Health And Safety Experts Offer 2017 Predictions

Last year, SHP asked professionals from a varied range of backgrounds and sectors to share their thoughts and opinions on what 2016 would bring for the health and safety profession. 

After a year that has brought us, among other things: Trump, Brexit, the Sentencing Guidelines and the Rio Olympics, Roz Sanderson asked a range of people for their thoughts on what 2016 had brought and asked them to offer their predictions for 2017.

HSE chairs (past and present), legal experts, construction leaders and academics present their thoughts for consideration.


“In 2017, HSE will encourage more of Britain’s workforce to sign up to the long term benefits offered by the Help GB work well strategy commitment to deliver safer and healthier workplaces. The importance of tackling ill heath in the workplace cannot be overstated and will form a cornerstone of the work HSE and industry focuses on in the coming years, not just 2017.

“A lot of good work has already been done on health, but it needs to have the same priority as safety. For example in the construction industry, the number of workers suffering work-related ill-health each year is of a similar order to the number of workers in construction injured in workplace accidents.

“With the launch of a new Health and Work strategy, HSE will demonstrate the Government’s commitment to tackling ill-health in the workplace. The preventative work of HSE and industry bodies will be a key component of this overall approach.

“HSE is currently building a strong platform for change with many organisations, sharing a common aim of Helping Great Britain Work Well while also driving home the message and convincing business that health and safety is an enabler, not a burden.

“HSE will also be looking to think beyond the improvements made to simplify its legislation and guidance during the last Parliament.  We need to find and tackle unnecessary burdens on business that others create. The popular Mythbusters campaign will remain an important foundation for this, and I’m pleased to become the Chair of the Challenge Panel.

“We will be looking at blue tape and how it can be tackled – requirements that may have good intentions, but that can be prescriptive or go further than legislation and guidance.  It’s something I feel strongly that we have to attempt to tackle, however challenging it may be.

“We want all small businesses to know how to manage health and safety risk effectively and proportionately – allowing them to be more productive and safer.”



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