwalificaties te erkennen voor de AQP (Academisch Qualified Person) kaart: NEBOSH National Certificate in Bouw gezondheid en veiligheid NEBOSH International Certificate in Bouw gezondheid en veiligheid NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Succesvolle kandidaten houdt deze NEBOSH academische kwalificaties zullen worden uitgegeven met een kaart AQP (academisch Qualified Person), dat is vijf jaar geldig. Alle aanvragers moeten passeren de CITB managers en professionals Veiligheid, Gezondheid en Milieu Test. 44) NEBOSH en IOSH NEBOSH National General Certificate kwalificaties bereikt na oktober 2002 voldoen aan de academische vereisten voor het lidmaatschap van de Technicus (Tech IOSH) van het Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). NEBOSH National General Certificate diploma's behaald vóór november 2002 zal worden aanvaard voor Tech IOSH lidmaatschap, op voorwaarde dat 12 maanden back-gedateerde Continuous Professional Development (CPD) bewijs IOSH wordt ingediend. NEBOSH nationale algemene Certificaathouders die hun kwalificatie vóór november 2002 bereikt wordt geadviseerd om contact op met de IOSH Membership afdeling voor meer informatie over de CPD route naar Tech IOSH lidmaatschap. 45) Welk niveau is de NEBOSH certificaat Het volgende NEBOSH Certificate diploma's worden gewaardeerd op niveau 6 in de Schotse Krediet en kwalificatiekader (SCQF): NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH National Certificate in Bouw gezondheid en veiligheid NEBOSH National Certificate in Brandveiligheid en Risk management NEBOSH National Certificate in Environmental management NEBOSH National Certificate in het beheer van Gezondheid en welzijn op het Werk. NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH International Certificate in Bouw gezondheid en veiligheid NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety en Risk Management 46) Whay niveau is de NEBOSH Award Welk niveau zijn NEBOSH Award kwalificaties? De volgende NEBOSH Award kwalificatie wordt beoordeeld op niveau 5 in de Schotse Krediet en kwalificatiekader (SCQF), vanaf 1 januari 2012: • NEBOSH Award in de gezondheid en veiligheid op het werk SCQF Level 5 is vergelijkbaar met NKK / QCF Level 2 in Engeland, Wales en Noord-Ierland, of GCSE standaard. 47) Ik heb een Verwijs in mijn NEBOSH resultaten Als een student kreeg een 'verwijzen' resultaat in de NEBOSH examens dat betekent dat ze nog niet de pas standaard in het onderzoek of opdracht voldaan. Aangebracht NEBOSH studenten kunnen opnieuw registreren voor een schriftelijk tentamen of praktische assessment 48) Ok ik heb een verwijs in mijn NEBOSH examens, wanneer kan ik herkansen mijn NEBOSH examens? Misschien wilt u uw certificaat niveau kwalificatie overdoen, bij een standaard onderzoek zitten (maart, juni, september en december). We kunnen echter ook regelen on demand NEBOSH examendata, maar deze komen op een kostprijs 49) Wanneer kan ik mijn NEBOSH resultaten krijgen Voor schriftelijke NEBOSH examens, de datum waarop de NEBOSH kandidaat moet een schriftelijke NEBOSH resultaat melding staat vermeld op de kandidaat NEBOSH onderzoek inschrijfbevestiging. Read more... International General Certificate (IGC) in Occupational Safety and Health examendata voor 2016
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      NEBOSH资格 - 了解NEBOSH资格
      NEBOSH收到来自生活在125个不同国家的人几乎每年都有一百thousand-超过10万NEBOSH考试注册,每个寻求获得许多不同的NEBOSH资格之一。以下或在追求健康和安全管理职业生涯的人认为,他们将需要一个NEBOSH资格。有的采取NEBOSH资格,以防万一。其他参加NEBOSH资格,因为他们的就业需要它。英国有研究显示,许多雇主要求申请人持有NEBOSH资格。许多这些公司需要专业级的程度相当于NEBOSH文凭。它不只是那些需要NEBOSH qualificaitons,但不同的职场角色的专业安全专业人员现在持有NEBOSH资格。健康,安全和环境管理是从公司董事到建筑工,保险顾问,HR人员多的不同角色资格。 NEBOSH不提供课程。没有NEBOSH没有做NEBOSH培训。相反NEBOSH派驻NEBOSH认可的培训机构。该NEBOSH认可的培训机构是指进行NEBOSH培训有世界各地的一些620 NEBOSH认可的课程提供机构的人。 NEBOSH培训机构提供获得NEBOSH资格所需的NEBOSH培训和教育。究竟应该怎样开始找NEBOSH课程或NEBOSH培训机构?您可以在NEBOSH网站开始下找到一个NEBOSH课程或认可的课程提供者'在哪里学习“NEBOSH资格不被不同NEBOSH资格或NEBOSH短的形式被淹没的人似乎基本上有目前从NEBOSH HSW或NEBOSH IGC使用三种不同类别的资质NEBOSH NEBOSH奖NEBOSH证书NEBOSH文凭。现在用或通过赫尔大学,NEBOSH现在还提供一系列硕士学位的。 NEBOSH奖的奖励资格证明所涵盖的主题的基本理解并且可以使用作为介绍其他更高级别NEBOSH资格。 NEBOSH提供了三个奖一级资质:NEBOSH奖健康和安全工作中的资格NEBOSH奖,安全,健康和环保工作NEBOSH环境意识工业生产过程中的雇主特别被吸引到合格的这个NEBOSH奖水平,帮助人们理解安全和健康,并建立了良好的文化的NEBOSH奖是英文完成。在工作​​中NEBOSH奖,健康和安全,可采取在法语,西班牙语,阿拉伯语,汉语中国和俄罗斯的。 NEBOSH证书NEBOSH证书一级资质证明所涵盖的主题广泛的知识。有九个NEBOSH证书一级资质。是的,有九个不同NEBOSH证书─这取决于你想要什么。 NEBOSH国际通用证书职业健康安全NEBOSH证书全国通用的职业健康和安全NEBOSH国际证书在建设健康和安全NEBOSH国家证书在建设健康和安全NEBOSH国际证书在消防安全和风险管理NEBOSH国家证书的消防安全风险管理NEBOSH国际技术证书石油和天然气运营安全NEBOSH国家证书在卫生的管理福祉工作NEBOSH证书的环境管理显得关键资格的为一体。更多的人采取任何其他NEBOSH资格的国际NEBOSH以英语进行的全国NEBOSH NEBOSH和国际资格。该NEBOSH国际通用证书也是法语,葡萄牙语,西班牙语,阿拉伯语,俄语和土耳其语。 NEBOSH文凭有三种NEBOSH文凭资格:NEBOSH国家文凭职业健康与安全NEBOSH国际文凭职业健康和安全NEBOSH文凭环境管理NEBOSH文凭被全球认可。 NEBOSH大专文凭持有者也可能有资格获得专业机构的成员。 NEBOSH大专文凭持有者可申请研究生(奇格勒IOSH)和职业安全与健康NEBOSH大专文凭持有者的机构特许(CMIOSH)会员可以申请风险研究所和安全管理的成员状态(MIIRSM)。 NEBOSH大师NEBOSH提供了三种科学硕士(硕士)学位和三个主研究(MRES)学位与赫尔大学:职业硕士学位的职业健康,安全与环境管理硕士职业健康和安全管理硕士环境管理MRES健康,安全和职业健康安全管理MRES在环境管理NEBOSH考试环境管理MRES选择正确的NEBOSH课程并参加NEBOSH奖,证书或文凭考试的NEBOSH一般产地证是每两个小时的考试和1两个NEBOSH考试NEBOSH实用职场分配。看NEBOSH网站信息和帮助。有些NEBOSH信息是NEBOSH网站考官的报告免费提供;例如试卷和考官的预期答案反馈;和GC3指导和考生信息。学习一些NEBOSH命令字或NEBOSH行动词识别,大纲,描述,解释,并给予。在证书考试命令字含义示例中使用的命令字的含义确定为了让参考的项目,这可能是它的名称或标题概述为了表明主要特征或给予的任何主要方面的简要的不同部分中指出在问题描述作出详细的书面说明的主题的鲜明特色。解释要提供一个了解。为了使一个想法或关系明确给予提供短,实际的答案孰能perfect-实践NEBOSH模拟疑问或教科书的问题。练习NEBOSH问题是在准备关键和重要。 NEBOSH常见问题1)以学生我可以将报名费转移到另一个起居室?你不能。一旦你已经预订了NEBOSH考试日期,它是最终决定。你会被标记在考试缺席坐足额支付将在下次考试坐在需要。由于一些意外情况2)我无法参加NEBOSH检查。我有一些额外的工作,所以我不能做我的NEBOSH考试,我要出国,所以我不能做我的NEBOSH考试我做夜班,所以我不能做我的NEBOSH考试是否有可能要退还我的考试报名费?你不能。你必须计划和手3前预订您的NEBOSH考试长达6个月),我有工作在NEBOSH考试那天,我就可以开始在不同的时间的时间和奢侈品?你不能。该NEBOSH考试日期和考试NEBOSH时间是固定的。无变化4)我可以看到在数据保护法案标志着我检查脚本?不,你不能看到你的标记NEBOSH论文。 NEBOSH政策遵循1998年的数据保护法,根据该机构授予法律上没有义务提供体检脚本的访问权限。附表7数据保护法的第9款规定,“学术,专业或其他考试期间由学生记录的信息个人资料被免除”。 “考试”根据该法令界定为包括“供参考确定的知识,智力,技能或某候选人的能力,他的表现在任何测试,工作或其他活动的过程。”因此你看不到你的NEBOSH论文或您的标记NEBOSH答题5)我想看到我的标记NEBOSH考试答卷,因为结果不符合我的期望。我觉得我打进了良好NEBOSH考试。我想知道为什么我没有NEBOSH考试。不,你不能看到标记NEBOSH论文。如果您认为您的NE​​BOSH的结果是不对的,你可以在NEBOSH结果被NEBOSH发行之日起一个月内,请求NEBOSH询问有关结果(EAR)。没有为NEBOSH EAR 6)我没有为NEBOSH考试成绩好,需要得到的反馈为下NEBOSH考试费。我怎样才能为NEBOSH考试的反馈?我能问的反馈NEBOSH我NEBOSH考试?我可以写在以NEBOSH反馈?号你可以期望在NEBOSH网站或网上考试技巧。替代你可以问你的NEBOSH培训提供商或NEBOSH导师NEBOSH不提供个人表现的反馈。您可以注册多个NEBOSH培训课程7)我坐了NEBOSH考试。我付了NEBOSH考试。我的电话号码在NEBOSH脚本appeards这是否意味着NEBOSH标脚本属于我?是NEBOSH脚本我的知识产权?第专利局曾表示,“设置或接听考试不构成对知识产权的目的而作出的任何事情。”据NEBOSH完成检查脚本时,学生不会产生知识产权。该NEBOSH脚本仅NEBOSH和NEBOSH的财产。 8)然后执行的信息自由法适用于NEBOSH?没有2000年信息自由法只适用于公共部门,即政府资助机构(如学校,学院和大学)。 NEBOSH是一家私营实体,不受该法。 9)我把我的NEBOSH exams-我可以保持我的NEBOSH考试试卷或NEBOSH答卷不,我不能让我的考试试卷? NEBOSH学生不允许从NEBOSH考场删除NEBOSH考试试卷或NEBOSH答卷。不要让NEBOSH考试,直到通过考试NEBOSH监考10清零)我可以得到我的NEBOSH证书或我的NEBOSH资格的电子副本的扫描副本?没有出于安全原因NEBOSH和我们不发出NEBOSH单位证书或资格NEBOSH羊皮纸的电子副本。它也为你自己好。 11)我可以申请NEBOSH特别注意事项我觉得我的修订受到影响,我觉得有什么东西阻碍了我的NEBOSH考试成绩。没有你将没有资格NEBOSH特别考虑12)如果中心失去了考试的脚本,如果我的考试答卷或作业丢失,会发生什么,会发生什么?它的可能性不大。该中心需要提交的脚本在一个特定的时间框架,并通过适当的措施NEBOSH和NEBOSH培训机构已经到位,以确保完成NEBOSH考试答卷的安全严格的程序,NEBOSH实际评估和分配,是就地对于NEBOSH实际评估,明智的做法是让学生保持保存版本,同时输入他们的评估,或保留扫描保存的副本,如果他们使用手写评估。记住,你用来发送NEBOSH评估13我如何检查是有人有NEBOSH资格,是NEBOSH资格合法显然你必须确保你的NEBOSH培训机构是合法和被认可与NEBOSH请注意NEBOSH课程提供者必须提供的电子邮件)他们是认可的培训。如果例如NEBOSH课程提供商认可了NEBOSH IGC全职和兼职ONLY,那么NEBOSH课程提供商只能超过80小时无论是全职或兼职,但80小时这NEBOSH课程提供者不能提供其他课程或其他行为NEBOSH IGC方法NEBOSH可接收来自雇主,招聘机构,高等教育机构和其他类似机构的要求来验证,如果一个人真正持有NEBOSH资格。已经有你需要做的是有资格NEBOSH羊皮纸准备一份什么欺诈案件和假冒认证和NEBOSH可在5个工作日内核实是否是正版还是不行。如果你不具备资格的羊皮纸副本,NEBOSH仍然可以验证人是否持有我们的文凭之一。然而,为了让NEBOSH遵守数据保护法,这样的请求只能以书面形式收到请求处理;通过资格认定申请表。公开内容将不会响应于通过电话询问作出。请求确认不存在的羊皮纸副本的学历将尽快处理所有相关信息并收到授权,但NEBOSH最多可能需要20个工作日。该人士受这一要求并没有提供授权。然而,他们必须意识到,检查正在取得进展。该组织提出请求必须提供证据,证明他们已通知他们将设法核实,他们认为,他们声称资格个人。如果他们无法提供这方面的证据,授权,谁是请求将被要求标的的人。 NEBOSH提供的信息,将被限制在单个是否成立的资格要求。 NEBOSH不会泄露取得标志或检验单位检查结果。 NEBOSH会如有需要,实现了披露标志或检验单位检查结果。从候选授权将需要。以下收费申请这项服务:•£25的费用完成由外部组织或者结果成绩单是不能接受的提供文书工作。 •费用安全邮资 - £15英国40£海外,其中电子邮件是不能接受的。所有资格认定申请应当向verifications@nebosh.org.uk~~V请再检查一下NEBOSH网站14)我把NEBOSH课程和考试NEBOSH,我什么时候可以拿到NEBOSH结果通常NEBOSH结果在大约1-2个月内给出。这让谁不statisfied做他们NEBOSH EAR然后NEBOSH证书和资质羊皮纸是2个月NEBOSH内派出留学生结果声明15)我把NEBOSH场和NEBOSH考试,我什么时候可以拿到NEBOSH证书通常NEBOSH结果在大约1-2个月内给出。这让谁不statisfied做他们NEBOSH EAR然后NEBOSH证书和资质的羊皮纸2个月NEBOSH内派出留学生结果声明16)我可以使用我的NEBOSH证书?我可以用我的证书?该NEBOSH证书提供了在NEBOSH成功的成就证明考试NEBOSH证书应安全保管与所有的专业认证雇主,专业团体和学术机构有时可能会要求为NEBOSH认证17副本)我NEBOSH证书遗失或损坏,我NEBOSH我我证明文件可以得到一个新的NEBOSH证书或为我NEBOSH证书的替代?我的证书已遗失,我可以得到一个更换?如果NEBOSH发布一个新的替代NEBOSH证书,它已经被打上字补发新的NEBOSH证书将有一个新的补发日期,但老NEBOSH证书将继续留在新的NEBOSH替换证书一旦一个新的NEBOSH证书补发原NEBOSH证书不再从NEBOSH证书或从同一个NEBOSH课程提供相同的考生有效重复请求被接受之前,他们将进行调查。如果发现欺诈和/或疏忽活动的证据,该事件将被NEBOSH被视为违规行为,并在适当情况下采取行动18)当有人谎称持有NEBOSH证书,但不持有NEBOSH证书会有什么后果,会发生什么谎称持有NEBOSH资格? NEBOSH保留所有考生以及谁被授予任何NEBOSH资格的人员的记录。每个NEBOSH单位证书和资质羊皮纸拥有多项防伪和防欺诈功能,包括一个独特的识别号码。 NEBOSH将协助雇主和招聘机构核实潜在或现有员工真正做到持有NEBOSH资格。为了获得工作资格虚开用于即时解雇员工的正当理由。在大多数国家,这被列为欺诈,并构成刑事犯罪。 NEBOSH将报告这种情况下,向警方以及告诉其他专业机构。它是道德和法律上错误19)我已NEBOSH考试,收到我的NEBOSH的结果,但还没有收到我还没有收到我的单位证书/资格羊皮纸NEBOSH在英国和跟踪能力挂号发送证书NEBOSH证书送货到在电路板背面的信封海外地区,以确保它们通过简单的认证课程提供安全一个接收,避免损坏。简单安全将只提供NEBOSH证书的候选人直接我们不会出公证书NEBOSH因为这是给你的关键。原来NEBOSH证书中对相关单位NEBOSH结果通知信(或考试之日起四个月后)之日起40个工作日内正常发送出去。简单安全将收取管理费为丢失任何NEBOSH证书或需要进行简单的重新颁发安全将收取费用更换NEBOSH证书20)谁拥有NEBOSH证书?它是我的谁拥有NEBOSH证书或送我的NEBOSH当然谁拥有该证书的公司? NEBOSH单位证书和资质羊皮纸由NEBOSH授予命名证书上表示他们对NEBOSH评估顺利完成,而不是一个资助研究的学生的课程的组织或个人(S)的人。 21)什么是替代NEBOSH证书什么是补发的费用成本?替换每个NEBOSH单位证书或资格羊皮纸的费用为SGD120加上管理和DHL的费用。付款方式可使用支票,现金,银行转账或信用卡进行在活动现场,如果有一个NEBOSH EAR和NEBOSH EAR成功修正认证将免费发放。但是,原始NEBOSH证书和/或羊皮纸必须由NEBOSH候选被返回,直到原始NEBOSH证书已收到NEBOSH不会发出更换。 22)我所做的和传递的一个NEBOSH单位我怎么能收到你怎么能要求免除对NEBOSH单位之一,你已参加并通过我的NEBOSH羊皮纸?请您要求免责的NEBOSH登记表上清楚地标明。这将使NEBOSH交叉检查以前的资格,并确保您自动收到一个NEBOSH资格羊皮纸上获奖内三个NEBOSH单位的所有其余的顺利完成。 23)谁接收谁接收证书的证书NEBOSH? NEBOSH单位证书和证书级别的资格羊皮纸通常发出简单的安全是NEBOSH当然提供商分配给NEBOSH的学生。 24)如何做出NEBOSH补发NEBOSH证书或修改NEBOSH单位证书全部NEBOSH候选人或NEBOSH培训机构申请补发证书必​​须阅读NEBOSH政策有关NEBOSH候选人证书,包括更正和补发的请求。要更换NEBOSH单位证书或资格NEBOSH羊皮纸,NEBOSH考生必须完成更换NEBOSH单位证书/羊皮纸资格申请表(UCP1形式),并填妥表格NEBOSH。 25)我对我的NEBOSH证书名称是错误的或不正确,可以NEBOSH改变呢?在我的证书细节(如姓名)不正确或已经改变,他们能修改吗?简单安全提醒考生NEBOSH正确注册自己的名字。姓氏和名字必须写清楚。 NEBOSH学生必须明确指出的是自己的姓氏而你NEBOSH单位证书和资格羊皮纸似乎是从您的NEBOSH登记及/或NEBOSH考试报名表所采取的名称。请检查您的NEBOSH招生和NEBOSH考试报名确认的确认,以确保您的名字拼写正确。如果你的名字被记录错误,请告诉我们正确的拼写在尽快写,我们可以通知更改为NEBOSH证书和NEBOSH羊皮纸NEBOSH要求分为四类:•证书与命名错误(拼写错误等)•更改名称作为注册到“首选”的名称(例如,乔纳森·詹姆斯·史密斯吉姆·史密斯反之亦然)•名更改顺序(例如,倒车用于认证目的姓和名)•法律目的名称的变化(例如,由于婚姻或平边契据)您可能需要进行支付补发和因为某些要求26)我可以得到NEBOSH证书的其他副本或我的雇主可以得到NEBOSH证书的其他副本NEBOSH可能不同意? NEBOSH监管义务只允许NEBOSH发行实现每单位NEBOSH一个单位证书,并通过候选人取得每NEBOSH资格1 NEBOSH资格羊皮纸。如果NEBOSH并重新发出一个新的NEBOSH证书或NEBOSH羊皮纸,原来NEBOSH证书或NEBOSH羊皮纸不再有效。同样NEBOSH证书的多个副本无法发出。 27)好吧我被补发新的NEBOSH证书或NEBOSH羊皮纸,如何需要多长时间?需要多长时间才能收到新的证书? NEBOSH考生应该会在收到由NEBOSH请求后20个工作日内领取NEBOSH证书。 28)我的老NEBOSH证书已被偷走了我的NEBOSH证书已被人偷走了,我很担心有人会用我的NEBOSH证书或让我NEBOSH证书的复印件。为了尽量减少NEBOSH证书和NEBOSH羊皮纸的欺诈性复制的危险,NEBOSH证书被印在安全纸,包括水印和全息图。 NEBOSH证书和NEBOSH羊皮纸均有独立编号。 NEBOSH维护所有NEBOSH证书和NEBOSH羊皮纸发行,重新发行的纪录。一旦更换已经发出,原来的NEBOSH证书将不再有效。 29)我如何能知道我的NEBOSH单位证明或我的NEBOSH资格羊皮纸是有效的我怎么能判断一个单位证书,资格羊皮纸或单位结果通知是正品? NEBOSH维护所有资格持有人登记册,发放给他们的证书或羊皮纸上号。只要安全管理自己的NEBOSH候选人登记以及颁发NEBOSH证书。事实上,这就是为什么我们让学生在确认签字,他们已经收集了NEBOSH证书请把怀疑证书,羊皮纸或NEBOSH单位结果通知NEBOSH副本NEBOSH 30)如何将我的名字在我的NEBOSH证书或NEBOSH印刷羊皮纸?在此之前登记承接NEBOSH考试你会被要求填写此表一个简单的安全报名的形式,它显然需要RO提到您的名字和SURNAMEor你知道你的名字和姓氏最好的,这是没有任何培训中心表示,我们将询问您的正式身份证,但会问你RO注明您的第一和姓氏除非正式要求NEBOSH将使用欧洲命名格式发出NEBOSH单位证书和NEBOSH羊皮纸。以下是国际命名格式NEBOSH是能够承担一个例子。学术称号先生迈克尔姓/家庭沃克名称上NEBOSH证书将是迈克尔·沃克31),谁是最好的NEBOSH培训机构显然,如果你问任何NEBOSH培训机构,他们会说,他们是最好的NEBOSH培训机构,您需要做选择根据你的时间,你的位置,你将如何学习和超过8年的NEBOSH培训供应商有良好记录的一些最好的公司,在世界的什么,你将学习我们简单安全。我们已经为壳牌公司和许多其他石油公司以及训练不同的部门在训练我们投入了大量的NEBOSH资料,免费供,希望世界各地的NEBOSH的学生,即使他们不是我们的NEBOSH的学生将获得良好的信息32 )我在不具有NEBOSH培训机构的国家工作简单安全是已被授予NEBOSH远程学习和NEBOSH网络学习许可证IGC 33)我正在旋转的海上工作的一个NEBOSH培训提供简单安全是一个NEBOSH培训已荣获NEBOSH远程学习和NEBOSH网络学习许可证IGC 34)我可以把我的NEBOSH考试在英国文化协会是的,你可以在英国文化委员会采取NEBOSH考试提供商,我们只是安全性可以与英国文化协会为你安排35)我可以改变我的NEBOSH考试日期?这取决于,是的,你可以改变NEBOSH考试日期,但也会有行政事业性收费36)我可以改变我NEBOSH考试地点或NEBOSH考试场地是的,你可以改变NEBOSH考试场地,但会有收费这个问题,以及37)不执行在NEBOSH资格有有效期?我已经取得了NEBOSH资格。做NEBOSH资格有有效期?无NEBOSH资格一旦所有成功完成不具有到期日和NEBOSH不需要资格被定期重新拍摄。 38)多长时间NEBOSH培训走?需要花多长时间?这将取决于你选择学什么NEBOSH资格。联系我们讨论这个,我们可以解释这个进一步的NEBOSH HSW是培训的NEBOSH IGC全职或阻止版本3天的全日制面对面为10天,但也自我学习的NEBOSH远程学习和NEBOSH网络学习意味着你仍然必须把小时39)为什么NEBOSH花了这么长的时间NEBOSH证书,其他课程有证书一旦NEBOSH检查已经完成NEBOSH考试脚本送回NEBOSH第二天经过严格的标准化,标识,检验和结果判定处理,以确保准确性和一致性。它是一种标准,是世界公认的40)如何多的NEBOSH课程学费在我们的网站被发现,或者你可以直接在iac@simplysafety.com.sg 41给我们发电子邮件)为什么简单的安全NEBOSH费用是来自其他NEBOSH培训机构不同? NEBOSH学费从NEBOSH培训机构,NEBOSH培训提供商而异选择了你是舒服和培训机构不只是最廉价42)什么我需要成为NEBOSH导师或NEBOSH教练要成为一个NEBOSH导师或NEBOSH教练或NEBOSH教练你需要有由NEBOSH以及在该行业还需要有各种多年的教学或培训经验,然后你的NEBOSH导师申请表格可提交给NEBOSH审批或审核43)NEBOSH多年的经验,认识到正规学历学历不施工技能证书计划接受NEBOSH资格从的CSCS卡的健康和安全测试豁免?从2013年9月30日,施工技能认证计划会识别下列条件的水通道蛋白(学术资格的人)卡:NEBOSH国家证书在建设健康和安全NEBOSH国际证书在建设健康和安全NEBOSH国家文凭在职业健康与安全成功申请持有这些NEBOSH学历将与水通道蛋白(学术资格的人)卡有效期为五年发行。所有申请人必须通过工商及科技局管理人员和专业人员健康,安全和环境试验。 44)NEBOSH和IOSH NEBOSH证书全国通用的资格后取得了2002年10月符合职业安全与健康学会(IOSH)的技术员成员(技术IOSH)的学历要求。 2002年11月之前实现NEBOSH证书全国通用的资格将接受技术IOSH会员,提供12根几个月前过时持续专业发展(CPD)的证据提交给IOSH。即2002年11月前实现会计从业资格NEBOSH证书全国通用持有人应联络,以了解有关CPD路由技术IOSH成员的详细信息,IOSH会员部。 45)什么样的水平是NEBOSH证书以下NEBOSH证书资格的额定电压为6级在苏格兰信用和资格框架(SCQF):NEBOSH证书全国通用的职业健康和安全NEBOSH国家证书在建设健康和安全NEBOSH国家证书消防安全和风险管理NEBOSH国家证书在环境管理NEBOSH国家证书的职业健康和福祉的管理。 NEBOSH国际通用证书职业健康安全国际NEBOSH证书施工安全卫生NEBOSH国际证书在消防安全和风险管理46)Whay水平是NEBOSH奖什么水平是NEBOSH奖的资格?下面NEBOSH奖的资格被评为在苏格兰信用和资格框架(SCQF)5级,从2012年1月1日:在工作SCQF 5级•NEBOSH奖,健康和安全是媲美NQF / QCF等级2英格兰,威尔士和北爱尔兰,或GCSE标准。 47)我在我的NEBOSH结果请参阅如果一个学生在考试NEBOSH这意味着它们没有达到考试或转让合格标准获得了“参考”的结果。提到NEBOSH学生可以重新注册一个笔试或实践考核48)好吧我在我的NEBOSH考试一个参考,我什么时候能重考我NEBOSH考试吗?您可能希望重考证书一级资质,在标准考试坐(三月,六月,九月及十二月)。但是,我们也可以安排在需求NEBOSH考试日期,但这些是有代价的49)我什么时候能收到我的NEBOSH结果书面NEBOSH考试,日期由该NEBOSH候选人应收到书面NEBOSH结果通知候选人的被称NEBOSH考试报名确认。
      NEBOSH在澳大利亚,悉尼2016年3月SGD $ 650
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      NEBOSH Vrae

