Dothan Could Become Home To Regional Public Safety Training Center

he City of Dothan is looking beyond a training facility to meet the minimal needs of local police and fire personnel, thanks to a grant from the Wiregrass Foundation.

The Foundation announced Tuesday it is funding a study to determine the feasibility of constructing a larger regional public safety training facility.


Although nothing is official, the site of the new facility could be located on 23 acres of city-owned property near the current city landfill.

The Foundation has hired RDG Planning and Design of Omaha, Nebraska, to conceptualize the facility.

Wiregrass Foundation Executive Director Barbara Alford said a regional facility would benefit the city in several ways.

» Joint training capability: A broad-based facility would allow police and fire personnel to train together.

» Regional training capability: A new training facility would allow police and fire departments from the Wiregrass to train in Dothan.

» Citizen training capability: The facility could allow for citizen training in firearm safety and other areas.

» Elite training opportunities: Alford said a regional training facility would allow Dothan to host specialized training for its employees instead of sending the employees to other facilities for training.

Alford said RDG has designed public safety training centers for other cities.

“This is a great opportunity to learn from professionals who have designed modern centers for forward thinking U.S. communities, and to consider the possibilities for Dothan and Houston County,” Alford said.

The planning process should take about six months and will include representatives from Dothan, Houston County and state law enforcement, emergency and medical first response units and those in other related fields.

The current expansion of the Omussee Wastewater Treatment Plant could take the land currently used for police training. The creation of a new facility was discussed by the comm

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