FPSO Responds To Safety Issues

A group of Franklin Parish women took part Monday night in the first of what could become a series of self-defense classes being offered by the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s office.

According to Sheriff Kevin Cobb, the Sheriff’s Office is offering the classes in response to requests from the public following recent incidents which have raised concerned about public and individual safety.

Cobb issued an invitation to local women to take part in two, one-day courses held at the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office Annex located in the former Franklin Parish Library building across the street from the Courthouse.


A second class is being offered on Sept. 19. The class is open to women ages 18 and older, or at least a senior in high school. Class size is limited to 30 participants.

“I’m excited to be offering these classes,” Cobb told the group Monday night. “One of the most important things is being prepared. The most important part is mental preparation.”

Major Barry Teague of the West Monroe Police Department serves as instructor. Teague has long been known for his expertise in the field of self-defense and has for a number of years taught courses for law enforcement personnel.

The course offered by Teague through the Sheriff’s Office provides a condensed version of self-defense training which focuses on situational awareness, grab defense, ground defense, head lock defense and surviving multiple attackers. The course requires a level of physical fitness in order to complete the exercises.

“We’re only going to scratch the surface tonight,” Teague told participants at the class Monday.

He began the course by teaching techniques which make it possible for a victim to get back on their feet, noting that someone on their feet can create distance from an attacker.

“The worst case scenario is you’ve been taken off your feet and you’re grounded,” Teague told his students as he prepared to demonstrate ways to get into an escape position.

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