      NEBOSH Vrae
      NEBOSH Kwalifikasies - Verstaan ​​NEBOSH Kwalifikasies
      Verstaan ​​NEBOSH Kwalifikasies
      Verstaan ​​NEBOSH Kwalifikasies
      NEBOSH ontvang byna 'n honderd duisendjarige meer as 100,000 NEBOSH eksamenregistrasies elke jaar van mense wat in 125 verskillende lande, elk op soek na een van die vele verskillende NEBOSH kwalifikasies te verkry. Mense volgende of 'n loopbaan in die gesondheid en veiligheid bestuur glo dat hulle 'n NEBOSH kwalifikasie benodig. Sommige neem die NEBOSH kwalifikasies net in geval. Ander neem die NEBOSH kwalifikasies omdat hul werk dit vereis. Navorsing in die Verenigde Koninkryk het aan die lig gebring dat baie werkgewers vereis dat aansoekers om 'n NEBOSH kwalifikasie. Baie van hierdie maatskappye vereis professionele vlak graad-ekwivalente NEBOSH Diploma. Dit is nie net die veiligheid professionele mense wat die NEBOSH qualificaitons maar professionele persone met verskillende werkplek rolle vereis nou hou NEBOSH kwalifikasies. Gesondheid, veiligheid en omgewingsbestuur is 'n kwalifikasie vir baie verskillende rolle van maatskappydirekteure vir konstruksiewerkers, versekering adviseurs, HR personeel en nog baie meer. NEBOSH nie kursusse te lewer. Geen NEBOSH nie die NEBOSH opleiding doen. In plaas NEBOSH akkrediteer NEBOSH geakkrediteer opleidingsverskaffers. Die NEBOSH geakkrediteer opleidingsverskaffers is die mense wat die NEBOSH opleiding te doen Daar is 'n paar 620 NEBOSH geakkrediteerde kursus Verskaffers regoor die wêreld. NEBOSH Opleiding Verskaffers bied die NEBOSH opleiding en onderrig wat nodig is om NEBOSH kwalifikasies te verkry. Waar begin 'n NEBOSH kursus of 'n NEBOSH opleidingsverskaffers vind? Jy kan begin by die NEBOSH webwerf onder vind van 'n NEBOSH kursus of geakkrediteerde kursus Verskaffer "Waar om te studeer" NEBOSH Kwalifikasies Moenie oorweldig word deur die verskillende NEBOSH kwalifikasies of die NEBOSH kort vorms mense lyk om te gebruik vanaf NEBOSH HSW of NEBOSH IGC Eintlik is daar tans drie verskillende kategorieë NEBOSH kwalifikasie NEBOSH toekenning NEBOSH Sertifikaat NEBOSH Diploma. Nou met of deur die Universiteit van Hull, NEBOSH ook bied nou 'n verskeidenheid van meestersgrade. NEBOSH Toekennings n toekenning kwalifikasie demonstreer basiese begrip van die onderwerp gedek en kan gebruik word as 'n inleiding tot ander hoër vlak NEBOSH kwalifikasies. NEBOSH bied drie toekenning vlak kwalifikasies: NEBOSH toekenning in gesondheid en veiligheid by die werk NEBOSH Omgewingsbewustheid by die werk Kwalifikasie NEBOSH toekenning in Veiligheid, Gesondheid en Omgewing vir die Proses Industries Werkgewers in die besonder aangetrokke tot hierdie NEBOSH toekenning vlak van kwalifikasie om mense te help in begrip veiligheid en gesondheid en die bou van 'n goeie kultuur Die NEBOSH toekenning word gedoen in Engels. Die NEBOSH toekenning in gesondheid en veiligheid by die werk gedoen kan word in Frans, Spaans, Arabies, Mandaryns Chinees en Russies. NEBOSH Sertifikate NEBOSH Sertifikaat vlak kwalifikasies demonstreer breë kennis van die onderwerp gedek. Daar is nege NEBOSH Sertifikaat vlak kwalifikasies. Ja daar is nege verskillende NEBOSH certificaten afhangende van wat jy wil hê. NEBOSH Internasionale Algemene Sertifikaat in Beroepsgesondheid en Veiligheid NEBOSH Nasionale Algemene Sertifikaat in Beroepsgesondheid en Veiligheid NEBOSH Internasionale Sertifikaat in Konstruksie Gesondheid en Veiligheid NEBOSH Nasionale Sertifikaat in Konstruksie Gesondheid en Veiligheid NEBOSH Internasionale Sertifikaat in Fire Veiligheid en Risikobestuur NEBOSH Nasionale Sertifikaat in Fire Veiligheid en Risikobestuur NEBOSH Internasionale Tegniese Sertifikaat in olie en gas operasionele veiligheid NEBOSH Nasionale Sertifikaat in die bestuur van gesondheid en welstand by die werk NEBOSH Sertifikaat in Omgewingsbestuur gekyk as een van die belangrikste kwalifikasies. Meer mense neem die NEBOSH Nasionale en NEBOSH Internasionale kwalifikasies wat enige ander NEBOSH kwalifikasies Die NEBOSH International gedoen in Engels. Die NEBOSH Internasionale Algemene Sertifikaat is ook in Frans, Portugees, Spaans, Arabies, Russies en Turkse. NEBOSH diplomas Daar is drie NEBOSH Diploma kwalifikasies: NEBOSH Nasionale Diploma in Beroepsgesondheid en Veiligheid NEBOSH Internasionale Diploma in Beroepsgesondheid en Veiligheid NEBOSH Diploma in Omgewingsbestuur NEBOSH diplomas word wêreldwyd erken. NEBOSH Diploma houers kan ook in aanmerking kom vir lidmaatskap van professionele liggame. NEBOSH Diploma houers kan aansoek doen vir Nagraadse (Grad IOSH) en Geoktrooieerde (CMIOSH) ledetal van die Instituut van Beroepsveiligheid en Gesondheid NEBOSH Diploma houers kan aansoek doen vir lid status (MIIRSM) van die Instituut van risiko en Veiligheid Management. NEBOSH Meesters NEBOSH bied drie Magister Scientiae (MSc) grade en drie Meester van Ondersoek (MRes) grade by die Universiteit van Hull: MSc in Beroepsgesondheid, Veiligheid en Omgewingsbestuur MSc in Beroepsgesondheid en Veiligheid Management MSc in Omgewingsbestuur MRes in Beroepsgesondheid gesondheid, Veiligheid en Omgewingsbestuur MRes in Beroepsgesondheid en Veiligheid Management MRes in Omgewingsbestuur NEBOSH eksamens Kies die regte NEBOSH natuurlik en neem die NEBOSH toekenning, sertifikaat of diploma eksamens die NEBOSH Algemene sertifikaat is twee NEBOSH eksamens elk van twee-uur eksamen en 1 NEBOSH praktiese werkplek opdrag. Kyk na die NEBOSH webwerf vir inligting en hulp. Sommige NEBOSH inligting is vrylik beskikbaar op Verslae NEBOSH webwerf Eksaminatore '; Voorbeeld vraestel en eksaminators 'terugvoer oor na verwagting antwoorde; en GC3 voorligting en inligting vir kandidate. Hier is 'n paar NEBOSH Command woorde of NEBOSH Aksiewoorde identifiseer, skets, beskryf, verduidelik en gee. Betekenis van die opdrag woorde wat sertifikaat eksamens Command woord wat beteken Voorbeeld identifiseer verwysing na 'n item, wat kan wees sy naam of titel Outline aan die hoof kenmerke of verskillende dele van 'n kort opsomming van die belangrikste aspekte van enige dui gee vermeld in die vraag beskryf Om 'n gedetailleerde skriftelike rekening van die kenmerkende eienskappe van 'n onderwerp te gee. Verduidelik aan 'n begrip te gee. Maak 'n idee of verhouding duidelike gee aan kort, feitelike antwoorde praktyk maak volmaakte Practice NEBOSH spot vrae of handboek vrae verskaf. Praktiserende NEBOSH vrae is van kritieke belang en belangrik is in die voorbereiding. NEBOSH Vrae 1) studentgesentreerde Kan ek my registrasiegeld na 'n ander sitting? Nee, jy kan nie. Sodra jy jou NEBOSH eksamen datum bespreek, is dit finaal. Jy sal afwesig by die eksamensitting gemerk en volle betaling sal op jou volgende eksamensitting vereis word. 2) As gevolg van 'n paar onvoorsiene omstandighede was ek nie in staat om 'n NEBOSH ondersoek by te woon. Ek het ekstra werk, sodat ek nie kan doen nie my NEBOSH eksamens ek oorsee gaan, sodat ek nie doen my NEBOSH eksamens ek doen nagskof so ek my NEBOSH eksamens kan nie doen Is dit moontlik vir my ondersoek registrasiefooi moet terugbetaal? Nee, jy kan nie. Jy het die tyd en luukse om te beplan en boek jou NEBOSH eksamens tot 6 maande voor die hand 3) Ek het die werk aan die NEBOSH eksamen dag, kan ek begin by 'n ander tyd? Nee, jy kan nie. Die dag NEBOSH eksamen en NEBOSH eksamentyd is vasgestel. Geen veranderinge 4) Kan ek sien my gemerk eksamenskrif onder die Data Protection Act? Nee, jy kan nie sien jou gemerk NEBOSH vraestelle. NEBOSH beleid volg die Data Protection Act 1998, waaronder die toekenning van liggame is nie wetlik verplig om toegang te verskaf tot eksamenskrifte. Bylae 7 Paragraaf 9 van die Data Protection Act bepaal dat "persoonlike data wat bestaan ​​uit inligting wat deur studente tydens 'n akademiese, professionele of ander ondersoek vrygestel". 'Eksamen' is omskryf in die Wet, insluitende "n proses vir die bepaling van die kennis, intelligensie, vaardigheid of vermoë van 'n kandidaat met verwysing na sy prestasie in enige toets, werk of ander aktiwiteit". As sodanig dat jy nie kan sien jou NEBOSH vraestelle of jou gemerk NEBOSH antwoordstelle 5) Ek wil sien my gemerk NEBOSH eksamenskrif omdat die resultaat kom nie ooreen met my verwagtinge. Ek voel ek behaal goed vir NEBOSH eksamens. Ek wil weet hoekom ek nie NEBOSH eksamens. Nee, jy kan nie die gemerkte NEBOSH vraestelle sien. As jy dink dat jou NEBOSH gevolg is nie reg nie, kan jy 'n NEBOSH Ondersoek versoek Oor Resultaat (EAR) binne een maand vanaf die datum waarop die NEBOSH gevolg is uitgereik deur NEBOSH. Daar is 'n fooi vir die NEBOSH OOR 6) Ek didnt goed te doen vir die NEBOSH Eksamens en moet terugvoer kry vir die volgende NEBOSH eksamens. Hoe kan ek terugvoer vir die NEBOSH eksamens te kry? Kan ek vra NEBOSH op terugvoer vir my NEBOSH eksamens? Kan ek skryf in om NEBOSH vir terugvoer? Nee, jy kan kyk vir eksamentegnieke op NEBOSH webwerf of aanlyn. Alternatiewe kan jy jou NEBOSH opleidingsverskaffer vra of jou NEBOSH tutor NEBOSH nie terugvoer op individuele prestasie. Jy kan aansoek doen vir meer NEBOSH opleiding klasse 7) Ek sit vir die NEBOSH eksamens. Ek betaal vir die NEBOSH eksamens. My nommer appeards op die NEBOSH skrifte Beteken dit die NEBOSH nagesiene skrifte behoort aan my? Is die NEBOSH skrifte my intellektuele eiendom? Nee, die Patentkantoor het gesê, "Enigiets wat gedoen is vir die doel van die opstel of beantwoord 'n eksamen nie intellektuele eiendom inhou". Volgens NEBOSH 'n student nie intellektuele eiendom te genereer tydens die voltooiing van 'n eksamenskrif. Die NEBOSH skrifte is die eiendom van slegs NEBOSH en NEBOSH. 8) Toe het die Freedom of Information Act van toepassing op NEBOSH? Geen Die Freedom of Information Act 2000 slegs van toepassing op openbare owerhede, dit wil sê, in die openbaar befonds liggame (soos skole, kolleges en universiteite). NEBOSH is 'n private onderneming en is nie onderhewig aan die Wet. 9) Ek neem my NEBOSH exams- Kan ek hou my NEBOSH vraestelle of NEBOSH antwoord boekies Geen Kan ek hou my eksamenvraestel? NEBOSH studente word nie toegelaat om NEBOSH eksamenvraestelle of NEBOSH antwoord boekies van die NEBOSH eksamenlokaal verwyder. Moenie die NEBOSH eksamens nie verlaat nie, totdat jy skoongemaak word deur die NEBOSH eksamen toesighouer 10) Kan ek 'n geskandeerde kopie van my NEBOSH sertifikaat of 'n elektroniese kopie van my NEBOSH Kwalifikasie kry? Geen Vir sekuriteitsredes NEBOSH en ons nie elektroniese kopieë van NEBOSH Eenheid Sertifikate of NEBOSH Kwalifikasie perkamente reik. Dit is ook vir jou eie beswil. 11) Kan ek aansoek doen vir NEBOSH Spesiale Oorweging Ek voel dat my hersiening geraak ek voel daar is iets belemmer my NEBOSH ondersoek prestasie. Geen Jy sal nie in aanmerking te kom vir NEBOSH spesiale oorweging 12) Wat gebeur as die sentrum verloor die eksamenskrifte Wat gebeur as my eksamenskrif of opdrag verlore? Sy onwaarskynlik. Die sentrums moet die skrifte in 'n spesifieke tyd raam en deur behoorlike maatreëls NEBOSH en die NEBOSH opleidingsverskaffers in te dien het streng prosedures in plek is om die veiligheid van voltooide NEBOSH eksamenskrifte te verseker, NEBOSH praktiese evaluerings en opdragte, is inplace Vir NEBOSH praktiese evaluerings, is dit verstandig dat studente gered weergawes te hou terwyl jy tik hul aanslae en of hou geskandeer gered kopieë as wat hulle gebruik handgeskrewe aanslae. Hou die e-pos wat jy gebruik het om te stuur die NEBOSH aanslae 13) Hoe Ek is so is iemand 'n NEBOSH kwalifikasie en dat NEBOSH kwalifikasie wettig is duidelik dat jy moet seker maak dat jou NEBOSH natuurlik verskaffer is wettig en geakkrediteerde met NEBOSH Let wel NEBOSH Kursus verskaffers moet voorsiening maak die opleiding wat hulle geakkrediteer is vir. Byvoorbeeld, as 'n NEBOSH Kursus geakkrediteer is vir NEBOSH IGC Voltydse en deeltydse SLEGS, dan is dit NEBOSH Kursus verskaffer net NEBOSH IGC kan voer oor 80 uur óf voltyds of deeltyds maar 80 ure wat NEBOSH natuurlik verskaffer nie kan voorsien ander kursusse of ander maniere NEBOSH kan ontvang versoeke van werkgewers, werwingsagentskappe, hoër onderwys instellings, en ander soortgelyke liggame te verifieer as 'n individu eintlik het 'n NEBOSH kwalifikasie. Daar is gevalle van bedrog en vals certificaties Wat jy hoef te doen is gereed 'n afskrif van die NEBOSH kwalifikasie perkament, en NEBOSH kan verifieer binne 5 werksdae of dit eg is of nie. As jy nie 'n kopie van die kwalifikasie perkament het, kan NEBOSH nog bevestig of die individu beskik oor een van ons kwalifikasies. Maar, ten einde vir NEBOSH om te voldoen aan die Data Protection Act, sulke versoeke kan slegs verwerk word indien die versoek ontvang is skriftelik; met behulp van die kwalifikasie verifikasie versoek vorm. Bekendmaking sal nie gemaak word in reaksie op 'n navraag via die telefoon. Versoeke om kwalifikasies wat in die afwesigheid van 'n afskrif van die perkament bevestig sal so gou verwerk as al die relevante inligting en magtigings ontvang, maar NEBOSH kan tot 20 werksdae. Die persoon onderhewig aan hierdie versoek hoef nie toestemming te gee. Hulle moet egter bewus wees dat tjeks word gemaak. Die organisasie wat die versoek moet bewys dat hy die individu wat hulle sal probeer om te bevestig dat hulle die kwalifikasie dat hulle daarop aanspraak maak dat hou aangeraai voorsien. As hulle nie in staat is om hierdie bewyse, magtiging van die persoon wat die onderwerp van die versoek sal vereis word voorsien. Die inligting NEBOSH bied, sal beperk word tot die vraag of die individu beskik oor die kwalifikasie beweer. NEBOSH sal nie punte behaal openbaar of te verifieer eenheid eksamenuitslae. NEBOSH sal indien versoek, bekend punte behaal of te verifieer eenheid eksamenuitslae. Magtiging van die kandidaat verwag word. Die volgende heffings aansoek te doen vir hierdie diens: • £ 25 fooi vir die voltooiing van papierwerk deur 'n eksterne organisasie of waar 'n gevolg transkripsie is nie aanvaarbaar verskaf. • Fooi vir 'n veilige posgeld - £ 15 Verenigde Koninkryk, £ 40 in die buiteland, waar 'n e-pos is nie aanvaarbaar nie. Alle kwalifikasie verifikasie versoeke moet gerig word aan verifications@nebosh.org.uk~~V asseblief chech NEBOSH webwerf 14) Ek het die NEBOSH kursus en die NEBOSH eksamen, wanneer kry ek die NEBOSH lei Normaalweg NEBOSH resultate word in ongeveer 1-2 maande. Dit laat studente wat nie statisfied om hul NEBOSH, hoor die NEBOSH sertifikate en kwalifikasie perkamente gestuur binne 2 maande van die NEBOSH doen lei verklarings 15) Ek het die NEBOSH kursus en die NEBOSH eksamen, wanneer kry ek die NEBOSH sertifikate Normaalweg NEBOSH resultate word in ongeveer 1-2 maande. Dit laat studente wat nie statisfied om hul NEBOSH, hoor die NEBOSH sertifikate en kwalifikasie perkamente gestuur binne 2 maande van die NEBOSH doen lei verklarings 16) Wat kan ek gebruik my NEBOSH sertifikaat vir? Wat kan ek gebruik my sertifikaat vir? Die NEBOSH Sertifikaat bied 'n bewys van die bereiking van sukses in die NEBOSH eksamens die NEBOSH sertifikaat moet veilig as met al jou professionele certificaties Werkgewers, professionele liggame en akademiese instellings by tye kan vra vir 'n afskrif van die NEBOSH Sertifisering 17 gehou word) My NEBOSH Sertifikaat is verlore of ek beskadig my NEBOSH certificte kan ek kry 'n nuwe NEBOSH sertifikaat of 'n plaasvervanger vir my NEBOSH sertifikaat? My sertifikaat verloor, kan ek kry 'n plaasvervanger? As NEBOSH reik 'n nuwe plaasvervanger NEBOSH sertifikaat dat dit met die woord gemerk heruitreiking Die nuwe NEBOSH sertifikaat sal 'n nuwe heruitreiking datum Maar die ou NEBOSH sertifikaat op die nuwe NEBOSH vervanging sertifikaat sal bly het Een keer 'n nuwe NEBOSH sertifikaat heruitgereik die oorspronklike NEBOSH sertifikaat is nie meer geldig Herhaal versoeke van dieselfde kandidaat vir NEBOSH sertifikate of uit dieselfde NEBOSH natuurlik verskaffer sal ondersoek word voordat dit aanvaar. As bewys van bedrog en / of nalatige aktiwiteit gevind word, sal die voorval behandel word deur NEBOSH as wanpraktyke en waar toepaslik neem aksie 18) Wat gebeur wanneer iemand valslik beweer dat hy 'n NEBOSH sertifikaat te hou, maar nie 'n NEBOSH sertifikaat Wat is die gevolge hou van valslik beweer dat hy 'n NEBOSH kwalifikasie? NEBOSH hou rekords van alle eksamenkandidate en alle persone wat enige van die NEBOSH kwalifikasies toegeken. Elke NEBOSH Eenheid Sertifikaat en Kwalifikasie Perkament het 'n aantal anti-vervalsing en anti-bedrog funksies, insluitende 'n unieke identifikasie nommer. NEBOSH sal werkgewers en werwingsagentskappe help verifieer dat voornemende of bestaande werknemers eintlik hou NEBOSH kwalifikasies. Vervalsing van kwalifikasies om 'n werk te kry is 'n geldige rede vir onmiddellik ontslag van die werknemer. In die meeste lande is dit geklassifiseer as bedrog en kan 'n kriminele oortreding wees. NEBOSH sal sulke gevalle by die polisie aanmeld asook vertel ander professionele liggame. Dit is moreel en wetlik verkeerd 19) Ek het die NEBOSH eksamens geneem, ontvang my NEBOSH resultate, maar het die NEBOSH sertifikaat ek het nie ontvang my Eenheid Sertifikaat / Kwalifikasie Perkament NEBOSH stuur sertifikate deur aangeteken aflewering in die Verenigde Koninkryk en deur die regte spoor kan nie ontvang lewering aan oorsese plekke in raad-terug koeverte te verseker dat hulle ontvang deur eenvoudig Veiligheid een van die geakkrediteerde kursus verskaffer en om skade te voorkom. Eenvoudig Veiligheid sal slegs die NEBOSH sertifikate aan kandidate direk Ons sal nie manlike uit NEBOSH sertifikate want dit is van kritieke belang om jou. Oorspronklike NEBOSH sertifikate word normaalweg uitgestuur binne 40 werksdae vanaf die datum van die betrokke NEBOSH Eenheid Resultaat Kennisgewing brief (of vier maande na die datum van die eksamen). Eenvoudig Veiligheid sal 'n administrasiefooi te hef vir enige NEBOSH sertifikate wat verloor of nodig het om net heruitgereik Veiligheid sal die fooi hef vir die vervanging van die NEBOSH sertifikate 20) Wie is die eienaar van die NEBOSH sertifikaat? Is dit ek wat die NEBOSH sertifikaat of die maatskappy wat my vir die NEBOSH natuurlik Wie besit die sertifikaat gestuur besit? NEBOSH Eenheid Sertifikate en Kwalifikasie perkamente toegeken deur NEBOSH om die persoon met die naam op die sertifikaat om hul suksesvolle voltooiing van die NEBOSH assessering en nie dui op die organisasie of individu (e) wat loop van die studieveld geborg. 21) Wat is die koste van 'n plaasvervanger NEBOSH sertifikaat Wat is die koste van 'n plaasvervanger sertifikaat? Die koste van die vervanging van elke NEBOSH eenheid sertifikaat of kwalifikasie perkament is SGD120 plus admin en DHL fooie. Betaling kan per tjek, kontant, bank oordrag of kredietkaart In die geval as daar 'n NEBOSH oor en die NEBOSH OOR was suksesvol die gekorrigeer sertifisering sal gratis uitgereik. Daar moet egter die oorspronklike NEBOSH sertifikaat en / of perkament teruggestuur word deur die NEBOSH kandidaat en NEBOSH sal nie plaasvervangers uit te reik totdat die oorspronklike NEBOSH Sertifikaat is ontvang. 22) Ek gedoen het en geslaag het een NEBOSH eenheid hoe kan ek my NEBOSH perkament Hoe kan jy eis vrystelling vir een van die NEBOSH eenhede wat jy geneem het en geslaag het? Merk asseblief duidelik op jou NEBOSH registrasievorm wat jy beweer vrystelling. Dit sal NEBOSH staat maak seker jou vorige kwalifikasies te steek en te verseker dat jy 'n NEBOSH Kwalifikasie Perkament outomaties op die suksesvolle voltooiing van al die res van die drie NEBOSH eenhede binne die toekenning. 23) Wie ontvang die NEBOSH sertifikate wat die sertifikaat ontvang? NEBOSH Eenheid Sertifikate en perkamente vir Sertifikaat-vlak kwalifikasies word normaalweg uitgereik om eenvoudig Veiligheid wat is NEBOSH natuurlik verskaffer om die verspreiding van die NEBOSH studente. 24) Hoe om 'n versoek om NEBOSH vir 'n plaasvervanger NEBOSH sertifikaat of 'n gewysigde NEBOSH eenheid Sertifikaat Alle NEBOSH kandidate of NEBOSH natuurlik verskaffer versoek om 'n plaasvervanger sertifikaat moet die NEBOSH beleid te lees ten opsigte van NEBOSH kandidaat sertifikate insluitend korreksies en heruitreikings maak. Om 'n NEBOSH Eenheid Sertifikaat of NEBOSH Kwalifikasie Perkament vervang, moet NEBOSH kandidate 'n NEBOSH vervanging eenheid sertifikaat / kwalifikasie perkament versoekvorm voltooi (vorm UCP1) en die voltooide vorm na NEBOSH. 25) My naam op my NEBOSH sertifikaat verkeerd of foutief is, kan dit NEBOSH verander? Die besonderhede (bv naam) op my sertifikaat foutief is of verander het, kan hulle verander word? Eenvoudig herinner Veiligheid NEBOSH kandidate om hul name korrek te registreer. Van en Naam moet duidelik geskryf. NEBOSH studente moet duidelik aandui watter is hul vanne Die naam wat op jou NEBOSH Eenheid Sertifikate en Kwalifikasie Perkament verskyn geneem word van jou NEBOSH inskrywing en / of NEBOSH ondersoek registrasievorms. Gaan asseblief jou bevestiging van NEBOSH inskrywing en NEBOSH eksameninskrywing bevestiging om te verseker dat jou naam korrek gespel. As jou naam verkeerd aangeteken weet ons asseblief van die korrekte spelling skriftelik so gou as moontlik en kan ons NEBOSH Versoeke vir veranderinge aan NEBOSH Sertifikate en NEBOSH perkamente lig val in vier kategorieë: • Sertifikate met die benaming van foute (spelfout, ens) • Die verandering noem soos geregistreer tot 'verkies' naam (bv, Jonathan James Smith aan Jim Smith of andersom) • Die verandering van orde van name (bv, omkeer van en eerste naam vir sertifiseringsdoeleindes) • Naamsverandering vir regsdoeleindes (bv, as gevolg van die huwelik of deur daad poll) Jy mag nodig wees om betaling te maak vir 'n heruitreiking en NEBOSH kan nie eens as gevolg van sekere vereistes 26) kan ek kry 'n addisionele kopie van die NEBOSH sertifikaat of kan my werkgewers kry 'n bykomende afskrif van die NEBOSH sertifikaat? NEBOSH regulatoriese verpligtinge net toelaat NEBOSH om een ​​eenheid sertifikaat per NEBOSH eenheid behaal en een NEBOSH kwalifikasie perkament vir elke NEBOSH kwalifikasie bereik word deur 'n kandidaat uit te reik. As NEBOSH nie weer kwessie 'n nuwe NEBOSH sertifikaat of NEBOSH perkament, die oorspronklike NEBOSH sertifikaat of NEBOSH perkament is nie meer geldig nie. Veelvuldige kopieë van dieselfde NEBOSH sertifikaat kan nie uitgereik word. 27) Ok Ek word heruitgereik 'n nuwe NEBOSH sertifikaat of NEBOSH perkament, hoe lank sal dit neem? Hoe lank sal dit neem om 'n nuwe sertifikaat ontvang? NEBOSH kandidate moet verwag om hul NEBOSH sertifikate binne 20 werksdae na ontvangs van die versoek van NEBOSH ontvang. 28) My ou NEBOSH sertifikaat is gesteel My NEBOSH sertifikaat is gesteel en ek is bekommerd dat iemand my NEBOSH sertifikaat kan gebruik of afskrifte van my NEBOSH sertifikaat. Om die risiko van bedrog duplisering van NEBOSH Sertifikate en NEBOSH perkamente minimaliseer, is NEBOSH sertifikate gedruk op sekuriteit papier wat water en 'n hologram sluit. NEBOSH Sertifikate en NEBOSH perkamente is individueel genommer. NEBOSH hou rekords van alle NEBOSH Sertifikaat en NEBOSH perkamente uitgereik en heruitgereik. Sodra 'n plaasvervanger uitgereik is, sal die oorspronklike NEBOSH Sertifikaat nie meer geldig wees. 29) Hoe kan ek sien of my NEBOSH eenheid sertifikaat of my NEBOSH kwalifikasie perkament is geldig Hoe kan ek sien of 'n eenheid sertifikaat, kwalifikasie perkament of 'n eenheid gevolg kennisgewing eg? NEBOSH handhaaf 'n register van alle kwalifikasie houers, saam met die nommer op die sertifikaat of perkament aan hulle uitgereik. Eenvoudig bestuur Veiligheid sy eie register van NEBOSH kandidate asook NEBOSH sertifikate uitgereik. In werklikheid is dit die rede waarom maak ons ​​studente te teken op die erkenning dat hulle hul NEBOSH sertifikate versamel Stuur NEBOSH afskrif van die vermeende sertifikaat, perkament of NEBOSH eenheid gevolg kennisgewing aan NEBOSH 30) Hoe sal my naam gedruk op my NEBOSH sertifikaat of NEBOSH perkament? Voor registrasie van 'n NEBOSH ondersoek onderneem jou sal gevra word om te vul 'n eenvoudig Veiligheid inskrywingsvorm in hierdie vorm dit duidelik behoeftes ro genoem jou naam en SURNAMEor Jy weet jou naam en van die beste, dit is nie vir enige opleiding sentrum aan te dui, sal ons vra vir jou formele ID, maar sal vra jy ro dui jou eerste en vanne Tensy formeel versoek NEBOSH sal die NEBOSH Eenheid Sertifikate en NEBOSH perkamente reik met behulp van die Europese notasie. Hieronder is 'n voorbeeld van die internasionale benaming formate NEBOSH in staat is om te onderneem. Titel Mnr Eerste Michael Van / familie Walker Naam op die NEBOSH sertifikaat sal wees Michael Walker 31) Wie is die beste NEBOSH opleidingsverskaffer Dit is duidelik dat as jy enige NEBOSH opleidingsverskaffer vra sal hulle sê dat hulle die beste NEBOSH opleidingsverskaffer Jy moet 'n maak seleksie op grond van jou tyd, jou plek en hoe jy sal bestudeer en dit wat jy sal bestudeer ons eenvoudig Veiligheid n NEBOSH opleidingsverskaffer vir meer as 8 jaar het 'n goeie rekord in 'n paar van die beste maatskappye in die wêreld. Ons is die opleiding van Shell en baie ander oliemaatskappye asook opgelei vir verskillende departemente Ons het 'n baie NEBOSH inligting gratis in die hoop dat nebosh studente regoor die wêreld, selfs al is hulle nie ons NEBOSH studente sal 'n goeie inligting te kry 32 ) Ek werk in 'n land wat nie 'n NEBOSH opleidingsverskaffer eenvoudig Veiligheid is 'n NEBOSH opleidingsverskaffer wat is toegeken aan die NEBOSH afstandsonderrig en NEBOSH eLearning lisensies vir IGC 33) Ek buitelandse besig met rotasie eenvoudig Veiligheid is 'n NEBOSH opleiding verskaffer wat is toegeken aan die leer NEBOSH afstand en NEBOSH eLearning lisensies vir IGC 34) kan ek my NEBOSH eksamens by 'n Britse Raad Ja, jy kan NEBOSH eksamens te neem teen 'n Britse Raad, ons eenvoudig Veiligheid kan hierdie reël vir jou met die Britse Raad 35) Kan ek my NEBOSH eksamen datum verander? Dit hang, ja jy kan die NEBOSH eksamen datum verander, maar daar sal administratiewe koste 36) Kan ek verander my NEBOSH eksamen plek of NEBOSH eksamenlokaal Ja, jy kan die NEBOSH eksamenlokaal vir hierdie verander, maar daar sal wees aanklagte sowel 37) Is die NEBOSH kwalifikasie 'n vervaldatum? Ek het 'n NEBOSH kwalifikasie behaal. Doen NEBOSH kwalifikasies het 'n vervaldatum? Geen die NEBOSH kwalifikasie sodra al suksesvol voltooi het nie 'n vervaldatum en NEBOSH nie kwalifikasies vereis word van tyd tot tyd weer geneem. 38) Hoe lank neem die NEBOSH opleiding te neem? Hoe lank sal dit neem? Dit sal afhang van wat NEBOSH kwalifikasie wat jy kies om te studeer. Bel ons om dit te bespreek en ons kan verduidelik dit verder Die NEBOSH HSW is 3 dae van opleiding Die NEBOSH IGC voltyds of Blok vrylating is 10 dae van voltydse van aangesig tot aangesig, maar ook selfstudie Die NEBOSH afstandsonderrig en NEBOSH eLearning beteken dat jy nog steeds het in die ure te sit 39) Waarom NEBOSH so lank geneem vir die NEBOSH sertifikaat, ander kursusse het sertifikate die volgende dag Een keer 'n NEBOSH eksamen afgehandel is die NEBOSH eksamenskrifte word teruggestuur na NEBOSH en ondergaan streng standaardisering, merk, en kontroleer en resultate bepaling prosesse om akkuraatheid en konsekwentheid te verseker. Dit is 'n standaard wat wêreldwyd gereken as 40) Hoeveel vir die NEBOSH natuurlik Kursus fooie gevind word op ons webwerf of jy kan ons direk per e-pos by iac@simplysafety.com.sg 41) Hoekom eenvoudig Veiligheid NEBOSH fooie is anders as ander NEBOSH opleidingsverskaffers ? NEBOSH Kursusgelde wissel van NEBOSH opleidingsverskaffer om NEBOSH opleidingsverskaffer gekies vir die opleidingsverskaffer waarmee jy gemaklik is en nie net die goedkoopste 42) Wat het ek nodig om 'n NEBOSH tutor of NEBOSH afrigter Om 'n NEBOSH tutor of NEBOSH afrigter of NEBOSH wees instrukteur wat jy nodig het om formele kwalifikasies erken deur NEBOSH asook die jare se ondervinding in die bedryf ook wat jy nodig het om verskeie jare van onderrig of opleiding ervaring dan jou NEBOSH tutor aansoekvorm voorgelê kan word moet NEBOSH vir goedkeuring of beoordelings 43) NEBOSH het kwalifikasies die Konstruksie Vaardighede Sertifikaat Skema aanvaar NEBOSH kwalifikasies as vrystelling van die toets gesondheid en veiligheid van die CSCS kaarte? Vanaf 30 September 2013 sal Konstruksie Vaardighede Sertifikaat Skema die volgende kwalifikasies te erken vir die AQP (akademies gekwalifiseerde persoon) card: NEBOSH Nasionale Sertifikaat in Konstruksie Gesondheid en Veiligheid NEBOSH Internasionale Sertifikaat in Konstruksie Gesondheid en Veiligheid NEBOSH Nasionale Diploma in Beroepsgesondheid en Veiligheid Suksesvolle aansoekers hou hierdie NEBOSH akademiese kwalifikasies sal uitgereik word met 'n kaart AQP (akademies gekwalifiseerde persoon) wat vir vyf jaar geldig. Alle aansoekers moet slaag die CITB Bestuurders en Professionals Gesondheid, Veiligheid en Omgewing Toets. 44) NEBOSH en IOSH NEBOSH Nasionale Algemene Sertifikaat kwalifikasies behaal ná Oktober 2002 aan die akademiese vereistes vir Tegnikus lidmaatskap (Tech IOSH) van die Instituut van Beroepsveiligheid en Gesondheid (IOSH). NEBOSH Nasionale Algemene Sertifikaat kwalifikasies behaal voor November 2002 sal aanvaar word vir Tech IOSH lidmaatskap, mits 12 maande terugdateer Deurlopende Professionele Ontwikkeling (VPO) bewyse om IOSH ingedien. NEBOSH Nasionale Algemene Sertifikaat houers wat hul kwalifikasie voor November 2002 bereik word aangeraai om met die IOSH Lidmaatskap Departement vir verdere inligting in verband met die VPO pad na Tech IOSH lidmaatskap. 45) Wat is die NEBOSH sertifikaat Die volgende NEBOSH Sertifikaat kwalifikasies gegradeerde op Vlak 6 in die Skotse Krediet en Kwalifikasieraamwerk (SCQF): NEBOSH Nasionale Algemene Sertifikaat in Beroepsgesondheid en Veiligheid NEBOSH Nasionale Sertifikaat in Konstruksie Gesondheid en Veiligheid NEBOSH Nasionale Sertifikaat in Fire Veiligheid en Risikobestuur NEBOSH Nasionale Sertifikaat in Omgewingsbestuur NEBOSH Nasionale Sertifikaat in die bestuur van gesondheid en welstand by die werk. NEBOSH Internasionale Algemene Sertifikaat in Beroepsgesondheid en Veiligheid NEBOSH Internasionale Sertifikaat in Konstruksie Gesondheid en Veiligheid NEBOSH Internasionale Sertifikaat in Fire Veiligheid en Risikobestuur 46) Whay is die NEBOSH toekenning Watter vlak is NEBOSH toekenning kwalifikasies? Die volgende NEBOSH toekenning kwalifikasie is 'n gegradueerde op Vlak 5 in die Skotse Krediet en Kwalifikasieraamwerk (SCQF), vanaf 1 Januarie 2012: • NEBOSH toekenning in gesondheid en veiligheid by die werk SCQF Vlak 5 is vergelykbaar met NKR / QCF Vlak 2 in Engeland, Wallis en Noord-Ierland, of GCSE standaard. 47) Ek het 'n Verwys in my NEBOSH resultate Indien 'n student ontvang 'n "verwys" lei tot die NEBOSH eksamens wat beteken dat hulle nie die pas standaard in die eksamen of opdrag ontmoet. Verwys NEBOSH studente kan herregistreer vir 'n skriftelike eksamen of praktiese assessering 48) Ok ek het 'n doel met my NEBOSH eksamens, wanneer kan ek herkansing my NEBOSH eksamens? Miskien wil jy jou sertifikaat-vlak kwalifikasie herkansing, op 'n standaard eksamensitting (Maart, Junie, September en Desember). Ons kan egter ook reël op aanvraag NEBOSH eksamendatums maar dit kom teen 'n koste 49) Wanneer kan ek my NEBOSH resultate ontvang geskryf NEBOSH eksamens, die datum waarop die NEBOSH kandidaat moet 'n skriftelike NEBOSH gevolg kennisgewing ontvang is vermeld op die kandidaat se NEBOSH eksameninskrywing bevestiging. Read more... Internasionale Algemene Sertifikaat (IGC) in Beroepsveiligheid en Gesondheid eksamendatums vir 2016
      Natuurlik ligging kursus data Fooie
      NEBOSH in Australië, Sydney Maart 2016 SGD $ 650
      NEBOSH in Australië, Perth Maart 2016 SGD $ 650
      NEBOSH in Bahrain, Manama Maart 2016 SGD $ 650


