Exxonmobil Starts 2 New Plants Singapore

Singapore's petrochemical industry improved when American energy giant ExxonMobil started production at two new multibillion-dollar plants. The huge Exxonmobil complexes, which were completed safely and on schedule, employed an army of more than 5,500 contract workers at the peak of construction. Safety is critical for all Exxonmobil projects and operations. All workers must be trained in safety and health. Something that Simply Safety does all the time.


The two Exxonmobil plants have added 140 jobs to ExxonMobil's existing workforce of more than 2,500 at its Singapore manufacturing complex on Jurong Island. Exxonmobil already employs another 1,500 people here in support functions. The Exxonmobil plants were built under a multibillion-dollar expansion project at the Jurong Island site.


One of the new Exxonmobil plants will produce up to 90,000 tonnes a year of Exxonmobil’s own product - escorez hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins - making it the world's largest facility of its kind. Escorez Hydogenated hydrocarbon resins are also used in diapers.


The second Exxonmobil plant will produce up to 140,000 tonnes a year of premium halobutyl rubber that is used in tyres. This is a competition with another existing plant in Singapore that is already producing similar product- Lanxess.


ExxonMobil's output here has been scaling up fast. Apart from the start-up of the new plants, Exxonmobil acquired Jurong Aromatics Corporation's Jurong Island plant- JAC is the largest aromatics plant in the world. One that Simply Safety and Safety@Work helped to train workforce and management staff.


However one would need the basic courses like Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants to work in Exxonmobil or JAC. And also courses like NEBOSH for upgrading personnel


Apply Workplace Safety Health


There are so many courses by MOM Ministry of Manpower in Singapore and some are now under WDA Workforce Development Agency or SSG Skillsfuture Singapore. MOM or SSG WDA have come up with many courses called

Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants

Apply Workplace Safety Health in Construction Sites

Apply Workplace Safety Health in Metal Working

Perform Work in Confined Space Operations

Supervise Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants

Supervise Workplace Safety Health in Construction Sites

Supervise Work in Confined Space Operations


There are so many MOM WDA SSG courses out there – so which courses are applicable to you or your workforce?

Well the Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants is applicable to any one who needs or wants to work in Process Plants. Process Plants are not just Jurong Island plants or refineries or oil petrochemical plants but also include Pharmaceutical and nutritional plants. Pharmaceutical plants and nutritional plants are found generally in Tuas South

What are the examples of oil petrochemical plants

  • Shell
  • Shell Bukom
  • Shell Jurong Island
  • PCS Petrochemical Corporation Singapore
  • Lucite
  • Chevron
  • SRC Singapore Refining Company
  • Exxonmobil
  • Exxonmobil Pioneer Road
  • Exxonmobil Jurong Island
  • Eastman
  • Lanxess

There are many other examples.

What will you or your workers learn in the Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plant course?

In the Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants, the learners will have the skills and knowledge in working safely in Oil Petrochemical Safety environment in the Oil and Petrochemical Industry.

Who attended the Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants?

Oil Petrochemical Workers, Foremen and supervisors in Oil Petrochemical environment, technicians and engineers or managers in the Oil Petrochemical environmentThe WDA WSQ Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants and will cover the following topics


  1. Identify the roles and responsibilities under the Workplace Safety and Health Act
  2. Identify and prevent fire and explosion hazards at the workplace (Oil petrochemical Process Plants)
  3. Comply with safe work practices and control measures for material handling
  4. Comply with safe work practices and control measures for mechanical and electrical works
  5. Comply with safe work practices and control measures when working on specialized operations
  6. Comply with safe work practices and control measures when working at Heights
  7. Comply with safe work practices and control measures when working in a confined space


Course Duration of the Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants AWSHPP

•   8 hours (Training)

•   1 hours (Assessment/Exam)



To find out more about Cert IV TAE


For more information on HSE Coach Courses


For more information on FPSO courses http://www.simplysafety.com.sg/simplysafety/ogsc_fpso_oil_rig_safety_assessor

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For more information on internationally recognised safety training


Simply Safety is a Singapore international center for Safety, Health and Environmental training. We also operate in Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Philipines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. We conduct courses accredited by NEBOSH like the NEBOSH International General Certificate (NEBOSH IGC) and the NEBOSH Health and Safety Award (NEBOSH HSW) Simply Safety also does other courses such as OGSC FPSO Courses. We also do the WDA courses Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants, Perform Work in Confined Spaces, Supervise Work in Process Plants and Supervise Work in Confined Space Operations. Very similar to Singapore Contractors Association (SCAL), ASPRI (Association of Singapore Process Industry) or NTUC Learning Hub. , MOM Accredited Courses, or like Institute of Adult Learning IAL which does ACTA Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment we do the Australian Cert IV TAE 40116(Australian ACTA) which can be converted to the full ACTA. Simply Safety also does many other elearning and online international certificate courses as well as a range of short courses designed to meet specific industry needs. We believe in lifelong learning and adult education and growth of the individual. Be it skillsfuture or skillsfuture credit or sdf fundings- one should not wait to upgrade themselves. Whether you are a trainer or freelance trainer or going through Train the Trainer program or even if you are a safety practioner or safety professional or safety officer or safety coordinator.

Simply Safety is the foremost Singapore Workplace Safety Health Environmental Training Provider providing Nebosh, Nebosh IGC, IOSH, IOSH MS, Accident Investigation, Work At Height, Work in Confined Space, Lifting Operation, Emergency Preparedness and Procedures, Control and Handling Hazardous Substances, Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Permit To Work System,  WSH Management System, Safety Management System, Leadership Training, Consultation, Training Needs Analysis, develop MOM ATP Course materials, customised Course Development, behavior based safety,BBS,behavior-based safety, behavior-based safety, behavioral psychology,  oil & gas training, nebosh general certificate, NEBOSH in Indonesia, Johor Bahru JB Malaysia, Korea, China, Beijing, Qatar, Training, Consulting in Shanghai, China, Qatar

We also provide study tools and study kits for students

Ultimate Guide 1 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH IGC 1,  Ultimate Guide 2 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH IGC 1, Ultimate Guide 3 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH IGC 1 Exams, Ultimate Guide 4 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH IGC 1 Exams, Ultimate Guide 1 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH GC 2 Exams, Ultimate Guide 2 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH GC 2 Exams, Ultimate Guide 3 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH GC 2 Exams, Ultimate Guide 4 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH GC 2 Exams
























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For more information about NEBOSH IGC, please visit our NEBOSH IGC page. You may also reach us at iac@simplysafety.com.sg or visit us at www.simplysafety.com.sg


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