Cert IV TAE 40116 Or ACTA

In Australia and in Singapore - trainers must have a specific qualification. There is no way around this. 
We are doing the Certificate IV TAE 40116- which is the qualification accepted in Australia and Singapore


So you want to be a trainer in Singapore? That means you need to be certified as a Trainer and Assessor and that means you need to take the ACTA #ACTA Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment to be a trainer in Singapore for WSQ courses.

However this qualification is only for those in Singapore. What if you want to be a trainer outside Singapore? What if you want to go overseas? In Australia, Australia has their own framework for Trainers. And the trainers in Australia need to have the Australian Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 40116. 


Good news those that have the Certificate IV TAE 40116 can convert to ACTA! Yes thats right. You just need the Cert IV 40116 and take a module of ACTA and get the full ACTA


Of course some people will argue that ACTA after subsidies only costs $1300-$1600. But that is after subsidies. And you need to attend training for over 5 months. What if you pull out? What if you are deemed NOT YET COMPETENT? Then thats $4600. 

For non Singaporeans thats also a big price to pay. 

Why not join our Certificate IV TAE 40116 and then convert to the full ACTA



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