      NEBOSH Qualifications - Understanding NEBOSH Qualifications
      Pag-unawa sa NEBOSH Qualifications
      Pag-unawa sa NEBOSH Qualifications
      NEBOSH natatanggap halos isang daang thousand- higit sa 100,000 mga NEBOSH examination pagrerehistro sa bawat taon mula sa mga taong naninirahan sa 125 iba't ibang mga bansa, ang bawat naghahanap upang makakuha ng isa sa maraming mga iba't-ibang mga NEBOSH kwalipikasyon. Mga taong sumusunod o pursuing ng isang karera sa kalusugan at kaligtasan ng pamamahala ay naniniwala na sila ay kailangan ng isang NEBOSH kwalipikasyon. Ang ilang mga gawin ang mga NEBOSH kwalipikasyon kung sakali. Ang iba ay nagsasagawa ng NEBOSH kwalipikasyon dahil ang kanilang trabaho ay nangangailangan nito. Research sa UK ay nagsiwalat na maraming mga employer ay nangangailangan ng mga aplikante na humawak ng isang NEBOSH kwalipikasyon. Marami sa mga kumpanya ay nangangailangan ng propesyonal na antas ng degree-katumbas NEBOSH Diploma. hindi lamang ang kaligtasan ng mga propesyonal, mas na nangangailangan ng NEBOSH qualificaitons ngunit propesyonal na may iba't ibang mga tungkulin lugar ng trabaho ngayon hold NEBOSH kwalipikasyon. Kalusugan, kaligtasan at kapaligiran pamamahala ay isang qualification para sa maraming iba't ibang mga tungkulin mula sa mga direktor ng kumpanya sa mga manggagawa konstruksiyon, insurance advisors, HR personnel at higit pa. NEBOSH ay hindi naghahatid ng mga kurso. No NEBOSH ay hindi gawin ang NEBOSH training. Sa halip NEBOSH accredits NEBOSH accredited training provider. Ang NEBOSH accredited training provider ay ang mga na magsagawa ng NEBOSH training May ilang 620 NEBOSH Accredited Course Provider sa buong mundo. NEBOSH Training Providers magbigay ng NEBOSH pagsasanay at edukasyon na kinakailangan upang makakuha ng NEBOSH kwalipikasyon. Saan ang isa simulan upang mahanap ang isang NEBOSH kurso o isang NEBOSH training Providers? Maaari mong simulan sa NEBOSH website sa ilalim ng paghahanap ng isang NEBOSH kurso o accredited Course Provider 'Saan sa Pag-aaral' NEBOSH Qualifications Dont bumagsak sa pamamagitan ng iba't ibang mga kwalipikasyon NEBOSH o ang NEBOSH maikling form tao tila sa gamitin mula NEBOSH HSW o NEBOSH IGC Talaga may mga kasalukuyang tatlong iba't ibang mga kategorya ng mga NEBOSH kwalipikasyon NEBOSH Award NEBOSH Certificate NEBOSH Diploma. Ngayon na may o sa pamamagitan ng University of Hull, NEBOSH din ngayon nagbibigay ng hanay ng Masters degree. NEBOSH Premyo An Award qualification nagpapakita pangunahing pag-unawa ng ang paksa sakop at maaaring gamitin bilang isang panimula sa iba pang mga mas mataas na antas NEBOSH kwalipikasyon. NEBOSH aalok ng tatlong Award antas kwalipikasyon: NEBOSH Award sa Kalusugan at Kaligtasan sa Trabaho NEBOSH Environmental Awareness sa Trabaho Qualification NEBOSH Award sa Kaligtasan, Kalusugan at Kapaligiran para sa Proseso Industries employer sa partikular ay naaakit sa antas na ito NEBOSH Award of qualification upang tulungan ang mga tao sa pag-unawa kaligtasan at kalusugan at bumuo ng isang mahusay na kultura Ang NEBOSH Award ay tapos na sa Ingles. Ang NEBOSH Award sa Kalusugan at Kaligtasan sa Trabaho ay maaaring kinuha sa Pranses, Espanyol, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese at Russian. NEBOSH Certificates NEBOSH Certificate level kwalipikasyon ipakita malawak na kaalaman ng mga paksa sakop. Mayroong siyam na NEBOSH Certificate level kwalipikasyon. Oo may mga siyam na iba't ibang NEBOSH certificates- depende sa kung ano ang gusto mo. NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH Pambansang General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH International Certificate sa konstruksyon Health and Safety NEBOSH Pambansang Certificate sa konstruksyon Health and Safety NEBOSH International Certificate sa Fire Safety and Risk Management NEBOSH Pambansang Certificate sa Fire Safety and risk Management NEBOSH International Technical Certificate sa Oil and Gas Operational Safety NEBOSH Pambansang Certificate sa Pamamahala ng Kalusugan at Well-pagiging sa Work NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management tumingin sa bilang isa sa mga pangunahing mga kwalipikasyon. Higit pang mga tao gawin ang mga NEBOSH Pambansang at NEBOSH International kwalipikasyon na ang anumang iba pang mga NEBOSH kwalipikasyon Ang NEBOSH International ay tapos na sa Ingles. Ang NEBOSH International General Certificate ay din sa Pranses, Portuges, Espanyol, Arabic, Russian at Turkish. NEBOSH Diplomas May tatlong NEBOSH Diploma kwalipikasyon: NEBOSH Pambansang Diploma sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH International Diploma sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH Diploma sa Environmental Management NEBOSH Diplomas ay kinikilala sa buong mundo. NEBOSH Diploma holders ay maaari ring maging karapat-dapat para sa pagiging kasapi ng mga propesyonal na mga katawan. NEBOSH Diploma holders maaaring mag-aplay para sa Graduate (Grad IOSH) at Chartered (CMIOSH) kasapi ng Institution of Occupational Safety and Health holders NEBOSH Diploma maaaring mag-aplay para sa katayuan miyembro (MIIRSM) ng Institute of Risk and Safety Management. NEBOSH Masters NEBOSH aalok ng tatlong Master ng Science (MSc) degrees at tatlong Master ng Research (MREs) degrees sa University of Hull: MSc sa Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management MSc sa Occupational Health and Safety Management MSc in Environmental Management MREs sa Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management MREs sa Occupational Health and Safety Management MREs sa Environmental Management NEBOSH exams Piliin ang tamang NEBOSH kurso at gawin ang mga NEBOSH award, sertipiko o diploma exams ang NEBOSH General certificate dalawang NEBOSH exams bawat isa sa dalawang-oras na pagsusulit at 1 NEBOSH praktikal lugar ng trabaho assignment. Tingnan ang NEBOSH website para sa impormasyon at tulong. Ang ilang mga NEBOSH impormasyon ay malayang magagamit sa NEBOSH website Examiners 'Mga Ulat; Halimbawa ng tanong papel at Examiners 'feedback sa inaasahan sagot; at GC3 Guidance at Impormasyon para sa mga kandidato. Dagdagan ang ilang mga NEBOSH Command salita o NEBOSH Action Words Kilalanin, Balangkas, Ilarawan, Ipaliwanag at Bigyan. Ibig sabihin ng command salita na ginamit sa certificate exams Command salita Kahulugan Halimbawa Kilalanin Upang bigyan reference sa isang item, na maaaring maging ang kanyang pangalan o pamagat Outline Upang ipahiwatig ang punong-guro mga tampok o iba't ibang bahagi ng magbigay ng isang maikling buod ng mga pangunahing aspeto ng kahit na ano ay nakasaad sa tanong Ilarawan Upang magbigay ng isang detalyadong nakasulat na account ng ang mga natatanging katangian ng isang paksa. Ipaliwanag Upang magbigay ng isang pag-unawa. Upang gumawa ng isang ideya o relasyon malinaw Bigyan Upang magbigay short, nababatay sa katotohanan mga sagot Practice gumagawa perfect- Practice NEBOSH mock mga katanungan o mga katanungan text book. Pagsasanay NEBOSH tanong na ito ay kritikal at mahalaga sa paghahanda. NEBOSH FAQ 1) mag-aaral- Maaari ko bang ilipat ang aking registration fee sa ibang sitting? Walang hindi mo makakaya. Kapag kayo ay naka-book na ang iyong NEBOSH pagsusulit petsa, ito ay pangwakas. Makikita mo mamarkahan absent sa pagsusuri upo at buong kabayaran ay kinakailangan sa iyong susunod na examination upo. 2) Dahil sa ilang hindi inaasahan na pangyayari ako ay hindi na dumalo sa isang NEBOSH pagsusuri. Mayroon akong dagdag na trabaho kaya ako cant gawin ang aking NEBOSH exams ako pagpunta sa ibang bansa kaya ako cant gawin ang aking NEBOSH exams ako sa paggawa night shift kaya ako cant gawin ang aking NEBOSH exams Posible para sa aking pagsusuri registration fee sa refund? Walang hindi mo makakaya. Mayroon kang ang oras at luxury upang magplano at makakapag-book ka NEBOSH exams hanggang 6 na buwan bago kamay 3) Mayroon akong trabaho sa NEBOSH araw ng pagsusulit, maaari ba akong magsimula sa isang iba't ibang mga time? Walang hindi mo makakaya. Ang NEBOSH exam araw at NEBOSH oras ng pagsusulit ay naayos na. Walang mga pagbabago 4) Maaari ko bang makita ang aking minarkahan pagsusuri script sa ilalim ng Data Protection Act? Walang hindi mo maaaring makita ang iyong minarkahan NEBOSH papeles. NEBOSH patakaran ay sumusunod sa Act Data Protection 1998, sa ilalim kung saan awarding katawan ay hindi legal na nagpapasalamat upang magbigay ng access sa pagsusuri script. Schedule 7 Talata 9 ng Data Protection Act estado na "personal na data na binubuo ng impormasyon na naitala sa pamamagitan ng mga mag-aaral sa panahon ng isang pang-akademikong, propesyonal o iba pang mga pagsusuri ay exempt". 'Examination' ay tinukoy sa ilalim ng Act bilang kabilang ang "anumang proseso para sa pagtukoy ng kaalaman, katalinuhan, kasanayan o kakayahan ng isang kandidato sa pamamagitan ng reference sa kanyang pagganap sa anumang mga pagsubok, trabaho o iba pang mga aktibidad". Dahil dito hindi mo makita ang iyong NEBOSH papeles o ang iyong minarkahan NEBOSH sagot script 5) Gusto kong makita ang aking minarkahan NEBOSH pagsusuri script dahil ang resulta ay hindi tumutugma ang aking mga inaasahan. Pakiramdam ko ako nakapuntos ng mabuti para sa NEBOSH exams. Gusto kong malaman kung bakit ako nabigo NEBOSH exams. Walang hindi mo maaaring makita ang mga minarkahan NEBOSH papeles. Kung naniniwala ka na ang iyong NEBOSH resulta ay hindi tama, maaari kang humiling ng NEBOSH Enquiry Tungkol Result (EAR) sa loob ng isang buwan mula sa petsa ng NEBOSH resulta ay ibinigay ng NEBOSH. May bayad para sa NEBOSH EAR 6) did not kong gawin na rin para sa NEBOSH Exams at kailangan upang makakuha ng feedback para sa susunod na NEBOSH exams. Paano ako makakakuha ng feedback para sa mga pagsusulit NEBOSH? Maaari ko bang hilingin NEBOSH sa feedback para sa aking NEBOSH Exams? Maaari ko bang magsulat in sa NEBOSH para sa feedback? No. Maaari mong tingnan para sa mga pamamaraan ng pagsusuri sa NEBOSH website o online. Alternatibong maaari mong tanungin ang iyong NEBOSH training provider o ang iyong NEBOSH tutor NEBOSH ay hindi nagbibigay ng feedback sa mga indibidwal na pagganap. Maaari kang mag-sign up para sa karagdagang NEBOSH training classes 7) Nakaupo ako para sa mga pagsusulit NEBOSH. Nagbayad ako para sa mga pagsusulit NEBOSH. Ang aking numero appeards sa NEBOSH script Ba na ibig sabihin ang NEBOSH markang script nabibilang sa akin? Sigurado ang NEBOSH script aking intellectual property? No Ang Patent Office ay nakasaad, "Kahit ano tapos na para sa layunin ng pagtatakda o pagsagot sa isang pagsusuri ay hindi bumubuo ng intellectual property". Ayon sa NEBOSH isang mag-aaral ay hindi bumuo ng intellectual property kapag nakumpleto ang isang pagsusuri script. Ang NEBOSH script ay pag-aari ng NEBOSH at NEBOSH lamang. 8) Pagkatapos ay ang Freedom of Information Act ilapat sa NEBOSH? No Ang Freedom of Information Act 2000 ay sumasaklaw lamang sa mga pampublikong awtoridad, ibig sabihin, publicly-pinondohan katawan (tulad ng mga paaralan, kolehiyo at unibersidad). NEBOSH ay isang pribadong entidad at hindi nasa ilalim ng Batas. 9) Iniinom ko ang aking NEBOSH exams- Maaari ko bang panatilihin ang aking NEBOSH pagsusulit papeles o NEBOSH sagot booklets No Maaari ko bang panatilihin ang aking pagsusuri tanong papel? NEBOSH mag-aaral ay hindi pinapayagan na tanggalin NEBOSH papeles examination tanong o NEBOSH sagot booklets mula sa NEBOSH examination room. Huwag iiwan ang NEBOSH eksaminasyon hanggang sa ikaw ay clear sa pamamagitan ng NEBOSH pagsusulit invigilator 10) Maaari ba akong makakuha ng isang scan na kopya ng aking NEBOSH sertipiko o isang elektronikong kopya ng aking NEBOSH Qualification? No Para sa seguridad NEBOSH at atin ay hindi maglalabas ng electronic na kopya ng NEBOSH Unit Certificates o NEBOSH Qualification Parchments. Nito para sa iyong sariling mabuti din. 11) Maaari ba akong mag-aplay para NEBOSH Special Considerations nararamdaman ko na ang aking rebisyon ay apektado sa tingin ko nagkaroon ng isang bagay hampering aking NEBOSH pagganap pagsusuri. Walang Ikaw ay hindi maging karapat-dapat para sa NEBOSH pantanging konsiderasyon 12) Ano ang mangyayari kung ang center loses ang exam script Ano ang mangyayari kung ang aking pagsusuri script o assignment ay nawala? Its walang kasiguruhan. Ang mga sentro kailangang magsumite ang mga script sa isang tiyak na oras frame at sa pamamagitan ng tamang hakbang NEBOSH at ang NEBOSH training provider ay may mahigpit na mga pamamaraan sa lugar upang matiyak ang seguridad ng mga nakumpletong NEBOSH pagsusuri script, NEBOSH praktikal pagtasa at mga takdang-aralin, ang mga ito inplace Para NEBOSH praktikal pagtasa, ito ay matalino na ang mga estudyante panatilihin save bersyon habang nagta-type ang kanilang mga pagtasa at o panatilihin scan save kopya kung gumagamit sila ng handwritten pagtasa. Panatilihin ang email na ginamit mo upang ipadala ang NEBOSH pagtasa 13) Paano ko i-tsek ang isang tao ay may NEBOSH kwalipikasyon at ay na NEBOSH kwalipikasyon legit Malinaw dapat mong tiyakin na ang iyong NEBOSH kurso provider ay legit at accredited sa NEBOSH Pakitandaan NEBOSH Course provider ay dapat magbigay ng ang pagsasanay na sila ay accredited para sa. Halimbawa kung ang isang NEBOSH Course provider ay pinaniwalaan para NEBOSH IGC Full Time at Part Time ONLY, at pagkatapos na NEBOSH Course provider ay maaari lamang magsagawa ng NEBOSH IGC ng higit sa 80 oras mag-full time o part time ngunit 80 oras That NEBOSH kurso provider ay hindi maaaring magbigay ng iba pang mga kurso o iba pang paraan NEBOSH maaaring makatanggap ng mga kahilingan mula sa mga employer, recruitment agencies, Higher Education institusyon, at iba pang katulad na mga katawan upang i-verify kung ang isang indibidwal talagang humahawak ng isang NEBOSH kwalipikasyon. Nagkaroon ng mga kaso ng pandaraya at pekeng certifications Ano ang kailangan mong gawin ay magkaroon ng handa ng isang kopya ng NEBOSH kwalipikasyon sulatan, at NEBOSH ma-verify sa loob ng 5 araw ng trabaho kung ito ay tunay o hindi. Kung hindi ka magkaroon ng isang kopya ng qualification sulatan, NEBOSH ay maaari pa ring i-verify kung o hindi ang mga indibidwal na humahawak ng isa sa aming mga kwalipikasyon. Gayunman, sa order para sa NEBOSH upang sumunod sa mga Data Protection Act, tulad ng mga kahilingan ay maaari lamang ma-proseso kung ang kahilingan ay natanggap sa pamamagitan ng sulat; gamit ang qualification verification form ng kahilingan. Pagsisiwalat ay hindi ginawa bilang tugon sa isang tanong sa pamamagitan ng telepono. Requests magkaibigan kwalipikasyon gaganapin sa kawalan ng isang kopya ng sulatan ay ipoproseso sa lalong madaling ang lahat ng mga kaugnay na impormasyon at pahintulot ay natanggap, ngunit NEBOSH maaaring tumagal ng hanggang 20 araw ng trabaho. Ang taong napapailalim sa ang hiling na ito ay hindi kailangang magbigay ng pahintulot. Gayunpaman, dapat silang magkaroon ng kamalayan na mga tseke ay ginawa. Ang organisasyon na gawin ang mga kahilingan ay dapat magbigay ng katibayan na sila ay pinapayuhan ang mga indibidwal na ang mga ito ay naghahanap upang i-verify na hawak nila ang mga kwalipikasyon na claim nilang. Kung hindi nila kayang ibigay ang katibayan, pahintulot mula sa tao na siyang paksa ng kahilingan ay kinakailangan. Ang impormasyon NEBOSH ay nagbibigay ng, ay limitado sa kung o hindi ang mga indibidwal na humahawak ng qualification inaangkin. NEBOSH Hindi ibubunyag marks nakakamit o i-verify unit resulta ng pagsusuri. NEBOSH ay kung hiniling, ibunyag marks nakakamit o i-verify unit resulta ng pagsusuri. Authorisation mula sa kandidato ay kinakailangan. Ang mga sumusunod na bayad para sa serbisyong ito: • £ 25 fee para sa pagkumpleto ng mga papeles na ibinigay ng isang panlabas na organisasyon o kung saan ang isang resulta transcript ay hindi katanggap-tanggap. • Bayad para sa mga secure selyo - £ 15 UK, £ 40 sa ibang bansa, kung saan ang isang email ay hindi katanggap-tanggap. Lahat ng mga kahilingan qualification verification ay dapat ipadala sa verifications@nebosh.org.uk~~V Mangyaring chech NEBOSH website 14) Ininom ko ang NEBOSH kurso at ang NEBOSH pagsusulit, kailan ko makukuha ang mga resulta ng NEBOSH Karaniwan NEBOSH resulta ay ibinigay sa tungkol sa 1-2 na buwan. Ito ay nagpapahintulot sa mga estudyante na walang statisfied na gawin ang kanilang NEBOSH EAR Pagkatapos ng NEBOSH certificate at Qualification pergamino ay ipinapadala sa loob ng 2 buwan ng NEBOSH resulta declarations 15) Ininom ko ang NEBOSH kurso at ang NEBOSH pagsusulit, kailan ko makukuha ang NEBOSH sertipiko Karaniwan NEBOSH mga resulta ay ibinigay sa tungkol sa 1-2 na buwan. Ito ay nagpapahintulot sa mga estudyante na walang statisfied na gawin ang kanilang NEBOSH EAR Pagkatapos ng NEBOSH certificate at Qualification pergamino ay ipinapadala sa loob ng 2 buwan ng NEBOSH resulta declarations 16) Ano ang maaari kong gamitin ang aking NEBOSH certificate para sa? Ano ang maaari kong gamitin ang aking certificate para sa? Ang NEBOSH Certificate nagbibigay patunay ng tagumpay ng tagumpay sa NEBOSH eksaminasyon Ang NEBOSH certificate ay dapat pinananatiling ligtas tulad ng sa lahat ng iyong mga propesyonal na certifications Employer propesyonal na mga katawan at akademikong institusyon kung minsan ay humiling ng isang kopya ng NEBOSH Certification 17) Aking NEBOSH Certificate ay nawala o ko nasira ang aking NEBOSH certificte ako makakakuha ng isang bagong NEBOSH certificate o isang kapalit para sa aking NEBOSH certificate? My certificate ay nawala, maaari ba akong makakuha ng isang kapalit? Kung NEBOSH ibibgay ang bagong kapalit NEBOSH certificate na ito ay dapat na minarkahan ng ang salitang muling pag-isyu ng bagong NEBOSH certificate ay magkakaroon ng isang bagong petsa muling pag-isyu Ngunit ang lumang NEBOSH certificate ay mananatili sa bagong NEBOSH kapalit certificate Kapag ang isang bagong NEBOSH sertipiko ay reissued