Dont Do ACTA Do Cert IV

Dont do ACTA- unless you want to pay more, spend more and spend more time as well as only be able to work in Singapore.

ACTA is Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment. ACTA is conducted by IAL Institute of Adult Learning. Many people have asked if they should do the ACTA and the benefits of ACTA as well as the time frame for ACTA. 

However we suggest rather than taking ACTA, go for the Cert IV TAE 40116

The Cert IV TAE is from Australia and is exempted from 5 out of the 6 modules of ACTA. Meaning once you have Cert IV, you just need to apply for exemptions to get the ACTA (by doing 1 module of ACTA M4!)

But if you still just want to be locally trained

You want to get ACTA qualified. Whats ACTA you ask? ACTA is the Advanced Certificate in Training Assessment? You need ACTA if you want to be registered as a Trainer. However most people don’t know that there are different courses other than ACTA. Theres the Certificate IV Training and Assessment TAE Cert IV TAE. But lets talk about ACTA first
Any person who delivers any training in Singapore under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework needs to be competent and the Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment ACTA deems the person competent. You need the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment ACTA if you want to be an insurance trainer. You need the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment ACTA if you want to be a trainer in the real estate industry. You need to have the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment ACTA for safety industry.
So what are the fees for ACTA? How much do you pay for ACTA Fees?
First you need to know which training providers deliver ACTA
Then training centers like 
– NTUCLearning Hub ACTA fees (NTUC ACTA)
– Sigma ACTA Fees
Its up to the Training Providers to determine the ACTA Fees. Each training provider can have different ACTA fees or the same ACTA fees

Currently only IAL Institute does the ACTA Advanced Certificate in Training Assessment. Its current fees for NON Singaporeans is about SGD$4500- SGD$4600. The fees for Singaporeans after funding is about SGD$1300-$1400. That ACTA funding is upfront funding. That means you pay IAL SGD$1300 for the ACTA course. However you must meet the 75 percent attendance and pass all the 6 modules, else you will have to pay back the full ACTA course fees of SGD$4500. Of course there are other funding for ACTA for those above a certain age. Please do find out directly from IAL Institute for Adult Learning on the ACTA course and ACTA funding available as well as the requirements to complete the entire ACTA modules. It typically takes about 3-5 months to complete the ACTA modules.

There are other alternatives to ACTA especially if you wish to take up international training or wish to migrate to other countries. Singapore WDA recognises other training that has been done elsewhere and awards exemptions for the ACTA course.

Do read the document from WDA/SSG/ IAL Exemption/Qualifications Requirements for WSQ Adult Educators.pdf

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