sa orihinal NEBOSH certificate ay hindi na wasto kahilingan Repeat mula sa parehong kandidato para NEBOSH sertipiko o mula sa parehong NEBOSH kurso provider ay iimbestigahan bago sila ay tinatanggap. Kung katibayan ng mapanlinlang at / o pabaya aktibidad ay natagpuan, ang insidente ay ginagamot sa pamamagitan ng NEBOSH bilang malpractice at kung saan naaangkop gumawa ng aksiyon 18) Ano ang mangyayari kapag ang isang tao pasinungaling claims na humawak ng isang NEBOSH certificate ngunit hindi hold ang isang NEBOSH certificate Ano ang mga kahihinatnan ng maling pag-claim na humawak ng isang NEBOSH kwalipikasyon? NEBOSH iingat ng mga rekord ng lahat ng mga kandidato na eksaminasyon at lahat ng mga tao na na-iginawad ang alinman sa mga kwalipikasyon NEBOSH. Ang bawat NEBOSH Unit Certificate at Qualification Parchment ay may isang bilang ng mga anti-pamemeke at anti-fraud tampok, kabilang ang isang natatanging numero ng pagkakakilanlan. NEBOSH ay tulungan employer at recruitment ahensya sa pag-verify na prospective o umiiral na mga empleyado talagang gawin humawak NEBOSH kwalipikasyon. Falsifying mga kwalipikasyon upang makakuha ng isang trabaho ay isang BISA dahilan para agad pinapansin ang empleyado. Sa karamihan ng mga bansa na ito ay inuri bilang pandaraya at maaaring maging isang kriminal na pagkakasala. NEBOSH ay iuulat ang naturang mga kaso sa pulis pati na rin sabihin sa ibang propesyonal na mga katawan. Ito ay sa kagandahang-asal at legal mali 19) aking kinuha ang mga NEBOSH exams, natanggap ang aking NEBOSH resulta ngunit hindi pa natanggap ang NEBOSH certificate Hindi ko pa natanggap ang aking Unit Certificate / Qualification Parchment NEBOSH nagpapadala certificate sa pamamagitan ng naitala paghahatid sa UK at sa pamamagitan ng track magagawang paghahatid sa mga lokasyon sa ibang bansa sa board-back envelopes upang matiyak na sila ay natanggap sa pamamagitan ng Simply Safety isa sa mga accredited kurso provider at upang maiwasan ang pinsala. Simply Safety ay lamang magbigay ng NEBOSH sertipiko sa mga kandidato direkta Kami ay hindi lalaki out NEBOSH certificate dahil ang mga ito ay kritikal sa iyo. Original NEBOSH sertipiko ay karaniwang ipinadala out sa loob ng 40 araw ng trabaho mula sa petsa sa mga kaugnay na NEBOSH Unit Result Notification sulat (o apat na buwan pagkatapos ng petsa ng pagsusulit). Simply Safety sisingilin isang admin fee para sa anumang NEBOSH certificate na ay nawala o kailangang ma-reissued Simply Safety sisingilin ang bayad para sa kapalit ng NEBOSH sertipiko 20) Sino nagmamay-ari ng NEBOSH certificate? Ito ba ay sa akin kung sino nagmamay-ari ng NEBOSH certificate o ang kumpanya na nagsugo sa akin para sa NEBOSH kurso Sino nagmamay-ari ng certificate? NEBOSH Unit Certificate at Qualification Parchments ay iginawad sa pamamagitan NEBOSH sa taong pinangalanan sa sertipiko upang tukuyin ang kanilang matagumpay na pagkumpleto ng NEBOSH assessment at hindi sa mga organisasyon o mga indibidwal na (s) na naka-sponsor na kurso ng pag-aaral ng estudyante. 21) Ano ang halaga ng isang NEBOSH certificate kapalit Ano ang halaga ng isang kapalit na certificate? Ang gastos ng pagpapalit bawat NEBOSH unit sertipiko o kwalipikasyon sulatan ay SGD120 plus admin at DHL fees. Pagbabayad ay maaaring gawin sa pamamagitan ng tseke, cash, bank transfer o credit card Sa kaganapan kung nagkaroon ng NEBOSH EAR at ang NEBOSH EAR ay matagumpay ang naitama certification ay ibibigay nang walang bayad. Gayunpaman, ang orihinal na NEBOSH certificate at / o sulatan ay dapat ibalik ng kandidato NEBOSH at NEBOSH ay hindi magbibigay ng kapalit hanggang sa ang orihinal NEBOSH Certificate ay natanggap. 22) ang ginawa ko at lumipas ang isa NEBOSH unit paano ko matatanggap ang aking NEBOSH sulatan Paano maaari mong tubusin ang exemption para sa isa sa mga yunit NEBOSH na iyong kinuha at lumipas? Mangyaring markahan malinaw sa iyong NEBOSH registration form na ikaw ay pagtubos exemption. Ito ay paganahin NEBOSH upang i-cross-check ang iyong mga nakaraang mga kwalipikasyon at matiyak na awtomatikong makatanggap ka ng NEBOSH Qualification Parchment sa matagumpay na pagkumpleto ng lahat ng mga natitirang bahagi ng tatlong NEBOSH yunit sa loob ng award. 23) Sino ang tumatanggap ng NEBOSH sertipiko Sino ang tumatanggap ng Certificate? NEBOSH Unit Certificate at mga Pergamino para sa Sertipiko sa antas kwalipikasyon ay normal na ibinigay sa Simply Safety kung saan ay NEBOSH kurso provider sa pamamahagi sa NEBOSH mag-aaral. 24) Paano gumawa ng isang kahilingan sa NEBOSH para sa isang NEBOSH certificate kapalit o isang susugan NEBOSH unit Certificate Lahat NEBOSH kandidato o NEBOSH kurso provider humihiling ng isang kapalit na sertipiko ay dapat basahin ang mga NEBOSH Patakaran tungkol sertipiko NEBOSH kandidato kabilang pagwawasto at reissues. Upang palitan ang isang NEBOSH Unit Certificate o NEBOSH Qualification Parchment, NEBOSH kandidato ay dapat makumpleto ang isang NEBOSH Replacement unit anyo certificate / qualification sulatan kahilingan (bumuo UCP1) at ibalik ang nakumpletong form sa NEBOSH. 25) Ang pangalan ko sa aking NEBOSH certificate ay mali o hindi tama, maaari NEBOSH baguhin ito? Ang mga detalye (eg, ang pangalan) sa aking certificate ay hindi tama o ay nagbago, maaari nilang susugan? Simply Safety reminds NEBOSH kandidato upang irehistro ang kanilang mga pangalan nang tama. Apelyido at First Name ay dapat na nakasulat nang malinaw. NEBOSH mga estudyante ay dapat malinaw na nagpapahiwatig kung ano ang kanilang mga apelyido ang pangalan na kung saan ay lilitaw sa iyong NEBOSH Unit Certificate at Qualification Parchment ay kinuha mula sa iyong NEBOSH pagpapatala at / o NEBOSH forms examination registration. Mangyaring suriin ang iyong kumpirmasyon ng NEBOSH pagpapatala at NEBOSH examination entry confirmation upang matiyak na ang iyong pangalan ay naisulat ng tama. Kung ang iyong pangalan ay naitala nang hindi tama mangyaring ipaalam sa amin sa tamang spelling sa pamamagitan ng sulat sa lalong madaling panahon at maaari naming ipaalam sa NEBOSH Requests para sa mga pagbabago sa NEBOSH Certificate at NEBOSH Parchments mahulog sa apat na mga kategorya: • Certificates sa pagbibigay ng pangalan error (maling baybay, atbp) • Pagbabago pangalanan bilang nakarehistro sa 'ginustong' pangalan (eg, Jonathan James Smith sa Jim Smith o vice versa) • pagbabago ng pagkakasunud-sunod ng mga pangalan (eg, pagtaliwas apelyido at unang pangalan para sa mga layunin certification) • pangalan pagbabago para sa legal na mga layunin (halimbawa, dahil sa pag-aasawa o sa pamamagitan ng deed poll) maaaring kailanganin mong gumawa ng mga pagbabayad para sa isang muling pag-isyu at NEBOSH ay maaaring hindi sumasang-ayon dahil sa ilang mga kinakailangan 26) maaari ba akong makakuha ng isang karagdagang kopya ng NEBOSH sertipiko o ang aking mga tagapag-empleyo ay makakuha ng karagdagang kopya ng NEBOSH certificate? NEBOSH regulasyon obligasyon lamang payagan NEBOSH mag-isyu ng isang yunit certificate per NEBOSH unit nakamit at isa NEBOSH kwalipikasyon sulatan para sa bawat NEBOSH kwalipikasyon nakamit sa pamamagitan ng isang kandidato. Kung NEBOSH ay muling isyu ng bagong NEBOSH sertipiko o NEBOSH sulatan, ang orihinal na NEBOSH sertipiko o NEBOSH sulatan ay hindi na wasto. Maramihang mga kopya ng parehong NEBOSH certificate ay hindi maaaring ibinigay. 27) Ok ako ini-reissued ng bagong NEBOSH sertipiko o NEBOSH sulatan, kung gaano katagal ang aabutin? Gaano katagal aabutin upang makatanggap ng bagong Certificate? NEBOSH kandidato ay dapat asahan na makatanggap ng kanilang NEBOSH sertipiko sa loob ng 20 araw ng trabaho pagkaraang matanggap ang kahilingan sa pamamagitan ng NEBOSH. 28) Ang aking lumang NEBOSH certificate ay ninakaw My NEBOSH certificate ay ninakaw at am nag-aalala na ang isang tao ay maaaring gamitin ang aking NEBOSH sertipiko o gumawa ng mga kopya ng aking NEBOSH certificate ko. Upang mabawasan ang panganib ng mapanlinlang pagkopya ng NEBOSH Certificate at NEBOSH Pergamino, NEBOSH sertipiko ay naka-print sa security paper na kasama ang watermarks at isang hologram. NEBOSH Certificate at NEBOSH Parchments ay isa-isa bilang. NEBOSH nagpapanatili rekord ng lahat NEBOSH Certificate at NEBOSH Parchments inisyu at reissued. Sa sandaling ang isang kapalit ay ibinibigay, ang orihinal na NEBOSH Certificate ay hindi na balido. 29) Paano ko masasabi kung ang aking NEBOSH unit certificate o ang aking NEBOSH kwalipikasyon sulatan ay may-bisa Paano ko masasabi kung ang isang unit certificate, qualification sulatan o isang abiso unit resulta ay tunay? NEBOSH nagpapanatili ng isang rehistro ng lahat ng maytaglay ng kwalipikasyon, kasama ang bilang sa sertipiko o sulatan inisyu sa kanila. Simply Safety namamahala ng sarili nitong rehistro ng NEBOSH kandidato pati na rin NEBOSH certificate na ibinigay. Sa katunayan ito ay kung bakit ginawa namin mag-aaral mag-sign sa pagkilala na sila ay tinipon ang kanilang NEBOSH sertipiko Mangyaring ipadala NEBOSH kopya ng pinaghihinalaang certificate, sulatan o NEBOSH notification unit resulta sa NEBOSH 30) Paano lilitaw ang aking pangalan nakalimbag sa aking NEBOSH sertipiko o NEBOSH sulatan? Bago ang pagrerehistro upang idaos ang isang NEBOSH examination iyong hihingiin upang punan up ng isang Simply Safety enrollment form sa form na ito ito ay malinaw na pangangailangan ro lamang mabanggit sa iyong FIRST NAME at SURNAMEor Alam mo ang iyong unang pangalan at apelyido ang pinakamahusay na, ito ay hindi para sa anumang training center upang ipahiwatig, kami ay magtatanong para sa iyong pormal na ID ngunit hihilingin sa iyo ro ipahiwatig ang iyong una at surnames Maliban pormal na hiniling NEBOSH ay isyu ng NEBOSH Unit Certificate at NEBOSH Parchments gamit ang European pagpapangalan format. Nasa ibaba ang isang halimbawa ng mga internasyonal na mga format ng pagpapangalan NEBOSH ay may kakayahan upang idaos. Title Mr First Michael Apelyido / pamilya Walker Pangalan sa NEBOSH certificate ay Michael Walker 31) Sino ang pinakamahusay na NEBOSH training provider Malinaw na kung magtatanong kayo ng anumang NEBOSH training provider sasabihin nila na ang mga ito ang pinakamahusay na NEBOSH training provider na kailangan mong gumawa ng isang pagpili batay sa iyong oras, ang iyong lokasyon at kung paano pag-aaralan mo at kung ano ang iyong pag-aaralan namin Simply Safety isang NEBOSH training provider para sa higit sa 8 taon may isang mahusay na track record sa ilan sa mga pinakamahusay na mga kumpanya sa buong mundo. Kami ay nai-pagsasanay para sa Shell at marami pang ibang mga kumpanya ng langis pati na rin sinanay para sa iba't ibang mga kagawaran Inilalagay namin ang isang pulutong ng mga NEBOSH impormasyon para sa libre sa pag-asang NEBOSH aaral sa buong mundo kahit na sila ay hindi ang aming mga NEBOSH mag-aaral ay makakuha ng mahusay na impormasyon 32 ) ako ay nagtatrabaho sa isang bansa na hindi magkaroon ng isang NEBOSH training provider Simply Safety ay isang NEBOSH training provider na ay iginawad sa NEBOSH distance pag-aaral at NEBOSH elearning mga lisensya para sa IGC 33) ako ay nagtatrabaho malayo sa pampang sa pag-ikot Simply Safety ay isang NEBOSH training provider na ay iginawad sa NEBOSH distance pag-aaral at NEBOSH elearning mga lisensya para sa IGC 34) maaari ba akong kumuha ng aking NEBOSH exams sa isang British Council Oo maaari mong gawin NEBOSH exams sa isang British Council, kami lang Safety maaaring ayusin ito para sa iyo na may mga British Council 35) Maaari ko bang baguhin ang aking NEBOSH exam date? Depende ito, yes maaari mong baguhin ang NEBOSH exam date ngunit magkakaroon administrative charges 36) Maaaring i baguhin ang aking NEBOSH exam lokasyon o NEBOSH exam venue Oo maaari mong baguhin ang NEBOSH exam venue ngunit magkakaroon singil para sa mga ito pati na rin ang 37) Ba ang NEBOSH kwalipikasyon ay may isang pag-expire ng petsa? Ako ay may nakakamit ng isang NEBOSH kwalipikasyon. Gawin NEBOSH kwalipikasyon ay may isang pag-expire ng petsa? Walang mga NEBOSH kwalipikasyon sa sandaling ang lahat matagumpay na nakumpleto at gumawa na ng expiry petsa at NEBOSH ay hindi nangangailangan ng mga kwalipikasyon na pana-panahon muling kinuha. 38) Gaano katagal ang NEBOSH training tumagal? Gaano ito katagal? Ito ay depende sa kung ano ang NEBOSH kwalipikasyon pinili mong mag-aral. Tumawag sa amin upang talakayin ito at maaari naming ipaliwanag ito sa karagdagang Ang NEBOSH HSW ay 3 araw ng pagsasanay Ang NEBOSH IGC Full time o block release ay 10 araw ng full time nang harapan ngunit din sa sarili pag-aaral Ang NEBOSH distance pag-aaral at NEBOSH elearning ay nangangahulugan na ikaw pa rin kung ilalagay sa oras 39) Bakit NEBOSH tumagal kaya mahaba para sa NEBOSH certificate, iba pang mga kurso ay may mga sertipiko sa susunod na araw sa sandaling ang isang NEBOSH pagsusuri ay nakumpleto na ang NEBOSH pagsusulit script ay ipinadala pabalik sa NEBOSH at matikman mahigpit standardisasyon, ang pagmamarka, check at mga resulta pagpapasiya proseso upang matiyak ang katumpakan at pagkakapare-pareho. Its isang standard na mundo kinikilalang 40) Magkano para sa NEBOSH fees course Course ay matatagpuan sa aming website o maaari mong i-email sa amin nang direkta sa iac@simplysafety.com.sg 41) Bakit Simply Safety NEBOSH bayad ay naiiba mula sa iba pang mga NEBOSH providers training ? NEBOSH Course fees mag-iba mula NEBOSH training provider upang NEBOSH training provider Pinili mo ang training provider na ikaw ay komportable sa at hindi lamang ang cheapest 42) Ano ang kailangan kong maging isang NEBOSH tutor o NEBOSH trainer Upang maging isang NEBOSH tutor o NEBOSH trainer o NEBOSH instructor kailangan mo na paganahin pormal na mga kwalipikasyon kinikilala ng NEBOSH pati na rin ang taon ng karanasan sa industriya na rin kailangan mo na paganahin ang iba't ibang mga taon ng pagtuturo o pagsasanay karanasan Pagkatapos ay ang iyong NEBOSH tutor application form ay maaaring isumite sa NEBOSH para maaprubahan o vetting 43) NEBOSH kwalipikasyon ginagawa ng Construction Skills Certificate Scheme tanggapin NEBOSH kwalipikasyon bilang exemption mula sa kalusugan at kaligtasan ng pagsubok ng CSCS cards? Mula sa 30 Setyembre 2013, Construction Skills Certificate Scheme ay makilala ang mga sumusunod na mga kwalipikasyon para sa AQP (Academically Qualified Tao) card: NEBOSH Pambansang Certificate sa konstruksyon Health and Safety NEBOSH International Certificate sa konstruksyon Health and Safety NEBOSH Pambansang Diploma sa Occupational Health and Safety matagumpay na mga aplikante hawak ang mga NEBOSH akademikong kwalipikasyon ay ibibigay sa isang AQP (Academically Qualified Tao) card na kung saan ay may-bisa para sa limang taon. Lahat ng aplikante ay kailangang pumasa sa CITB Managers at Professionals Health, Safety and Environment Test. 44) NEBOSH at IOSH NEBOSH Pambansang General Certificate kwalipikasyon nakakamit pagkatapos ng Oktubre 2002 matugunan ang mga pang-akademikong mga kinakailangan para sa Technician membership (Tech IOSH) ng Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). NEBOSH Pambansang General Certificate kwalipikasyon nakakamit bago ang Nobyembre 2002 ay tanggapin sa ganang Tech IOSH kasapi, na ibinigay 12 buwan back-napetsahan Continuous Professional Development (CPD) katibayan ay iniharap sa IOSH. holders NEBOSH Pambansang General Certificate na nakamit ang kanilang qualification bago ang Nobyembre 2002 ay pinapayuhan na makipag-ugnay sa IOSH department Membership para sa karagdagang impormasyon tungkol sa CPD ruta sa Tech IOSH membership. 45) Ano ang antas ay ang NEBOSH certificate Ang mga sumusunod na mga kwalipikasyon NEBOSH Certificate ay rated sa Level 6 sa Scottish Credit at Qualifications Framework (SCQF): NEBOSH Pambansang General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH Pambansang Certificate sa konstruksyon Health and Safety NEBOSH Pambansang Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management NEBOSH Pambansang Certificate in Environmental Management NEBOSH Pambansang Certificate sa Pamamahala ng Kalusugan at Well-pagiging sa Work. NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH International Certificate sa konstruksyon Health and Safety NEBOSH International Certificate sa Fire Safety and Risk Management 46) Whay antas ay ang NEBOSH Award Ano ang antas ay NEBOSH Award kwalipikasyon? Ang mga sumusunod na NEBOSH Award qualification ay rated sa Level 5 sa Scottish Credit at Qualifications Framework (SCQF), mula Enero 1, 2012: • NEBOSH Award sa Kalusugan at Kaligtasan sa Trabaho SCQF Level 5 ay maihahambing sa NQF / QCF Level 2 sa England, Wales at Northern Ireland, o GCSE standard. 47) Nakatanggap ako ng Sumangguni sa aking NEBOSH resulta Kung ang isang estudyante ay nakatanggap ng isang 'sumangguni' resulta sa exams NEBOSH na nangangahulugan na hindi sila ay matugunan ang pass pamantayan sa pagsusuri o assignment. Ni-refer NEBOSH aaral ay maaaring muling magrehistro para sa isang nakasulat na pagsusuri o praktikal assessment 48) Ok ako got ang isang sumangguni sa aking NEBOSH exams, kapag ako ay maaaring Resit aking NEBOSH exams? Baka gusto mong Resit iyong certificate-level qualification, sa isang karaniwang pagsusuri upo (Marso, Hunyo, Setyembre at Disyembre). Gayunpaman, maaari rin naming ayusin on demand NEBOSH petsa ng pagsusulit ngunit ang mga ito dumating sa isang gastos 49) Kailan ko matatanggap ang aking NEBOSH resulta Para nakasulat NEBOSH eksaminasyon, ang petsa na kung saan ang NEBOSH kandidato ay dapat tumanggap ng isang nakasulat NEBOSH notification resulta ay nakasaad sa kandidato NEBOSH examination entry confirmation. Read more... International General Certificate (IGC) sa Occupational Safety and Health Exam Petsa para sa 2016
      Course Lokasyon Course Petsa Bayarin
      NEBOSH sa Australia, Sydney March 2016 SGD $ 650
      NEBOSH sa Australia, Perth March 2016 SGD $ 650
      NEBOSH sa Bahrain, Manama March 2016 SGD $ 650

      التعليمات NEBOSH

      التعليمات NEBOSH
      المؤهلات NEBOSH - المؤهلات NEBOSH فهم
      فهم المؤهلات NEBOSH
      فهم المؤهلات NEBOSH
      NEBOSH يتلقى ما يقرب من مائة thousand- أكثر من 100،000 تسجيل فحص NEBOSH كل سنة من الناس الذين يعيشون في 125 دولة مختلفة، كل منها تسعى للحصول على واحدة من العديد من مختلف المؤهلات NEBOSH. الأشخاص التالية أسماؤهم أو متابعة مهنة في إدارة الصحة والسلامة ويعتقد أنها سوف تحتاج إلى تأهيل NEBOSH. تأخذ بعض المؤهلات NEBOSH عادل في القضية. تأخذ الآخرين المؤهلات NEBOSH لأن عملهم يتطلب ذلك. أظهرت أبحاث في المملكة المتحدة أن العديد من أرباب العمل تتطلب المتقدمين لعقد التأهيل NEBOSH. العديد من هذه الشركات تتطلب على المستوى المهني درجة معادلة دبلوم NEBOSH. ليست مجرد أخصائيي السلامة التي تتطلب qualificaitons NEBOSH لكن المهنيين ذوي الأدوار المختلفة في مكان العمل تعقد الآن المؤهلات NEBOSH. الصحة والسلامة والإدارة البيئية هو المؤهل للعديد من الأدوار المختلفة ابتداء من مديري الشركات الى عمال البناء، مستشارين التأمين، والعاملين الموارد البشرية وغيرها. NEBOSH لا تقديم دورات. لا NEBOSH لا تفعل التدريب NEBOSH. بدلا NEBOSH يفوض مقدمي خدمات التدريب NEBOSH المعتمدة. معتمدة على NEBOSH مقدمي خدمات التدريب هي التي إجراء التدريب NEBOSH هناك نحو 620 مقدمي NEBOSH المعتمدة دورة في جميع أنحاء العالم. توفر مقدمي التدريب NEBOSH التدريب NEBOSH والتعليم اللازمة للحصول على مؤهلات NEBOSH. حيث يمكن للمرء أن تبدأ في إيجاد دورة NEBOSH أو مقدمي التدريب NEBOSH؟ يمكنك البدء في الموقع NEBOSH تحت إيجاد دورة NEBOSH أو معتمدة مزود ملعب "أين لدراسة" المؤهلات NEBOSH لا أميل أن تطغى عليها المؤهلات NEBOSH المختلفة أو أشكال قصيرة NEBOSH الناس ويبدو أن استخدامها من NEBOSH HSW أو NEBOSH IGC في الأساس لا يوجد حاليا ثلاث فئات مختلفة من التأهيل NEBOSH NEBOSH جائزة NEBOSH شهادة NEBOSH الدبلوم. الآن مع أو من خلال جامعة هال، NEBOSH أيضا الآن يقدم مجموعة من درجة الماجستير. يوضح NEBOSH جوائز جائزة مؤهل فهم أساسي للموضوع مغطاة، ويمكن استخدامه كمقدمة لغيرها من المؤهلات مستوى أعلى NEBOSH. تقدم NEBOSH ثلاثة مؤهلات مستوى الجائزة: جائزة NEBOSH في الصحة والسلامة في التوعية العمل NEBOSH البيئة في العمل جائزة NEBOSH التأهيل في السلامة والصحة والبيئة لعملية صناعات أصحاب العمل على وجه الخصوص تنجذب إلى هذا المستوى جائزة NEBOSH التأهيل لمساعدة الناس في فهم السلامة والصحة وبناء ثقافة جيدة ويتم جائزة NEBOSH باللغة الإنجليزية. جائزة NEBOSH في الصحة والسلامة في العمل يمكن اتخاذها في الفرنسية، الاسبانية، العربية، لغة الماندرين الصينية والروسية. المؤهلات مستوى NEBOSH شهادة NEBOSH شهادة تثبت معرفة واسعة للموضوع تغطيتها. هناك تسعة مؤهلات مستوى شهادة NEBOSH. نعم هناك تسعة NEBOSH مختلف certificates- اعتمادا على ما تريد. NEBOSH الدولية الشهادة العامة في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH الشهادة العامة الوطنية في مجال الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH الشهادة الدولية في الصحة البناء والشهادة الوطنية NEBOSH السلامة في الصحة البناء والسلامة NEBOSH الشهادة الدولية في السلامة من الحرائق وإدارة المخاطر الشهادة الوطنية NEBOSH في السلامة من الحرائق و إدارة المخاطر NEBOSH شهادة التقني الدولي في مجال النفط والغاز الشهادة الوطنية التشغيلي NEBOSH السلامة في إدارة الصحة والرفاه في شهادة NEBOSH العمل في الإدارة البيئية نظرت إلى واحدة من المؤهلات الأساسية. أكثر الناس تأخذ المؤهلات NEBOSH الوطنية وNEBOSH الدولية أن أي مؤهلات NEBOSH أخرى وNEBOSH الدولية تتم باللغة الإنجليزية. وNEBOSH الدولية الشهادة العامة أيضا باللغة الفرنسية، البرتغالية، الاسبانية، العربية، الروسية والتركية. NEBOSH الدبلومات هناك ثلاثة مؤهلات دبلوم NEBOSH: دبلوم NEBOSH الوطنية في مجال الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH الدبلوم الدولي في الصحة المهنية NEBOSH ودبلوم السلامة في إدارة NEBOSH الشهادات البيئية والمعترف بها عالميا. أصحاب NEBOSH الدبلوم قد تأهل أيضا لعضوية الهيئات المهنية. ويمكن لحاملي دبلوم NEBOSH التقدم بطلب للحصول العليا (غراد IOSH) والقانونيين (CMIOSH) عضوية مؤسسة السلامة والصحة حاملي NEBOSH الدبلوم يمكن أن تنطبق على حالة العضو (MIIRSM) من معهد إدارة المخاطر والسلامة. تقدم NEBOSH الماجستير NEBOSH ثلاثة ماجستير في العلوم (ماجستير) درجة وثلاث ماجستير في بحوث (المغاربة المقيمين في الخارج) درجة مع جامعة هال: ماجستير في الصحة المهنية والسلامة وماجستير في الإدارة البيئية في الصحة المهنية والسلامة ماجستير في المغاربة المقيمين في الخارج الإدارة البيئية في المهنية الصحة والسلامة والمغاربة المقيمين في الخارج الإدارة البيئية في الصحة المهنية والمغاربة المقيمين في الخارج إدارة السلامة في الامتحانات الإدارة البيئية NEBOSH اختيار بالطبع NEBOSH الصحيح واتخاذ الجائزة شهادة أو دبلوم NEBOSH الامتحانات والشهادة العامة NEBOSH هما NEBOSH الامتحانات كل من الامتحانات لمدة ساعتين و1 NEBOSH الاحالة مكان العمل العملي. إلقاء نظرة على الموقع NEBOSH للحصول على معلومات والمساعدة. متاح مجانا على تقارير NEBOSH الممتحنين موقع "بعض المعلومات NEBOSH. ورقة السؤال سبيل المثال والممتحنين "ردود الفعل على الإجابات المتوقعة؛ وGC3 الإرشاد ومعلومات عن المرشحين. تعلم بعض الكلمات NEBOSH الأوامر أو الكلمات NEBOSH عمل تحديد والخطوط العريضة، وصف، شرح وتعطي. معنى عبارة الأوامر المستخدمة في امتحانات شهادة قيادة كلمة يعني على سبيل المثال تحديد لإعطاء إشارة إلى عنصر، والتي يمكن أن يكون اسم أو لقب لها الخطوط العريضة للإشارة إلى الميزات الرئيسية أو أجزاء مختلفة من إعطاء ملخص موجز للجوانب رئيسية من كل ما ذكر في السؤال وصف لإعطاء تقرير مكتوب مفصل من السمات المميزة للموضوع. شرح لتقديم فهم. لجعل فكرة أو علاقة أعط اضحة لتقديم إجابات قصيرة وواقعية الممارسة يجعل الكمال-أسئلة وهمية الممارسة NEBOSH أو أسئلة كتاب النص. ممارسة الأسئلة NEBOSH غير حاسمة ومهمة في إعداد. التعليمات NEBOSH 1) Student- هل يمكنني تحويل رسوم التسجيل جهدي لجلسة أخرى؟ لا لا يمكنك. مرة واحدة كنت قد حجزت موعد الامتحان NEBOSH الخاص بك، فمن النهائي. وسوف يتم وضع علامة غائبا في الجلسة الفحص وسوف تكون هناك حاجة السداد الكامل في فحص الخاص بك المقبل يجلس. 2) بسبب بعض الظروف غير المتوقعة لم أتمكن من حضور الامتحانات NEBOSH. لدي عمل إضافي لذلك أنا غير قادر على القيام امتحاناتي NEBOSH انا ذاهب في الخارج لذلك أنا غير قادر على القيام امتحاناتي NEBOSH أنا أفعل نوبات ليلية لذلك أنا غير قادر على القيام امتحاناتي NEBOSH هل من الممكن لبلدي رسوم التسجيل الامتحان ليكون ردها؟ لا لا يمكنك. لديك الوقت والرفاهية لتخطيط وحجز الامتحانات NEBOSH الخاص بك تصل إلى 6 أشهر قبل جهة 3) لدي عمل في اليوم امتحان NEBOSH، أستطيع أن أبدأ في وقت آخر؟ لا لا يمكنك. يتم إصلاح يوم الامتحان NEBOSH ووقت الامتحان NEBOSH. لم تحدث تعديلات 4) هل يمكن أن أرى بلدي النصي فحص ملحوظ وفقا لقانون حماية البيانات؟ لا لا يمكنك أن ترى أوراق NEBOSH ملحوظ الخاص بك. سياسة NEBOSH يتبع قانون حماية البيانات لعام 1998، والتي بموجبها يست ملزمة قانونيا الهيئات المانحة لتوفير الوصول إلى النصوص الفحص. الجدول 7 الفقرة 9 من قانون حماية البيانات على أن "البيانات الشخصية تتكون من المعلومات المسجلة من قبل الطلاب خلال فحص الأكاديمية والمهنية أو غيرها معفاة". ويعرف "فحص" بموجب قانون بأنه يشمل "أي عملية لتحديد المعرفة والذكاء والمهارة أو القدرة مرشح بالرجوع إلى أدائه في أي اختبار أو العمل أو أي نشاط آخر". على هذا النحو لا يمكن أن نرى الأوراق NEBOSH الخاص بك أو الخاص ملحوظ مخطوطات الجواب NEBOSH 5) أريد أرى ملحوظ النصي فحص NEBOSH لأن النتيجة لم تطابق توقعاتي. أشعر أنني سجل جيد للامتحانات NEBOSH. أريد أن أعرف لماذا فشلت الامتحانات NEBOSH. لا لا يمكنك أن ترى الأوراق NEBOSH ملحوظ. إذا كنت تعتقد أن نتيجة NEBOSH ليست صحيحة، يمكنك طلب NEBOSH الاستفسار عن نتيجة (EAR) خلال شهر واحد من تاريخ صدور نتيجة NEBOSH التي كتبها NEBOSH. هناك رسم للأذن NEBOSH 6) أنا لم تفعل بشكل جيد للامتحانات NEBOSH وتحتاج إلى الحصول على ردود فعل لامتحانات NEBOSH المقبلة. كيف يمكنني الحصول على ردود فعل لامتحانات NEBOSH؟ يمكن لي أن أطلب NEBOSH على ردود الفعل لبلدي الامتحانات NEBOSH؟ يمكنني الكتابة في لNEBOSH لردود الفعل؟ رقم يمكنك البحث عن تقنيات الفحص على موقع NEBOSH أو عبر الإنترنت. البديل يمكنك أن تسأل مزود التدريب NEBOSH الخاص بك أو الخاص NEBOSH المعلم NEBOSH لا توفر ردود الفعل على الأداء الفردي. يمكنك الاشتراك لمزيد من دورات تدريبية NEBOSH 7) جلست لامتحانات NEBOSH. دفعت للامتحانات NEBOSH. appeards رقم هاتفي على البرامج النصية NEBOSH هل يعني ذلك أن NEBOSH ملحوظ النصوص تنتمي لي؟ هي مخطوطات NEBOSH الملكية الفكرية الخاصة بي؟ رقم وذكر مكتب براءات الاختراع، "كل شيء به لغرض وضع أو الرد على الفحص لا تشكل الملكية الفكرية". وفقا لNEBOSH طالب لا يولد الملكية الفكرية عند إكمال برنامج نصي الفحص. البرامج النصية NEBOSH هي ملك لNEBOSH وNEBOSH فقط. 8) ثم لا قانون حرية المعلومات تنطبق على NEBOSH؟ لا قانون حرية المعلومات لعام 2000 لا تنطبق سوى على السلطات العامة، أي الهيئات الممولة من القطاع العام (مثل المدارس والكليات والجامعات). NEBOSH هو كيان خاص وغير خاضع للقانون. 9) وأنا اتخاذ بلدي exams- NEBOSH هل يمكنني الاحتفاظ أوراقي امتحان NEBOSH أو كتيبات الجواب NEBOSH لا يمكن أظل بلدي ورقة مسألة الامتحان؟ لا يسمح للطلاب NEBOSH لإزالة أوراق مسألة الامتحانات NEBOSH أو كتيبات الجواب NEBOSH من غرفة الفحص NEBOSH. لا تترك الامتحانات NEBOSH حتى يتم مسح لك من قبل الامتحان المراقبات NEBOSH 10) هل يمكنني الحصول على نسخة ممسوحة ضوئيا من بلدي شهادة NEBOSH أو نسخة إلكترونية من بلدي NEBOSH التأهيل؟ لا لأسباب أمنية NEBOSH ولنا لا تصدر نسخا إلكترونية من NEBOSH الشهادات وحدة أو NEBOSH التأهيل الرقوق. لها أيضا لمصلحتك. 11) هل يمكنني التقدم بطلب للحصول اعتبارات خاصة NEBOSH أشعر بأن مراجعة تأثر أشعر أن هناك شيئا ما يعيق أدائي الامتحانات NEBOSH. لا لن تكون مؤهلة للحصول على NEBOSH اهتماما خاصا 12) ماذا يحدث إذا يفقد مركز البرامج النصية امتحان ماذا يحدث إذا فقدت بلدي النصي فحص أو التكليف؟ في غير مرجح. تحتاج المراكز إلى تقديم البرامج النصية في إطار زمني محدد ومن خلال التدابير المناسبة NEBOSH ومقدمي خدمات التدريب NEBOSH وإجراءات صارمة لضمان أمن البرامج النصية فحص NEBOSH الانتهاء من عمليات التقييم ومهام عملي NEBOSH، هي inplace لتقييم العملية NEBOSH، فمن الحكمة أن الطلاب على الإصدارات حفظها أثناء كتابة عمليات تقييم وأو الاحتفاظ بنسخ حفظ الممسوحة ضوئيا إذا كانت تستخدم التقييمات مكتوبة بخط اليد. حافظ على البريد الإلكتروني الذي استخدمته لإرسال NEBOSH التقييمات 13) كيف يمكنني التحقق هو شخص لديه مؤهلات NEBOSH وهو أن التأهيل NEBOSH شرعي ومن الواضح أن عليك التأكد من مزود بالطبع NEBOSH الخاص بك هو شرعي ومعتمد مع NEBOSH يرجى ملاحظة يجب على مقدمي دورة NEBOSH توفر التدريب الذي كانت معتمدة ل. على سبيل المثال إذا تم اعتماد مقدم دورة NEBOSH لNEBOSH IGC بدوام كامل ودوام جزئي فقط، ثم أن مزود دورة NEBOSH يمكن إجراء فقط NEBOSH IGC خلال 80 ساعة إما بدوام كامل أو بدوام جزئي ولكن 80 ساعة وهذا مزود بالطبع NEBOSH لا يمكن أن توفر دورات أخرى أو غيرها طرق NEBOSH يمكن تلقي طلبات من أصحاب العمل ووكالات التوظيف، ومؤسسات التعليم العالي، وغيرها من الهيئات المماثلة للتحقق إذا كان هناك شخص يحمل في الواقع على مؤهل NEBOSH. وكانت هناك حالات من الغش وشهادات وهمية ما عليك القيام به هو لديهم استعداد نسخة من شهادة جامعية التأهيل NEBOSH، وNEBOSH يمكن التحقق من خلال 5 أيام عمل سواء كان حقيقيا أم لا. إذا لم يكن لديك نسخة من شهادة جامعية التأهيل، NEBOSH لا تزال تحقق ما إذا كان الشخص يحمل واحدة من المؤهلات لدينا. ومع ذلك، من أجل NEBOSH ليتوافق مع قانون حماية البيانات، لا يمكن إلا أن تتم معالجة هذه الطلبات في حالة تلقي هذا الطلب خطيا على ذلك. باستخدام نموذج طلب التحقق التأهيل. لن يتم الكشف ردا على استفسار عبر الهاتف. وستتم معالجة طلبات لتأكيد المؤهلات التي عقدت في حالة عدم وجود نسخة من شهادة جامعية في أقرب وقت كل المعلومات ذات الصلة ويتم استلام التراخيص، ولكن NEBOSH قد يستغرق فترة تصل إلى 20 أيام عمل. لم يكن للشخص يخضع لهذا الطلب لتوفير ترخيص. ومع ذلك، يجب أن تكون على علم بأن يتم إجراء الفحوصات. المنظمة تقديم الطلب يجب تقديم أدلة على أنهم قد نصح الفرد أنها سوف تسعى للتحقق من أن لديهم المؤهلات أنهم يدعون. إذا كانوا غير قادرين على تقديم هذه الأدلة، إذن من الشخص الذي هو موضوع طلب ستكون مطلوبة. المعلومات يوفر NEBOSH، ستقتصر على ما إذا كان الشخص يحمل ادعى التأهيل. سوف NEBOSH لم يكشف علامات يتحقق أو تحقق من نتائج الامتحانات وحدة. سوف NEBOSH إذا طلب ذلك، الكشف عن علامات يتحقق أو تحقق من نتائج الامتحانات وحدة. سيطلب التصريح من مرشح. تنطبق الرسوم التالية لهذه الخدمة: • 25 £ رسوم لاستكمال الأوراق المقدمة من منظمة خارجية أو حيث لنص نتيجة أمر غير مقبول. • رسوم استخدام البريد آمن - £ 15 في المملكة المتحدة، 40 £ في الخارج، حيث بريد الكتروني غير مقبول. وينبغي معالجة جميع طلبات التحقق التأهل إلى verifications@nebosh.org.uk~~V الرجاء chech موقع NEBOSH 14) أخذت بالطبع NEBOSH وامتحان NEBOSH، متى أحصل على NEBOSH النتائج تعطى النتائج عادة NEBOSH في حوالي 1-2 أشهر. هذا يتيح للطلاب الذين لا statisfied للقيام الأذن NEBOSH بهم ثم NEBOSH يتم إرسال الشهادات والرقوق تصفيات داخل 2 أشهر من NEBOSH النتائج الإعلانات 15) أخذت بالطبع NEBOSH وامتحان NEBOSH، متى يمكنني الحصول على شهادات NEBOSH عادة NEBOSH يتم إعطاء النتائج في حوالي 1-2 أشهر. هذا يتيح للطلاب الذين لا statisfied للقيام الأذن NEBOSH بهم ثم يتم إرسال شهادات NEBOSH والرقوق تصفيات داخل 2 أشهر من NEBOSH النتائج الإعلانات 16) ما يمكنني استخدام شهادة NEBOSH لبلدي؟ ما يمكنني استخدام شهادتي عنه؟ يقدم شهادة NEBOSH دليل على تحقيق النجاح في NEBOSH امتحانات شهادة NEBOSH يجب أن تبقى بسلام كما هو الحال مع كل ما تبذلونه من شهادات أصحاب العمل المهنية، والهيئات المهنية والمؤسسات الأكاديمية في بعض الأحيان قد طلب الحصول على نسخة من شهادة NEBOSH 17) NEBOSH شهادة بلدي هو فقدت أو تضررت أنا بلدي certificte NEBOSH يمكنني الحصول على شهادة NEBOSH جديدة أو استبدال لشهادتي NEBOSH؟ وقد فقدت شهادتي، هل يمكنني الحصول على بديل؟ إذا أصدرت NEBOSH شهادة استبدال NEBOSH الجديدة التي يجب أن تكون وضعت بكلمة إعادة إصدار شهادة NEBOSH الجديدة سيكون لها تاريخ إعادة إصدار الجديد ولكن شهادة NEBOSH القديمة ستبقى على الشهادة استبدال NEBOSH الجديدة بمجرد إصداره شهادة NEBOSH الجديدة الأصلي شهادة NEBOSH لم تعد كرر طلبات صالحة من نفس المرشح للحصول على شهادات NEBOSH أو من نفس مزود بالطبع NEBOSH سيتم التحقيق قبل أن يتم قبولها. إذا وجدت أدلة على نشاط احتيالي و / أو إهمال، سيتم التعامل مع الحادث من قبل NEBOSH كما الممارسات الخاطئة وحيث اتخاذ الإجراءات المناسبة 18) ماذا يحدث عندما يقوم شخص ما يدعي زورا إلى تحمل شهادة NEBOSH ولكن لا يحمل شهادة NEBOSH ما هي العواقب من يدعي زورا لعقد التأهيل NEBOSH؟ NEBOSH تحتفظ بسجلات لجميع المرشحين الفحص وجميع الأشخاص الذين تم منح أي من المؤهلات NEBOSH. كل وحدة NEBOSH شهادة والتأهيل شهادة جامعية لديها عدد من مكافحة التزوير ومكافحة الغش الميزات، بما في ذلك رقم تعريف فريد من نوعه. سوف NEBOSH مساعدة أصحاب العمل ووكالات التوظيف في التحقق من أن الموظفين المحتملين أو القائمة فعلا حاصل على شهادة NEBOSH. تزوير المؤهلات من أجل الحصول على وظيفة هو سبب وجيه لرفض على الفور الموظف. في معظم البلدان، في هذه تصنف على الغش ويمكن أن يكون جريمة جنائية. سوف NEBOSH الإبلاغ عن مثل هذه الحالات للشرطة وكذلك أقول الهيئات المهنية الأخرى. ومن أخلاقيا والباطل 19) قانونا لقد اتخذت الامتحانات NEBOSH، تلقى نتائجي NEBOSH ولكن لم يحصلوا على شهادة NEBOSH لم أتلق بلدي وحدة شهادة / المؤهل شهادة جامعية NEBOSH يرسل شهادات موعد التسليم المسجلة في المملكة المتحدة ومسار قادرة التسليم إلى مواقع في الخارج في مظاريف متن الظهر لضمان وردت به ببساطة السلامة واحدة من مقدم الدورة معتمدة ولتجنب الضرر. ببساطة سوف السلامة سوى تقديم شهادات NEBOSH للمرشحين مباشرة ونحن لن الذكور من شهادات NEBOSH لأن هذه هي حاسمة بالنسبة لك. وترسل شهادات NEBOSH الأصلية عادة في غضون 40 أيام عمل من تاريخ خطاب النتيجة الإعلام ذات الصلة وحدة NEBOSH (أو أربعة أشهر بعد تاريخ الفحص). ببساطة سوف السلامة تهمة رسم المشرف لأية شهادات NEBOSH التي فقدت أو تحتاج إلى إعادة إصدار ببساطة سوف السلامة فرض رسوم لاستبدال شهادات NEBOSH 20) من يملك شهادة NEBOSH؟ هل لي من يملك شهادة NEBOSH أو الشركة التي أرسلت لي للدورة NEBOSH من يملك شهادة؟ ويتم منح شهادات NEBOSH وحدة والتأهيل الرقوق التي كتبها NEBOSH إلى شخص يدعى على شهادة للدلالة على اجتيازهم بنجاح لتقييم NEBOSH وليس للمنظمة أو فرد (ق) التي ترعاها بالطبع الطالب من الدراسة. 21) ما هي تكلفة شهادة NEBOSH استبدال ما هي تكلفة شهادة الاستبدال؟ تكلفة استبدال كل شهادة وحدة أو شرط NEBOSH شهادة جامعية هي SGD120 بالإضافة إلى المشرف والرسوم دي إتش إل. قد يتم الدفع عن طريق الشيكات والنقد، وتحويل مصرفي أو بطاقة الائتمان في حالة إذا كان هناك EAR NEBOSH وكان EAR NEBOSH ناجحة وسوف تصدر شهادة تصحيح مجانا. ومع ذلك، يجب أن تعاد شهادة NEBOSH الأصلي و / أو شهادة جامعية من قبل المرشح NEBOSH وسوف NEBOSH لن يصدر البدلاء حتى تم تلقي شهادة NEBOSH الأصلية. 22) وقد فعلت ومرت حدة NEBOSH واحد كيف يمكنني الحصول على بلدي شهادة جامعية NEBOSH كيف يمكنك المطالبة بالإعفاء لإحدى وحدات NEBOSH أن كنت قد اتخذت ومرت؟ يرجى وضع علامة واضحة على استمارة التسجيل NEBOSH الخاص بك الذي كنت تدعي الإعفاء. وسيمكن هذا NEBOSH لعبور تحقق مؤهلاتك السابقة والتأكد من أنك تحصل تلقائيا على NEBOSH المؤهل شهادة جامعية على الانتهاء بنجاح من كل ما تبقى من وحدات NEBOSH ثلاثة في الجائزة. 23) الذي يحصل على شهادات NEBOSH الذي يحصل على شهادة؟ تصدر NEBOSH الشهادات وحدة والرقوق للمؤهلات على مستوى الشهادة عادة ببساطة السلامة وهو NEBOSH مزود بالطبع لتوزيعها على الطلاب NEBOSH. 24) كيفية تقديم طلب إلى NEBOSH للحصول على شهادة استبدال NEBOSH أو تعديل شهادة وحدة NEBOSH المرشحين جميع NEBOSH أو مقدم الدورة NEBOSH طلب شهادة استبدال يجب قراءة سياسة NEBOSH بشأن شهادات مرشح NEBOSH بما في ذلك التصحيحات وريسو. ليحل محل شهادة وحدة NEBOSH أو NEBOSH المؤهل شهادة جامعية، ويجب على المرشحين NEBOSH إكمال NEBOSH وحدة استبدال نموذج طلب شهادة / مؤهل شهادة جامعية (تشكيل UCP1) ويعود النموذج المعبأ إلى NEBOSH. 25) اسمي على شهادتي NEBOSH خاطئة أو غير صحيحة، يمكن NEBOSH تغييره؟ التفاصيل (على سبيل المثال، اسم) على شهادتي غير صحيحة أو تغيرت، فإنها يمكن أن تعدل؟ ببساطة تذكر السلامة المرشحين NEBOSH لتسجيل أسمائهم بشكل صحيح. اللقب والاسم الأول يجب أن تكون مكتوبة بشكل واضح. يجب على الطلاب NEBOSH تشير بوضوح إلى ما هو اللقب على الاسم الذي يظهر على هاتفك NEBOSH الشهادات وحدة والتأهيل رق مأخوذ من الالتحاق NEBOSH و / أو استمارات التسجيل الفحص NEBOSH. يرجى التحقق من التأكيد من الالتحاق NEBOSH وNEBOSH فحص تأكيدا دخول للتأكد من أن اسمك هو مكتوبة بشكل صحيح. إذا تم تسجيل اسمك بشكل غير صحيح يرجى اعلامنا من الإملاء الصحيح في الكتابة في أقرب وقت ممكن، ونحن يمكن أن تبلغ طلبات NEBOSH لإجراء تغييرات في شهادات NEBOSH وNEBOSH الرقوق تقع في أربع فئات: • شهادات مع تسمية أخطاء (خطأ إملائي، الخ) • تغيير اسم كما هو مسجل على اسم "المفضل" (على سبيل المثال، جوناثان جيمس سميث لجيم سميث أو العكس بالعكس) • تغيير ترتيب الأسماء (على سبيل المثال، وعكس اللقب والاسم الأول لأغراض شهادة) • تغيير اسم لأغراض قانونية (على سبيل المثال، بسبب الزواج أو عن طريق استطلاع الفعل) قد تحتاج إلى إجراء دفع لإعادة إصدار وNEBOSH قد لا نتفق بسبب متطلبات معينة 26) هل يمكنني الحصول على نسخة إضافية من شهادة NEBOSH أو يمكن لي أرباب العمل الحصول على نسخة إضافية من شهادة NEBOSH؟ الالتزامات التنظيمية NEBOSH سيسمح فقط NEBOSH لإصدار شهادة وحدة واحدة لكل وحدة NEBOSH المحرز واحد الرق التأهيل NEBOSH لكل التأهيل NEBOSH من قبل مرشح تحقيقها. إذا NEBOSH لا إعادة إصدار شهادة NEBOSH جديدة أو شهادة جامعية NEBOSH، شهادة NEBOSH الأصلية أو شهادة جامعية NEBOSH لم يعد صالحا. لا يمكن إصدار عدة نسخ من نفس شهادة NEBOSH. 27) طيب أنا يجري إعادة إصدارها شهادة NEBOSH جديدة أو شهادة جامعية NEBOSH، كم من الوقت سوف يستغرق؟ كم من الوقت يستغرق الحصول على شهادة جديدة؟ يجب أن يتوقع المرشحين NEBOSH لتلقي شهاداتهم NEBOSH في غضون 20 أيام عمل من تاريخ استلام الطلب من قبل NEBOSH. 28) قد سرقت بلدي شهادة NEBOSH القديمة بلدي شهادة NEBOSH قد سرقت وأنا أشعر بالقلق أن شخصا ما قد يستخدم شهادة NEBOSH بلدي أو عمل نسخ من شهادة NEBOSH بلدي. للحد من خطر الازدواجية المزورة من شهادات NEBOSH وNEBOSH الرقوق، تطبع شهادات NEBOSH على الورق الأمنية التي تضم علامات مائية وصورة ثلاثية الأبعاد. ومرقمة بشكل فردي شهادة NEBOSH وNEBOSH الرقوق. يحافظ NEBOSH سجلات كل شهادة NEBOSH وNEBOSH الرقوق المصدر وإعادة إصدارها. مرة واحدة وقد تم إصدار بديل، فإن شهادة NEBOSH الأصلي لم يعد صالحا. 29) كيف يمكنني معرفة ما إذا كان لي NEBOSH شهادة وحدة أو بلدي NEBOSH شهادة جامعية التأهيل صالحة كيف يمكنني معرفة ما إذا كان شهادة وحدة والتأهيل شهادة جامعية أو إخطار وحدة نتيجة غير حقيقي؟ يحافظ NEBOSH سجل لجميع حاملي المؤهلات، جنبا إلى جنب مع عدد على شهادة أو شهادة جامعية الصادرة لهم. ببساطة تدير سلامة السجل الخاص بها المرشحين NEBOSH وكذلك شهادات NEBOSH الصادرة. في الواقع هذا هو السبب في أننا جعل الطلاب بالتوقيع على الإقرار بأنهم قد جمعت شهادات NEBOSH بهم الرجاء ارسال نسخة NEBOSH من يشتبه الشهادة، شهادة جامعية أو NEBOSH إخطار وحدة نتيجة لNEBOSH 30) كيف ستتم طباعة اسم بلدي على بلدي شهادة NEBOSH أو NEBOSH مخطوطة؟ قبل أن تسجل لإجراء فحص NEBOSH الخاص بك وسوف يطلب منك ملء استمارة التسجيل السلامة ببساطة في هذا النموذج بشكل واضح يحتاج ريال عماني أن يذكر اسمك الأول وSURNAMEor أنت تعرف الاسم الأول واسم العائلة الأفضل، فإنه ليس لأي تدريب مركز للإشارة، فإننا سوف أطلب الرقم الرسمي الخاص بك ولكن سوف يطلب منك ريال عماني تشير أولا والألقاب ما لم يطلب رسميا سوف NEBOSH إصدار NEBOSH الشهادات وحدة وNEBOSH الرقوق باستخدام تنسيق تسمية الأوروبي. فيما يلي مثال من الأشكال التسمية الدولية NEBOSH غير قادرة على القيام بها. لقب السيد أولا مايكل اللقب / اسم العائلة ووكر على شهادة NEBOSH سيكون مايكل ووكر 31) من هو أفضل مزود التدريب NEBOSH من الواضح إذا أن تسأل أي مزود التدريب NEBOSH سيقولون أنهم أفضل مزود التدريب NEBOSH تحتاج إلى جعل اختيار يستند على وقتك، والموقع الخاص بك، وكيف سيتم دراسة وما سوف تدرسون ونحن ببساطة السلامة مقدم التدريب NEBOSH لأكثر من 8 سنوات لديها سجل جيد في بعض من أفضل الشركات في العالم. لقد تم تدريب لشركة شل والعديد من شركات النفط الأخرى، وكذلك تدريبهم على مختلف الإدارات وضعنا بها الكثير من المعلومات NEBOSH مجانا على أمل أن الطلاب NEBOSH في جميع أنحاء العالم حتى لو كانت لن طلابنا NEBOSH الحصول على معلومات جيدة 32 ) وأنا أعمل في بلد لم يكن لديك مزود التدريب NEBOSH ببساطة السلامة هو توفير التدريب NEBOSH الذي تم منحه للتعلم عن بعد NEBOSH والتراخيص التعليم الالكتروني NEBOSH لجنة 33) وأنا أعمل في الخارج على دوران ببساطة السلامة هي التدريب NEBOSH موفر التي منحت للتعليم عن بعد NEBOSH والتراخيص التعليم الالكتروني NEBOSH لجنة 34) هل يمكنني اتخاذ بلدي الامتحانات NEBOSH في المجلس الثقافي البريطاني نعم يمكنك أن تأخذ الامتحانات NEBOSH في المجلس الثقافي البريطاني، ونحن ببساطة السلامة يمكن أن يرتب هذا لك مع المجلس الثقافي البريطاني 35) هل يمكنني تغيير موعد الامتحان NEBOSH؟ ذلك يعتمد، نعم يمكنك تغيير موعد الامتحان NEBOSH ولكن سيكون هناك رسوم إدارية 36) هل يمكنني أن أغير NEBOSH موقع الامتحان أو مكان الامتحان NEBOSH نعم يمكنك تغيير مكان الامتحان NEBOSH ولكن سيكون هناك رسوم لهذا أيضا 37) هل تأهيل NEBOSH لها تاريخ انتهاء الصلاحية؟ لقد حققت التأهل NEBOSH. هل المؤهلات NEBOSH وتاريخ انتهاء الصلاحية؟ لا تأهيل NEBOSH الانتهاء مرة واحدة كل بنجاح ليس لديها تاريخ انتهاء الصلاحية، وNEBOSH لا تتطلب مؤهلات ليكون دوريا إعادة اتخذت. 38) كم من الوقت يستغرق التدريب NEBOSH؟ كم من الوقت سوف يستغرق؟ وهذا يعتمد على ما المؤهل NEBOSH اخترت الدراسة. اتصل بنا لمناقشة هذه المسألة ويمكن أن نفسر هذا كذلك NEBOSH HSW هو 3 أيام من تدريب وNEBOSH IGC دوام كامل أو الإفراج كتلة هي 10 يوما من الوقت الكامل وجه لوجه ولكن أيضا النفس دراسة والتعلم عن بعد NEBOSH والتعليم الالكتروني NEBOSH يعني أنك لا تزال أن تضع في الساعات 39) لماذا NEBOSH تأخذ وقتا طويلا للحصول على شهادة NEBOSH، ودورات أخرى لديها شهادات في اليوم التالي وبمجرد الانتهاء من فحص NEBOSH يتم إرسال النصوص امتحان NEBOSH إلى NEBOSH وتخضع التوحيد الصارم، علامات والتدقيق وعمليات تحديد النتائج لضمان الدقة والاتساق. في المعيار الذي هو يعترف العالم 40) كم عن رسوم دورة بالطبع NEBOSH تم العثور عليها على موقعنا على الانترنت أو يمكنك مراسلتنا مباشرة في iac@simplysafety.com.sg 41) لماذا ببساطة رسوم السلامة NEBOSH مختلفة من مقدمي خدمات التدريب NEBOSH الآخرين ؟ تختلف الرسوم الدراسية NEBOSH من مزود التدريب NEBOSH إلى مزود التدريب NEBOSH اختار مزود التدريب التي كنت مرتاحا مع وليس فقط أرخص 42) ماذا أنا بحاجة إلى أن يكون المعلم NEBOSH أو مدرب NEBOSH ليكون المعلم NEBOSH أو مدرب NEBOSH أو NEBOSH مدرب تحتاج إلى أن يكون مؤهلات رسمية معترف بها من قبل NEBOSH فضلا عن سنوات من الخبرة في هذه الصناعة أيضا تحتاج إلى أن يكون عدة سنوات من التعليم أو الخبرة والتدريب ثم NEBOSH استمارة الطلب معلمك يمكن أن تقدم إلى NEBOSH للموافقة عليها أو تدقيق 43) NEBOSH مؤهلات لا مهارات مخطط شهادة البناء تقبل المؤهلات NEBOSH كما الإعفاء من اختبار صحة وسلامة بطاقات CSCS؟ من 30 سبتمبر 2013، سوف يتعرف برنامج شهادة مهارات البناء المؤهلات التالية للAQP (أكاديميا المؤهلين شخص) بطاقة: الشهادة الوطنية NEBOSH في الصحة البناء والسلامة NEBOSH الشهادة الدولية في الصحة البناء والسلامة الدبلوم الوطني NEBOSH في الصحة والسلامة المهنية المتقدمين الناجحين عقد هذه المؤهلات الأكاديمية NEBOSH سيصدر مع بطاقة AQP (المؤهلين أكاديميا شخص) وهي صالحة لمدة خمس سنوات. يجب على جميع المتقدمين اجتياز مدراء CITB والمهنيين الصحة والسلامة والبيئة اختبار. 44) NEBOSH وIOSH NEBOSH الشهادة العامة الوطنية المؤهلات التي تحققت بعد أكتوبر 2002 تلبية المتطلبات الأكاديمية للحصول على عضوية فني (تكنولوجيا IOSH) من معهد السلامة والصحة المهنية (IOSH). المؤهلات NEBOSH الشهادة العامة الوطنية التي تحققت قبل نوفمبر 2002 سيكون مقبولا لعضوية التقنية IOSH، شريطة تعود 12 شهرا التنمية المهنية (CPD) دليل المستمر يقدم إلى IOSH. وينصح أصحاب NEBOSH الشهادة العامة الوطنية التي حققت التأهل قبل نوفمبر 2002 إلى الاتصال بقسم العضوية IOSH للحصول على مزيد من المعلومات حول الطريق وثيقة البرنامج القطري لعضوية التقنية IOSH. 45) ما هو مستوى هو شهادة NEBOSH يتم تصنيف المؤهلات شهادة NEBOSH التالية في المستوى 6 في إطار الائتمان الاسكتلندي والمؤهلات (SCQF): شهادة NEBOSH الوطني العام في الصحة والسلامة المهنية الشهادة الوطنية NEBOSH في الصحة البناء وشهادة الوطنية للسلامة NEBOSH في السلامة من الحرائق وإدارة المخاطر الشهادة الوطنية NEBOSH في الشهادة الوطنية NEBOSH الإدارة البيئية في إدارة الصحة والرفاه في العمل. شهادة NEBOSH الدولي العام في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH الشهادة الدولية في الصحة البناء والسلامة NEBOSH الشهادة الدولية في السلامة من الحرائق وإدارة المخاطر 46) Whay مستوى غير جائزة NEBOSH ما هو مستوى هي المؤهلات جائزة NEBOSH؟ يتم تصنيف المؤهل جائزة NEBOSH التالية في مستوى 5 في إطار الائتمان الاسكتلندي والمؤهلات (SCQF)، من 1 يناير 2012: • جائزة NEBOSH في الصحة والسلامة في العمل SCQF مستوى 5 تعادل الإطار الوطني للمؤهلات / QCF مستوى 2 في إنجلترا وويلز وأيرلندا الشمالية، أو مستوى GCSE. 47) حصلت على الرجوع في نتائجي NEBOSH إذا كان الطالب حصل على "الرجوع" النتيجة في الامتحانات NEBOSH هذا يعني أنها لم تحقق معايير النجاح في الامتحان أو الواجب. طلاب NEBOSH المشار يمكن إعادة تسجيل لامتحان تحريري أو تقييم عملي 48) طيب أنا حصلت على الرجوع في امتحاناتي NEBOSH، متى يمكنني رست امتحاناتي NEBOSH؟ قد ترغب في رست التأهيل على مستوى الشهادة، في الفحص القياسية يجلس (مارس ويونيو وسبتمبر وديسمبر). ومع ذلك، يمكننا أيضا ترتيب في تواريخ الامتحان الطلب NEBOSH لكن هذه تأتي بتكلفة 49) متى يمكنني الحصول على نتائجي NEBOSH لامتحانات NEBOSH المكتوبة، والتاريخ الذي المرشح NEBOSH ينبغي أن يتلقى إخطارا نتيجة NEBOSH مكتوبة ورد على المرشح NEBOSH فحص تأكيدا دخول. Read more... الشهادة العامة الدولية (الفولكلور) في السلامة والصحة المهنية تواريخ امتحان 2016
      التواريخ بالطبع بالطبع المكان الرسوم
      NEBOSH في أستراليا، سيدني مارس 2016 SGD 650 $
      NEBOSH في أستراليا، بيرث مارس 2016 SGD 650 $
      NEBOSH في البحرين، المنامة مارس 2016 SGD 650 $

      NEBOSH கேள்விகள்

      NEBOSH தகுதிகள் - புரிந்துணர்வு NEBOSH தகுதிகள்
      NEBOSH தகுதிகள் புரிந்து
      NEBOSH தகுதிகள் புரிந்து
      NEBOSH ஒவ்வொரு பல பல்வேறு NEBOSH தகுதிகள் ஒன்று பெறுவதற்கு எதிராக, 125 வெவ்வேறு நாடுகளில் வாழும் மக்கள் ஒவ்வொரு ஆண்டும் கிட்டத்தட்ட நூறு thousand- 100,000 க்கும் மேற்பட்ட NEBOSH தேர்வு பதிவு பெறுகிறது. பின்வரும் அல்லது சுகாதார மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு மேலாண்மை துறையில் சாதிக்க மக்கள் அவர்கள் ஒரு NEBOSH தகுதி வேண்டும் என்று நம்புகிறேன். சில வெறும் வழக்கு NEBOSH தகுதிகள் எடுத்து. மற்றவர்கள் தங்கள் வேலை அது தேவைப்படுகிறது ஏனெனில் NEBOSH தகுதிகள் எடுத்து. பிரிட்டனில் ஆராய்ச்சி பல முதலாளிகள் ஒரு NEBOSH தகுதி நடத்த விண்ணப்பதாரர்கள் என்று தெரிய வருகிறது. இந்த நிறுவனங்களில் பல தொழில்முறை நிலை பட்டம்-சமமான NEBOSH டிப்ளமோ தேவைப்படும். NEBOSH qualificaitons ஆனால் வெவ்வேறு பணியிட பாத்திரங்களை கொண்டு தேவைப்படுகிறது என்று அதன் மட்டும் பாதுகாப்பு தொழில் இப்போது NEBOSH தகுதிகள் நடத்த. சுகாதார, பாதுகாப்பு மற்றும் சுற்றுச்சூழல் மேலாண்மை கட்டுமான தொழிலாளர்கள், காப்பீடு ஆலோசகர்கள், அலுவலக பணியாளர்கள் மற்றும் அதற்கு மேலும் நிறுவனத்தின் இயக்குனர்கள் இருந்து பல பாத்திரங்களுக்கு தகுதியாகும். NEBOSH படிப்புகள் வழங்க முடியாது. இல்லை NEBOSH NEBOSH பயிற்சி செய்ய முடியாது. மாறாக NEBOSH NEBOSH அங்கீகாரம் பயிற்சி வழங்குநர்கள் அங்கீகரிக்கும். NEBOSH பயிற்சி வழங்குநர்கள் உலகம் முழுவதும் சில 620 NEBOSH பெற்ற பாட வழங்குநர்கள் உள்ளன NEBOSH பயிற்சி நடத்த என்று தான் அங்கீகாரம். NEBOSH பயிற்சி அளிப்பவர்கள் NEBOSH பயிற்சி மற்றும் கல்வி NEBOSH தகுதிகள் பெற தேவையான வழங்கும். எங்கே ஒரு NEBOSH நிச்சயமாக அல்லது ஒரு NEBOSH பயிற்சி அளிப்பவர்கள் கண்டுபிடிக்க தொடங்க வேண்டும்? நீங்கள் மக்கள் அடிப்படையில் தற்போது உள்ளன NEBOSH HSW அல்லது NEBOSH ஒர் இருந்து பயன்படுத்த தெரியவில்லை 'எங்கே படிப்பது என்று' NEBOSH தகுதிகள் படம் வெவ்வேறு NEBOSH தகுதிகள் அல்லது NEBOSH குறுகிய வடிவங்கள் அதிகமாக இருக்க ஒரு NEBOSH நிச்சயமாக அல்லது அங்கீகாரம் பெற்ற பாட வழங்குநர் கண்டுபிடித்து கீழ் NEBOSH வலைத்தளத்தில் தொடங்க முடியும் NEBOSH தகுதி NEBOSH விருது NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் NEBOSH டிப்ளமோ மூன்று வெவ்வேறு பிரிவுகள். இப்போது அல்லது ஹல் பல்கலைக்கழகத்தில் மூலம், NEBOSH இப்போது முதுகலை பட்ட வரையறைக்கு வழங்குகிறது. NEBOSH விருதுகள் ஒரு விருது தகுதி மூடப்பட்டிருக்கும் பொருள் அடிப்படை புரிதல் நிரூபிக்கிறது மற்றும் பிற உயர் மட்ட NEBOSH தகுதிகள் ஒரு அறிமுகம் பயன்படுத்தப்படலாம். செயல்முறை குறிப்பாக இண்டஸ்ட்ரீஸ் முதலாளிகள் தகுதி இந்த NEBOSH விருது நிலை ஈர்த்தது புரிதல் மக்களுக்கு உதவுவதற்காக பாதுகாப்பு, சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் சூழலில் வேலை தகுதி NEBOSH விருது வேலை NEBOSH சுற்றுச்சூழல் விழிப்புணர்வு உடல் நலம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு உள்ள NEBOSH விருது: NEBOSH மூன்று விருது நிலை தகுதிகள் வழங்குகிறது பாதுகாப்பு மற்றும் சுகாதார மற்றும் ஒரு நல்ல கலாச்சாரம் தி NEBOSH விருது ஆங்கிலம் செய்யப்படுகிறது உருவாக்க. வேலை நேரத்தில் உடல்நலம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு உள்ள NEBOSH விருது பிரஞ்சு, ஸ்பானிஷ், அரபு, மாண்டரின் சீன மற்றும் ரஷியன் எடுக்கப்பட்ட முடியும். NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் நிலை தகுதிகள் மூடப்பட்டிருக்கும் பொருள் பரந்த அறிவு நிரூபிக்க. ஒன்பது NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் நிலை தகுதிகள் உள்ளன. ஆமாம் நீங்கள் வேண்டும் என்பதை பொறுத்து certificates- ஒன்பது வெவ்வேறு NEBOSH உள்ளன. NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது தீ பாதுகாப்பு உள்ள கட்டுமான சுகாதார பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH சர்வதேச சான்றிதழ் கட்டுமான சுகாதார பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH தேசிய சான்றிதழ் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH சர்வதேச சான்றிதழ் தீ பாதுகாப்பு இடர் மேலாண்மையானது NEBOSH தேசிய சான்றிதழ் தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரமும் மற்றும் மற்றும் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH தேசிய பொதுச் சான்றிதழ் தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரமும் சான்றிதழ் மற்றும் இடர் முகாமைத்துவ NEBOSH சர்வதேச தொழில்நுட்ப சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் மேலாண்மை உள்ள எண்ணெய் மற்றும் சான்றிதழ் எரிவாயு செயல்பாட்டு பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH தேசிய சான்றிதழ் நல்வாழ்வை சுற்றுச்சூழல் மேலாண்மை வேலை NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் முக்கிய தகுதிகள் உள்ள போன்ற ஒரு தோற்றம். மேலும் மக்கள் வேறு எந்த NEBOSH தகுதிகள் NEBOSH சர்வதேச ஆங்கில செய்யப்படுகிறது என்று NEBOSH தேசிய மற்றும் NEBOSH சர்வதேச தகுதிகள் எடுத்து. NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் பிரஞ்சு, போர்த்துகீசியம், ஸ்பானிஷ், அரபு, ரஷியன் மற்றும் துருக்கிய உள்ளது. தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரமும் உள்ள தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரமும் உள்ள NEBOSH தேசிய டிப்ளோமா மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH சர்வதேச டிப்ளமோ மற்றும் சுற்றுச்சூழல் மேலாண்மை NEBOSH டிப்ளோமா பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH டிப்ளமோ உலகளவில் ஏற்றுக்கொள்ளப்படுகின்றன: NEBOSH டிப்ளோமா மூன்று NEBOSH டிப்ளமோ தகுதிகள் உள்ளன. NEBOSH ப்ேளாமாதாாிக தொழில்முறை உடல்கள் உறுப்பினர் தகுதி. NEBOSH ப்ேளாமாதாாிக பட்டதாரி (கிரேடில் IOSH) மற்றும் தொழில் பாதுகாப்பு மற்றும் சுகாதார NEBOSH டிப்ளோமாதாரிகளில் நிறுவனம் பட்டய (CMIOSH) உறுப்பினர் விண்ணப்பிக்க முடியும் இடர் நிறுவனம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு முகாமைத்துவ உறுப்பினராக நிலையை (MIIRSM) விண்ணப்பிக்க முடியும். தொழில் உள்ள தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரமும், பாதுகாப்பு மற்றும் சுற்றுச்சூழல் மேலாண்மை, எம்.எஸ்சி உள்ள தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு மேலாண்மை எம்.எஸ்சி உள்ள சுற்றுச்சூழல் மேலாண்மை MRes உள்ள எம்.எஸ்சி: NEBOSH முதுநிலை NEBOSH ஹல் பல்கலைக்கழகத்தில் அறிவியல் (எம்.எஸ்சி) மூன்று மாஸ்டர் டிகிரி மற்றும் ஆராய்ச்சி (MRes) மூன்று மாஸ்டர் டிகிரி வழங்குகிறது சுகாதார, பாதுகாப்பு மற்றும் சுற்றுச்சூழல் மேலாண்மை NEBOSH தேர்வுகள் தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு மேலாண்மை MRes உள்ள சுற்றுச்சூழல் மேலாண்மை MRes வலது NEBOSH நிச்சயமாக தேர்வு மற்றும் NEBOSH விருது, சான்றிதழ் அல்லது டிப்ளமோ தேர்வுகள் NEBOSH பொதுச் சான்றிதழ் இரண்டு NEBOSH தேர்வுகள் இரண்டு மணி நேர தேர்வுகள் மற்றும் 1 ஒவ்வொரு உள்ளன எடுக்க NEBOSH நடைமுறை பணியிடத்தில் வேலையை. தகவல் மற்றும் உதவி NEBOSH வலைத்தளத்தில் பாருங்கள். சில NEBOSH தகவல் NEBOSH வலைத்தளத்தில் தேர்வாளர் 'அறிக்கைகள் இலவசமாக கிடைக்கும்; எடுத்துக்காட்டாக கேள்வி தாள் மற்றும் எதிர்பார்க்கப்படுகிறது பதில்களை தேர்வாளர் 'கருத்து; மற்றும் GC3 வழிகாட்டல் மற்றும் வேட்பாளர்கள் தகவல். சில NEBOSH கட்டளை வார்த்தைகள் அல்லது NEBOSH அதிரடி சொற்கள், அடையாளம் வாயில், விவரிக்க, விளக்க கொடுங்கள் அறிக. சான்றிதழ் தேர்வுகள் கட்டளை சொல் எடுத்துக்காட்டாக பயன்படுத்தப்படும் கட்டளை வார்த்தைகளின் அர்த்தத்தை அதன் பெயர் அல்லது தலைப்பு அவுட்லைன் முக்கிய அம்சங்கள் அல்லது அதை முக்கிய அம்சங்கள் குறித்து சுருக்கமாக கொடுக்க பல்வேறு பகுதிகளில் குறிக்க இருக்க முடியும் இது ஒரு உருப்படி, குறிப்பு கொடுக்க கண்டறிந்து கூறினார் கேள்வி ஒரு பொருள் தனித்துவமான அம்சங்கள் ஒரு விரிவான எழுதப்பட்ட கணக்கு கொடுக்க விவரியுங்கள். ஒரு புரிதல் வழங்கும் விளக்க. ஒரு கருத்தை அல்லது உறவு தெளிவான கொடுங்கள் பயிற்சி நடைமுறையில் NEBOSH போலி கேள்விகள் அல்லது உரை புத்தகத்தை கேள்விகள் perfect- செய்கிறது குறுகிய உண்மை பதில்களை வழங்க செய்ய. NEBOSH கேள்விகள் பயிற்சி தயாரிப்பதில் முக்கியமானதாக மற்றும் முக்கியமானது. NEBOSH கேள்விகள் 1) Student- நான் மற்றொரு கூட்டத்தில் பதிவு கட்டணம் மாற்ற முடியுமா? இல்லை உன்னால் முடியாது. நீங்கள் உங்கள் NEBOSH பரீட்சை தேதி முன்பதிவு முறை, அது இறுதியானது. நீங்கள் தேர்வு அமர்வில் இல்லாமல் குறிக்கப்படும் மற்றும் முழு கட்டணம் உங்கள் அடுத்த தேர்வில் உட்கார்ந்து வேண்டும். 2) காரணமாக, சில எதிர்பாராத சூழ்நிலைகள் நான் ஒரு NEBOSH தேர்வில் கலந்து கொள்ள முடியவில்லை. நான் என் NEBOSH பரீட்சைகளுக்குத் சரிவு அதனால் நான் வெளிநாட்டு போகிறது அதனால் நான் இரவு ஷிப்ட் செய்து கொண்டிருக்கிறேன் நான் என் NEBOSH பரீட்சைகளுக்குத் சரிவு அதனால் என் NEBOSH பரீட்சைகளுக்குத் சரிவு நான் என் தேர்வு பதிவு கட்டணம் திரும்ப வேண்டும் சாத்தியம் உள்ளதா நான் கூடுதல் வேலை இருக்கிறதா? இல்லை உன்னால் முடியாது. நீங்கள் திட்டமிட மற்றும் கை முன் 3 6 மாதங்கள் வரை உங்கள் NEBOSH தேர்வுகள் பதிவு செய்ய) நான், NEBOSH பரீட்சை நாள் வேலை வேண்டும் நான் வேறு ஒரு நேரத்தில் தொடங்க முடியும் நேரம் மற்றும் ஆடம்பர வேண்டும்? இல்லை உன்னால் முடியாது. NEBOSH பரீட்சை நாள் மற்றும் NEBOSH தேர்வு நேரத்தில் சரி செய்யப்பட்டது. இல்லை மாற்றங்கள் 4) நான் தரவு பாதுகாப்பு சட்டத்தின் கீழ் என் குறிக்கப்பட்ட தேர்வில் ஸ்கிரிப்ட் பார்க்க முடியுமா? இல்லை நீங்கள் உங்கள் குறிக்கப்பட்ட NEBOSH ஆவணங்களை பார்க்க முடியாது. NEBOSH கொள்கை வழங்கியதன் உடல்கள் சட்டபூர்வமாக பரிசோதனை ஸ்கிரிப்டை அணுகலை வழங்க வேண்டிய கட்டாயம் இல்லை, இது கீழ் தகவல் பாதுகாப்பு சட்டம் 1998, பின்வருமாறு. அட்டவணை 7 தரவு பாதுகாப்பு சட்டத்தின் பத்தி 9 "ஒரு, கல்வி தொழில் முறை அல்லது இதர விசாரணையின் போது மாணவர்கள் மூலம் பதிவு தகவல் கொண்ட தனிப்பட்ட தரவு விலக்கு" என்று கூறுகிறது. 'தேர்வு' "எந்த சோதனை, வேலை அல்லது மற்ற நடவடிக்கை அவரது நடிப்பு குறிப்பு மூலம் அறிவு, நுண்ணறிவு, திறமை அல்லது ஒரு வேட்பாளர் திறனை தீர்மானிப்பதற்கான எந்த செயல்முறை" உட்பட சட்டத்தின் கீழ் வரையறுக்கப்படுகிறது. போன்ற உங்கள் NEBOSH ஆவணங்கள் அல்லது உங்கள் குறிக்கப்பட்ட NEBOSH பதில் ஸ்கிரிப்டை 5) நான் விளைவாக என் எதிர்பார்ப்புகளை பொருந்தாத காரணத்தினால் என் குறிக்கப்பட்ட NEBOSH தேர்வில் ஸ்கிரிப்ட் பார்க்க வேண்டும் பார்க்க முடியாது. நான் NEBOSH பரீட்சைக்கு பெற்றது உணர்கிறேன். நான் NEBOSH தேர்வுகள் தோல்வி ஏன் தெரிந்து கொள்ள வேண்டும். இல்லை நீங்கள் குறித்தது NEBOSH ஆவணங்களை பார்க்க முடியாது. நீங்கள் உங்கள் NEBOSH விளைவாக சரி இல்லை என்று நம்பினால், நீங்கள் ஒரு NEBOSH விசாரணை முடிவு பற்றி (காது) தேதி NEBOSH விளைவாக NEBOSH வழங்கப்பட்ட ஒரு மாதத்திற்குள் கோரலாம். NEBOSH காது 6) நான் NEBOSH தேர்வுக்காக நன்றாக செய்ய மற்றும் அடுத்த NEBOSH பரீட்சைக்கு கருத்துக்களை பெற வேண்டும் முடியவில்லை ஒரு கட்டணம் இல்லை. நான் எப்படி NEBOSH பரீட்சைக்கு கருத்துக்களை பெற முடியும்? நான் என் NEBOSH தேர்வுக்காக கருத்துக்களை NEBOSH கேட்க முடியுமா? நான் கருத்துக்கு NEBOSH உள்ள எழுத முடியும்? இல்லை, நீ NEBOSH வலைத்தளம் அல்லது ஆன்லைன் பரிசோதனைக்காக நுட்பங்கள் பார்க்க முடியும். மாற்று நீங்கள் உங்கள் NEBOSH பயிற்சி வழங்குநரை கேட்க முடியும், அல்லது உங்கள் NEBOSH உபாத்தியாய் NEBOSH தனிப்பட்ட செயல்திறனை கருத்துக்களை வழங்க முடியாது. நீங்கள் இன்னும் NEBOSH பயிற்சி வகுப்புகள் 7) நான் NEBOSH பரீட்சைக்கு அமர்ந்து பதிவு செய்யலாம். நான் NEBOSH பரீட்சைக்கு பணம். என் எண் NEBOSH ஸ்கிரிப்டை appeards ஸ்கிரிப்டை எனக்கு சொந்தமானது குறித்தது என்று NEBOSH அர்த்தமா? NEBOSH ஸ்கிரிப்டை என் அறிவுசார் சொத்து வேண்டுமா? எண் காப்புரிமை அலுவலகம் கூறியது, "அமைக்க அல்லது பரிசோதனைக் பதில் அறிவுசார் சொத்து ஆவார்கள் இல்லை நோக்கத்திற்காக எதையும்" வருகிறது. ஒரு பரிசோதனை ஸ்கிரிப்ட் முடித்த போது NEBOSH படி ஒரு மாணவர் அறிவுசார் சொத்து உருவாக்க முடியாது. NEBOSH ஸ்கிரிப்டை NEBOSH மற்றும் NEBOSH மட்டுமே சொத்து. 8) பின்னர் தகவல் சுதந்திர சட்டத்தின் கீழ் NEBOSH பொருந்தும்? இல்லை தகவல் சட்டம் 2000 சுதந்திரம் பொது அதிகாரிகள் மட்டுமே பொருந்தும், அதாவது, அரசு நிதியுதவியுடன் உடல்கள் (போன்ற பள்ளிகள், கல்லூரிகள் மற்றும் பல்கலைக்கழகங்கள்). NEBOSH ஒரு தனியார் நிறுவனம் ஆகும் மற்றும் சட்டத்தின் உட்பட்டது அல்ல. 9) நான் இல்லை நான் என் தேர்வு கேள்வி தாள் வைத்திருக்க முடியும் நான் என் NEBOSH பரீட்சை தாள்கள் அல்லது NEBOSH பதில் சிறு புத்தகங்கள் வைக்க முடியுமா என் NEBOSH exams- எடுத்து செல்கிறேன்? NEBOSH மாணவர்கள் NEBOSH தேர்வு அறையில் இருந்து NEBOSH தேர்வு கேள்வி தாள்கள் அல்லது NEBOSH பதில் சிறு புத்தகங்கள் நீக்க அனுமதி இல்லை. நீங்கள் NEBOSH பரீட்சை கண்காணிப்பாளர் 10 அழிக்கப்படும் வரை NEBOSH தேர்வுகளில் விட்டு செல்ல வேண்டாம்) நான் என் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் அல்லது என் NEBOSH தகுதி மின் நகலை ஸ்கேன் நகல் பெற முடியுமா? இல்லை பாதுகாப்புக் காரணங்கள் NEBOSH மற்றும் எங்களுக்கு NEBOSH அலகு சான்றிதழை அல்லது NEBOSH தகுதி தோற்சுருள்களையும் மின்னணு பிரதிகள் வெளியிட வேண்டாம். உங்கள் சொந்த நல்ல அதன். 11) நான் என் திருத்தம் நான் ஏதோ என் NEBOSH தேர்வில் செயல்திறன் இடையூறாக இருந்தது உணர பாதிக்கப்பட்ட என்று உணர NEBOSH சிறப்பு காரணங்கள் விண்ணப்பிக்க முடியும். இல்லை நீங்கள் NEBOSH சிறப்பு கருத்தில் 12) மையத்தில் பரீட்சை ஸ்கிரிப்டை என் தேர்வில் ஸ்கிரிப்ட் அல்லது வேலையை இழந்து என்ன நடக்கும் இழந்தால் என்ன நடக்கும் தகுதி இருக்க முடியாது? அதன் சாத்தியம். மையங்கள், ஒரு குறிப்பிட்ட கால உள்ள, முறையான நடவடிக்கைகளையும் NEBOSH மற்றும் NEBOSH பயிற்சி வழங்குநர்கள் மூலம் ஸ்கிரிப்டை சமர்ப்பிக்க முடிந்துதுவிட்டான்.அம்மா NEBOSH பரிசோதனை ஸ்கிரிப்டை பாதுகாப்பு உறுதி இடத்தில் கடுமையான நடைமுறைகள், NEBOSH நடைமுறை கணிக்க மற்றும் பணிகள், இடத்தில் NEBOSH நடைமுறை மதிப்பீடுகளுக்கு இருக்கின்றன வேண்டும் அது மாணவர்கள் சேமிக்கப்படும் பதிப்புகள் வைத்து அவர்களின் மதிப்பீடுகள் வெளியே தட்டச்சு செய்யும் போது மற்றும் அல்லது அவர்கள் கையால் எழுதப்பட்ட மதிப்பீடுகள் பயன்படுத்தினால் ஸ்கேன் சேமித்த நகல்களைக் வைத்து அந்த வாரியாக உள்ளது. நான் எப்படி யாரிடமாவது ஒரு NEBOSH தகுதி உள்ளது மற்றும் NEBOSH தகுதி வெளிப்படையாக முறைப்படியாக உங்கள் NEBOSH நிச்சயமாக வழங்கி NEBOSH கொண்டு NEBOSH பாடநெறி வழங்குநர்கள் வழங்க வேண்டும் என்பதை நினைவில் கொள்ளவும் முறைப்படியாக மற்றும் அங்கீகாரம் பெற்ற உறுதி வேண்டும் என்று பார்க்கலாம் நீங்கள் NEBOSH கணிக்க 13 அனுப்ப பயன்படுத்தப்படுகிறது என்று மின்னஞ்சல்) வை அவர்கள் அங்கீகாரம் என்று பயிற்சி. ஒரு NEBOSH பாடநெறி வழங்குநர் NEBOSH ஒர் முழு நேரம் மற்றும் பகுதி நேர அங்கீகாரம் எடுத்துக்காட்டாக என்றால் மட்டும், பின்னர் NEBOSH பாடநெறி வழங்குநர் மட்டுமே 80 மணி முழு நேர ஒன்று அல்லது பகுதி நேர ஆனால் 80 மணி NEBOSH நிச்சயமாக வழங்குநர் மற்ற படிப்புகள் அல்லது மற்ற வழங்க முடியாது என்று மேல் NEBOSH ஒர் நடத்த முடியாது என்று வழிகளில் NEBOSH ஒரு தனிநபர் ஒரு NEBOSH தகுதி பெற்றுள்ளார் முதலாளிகள், ஆட்சேர்ப்பு முகவர், உயர் கல்வி நிறுவனங்கள், மற்றும் பிற ஒத்த உடல்கள் இருந்து கோரிக்கைகளை சரிபார்க்க பெற முடியும். நீங்கள் செய்ய NEBOSH தகுதி பதப்படுத்தப்பட்ட தயாராக ஒரு நகல் வேண்டும் என்று வேண்டும் என்ன மோசடி மற்றும் போலி சான்றிதழ்கள் உள்ளன, மற்றும் அது உண்மையானதா இல்லையா என்பதை NEBOSH 5 நாட்களுக்குள் சரிபார்க்க முடியும். நீங்கள் தகுதி காகிதத்தோலில் ஒரு பிரதியை இல்லை என்றால், NEBOSH இன்னும் தனிப்பட்ட எங்கள் தகுதிகள் ஒருவர் கொண்டிருக்கும் அல்லது இல்லையா சரிபார்க்க முடியும். எனினும், தரவு பாதுகாப்பு சட்டத்தின் இணங்க NEBOSH பொருட்டு, போன்ற கோரிக்கைகளை மட்டும் கோரிக்கை எழுத்து கிடைக்குமாயின் செயல்படுத்தப்படும்; தகுதி சரிபார்த்தல் கோரிக்கை படிவத்தை பயன்படுத்தி. வெளிப்படுத்தல் தொலைபேசி வழியாக ஒரு விசாரணை பதில் செய்யப்பட்ட முடியாது. காகிதத்தோலில் ஒரு பிரதியை இல்லாத நடைபெற்ற தகுதிகள் உறுதிப்படுத்த கோரிக்கைகளை அனைத்து தொடர்புடைய தகவல்களை விரைவில் பதப்படுத்தப்பட்ட வேண்டும் மற்றும் அதிகாரங்கள் பெற்றார், ஆனால் NEBOSH 20 வேலை நாட்கள் வரை ஆகலாம். இந்த கோரிக்கையை உட்பட்டு நபர் அங்கீகாரம் வழங்க இல்லை. எனினும், அவர்கள் காசோலைகளை செய்து வருகின்றன என்று தெரிந்து இருக்க வேண்டும். கோரிக்கை அவர்களால் அவர்கள் கூறும் அந்த தகுதி நடத்த வேண்டும் என்று சரிபார்க்க முயல்கிறது தனிப்பட்ட ஆலோசனை என்பதற்கான ஆதாரங்கள் வழங்க வேண்டும் செய்து அமைப்பு. அவர்கள் இந்த ஆதாரங்கள், தேவைப்படும் கோரிக்கை உட்பட்டு யார் நபர் அங்கீகாரம் வழங்க முடியவில்லை என்றால். தகவல் NEBOSH வழங்குகிறது, தனிப்பட்ட தகுதி கூறினார் வைத்திருக்கும் அல்லது இல்லையா மட்டுமே இருக்க வேண்டும். NEBOSH அடைய மதிப்பெண்கள் வெளியிட அல்லது அலகு தேர்வு முடிவுகள் சரிபார்க்க முடியாது. NEBOSH கோரப்பட்ட என்றால், அடைய மதிப்பெண்கள் வெளியிட அல்லது அலகு தேர்வு முடிவுகள் சரிபார்க்கும். வேட்பாளர் இருந்து அங்கீகார வேண்டும். ஒரு வெளிப்புற அமைப்பு அல்லது அங்கு ஒரு விளைவாக தமிழாக்கம் ஏற்கத்தக்கது அல்ல வழங்கப்பட்ட கடித முடிப்பதற்கும் • £ 25 கட்டணம்: இந்த சேவைக்கு பின்வரும் கட்டணம் பொருந்தும். • பாதுகாப்பான அஞ்சல் கட்டணம் - £ 15 இங்கிலாந்து, வெளிநாட்டு £ 40, ஒரு மின்னஞ்சல் ஏற்கத்தக்கது அல்ல, அங்கு. போது நான் NEBOSH முடிவு பொதுவாக NEBOSH முடிவுகள் பற்றி 1-2 மாதங்களில் வழங்கப்படும் கிடைக்கும் அனைத்து தகுதி சரிபார்ப்பு கோரிக்கைகளை, verifications@nebosh.org.uk~~V செய்ய NEBOSH வலைத்தளத்தில் 14 சோதிக்கவும்) நான் NEBOSH நிச்சயமாக மற்றும் NEBOSH தேர்வு நடந்தது உரையாற்றினார். இது அவர்களின் NEBOSH காது பின்னர் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் மற்றும் தகுதி தோற்சுருள்களையும் NEBOSH 2 மாதங்களுக்குள் அனுப்பப்படும் செய்ய statisfied இல்லாதவர்கள் மாணவர்கள், அறிவிப்புக்கள் 15) நான் NEBOSH நிச்சயமாக மற்றும் NEBOSH தேர்வு நடந்தது முடிவு போது நான் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் வழக்கமாக NEBOSH கிடைக்கும் அனுமதிக்கிறது முடிவு பற்றி 1-2 மாதங்களில் வழங்கப்படும். இது அவர்களின் NEBOSH காது பின்னர் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் மற்றும் தகுதி தோற்சுருள்களையும் NEBOSH 2 மாதங்களுக்குள் அனுப்பப்படும் செய்ய statisfied இல்லாதவர்கள் மாணவர்கள் அறிவிப்புக்கள் முடிவு அனுமதிக்கிறது 16) நான் என் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் பயன்படுத்த முடியும்? என்ன நான் என் சான்றிதழ் பயன்படுத்த முடியும்? NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் NEBOSH வெற்றி சாதனை ஆதாரம் தேர்வுகளில் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் உங்கள் தொழில்முறை சான்றிதழ்கள் முதலாளிகள், தொழில்முறை உடல்கள் மற்றும் கல்வி நிறுவனங்கள் நேரங்களில் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் 17 ஒரு பிரதியை கேட்கலாம் போல பாதுகாப்பாக வைக்க வேண்டும் வழங்குகிறது) என் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் ஆகும் லாஸ்ட் அல்லது நான் ஒரு புதிய NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் அல்லது என் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் ஒரு மாற்று பெற முடியும் என் NEBOSH certificte சேதமடைந்த? என் சான்றிதழ் தொலைந்து வருகிறது, நான் ஒரு மாற்று பெற முடியும்? NEBOSH அது வார்த்தை குறிக்கப்பட்ட புதிய NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் மறுவெளியீடு ஒரு புதிய மறுபதிப்பு தேதி ஆனால் புதிய NEBOSH மாற்று சான்றிதழ் இருக்கும் பழைய NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் வேண்டும் என்று ஒரு புதிய மாற்று NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் பத்திரத்தை ஒருமுறை ஒரு புதிய NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் அசல் மறுவெளியீடு உள்ளது NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் இனி NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் அல்லது அதே NEBOSH நிச்சயமாக வழங்குநர் இருந்து அதே வேட்பாளர் செல்லுபடியாகும் பூசை கோரிக்கைகளை அவர்கள் ஏற்கப்படுகின்றன முன் விசாரிக்கப்பட்டு வருகிறது. மோசடி மற்றும் / அல்லது அலட்சியமாகவும் நடவடிக்கைகளின் ஆதாரமாக காணப்படுகிறது என்றால், இந்த சம்பவம் முறைகேடு மற்றும் அங்கு பொருத்தமான நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க 18) யாரோ போலியாக ஒரு NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் நடத்த கூறுகிறார் ஆனால் என்ன விளைவுகள் உள்ளன ஒரு NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் நடத்த முடியாது என்ன நடக்கிறது என NEBOSH மூலம் கையாளப்படும் பொய்யாக ஒரு NEBOSH தகுதி நடத்த கூறி? NEBOSH அனைத்து பரீட்சை வேட்பாளர்கள் மற்றும் NEBOSH தகுதிகள் எந்த வழங்கப்பட்டுள்ள அனைத்து நபர்களின் பதிவுகளை வைத்திருக்கிறது. ஒவ்வொரு NEBOSH யூனிட் சான்றிதழ் மற்றும் தகுதி பதப்படுத்தப்பட்ட தோல் ஒரு தனிப்பட்ட அடையாளம் எண்ணிக்கை உட்பட எதிர்ப்பு, மோசடியும்-மற்றும் எதிர்ப்பு மோசடி அம்சங்கள் பல உண்டு. NEBOSH வருங்கால அல்லது இருக்கும் ஊழியர்கள் உண்மையில் NEBOSH தகுதிகள் நடத்த வேண்டும் என்று உறுதிப்படுத்துவதோடு முதலாளிகள் மற்றும் ஆட்சேர்ப்பு முகவர் உதவ வேண்டும். ஒரு வேலை பெறுவதற்காக தகுதிகள் பொய்யே உடனடியாக ஊழியர் என்று உதறித்தள்ளினார் நியாயமான காரணம் உள்ளது. பெரும்பாலான நாடுகளில் இந்த மோசடி வகைப்படுத்தப்பட்டுள்ளது மற்றும் ஒரு குற்றம் இருக்க முடியும். NEBOSH போலீசுக்கு அத்தகைய சந்தர்ப்பங்களில் தெரிவிக்க வேண்டும், அதே போல் மற்ற தொழில்முறை உடல்கள் சொல்ல. அது நான், NEBOSH தேர்வையும் இதற்காக என் NEBOSH முடிவு பெற்றது ஆனால் நான் என் அலகு சான்றிதழ் / தகுதி பதப்படுத்தப்பட்ட தோல் NEBOSH பிரிட்டனில் மற்றும் முடியும் டிராக்கில் பதிவு விநியோக சான்றிதழ்கள் அனுப்புகிறது பெறவில்லை NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் பெறவில்லை வேண்டும் விறைப்பான மற்றும் சட்டபூர்வமாக தவறான 19) ஆகும் அவர்கள் அங்கீகாரம் நிச்சயமாக வழங்குநர் வெறுமனே பாதுகாப்பு ஒரு பெறப்படும் உறுதி குழு மீண்டும் உறைகள் இடங்களுக்கும் கடல் விநியோக மற்றும் சேதம் தவிர்க்க. வெறுமனே பாதுகாப்பு மட்டுமே நேரடியாக நாம் மட்டும் வெளியே ஆண் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் இந்த நீங்கள் மிக முக்கியமானவை என்பதால் வரும் வேட்பாளர்களுக்கு NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் வழங்கும். அசல் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் வழக்கமாக தொடர்புடைய NEBOSH பிரிவு முடிவு அறிவித்தல் கடிதம் (அல்லது தேர்வு தேதி பின்னர் நான்கு மாதங்கள்) திகதி 40 வேலை நாட்களுக்குள் வெளியே அனுப்பப்படும். வெறுமனே பாதுகாப்பு இழந்தது என்று எந்த NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் ஒரு நிர்வாகியாக கட்டணம் வசூலிக்க அல்லது வெறுமனே திருப்பியளிக்க பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் 20) யார் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் சொந்தமாக பதிலாக கட்டணத்தை வசூலிக்கும் வேண்டும்? அது NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் அல்லது சான்றிதழ் சொந்தமாக யார் NEBOSH நிச்சயமாக என்னை அனுப்பினார் என்று நிறுவன உரிமையாளருமான எனக்கு இருக்கிறது? NEBOSH அலகு சான்றிதழ்கள் மற்றும் தகுதி தோற்சுருள்களையும் ஆய்வு மாணவர் நிச்சயமாக அனுசரணையளித்த அமைப்பு அல்லது தனிப்பட்ட (கள்) NEBOSH மதிப்பீட்டு தங்கள் வெற்றிகரமாக நிறைவு மற்றும் குறிக்க சான்றிதழில் பெயர் நபர் NEBOSH மூலம் வழங்கப்படுகிறது. 21) ஒரு மாற்று சான்றிதழ் செலவு என்ன ஒரு மாற்று NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் செலவு என்ன? ஒவ்வொரு NEBOSH அலகு சான்றிதழ் அல்லது தகுதி காகிதத்தோலில் பதிலாக செலவு SGD120 மற்றும் நிர்வாக மற்றும் DHL மூலம் கட்டணம் என்பது. ஒரு NEBOSH காது இருந்தது மற்றும் NEBOSH காது சரி சான்றிதழ் இலவசமாக வழங்கப்படும் வெற்றி பெற்றால் கொடுப்பனவு நிகழ்வு சரிபார்க்க, பண, வங்கி பரிமாற்ற அல்லது கடன் அட்டை செய்யப்படலாம். இருப்பினும், அசல் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் / அல்லது காகிதத்தோலில் NEBOSH வேட்பாளர் திரும்பினார் மற்றும் அசல் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் பெறவில்லை வரை NEBOSH மாற்றுக்களை வழங்காது. 22) நான் என்று எப்படி நான் எப்படி நீங்கள் NEBOSH அலகுகள் ஒன்று விதிவிலக்கு கோர முடியும் நீங்கள் எடுத்து மற்றும் கடந்து விட்டன என்று என் NEBOSH காகிதத்தோலில் பெற முடியும் ஒரு NEBOSH அலகு கடந்து விட்டன? நீங்கள் விலக்கு உரிமை கொண்டாடும் உங்கள் NEBOSH பதிவு படிவத்தில் தெளிவாக குறிக்க கொள்ளவும். இது உங்களுடைய முந்தைய தகுதிகள் பார்க்கலாம் கடந்து நீங்கள் தானாக விருது மூன்று NEBOSH அலகுகள் அனைத்து ஓய்வு வெற்றிகரமாக நிறைவு ஒரு NEBOSH தகுதி பதப்படுத்தப்பட்ட தோல் பெறும் என்று உறுதி செய்ய NEBOSH செயல்படுத்த வேண்டும். 23) யார் சான்றிதழ் பெறும் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் பெறுகிறது? NEBOSH அலகு சான்றிதழ்கள் மற்றும் சான்றிதழ் நிலை தகுதிகள் தோற்சுருள்களையும் பொதுவாக வழங்கப்படுகிறது வெறுமனே இது NEBOSH மாணவர்களுக்கு விநியோகம் செய்ய NEBOSH நிச்சயமாக வழங்கி வருகிறது பாதுகாப்பு. 24) எப்படி ஒரு மாற்று சான்றிதழ் கோரி திருத்தங்கள் மற்றும் reissues உட்பட NEBOSH வேட்பாளர் சான்றிதழ்கள் தொடர்பாக NEBOSH கொள்கை படிக்க வேண்டும் ஒரு மாற்று NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் அல்லது திருத்தப்பட்ட NEBOSH அலகு சான்றிதழ் அனைத்து NEBOSH வேட்பாளர்கள் அல்லது NEBOSH நிச்சயமாக வழங்குநர் NEBOSH ஒரு கோரிக்கை வைக்க வேண்டும். ஒரு NEBOSH யூனிட் சான்றிதழ் அல்லது NEBOSH தகுதி பதப்படுத்தப்பட்ட தோல் பதிலாக, NEBOSH வேட்பாளர்கள் NEBOSH மாற்று அலகு சான்றிதழ் / தகுதி காகிதத்தோலில் கோரிக்கை படிவத்தை பூர்த்தி (UCP1 அமைக்க) மற்றும் NEBOSH நிறைவு வடிவம் திரும்ப வேண்டும். 25) என் என் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் பெயரை தவறாக அல்லது தவறானது, அதை மாற்ற NEBOSH முடியும்? என் சான்றிதழில் விவரங்கள் (எ.கா., பெயர்) தவறாக அல்லது, மாறிவிட்டன அவர்கள் சீர்திருத்த இயலும்? வெறுமனே பாதுகாப்பு சரியாக தங்கள் பெயர்களை பதிவு செய்ய NEBOSH வேட்பாளர்கள் நினைவூட்டுகிறது. குடும்ப மற்றும் முதல் பெயர் தெளிவாக எழுதப்பட வேண்டும். அவர்களுடைய குடும்பப் உங்கள் NEBOSH அலகு சான்றிதழ்கள் மற்றும் தகுதி காகிதத்தோலில் தோன்றும் உங்கள் NEBOSH சேர்க்கை மற்றும் / அல்லது NEBOSH தேர்வு பதிவு வடிவங்கள் இருந்து எடுத்து பெயர் என்ன NEBOSH மாணவர்கள் தெளிவாக குறிப்பிட வேண்டும். உங்கள் பெயர் சரியாக எழுத்துக்கூட்டப்பட்டுள்ளதை என்று உறுதி NEBOSH சேர்க்கை மற்றும் NEBOSH தேர்வு நுழைவு உறுதிப்படுத்தல் உங்கள் உறுதிப்படுத்தல் சரிபார்க்கவும். மாற்றுதல் • பிழைகள் பெயரிடும் (எழுத்துப் போன்றவை) சான்றிதழ்கள் •: உங்கள் பெயர் தவறாக பதிவு என்றால் தயவு செய்து எங்களை விரைவில் எழுதி சரியான உச்சரிப்பு தெரிவிக்க நாம் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் மற்றும் NEBOSH தோற்சுருள்களையும் மாற்றங்களை NEBOSH கோரிக்கைகள் தெரிவிக்க முடியும் நான்கு வகையாக 'முன்னுரிமை' பெயர் பதிவு பெயரிட (எ.கா., ஜிம் ஸ்மித் அல்லது நேர்மாறாகவும் ஜொனாதன் ஜேம்ஸ் ஸ்மித்) • பெயர்கள் வரிசை மாறி (எ.கா., சான்றிதழ் நோக்கங்களுக்காக குடும்ப மற்றும் முதல் பெயர் மாற்றுகிறார்) காரணமாக திருமணத்திற்கு • சட்ட நோக்கங்களுக்காக பெயர் மாற்றம் (எ.கா., செயலிலும் தேர்தல்) மூலம் நீங்கள் ஒரு மறுபதிப்பு பணம் செலுத்தும் செய்ய வேண்டும் மற்றும் NEBOSH ஏனெனில் சில தேவைகளை 26) நான் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் கூடுதல் நகல் பெற முடியும் அல்லது என் முதலாளிகளுக்கு NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் கூடுதல் நகல் பெற முடியும் என்ற உடன்படாமல் இருக்கலாம்? NEBOSH ஒழுங்குமுறை கடமைகளை மட்டும் NEBOSH அடைய NEBOSH யூனிட் ஒரு யூனிட் சான்றிதழ் மற்றும் ஒரு வேட்பாளர் மூலம் அடைய ஒவ்வொரு NEBOSH தகுதி ஒரு NEBOSH தகுதி காகிதத்தோலில் வெளியிட அனுமதிக்க. NEBOSH மீண்டும் பிரச்சினை இல்லை ஒரு புதிய NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் அல்லது NEBOSH காகிதத்தோலில் என்றால், அசல் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் அல்லது NEBOSH காகிதத்தோலில் இனி செல்லுபடியாகாது. அதே NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் பல பிரதிகள் வழங்கப்படும் முடியாது. 27) சரி, நான் ஒரு புதிய NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் அல்லது NEBOSH காகிதத்தோலில் மறுவழங்கீடு நான், அதை எவ்வளவு காலம் எடுக்கும் என? எப்படி நீண்ட இது ஒரு புதிய சான்றிதழ் பெற எடுக்கும்? NEBOSH வேட்பாளர்கள் உள்ள NEBOSH மூலம் கோரிக்கை பெறுதலில் 20 வேலை நாட்கள் தங்கள் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் பெற எதிர்பார்க்க வேண்டும். 28) என் பழைய NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் திருடப்பட்டது வருகிறது என் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் திருடப்பட்டது நான் யாரோ என் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் பயன்படுத்த அல்லது என் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் பிரதிகளை செய்யலாம் என்று கவலை இல்லை. NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் மற்றும் NEBOSH தோற்சுருள்களையும் மோசடியான பிரதி அபாயத்தை குறைக்க, NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் வாட்டர் மற்றும் ஹாலோகிராம் அடங்கும் என்று பாதுகாப்பு தாளில் அச்சிடப்பட்ட உள்ளன. NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் மற்றும் NEBOSH தோற்சுருள்களையும் தனித்தனியாக எண்ணப்படுகின்றன. NEBOSH வெளியிட்டது மற்றும் மறுவெளியீடு அனைத்து NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் மற்றும் NEBOSH தோற்சுருள்களையும் பதிவுகளை பராமரிக்கிறது. ஒரு மாற்று வெளியிடப்பட்டுள்ளது முறை, அசல் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் இனி செல்லுபடியாகும் இருக்கும். 29) என் NEBOSH அலகு சான்றிதழ் அல்லது என் NEBOSH தகுதி காகிதத்தோலில் ஒரு அலகு சான்றிதழ், தகுதி காகிதத்தோலில் அல்லது ஒரு அலகு விளைவாக அறிவிப்பு உண்மையானதா நான் எப்படி சொல்ல முடியும் செல்லுபடியாகும் என்றால் நான் எப்படி சொல்ல முடியும்? NEBOSH அவர்களுக்கு சான்றிதழ் அல்லது காகிதத்தோலில் எண் சேர்த்து அனைத்து தகுதி வைத்திருப்பவர்கள் ஒரு பதிவு பராமரிக்கிறது. வெறுமனே பாதுகாப்பு வழங்கப்பட்ட NEBOSH தன்னுடைய வேட்பாளர் பதிவேட்டில் அத்துடன் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் நிர்வகிக்கிறது. நாங்கள் மாணவர்கள் ஒப்புகை கையெழுத்திட அவர்கள் தங்கள் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ்கள் சேகரிக்கப்பட்ட என்று NEBOSH 30) என் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் அல்லது NEBOSH மீது எப்படி என் பெயர் அச்சிடப்பட்டு இருக்க வேண்டும் என்று சந்தேகிக்கப்படுகிறது சான்றிதழ், காகிதத்தோலில் அல்லது NEBOSH அலகு விளைவாக அறிவிப்பின் NEBOSH அனுப்பவும் செய்ய ஏன் உண்மையில் இந்த காகிதத்தோலில்? முன்னதாக ஒரு NEBOSH பரிசோதனை மேற்கொள்ள பதிவு உங்கள் இந்த வடிவத்தில் ஒரு வெறுமனே பாதுகாப்பு சேர்க்கை படிவத்தை நிரப்ப அதை எந்த பயிற்சி அல்ல, அது தெளிவாக ro: குறிப்பிடப்பட்டுள்ளது தேவைகளை உங்கள் முதல் பெயர் மற்றும் SURNAMEor நீங்கள் உங்கள் முதல் பெயர் தெரியும் மற்றும் சிறந்த குடும்ப பெயர் கேட்கப்படும் குறிப்பிடுகின்றன மையத்திற்கு, நாங்கள் உங்கள் சாதாரண ஐடி கேட்போம் ஆனால் நீங்கள் ro: உங்கள் முதல் மற்றும் முறையாகக் கேட்டுக் வரை NEBOSH ஐரோப்பிய பெயரிடும் வடிவமைப்பு பயன்படுத்தி NEBOSH அலகு சான்றிதழ்கள் மற்றும் NEBOSH தோற்சுருள்களையும் வெளியிடும் குடும்ப குறிக்க கேட்க வேண்டும். கீழே சர்வதேச பெயரியல் வடிவங்கள் NEBOSH மேற்கொள்ள முடியும் ஒரு உதாரணம் ஆகும். தலைப்பு திரு முதல் மைக்கேல் இறுதிப் / குடும்ப வாக்கர் பெயர் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் மைக்கேல் வாக்கர் 31 இருக்கும்) யார் சிறந்த NEBOSH பயிற்சி வழங்குநர் நீங்கள் எந்த NEBOSH பயிற்சி வழங்குநர் கேட்டால் அவர்கள் சிறந்த NEBOSH பயிற்சி வழங்குநர் என்று நீங்கள் ஒரு செய்ய வேண்டும் என்று கூறுவார்கள் வெளிப்படையாக உள்ளது உங்கள் நேரம், உங்கள் இடம் மற்றும் எப்படி நீங்கள் படிக்க வேண்டும் மற்றும் நீங்கள் என்ன நாம் வெறுமனே பாதுகாப்பு படிப்போம் 8 ஆண்டுகளாக ஒரு NEBOSH பயிற்சி வழங்குநர் உலகின் சிறந்த நிறுவனங்கள் சில ஒரு நல்ல வரலாறான ஆகியவற்றின் அடிப்படையில் தேர்வு. நாம் வெவ்வேறு துறைகளில் பயிற்சி என ஷெல் மற்றும் பல எண்ணெய் நிறுவனங்களுக்கு பயிற்றுவித்து வருகிறோம் அதே நாம் வெ

      NEBOSH FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

      NEBOSH Training Center Philippines

      Simply Safety is a world leader in Safety Training. Having trained over 25,000 people around the world and growing. We also do NEBOSH training in various parts of the world.

      NEBOSH Philippines Elearning NEBOSH

      Instead of wasting money taking NEBOSH full time and wasting your time and effort, you should clearly be looking at other options to take the NEBOSH exams in Philippines.

      NEBOSH IGC Schedule Philippines

      Join us with NEBOSH Philippines

      Our Schedules for Philippines are

      NEBOSH In Manila Philippines

      The Philippines officially the Republic of the Philippines is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean.

      Joseph Schooling 100m Men's Butterfly World Record

      Joseph Schooling – young man from Singapore, representing the tiny nation of Singapore in the Rio 2016 Olympics has just made history

      Men’s 100m Butterfly Heats (Rio Olympics) – 1st Place 51.41s

      Men’s 100m Butterful Semi Finals (Rio Olympics) – 1st Place 50.83s

      Men’s 100m Butterful Final (Rio Olympics) – 1st Place 50.39s, Gold Medal

      He beat Micheal Phelps in that final.

      News is all over the world- Joselp Schooling has done Singapore proud by winning Singapores first and only Olympic Gold Medal in Swimming and sport

      Joseph Schooling is the 21 year old who beat Michael Phelps, Chad le Clos and Laszlo Cseh with a new record time of 50.39sec at the Rio Olympics

      Colin Schooling, Joseph Schooling’s father was unable to make it to Rio due to health reasons was back in Singapore and the mother was in Rio supporting the son.

      Tuas Power Jobs Singapore

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      Singapore Job Auditor CCIS Singapore Jobs

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      WSH Auditor (Full-time or Part-time)

      Kenston Safety Officer Job Singapore

      Kenston Construction

      Shell Job Senior Fireman Job

      Shell Job Product Specialist Job Singapore Shell

      Job Title Production Specialist

      Country of Work Location Singapore

      Work Location Pulau Bukom

      Shell is one the largest foreign investors in Singapore and began operations in 1891. Today, we have more than 3,200 employees in Singapore alone. The Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site today is the largest Shell refinery in the world in terms of crude distillation capacity, which makes Singapore a key regional supply and trading centre for Shell in the East. Singapore is the largest petrochemical production and export centre in the Asia Pacific region. Shell Jurong Island (SJI) manufactures petrochemicals to meet the fast-growing demand for these products in the region. We also have one of the largest single-branded retail networks in Singapore, providing customers with a wide range of quality products and services. When you join Shell in Singapore, you can count on our commitment to help you thrive and propel your career by means of our industry-leading development programme and our available and unrivalled pool of local and global experts. Our numerous global and local skill pools as well as our diversity are key to our success and continuing innovation. Job Description

      Lead by example and demonstrate that Health, Safety and Environmental have top priority in the execution of the work.
      Serve as expert in developing, documenting and sharing of operating knowledge of the area unit processes
      Provides support to operating shift teams and Production Team Leaders in maintaining optimum unit process performance and preventing and/or solving process problems; facilitates the multi-disciplinary teams to understand & eliminate threats and bad actors. Also provide support in coaching and teaching PTs to improve troubleshooting and operating skills
      Provide technical coaching to Production Team Leaders and Site Team Leaders.
      Responsible for operations monitoring, unit capability performance, yields and optimization over the medium and longer term including cost performance such as chemicals consumption, lubes, etc
      Participate in the development of operations planning, operating Plan capabilities and constraints, Pre-Startup Safety Reviews, including participating in interdepartmental issues that might impact the their respective area of responsibility
      Act as the department focal point for Learning-from-incidents
      Play active role in operator training and procedure reviews/updates
      Champion for work processes for units under responsibility
      Leadership role in major maintenance planning and execution
      Other duties include various administrative report requirements, projects progress activities, conducting incident investigations and participation in developing and executing strategy plans.
      Initiation and support for continuous improvement of unit performance including understanding of longer-term business objectives. Actively supports LEAN and drives changes where necessary to rapidly implement performance improvements initiatives
      Responsible for executing long-term Unit Strategy, including identification and resolution of key threats through capital plans and turnaround strategiesesponsible for unit’s daily operation plan and short term operation looking ahead planning
      Degree in Chemical engineering/Mechanical engineering
      Minimum of 3-5 years relevant working experience in waste water treatment plant
      Experience in Effluent Waste Water Treatment.
      Experience in Water Treatment (Cooling water system).
      Operational Experience in waste water treatment plant
      Ability to learn and manage new knowledge
      Able to manage stakeholder & facilitate, having an operational experience

      Safety Trainer Job

      Environmental Health & Safety (Trainer)

      Panasonic Safety Officer WSHO Job

      Panasonic WSHO

      Responsible for the overall Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) matters in the company
      Ensure all safety standards and activities comply with all statutory requirements
      Improve company’s safety standards through recommending countermeasures in eliminating safety hazards without disruption towards production activities
      Monitor and plan all the pressure vessels (air tank, air compressor, boilers, headgears etc) are service and inspect by approved MOM inspector as required by legislation.
      Investigate, report and implement countermeasures for workplace accidents.
      Plan and conduct internal ISO14001 and Safety Management System audit
      Update and maintain EHS manual based on EMS and SMS standards
      Conduct regular EHS awareness training for internal staff.
      Any other duties that is required under the WSHO job function

      Job Requirements
      Diploma / Degree
      WSQ Specialist Diploma in WSH is a must
      Fire Safety Manager Certification will be an added advantage
      Good understanding of all local safety and environment regulations
      Highly independent, self motivate and dynamic with ability to drive initiatives and projects
      Communicate effectively with team members and other departments

      Leap29 Jobs Available

      Project Engineer – Singapore – Competitive Rates

      The client is a leading global healthcare company operating in over 100 countries worldwide. They provide solutions and manufacture health products on a large scale in various markets including consumer care, therapies and medicines. Read more...

      They are seeking a Project Engineer to join one of their Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facilities based in Singapore. Read more...

      The Role:Project Engineer (Junior to Intermediate)

      Site Supervisor Jobs Employment

      Site Supervisor

      Singapore FPSO SGD$10000 Jobs

      NEBOSH For Tamil Students

      NEBOSH பொருள். NEBOSH தேசிய தேர்வு வாரியம் தொழில் பாதுகாப்பு சுகாதார குறிக்கிறது. Read more... NEBOSH பிரிட்டனைச் சேர்ந்த அமைப்பு ஆகும்

      பெரும்பாலான மக்கள் NEBOSH அர்த்தம் தெரியாது ஆனால் NEBOSH கேள்விப்பட்டேன் மற்றும் NEBOSH சான்றிதழ் அல்லது டிப்ளோமாக்கள் எடுக்க என்ன
      முதல் எப்போதும் NEBOSH அர்த்தம் என்ன புரிந்து கொள்ள. உங்களுக்கு பிறகு சம்பந்தம் இருந்தால் பார்க்க. Read more...

      பின்னர் விருது சான்றிதழ் டிப்ளமோ பல NEBOSH தகுதிகள் உள்ளன. மிகவும் பொதுவான ஒர் ஆகும்
      NEBOSH ஒர் பொருள் என்ன?

      NEBOSH ஒர் தொழில் பாதுகாப்பு சுகாதார உள்ள சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் உள்ளது. அது போல் பாதுகாப்பு நல நிபுணர்கள் ஒரு சான்றிதழ் நிலை நிச்சயமாக உள்ளது
      தங்கள் industies பாதுகாப்பு சுகாதார இன்னும் மேலதிக புரிந்து கொள்ள விரும்புகிறேன் என்று அந்த போன்ற. Read more...

      தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ்
      NEBOSH this- வைக்கிறது "எங்கும் தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் உலகின் உங்கள் சுகாதார மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு திறன்கள் அங்கீகாரம் மற்றும் அறிவு அடைய"
      35000 க்கும் மேற்பட்ட NEBOSH ஒர் மாணவர்கள் தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் பெற்றுள்ளேன். அனைத்து NEBOSH மாணவர்கள் உலகம் முழுவதும் மற்றும் மட்டும் இங்கிலாந்து NEBOSH மாணவர்கள் இருந்து வருகின்றன
      மக்கள் என்ன தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் எடுத்து?
      மக்கள் அனைத்து வகையான பாதுகாப்பு மேற்பார்வையாளர்கள் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு தொழில் மேலாளர்களுக்கு மேற்பார்வையாளர்கள் சாதாரண ஊழியர்கள் இருந்து NEBOSH ஒர் எடுத்து. வெவ்வேறு மக்கள் தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் எடுத்து. ஏன் அவர்கள் தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் அவர்களை திறன்களை கொடுக்கிறது வெறுமனே ஏனெனில்-எப்படி தெரியும் அவர்களின் சுகாதார மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு பொறுப்புகளை நிறைவேற்ற தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் எடுத்து வேண்டாம். Read more... தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் சுகாதார மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு வரி அந்த அல்லது சுகாதார மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு பணியாளர்கள் வேலை ஏற்றது. எனினும் முந்தைய சுகாதார, பாதுகாப்பு அறிவு தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் கலந்து கொள்ள தேவை
      தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH இடைக்கால தேர்வுகளில் NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ், ஆங்கிலம், அரபு, ரஷியன், துருக்கிய, போர்த்துகீசியம், ஸ்பானிஷ் (ஐரோப்பிய), பிரஞ்சு செய்யப்படுகிறது
      தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் மறைப்பதற்கு என்ன
      தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் சுகாதார மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு, அடையாள மற்றும் பணியிட ஆபத்துகள் கட்டுப்பாடு மற்றும் இந்த அறிவை நடைமுறை விண்ணப்பம் தொடர்பாக கொள்கைகளை உள்ளடக்கியது. தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் மாணவர்கள் உள்ளூர் சட்டங்கள் மற்றும் பண்பாட்டு காரணிகள் பார்க்கவும் அனுமதிக்கிறது. Read more... தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் ஒரு நடைமுறை பணியிட மதிப்பீடு கொண்டுள்ளது. Read more... தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH IGCis உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் தனியாக மதிப்பீடு இவை ஒவ்வொன்றும் மூன்று அலகுகள், பிரிந்தது:
      தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ்
      சர்வதேச சுகாதார மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு (IGC1) மேலாண்மை
      தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ்
      சர்வதேச பணியிட ஆபத்துகள் கட்டுப்பாடு (GC2)
      தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ்
      சர்வதேச சுகாதார மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு நடைமுறை பயன்பாடு (GC3)

      தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் எப்படி மதிப்பிடப்படுகிறது?
      தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் IGC1 மற்றும் IGC2 உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் ஒவ்வொரு ஒரு 2 மணி நேர எழுத்துத் தேர்வில் மீது செய்யப்படுகின்றன. தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் தேர்வில் ஒவ்வொரு எழுதப்பட்ட NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் பத்து 'குறுகிய பதில்' கேள்விகள் மற்றும் ஒரு 'நீண்ட பதில்' கேள்வி கொண்டுள்ளது. அனைத்து கேள்விகள் உள்ளன. Read more... தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் அலகு IGC3 உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் வேட்பாளர் சொந்த பணியிடத்தில் நடத்தப்பட்ட இரண்டு மணி நேர நடைமுறை பரிசோதனை மூலம் மதிப்பிடப்படுகிறது. தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் நடைமுறை தேர்வில் NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் உள்நாட்டில் நிச்சயமாக வழங்குநர் மூலம் மதிப்பிடப்படுகிறது வெளிப்புறத்திலும் NEBOSH மூலம் நடுநிலையாக. Read more... முதலாளிகளுக்கு தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் நன்மைகள் என்ன?
      மற்றும் தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரமும் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் பங்கேற்பாளர்கள் மற்றும் NEBOSH மாணவர்கள் என்று சுகாதார புரிந்து மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு முக்கியம் மற்றும் பணியிட பாதுகாப்பு அறிவு மற்றும் திறன்களை விண்ணப்பிக்க எப்படி தெரியும். பாதுகாப்பு ஒரு நிறுவனத்தில் ஒரு உயர் தரமான இருந்தால், முதலாளி, வழக்கு, வழக்கு, இல்லாத செலவுகள் மற்றும் புகழ் இழப்பு தவிர்க்க முடியும் குறைவான விபத்துகள் அல்லது நிகழ்ச்சிகளில் உள்ளன வெறுமனே ஏனெனில். Read more...

      தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் சான்றிதழில் NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் நபர், கடுமையான பயிற்சி மூலம் சென்று, சர்வதேச அளவில் அங்கீகரிக்கப்பட்ட தகுதிகள் அடைய வருகிறது என்பதை காட்டுகிறது. தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் முதலாளிகள் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் உடன் ஊழியர்கள் அல்லது மாணவர்கள் திறமைகளை நடைமுறை அமைக்க வேண்டும் என்று பார்க்க முடியும். Read more... தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH இடைக்கால மாணவர் வளங்கள் NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ்
      NEBOSH வலைத்தளத்தில் தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் எடுத்து NEBOSH மாணவர்கள் மாணவர் வளங்களை நிரம்பிய. NEBOSH தேர்வு பதிவு, NEBOSH தேர்வு தேதிகள், NEBOSH கல்வித் தேர்வுக் சேவைகள், NEBOSH தற்போதைய விலக்கு பட்டியல்கள், NEBOSH அடிக்கடி கேட்கப்படும் கேள்விகள், NEBOSH பாடத்திட்டங்கள் வழிகாட்டிகள் இருந்து, கட்டளை வார்த்தைகளை NEBOSH வழிகாட்டல், NEBOSH GC3: சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் வேட்பாளர்கள், NEBOSH பாடத்திட்டம் சுருக்கங்களும், NEBOSH தேர்வாளர் பாதுகாப்புப் நடைமுறை பயன்பாடு வழிகாட்டல் அறிக்கைகள் ', NEBOSH எடுத்துக்காட்டாக கேள்வி தாள் மற்றும் தேர்வாளர்' எதிர்பார்க்கப்படுகிறது பதில்களை கருத்துக்களை, NEBOSH பாடத்திட்டம் கையேடு
      தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் எப்படி மதிப்பிடப்படுகிறது?
      தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் IGC1 மற்றும் IGC2 உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் ஒவ்வொரு ஒரு 2 மணி நேர எழுத்துத் தேர்வில் மீது செய்யப்படுகின்றன. தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் தேர்வில் ஒவ்வொரு எழுதப்பட்ட NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் பத்து 'குறுகிய பதில்' கேள்விகள் மற்றும் ஒரு 'நீண்ட பதில்' கேள்வி கொண்டுள்ளது. அனைத்து கேள்விகள் உள்ளன. Read more... தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் அலகு IGC3 உள்ள NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் வேட்பாளர் சொந்த பணியிடத்தில் நடத்தப்பட்ட இரண்டு மணி நேர நடைமுறை பரிசோதனை மூலம் மதிப்பிடப்படுகிறது. தொழில்சார் சுகாதாரம் மற்றும் பாதுகாப்பு NEBOSH ஒர் நடைமுறை தேர்வில் NEBOSH சர்வதேச பொது சான்றிதழ் உள்நாட்டில் நிச்சயமாக வழங்குநர் மூலம் மதிப்பிடப்படுகிறது வெளிப்புறத்திலும் NEBOSH மூலம் நடுநிலையாக. Read more... பல நாடுகளில் NEBOSH ஒர் பயிற்சி

      பல்வேறு நாடுகளில் உள்ள உங்கள் NEBOSH ஒர் செய்து நினைத்து?

      சரி இங்கே உங்களுக்கு ஒரு செய்தி நாம் எங்கே மாணவர்கள் இடங்களில் மற்றும் உள்ளூர் நாணய விலை உங்கள் நாணய அல்லது டாலர் நாணய மேற்கோள் எங்களுக்கு மின்னஞ்சல்

      NEBOSH ஆஸ்திரேலியா, சிட்னி ஆஸ்திரேலிய டாலர்கள் ஆஸ்திரேலிய டாலர்
      NEBOSH பஹ்ரைன், மனாமா பஹ்ரைன் தினார் Bhd முகப்பு
      NEBOSH வங்காளம், டாக்கா டகாவை பி
      NEBOSH Bruneui டர்ஸ்சலாம் புரூனை டாலர் BND,
      NEBOSH பர்மா, ரங்கூன் மியான்மார் கியாத்
      NEBOSH சீனா, பெய்ஜிங், சோங்கிங்,
      குவாங்ஜெள, ஷாங்காய் ரென்மின்பி யுவான் டூ CNY
      சீனா, ஹாங்காங் ஹாங்காங் டாலர் HKD
      NEBOSH எகிப்து, கெய்ரோ எகிப்திய பவுண்டு EGP வேண்டும்
      NEBOSH இந்தியா, சென்னை, சென்னை,
      மும்பை (பம்பாய்), புது தில்லி இந்திய ரூபாய் இந்திய ரூபாய்
      NEBOSH இந்தோனேஷியா, ஜகார்த்தா Ruppiah IDR
      NEBOSH ஜப்பான், டோக்கியோ யென் ஜேபிவொய்
      NEBOSH கொரியா, சியோல் வென்றது KRW
      NEBOSH மலேஷியா, கோட்டா Kinabalu,
      சபா, மலேஷியா, கோலாலம்பூர்,
      குசிங், சரவாக் மலேசிய ரிங்கிட் MYR
      NEBOSH ஓமன், மஸ்கட் ரியால் ஓமனி OMR
      NEBOSH பாக்கிஸ்தான், இஸ்லாமாபாத், கராச்சி,
      லாகூர், பாக்கிஸ்தான் ரூபாய் பிகேஆர்
      NEBOSH பிலிப்பைன்ஸ் மணிலா பிலிப்பைன்ஸ் பேசோ
      NEBOSH கத்தார், தோஹா கத்தாரி ரியால் தி குவார்
      NEBOSH சவுதி அரேபியா, கிழக்கு மாகாணம்,
      அல்-ஹோபர், ஜித்தா, ரியாத் சவுதி ரியால் எஸ்.ஏ.ஆர்
      NEBOSH தாய்லாந்து, பாங்காக், மை தாய் பாத் THB
      NEBOSH ஐக்கிய அரபு எமிரேட்ஸ் (UAE),,
      அபுதாபி, துபாய், யுஎயி திர்ஹாம் வே.பொ. Read more... NEBOSH வியட்நாம், ஹனோய்,
      ஹோ சி மின் நகரம் வியட்நாம் டாங் VND அமெரிக்க டாலர் அமெரிக்க டாலர்

      NEBOSH For Middle East

      معنى NEBOSH. NEBOSH لتقف على المجلس الوطني للامتحانات المهنية الصحة والسلامة. Read more... NEBOSH هي منظمة مقرها المملكة المتحدة

      معظم الناس لا يعرفون معنى NEBOSH لكن سمعت من NEBOSH وماذا أخذ شهادة NEBOSH أو الدبلومات
      أولا فهم دائما ما هو المعنى NEBOSH. ثم معرفة ما إذا كان هناك صلة لك. Read more...

      ثم هناك العديد من المؤهلات NEBOSH من جائزة لشهادة دبلوم ل. الأكثر شيوعا هو اللجنة الحكومية الدولية
      ما هو معنى NEBOSH IGC؟

      NEBOSH IGC هي الشهادة الدولية العامة في الصحة المهنية السلامة. وهو بطبيعة الحال مستوى الشهادة لمهنيي الصحة السلامة، فضلا
      كما تلك التي ترغب في فهم أكثر بتعمق من الصحة السلامة في industies بهم. Read more...

      NEBOSH الشهادة العامة الدولية في مجال الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC
      كما NEBOSH يضع هذا- "تحقيق تقديرا لديك مهارات الصحة والسلامة والمعرفة في أي مكان في العالم مع شهادة NEBOSH الدولي العام في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC"
      حققت أكثر من 35000 طالب NEBOSH IGC وNEBOSH الدولية الشهادة العامة في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH اللجنة الحكومية الدولية. ان جميع الطلاب NEBOSH من جميع أنحاء العالم، وليس فقط الطلاب المملكة المتحدة NEBOSH
      أي نوع من الناس تأخذ NEBOSH الدولية الشهادة العامة NEBOSH الشهادة الدولية العامة في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC؟
      كل أنواع الناس تأخذ NEBOSH IGC من الموظفين الطبيعي أن المشرفين على المديرين لمشرفي السلامة وأخصائيي السلامة. وقد اتخذت مختلف الناس في NEBOSH الدولية الشهادة العامة في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH اللجنة الحكومية الدولية. لماذا لا تأخذ الشهادة الدولية العامة NEBOSH في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC ببساطة لأن الشهادة الدولية العامة NEBOSH في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC يمنحهم المهارات والدراية على الوفاء بمسؤولياتها الصحية وسلامتهم. Read more... الشهادة الدولية العامة NEBOSH في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC غير مناسبة لتلك الموجودة في خط الصحة والسلامة أو يعمل العاملين في مجال الصحة والسلامة. ومع ذلك مطلوب المعرفة الصحة والسلامة السابقة لحضور NEBOSH الشهادة الدولية العامة في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC
      يتم NEBOSH الدولية الشهادة العامة في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC الامتحانات في اللغة الإنجليزية والعربية والروسية والتركية والبرتغالية والاسبانية (الأوروبي)، الفرنسية
      ماذا الشهادة الدولية العامة NEBOSH في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC تغطية
      تغطي الشهادة الدولية العامة NEBOSH في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC المبادئ المتعلقة بالصحة والسلامة، وتحديد ومراقبة المخاطر في مكان العمل والتطبيق العملي لهذه المعرفة. الشهادة الدولية العامة NEBOSH في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC يتيح للطلاب للإشارة إلى القوانين المحلية والعوامل الثقافية. Read more... الشهادة الدولية العامة NEBOSH في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC يتميز التقييم العملي في مكان العمل. Read more... تقسيم شهادة NEBOSH الدولي العام في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGCis إلى ثلاث وحدات، كل واحدة منها يتم تقييمها بشكل منفصل:
      NEBOSH الشهادة العامة الدولية في مجال الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC
      إدارة الصحة والسلامة الدولية (IGC1)
      NEBOSH الشهادة العامة الدولية في مجال الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC
      السيطرة على المخاطر الدولية العمل (GC2)
      NEBOSH الشهادة العامة الدولية في مجال الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC
      الصحة الدولية والتطبيق العملي سلامة (GC3)

      كيفية شهادة NEBOSH الدولي العام في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC تقييمها؟
      هي كل فعل NEBOSH الشهادة العامة الدولية في مجال الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC IGC1 وIGC2 على امتحان تحريري 2 ساعة. كل شهادة NEBOSH الدولية عامة مكتوبة في الصحة وفحص السلامة NEBOSH IGC المهنية يتكون من عشرة أسئلة 'قصيرة الإجابة' وسؤال واحد "الجواب طويل '. كل الأسئلة الإجبارية. Read more... ويتم تقييم NEBOSH الدولية الشهادة العامة في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC حدة IGC3 عن طريق الفحص العملي واحدة لمدة ساعتين نفذت في مكان العمل المرشح نفسه. الشهادة الدولية العامة NEBOSH في الفحص العملي الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC يتم تقييمها داخليا من قبل مزود بالطبع و مراجعتها خارجيا من قبل NEBOSH. Read more... ما هي فوائد شهادة NEBOSH الدولي العام في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH الحكومية الدولية على أرباب العمل؟
      NEBOSH الشهادة العامة الدولية في مجال الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC المشاركين والطلاب NEBOSH فهم أن الصحة والسلامة هي مهمة ومعرفة كيفية تطبيق المعرفة والمهارات اللازمة لسلامة مكان العمل. إذا السلامة هي على مستوى عال في الشركة، ويمكن لصاحب العمل تجنب الملاحقة القضائية، والتقاضي، وتكاليف الغياب وفقدان السمعة، وذلك ببساطة لأن هناك عدد أقل من الحوادث أو الحوادث. Read more...

      الشهادة الدولية العامة NEBOSH في الصحة المهنية وشهادة السلامة NEBOSH IGC يدل على أن الشخص قد ذهب من خلال التدريب الصارم وتحقيق مؤهلات معترف بها دوليا. مع الشهادة الدولية العامة NEBOSH في الصحة والسلامة أرباب العمل NEBOSH IGC المهنية يمكن أن نرى أن الموظفين أو الطلاب لديهم مجموعة العملي للمهارات. Read more... NEBOSH الشهادة العامة الدولية في مجال الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC الموارد الطلاب
      هي معبأة في موقع NEBOSH مع الموارد طالب للطلاب NEBOSH أخذ NEBOSH الدولية الشهادة العامة في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH اللجنة الحكومية الدولية. من التسجيل NEBOSH الامتحان، مواعيد NEBOSH الامتحانات، NEBOSH المشاركة فحص الخدمات، NEBOSH قوائم الإعفاء الحالية، أسئلة وأجوبة NEBOSH، وأدلة المنهج NEBOSH، NEBOSH الإرشاد على الكلمات الأوامر، NEBOSH GC3: الصحة والسلامة إرشادات التطبيق العملي للمرشحين، NEBOSH المنهج ملخصات، NEBOSH الممتحنين '، NEBOSH مثال يشكك الورق والممتحنين في تقارير ردود الفعل على الإجابات المتوقعة، NEBOSH دليل المنهج
      كيفية شهادة NEBOSH الدولي العام في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC تقييمها؟
      هي كل فعل NEBOSH الشهادة العامة الدولية في مجال الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC IGC1 وIGC2 على امتحان تحريري 2 ساعة. كل شهادة NEBOSH الدولية عامة مكتوبة في الصحة وفحص السلامة NEBOSH IGC المهنية يتكون من عشرة أسئلة 'قصيرة الإجابة' وسؤال واحد "الجواب طويل '. كل الأسئلة الإجبارية. Read more... ويتم تقييم NEBOSH الدولية الشهادة العامة في الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC حدة IGC3 عن طريق الفحص العملي واحدة لمدة ساعتين نفذت في مكان العمل المرشح نفسه. الشهادة الدولية العامة NEBOSH في الفحص العملي الصحة والسلامة المهنية NEBOSH IGC يتم تقييمها داخليا من قبل مزود بالطبع و مراجعتها خارجيا من قبل NEBOSH. Read more... NEBOSH التدريب اللجنة في العديد من البلدان

      تفكر في القيام الخاص NEBOSH IGC في البلدان المختلفة؟

      حسنا هيريس أخبار لك لدينا مواقع أين الطلاب هم والأسعار في العملة المحلية ارسل لنا للتعبير في عملتك أو الدولار الأمريكي العملة

      NEBOSH أستراليا، سيدني دولار أسترالي AUD
      NEBOSH البحرين، المنامة دينار بحريني دينار بحريني. Read more... NEBOSH بنغلاديش، دكا تاكا مكتب تنمية الاتصالات
      NEBOSH Bruneui دار السلام بروناي دولار BND
      NEBOSH بورما، رانجون ميانمار كيات
      NEBOSH الصين، بكين وتشونغتشينغ،
      قوانغتشو وشانغهاى صيني يوان يوان صيني
      الصين وهونج كونج دولار هونج كونج HKD
      NEBOSH مصر، القاهرة جنيه مصري جنيه
      NEBOSH الهند، تشيناي، مدراس،
      كولكاتا (كالكوتا)،
      مومباي (بومباي)، نيو دلهي INR روبيه هندي
      NEBOSH اندونيسيا، جاكرتا Ruppiah IDR
      NEBOSH اليابان، طوكيو الين JPY
      NEBOSH كوريا، سيول وون وون
      NEBOSH ماليزيا، كوتا كينابالو،
      صباح، ماليزيا، كوالالمبور،
      كوتشينغ، ساراواك الماليزية رينغيت MYR
      NEBOSH عمان، مسقط الريال العماني OMR
      NEBOSH باكستان، إسلام آباد، كراتشي،
      لاهور، باكستان روبية PKR
      NEBOSH الفلبين مانيلا بيزو فلبيني
      NEBOSH قطر، الدوحة ريال قطرى ريال قطري
      NEBOSH المملكة العربية السعودية، المنطقة الشرقية،
      الخبر، جدة، الرياض الريال السعودي SAR
      NEBOSH تايلاند، بانكوك، شيانغ ماي التايلاندية باهت THB
      NEBOSH الإمارات العربية المتحدة (الإمارات العربية المتحدة)،
      أبو ظبي، دبي الإمارات العربية المتحدة درهم درهم
      NEBOSH فيتنام، هانوي،
      الدولار مدينة هوشي منه الفيتنامية دونغ دونغ الولايات المتحدة USD

      NEBOSH For Philippines

      NEBOSH kahulugan. NEBOSH nakatayo para National Board Examination Occupational Safety Health. Read more... NEBOSH ay isang UK based na organisasyon

      Karamihan sa mga tao dont malaman ang kahulugan ng NEBOSH ngunit may narinig ng NEBOSH at kung ano ang gawin ang mga NEBOSH sertipikasyon o diploma
      First palaging maunawaan kung ano ang NEBOSH kahulugan. Pagkatapos makita kung may kaugnayan para sa iyo. Read more...

      Pagkatapos ay may maraming NEBOSH kwalipikasyon mula AWARD sa Certificate sa Diploma. Karamihan sa mga karaniwang ay ang IGC
      Anong NEBOSH IGC kahulugan?

      NEBOSH IGC ay ang International General Certificate sa Occupational Safety Health. Ito ay isang antas ng certificate course para sa kaligtasan propesyonal sa kalusugan pati na rin
      ng mga na nais upang maunawaan ang nalalaman indepth ng kaligtasan ng kalusugan sa kanilang industies. Read more...

      NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC
      Bilang NEBOSH naglalagay this- "Makamit pagkilala para sa iyong mga kasanayan sa kalusugan at kaligtasan at kaalaman sa kahit saan sa mundo gamit ang NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC"
      More than 35000 NEBOSH IGC aaral nakamit ang NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC. Ang lahat ng mga NEBOSH Students ay mula sa lahat sa buong mundo at hindi lamang UK NEBOSH aaral
      Anong klaseng mga tao gawin ang mga NEBOSH International General Certificate NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC?
      Lahat ng mga uri ng mga tao gawin ang mga NEBOSH IGC mula sa normal na mga empleyado upang supervisors sa mga tagapamahala na Safety Supervisors at mga propesyonal sa kaligtasan. Iba't ibang mga tao ay gumawa ng mga NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC. Bakit sila ay kumuha ng NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC lamang dahil ang NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC ay nagbibigay sa kanila ng mga kakayahan at dunong upang matupad ang kanilang mga responsibilidad sa kalusugan at kaligtasan. Read more... Ang NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC ay angkop para sa mga nasa kalusugan at kaligtasan linya o nagtatrabaho bilang personnel kalusugan at kaligtasan. Gayunman nakaraang kaalaman sa kalusugan at kaligtasan ay kinakailangan na dumalo sa NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC
      NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC Examinations ay tapos na sa Ingles, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Portuges, Espanyol (European), Pranses
      Ano ang ginagawa ng NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC masakop
      Ang NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC ay sumasaklaw sa mga prinsipyo na may kaugnayan sa kalusugan at kaligtasan, pagkilala at kontrol ng lugar ng trabaho mga panganib at mga praktikal na aplikasyon ng kaalaman na ito. Ang NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC nagbibigay-daan sa mga mag-aaral upang sumangguni sa mga lokal na batas at kultural na mga kadahilanan. Read more... Ang NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC katangian ng isang praktikal na pagtatasa lugar ng trabaho. Read more... Ang NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGCis nahati sa tatlong mga yunit, ang bawat isa ay tinasa magkahiwalay:
      NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC
      Management ng mga internasyonal na kalusugan at kaligtasan (IGC1)
      NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC
      Control ng mga internasyonal na mga panganib sa lugar ng trabaho (GC2)
      NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC
      International kalusugan at kaligtasan praktikal na aplikasyon (GC3)

      Ano't NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC tasahin?
      NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC IGC1 at IGC2 ay bawat tapos sa loob ng isang 2 oras na nakasulat na iksamen. Ang bawat nakasulat NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC pagsusulit ay binubuo ng sampung 'maikling-sagot' tanong at isa 'pang-sagot' tanong. Lahat ng mga tanong ay sapilitan. Read more... NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC Unit IGC3 ay tinasa sa pamamagitan ng isa dalawang-oras na praktikal na pagsusuri natupad sa sariling lugar ng trabaho ng kandidato. Ang NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC praktikal na iksamen ay panloob tinasa sa pamamagitan ng mga kurso provider at labas may tagapamagitan sa pamamagitan NEBOSH. Read more... Ano ang mga benepisyo ng NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC sa mga employer?
      NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC kalahok at NEBOSH estudyante na kalusugan at kaligtasan ay mahalaga at kung paano mag-aplay kaalaman at kasanayan sa kaligtasan sa lugar ng trabaho. Kung ang pagtatagumpay ay isang mataas na pamantayan sa isang kumpanya, ang employer ay maaaring maiwasan pag-uusig, paglilitis, kawalan gastos at pagkawala ng reputasyon, kailangan lang dahil may mga mas kaunting mga aksidente o insidente. Read more...

      Ang NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC certificate ay nagpapakita na ang tao ay wala na sa pamamagitan ng mahigpit na pagsasanay at nakamit internationally kinikilalang mga kwalipikasyon. Gamit ang NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC employer ay maaaring makita na ang mga empleyado o mga mag-aaral ay may praktikal na hanay ng mga kasanayan. Read more... NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC Student Resources
      Ang NEBOSH website ay puno ng mga mapagkukunan ng mag-aaral para sa mga mag-aaral NEBOSH paglalaan ng NEBOSH International General Certificate sa Occupational Health and Safety NEBOSH IGC. Mula NEBOSH Exam Registration, NEBOSH Examination petsa, NEBOSH Post Examination Services, NEBOSH kasalukuyang listahan exemption, NEBOSH FAQs, NEBOSH syllabus gabay, NEBOSH Guidance sa command salita, NEBOSH GC3 Health and Safety Praktikal na Aplikasyon ng gabay sa mga kandidato, NEBOSH Syllabus Buod, NEBOSH Examiners Mga Ulat ', NEBOSH Halimbawa tanong papel at Examiner