Joseph Schooling 100m Men's Butterfly World Record

Joseph Schooling – young man from Singapore, representing the tiny nation of Singapore in the Rio 2016 Olympics has just made history

Men’s 100m Butterfly Heats (Rio Olympics) – 1st Place 51.41s

Men’s 100m Butterful Semi Finals (Rio Olympics) – 1st Place 50.83s

Men’s 100m Butterful Final (Rio Olympics) – 1st Place 50.39s, Gold Medal

He beat Micheal Phelps in that final.

News is all over the world- Joselp Schooling has done Singapore proud by winning Singapores first and only Olympic Gold Medal in Swimming and sport

Joseph Schooling is the 21 year old who beat Michael Phelps, Chad le Clos and Laszlo Cseh with a new record time of 50.39sec at the Rio Olympics

Colin Schooling, Joseph Schooling’s father was unable to make it to Rio due to health reasons was back in Singapore and the mother was in Rio supporting the son. 

This was almost not too be. People only remember the good things and the success but never the hard work or tears

In Singapore all boys have to serve a mandatory National Service. Colin and May Schooling managed to get long term deferment for Josephs natioanal service. He managed to get 3 years undisturbed training through the deferment. The talks started in 2010. The Government asking if he could serve 6 months then go for his swimming training instead. 

In May Schoolings own words

“I told them very clearly: I’m trying to teach my son to be loyal to this country,” said May. “But why should he be loyal to a country that doesn’t even support him when he wants to achieve swimming success for (it)? If you represent the country and make people stand for your flag, you’re doing ‘national service’,” she added.

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong congratulated Joseph through his facebook with this message


“My heartiest congratulations to Joseph Isaac Schooling for his historic gold medal win, and Olympic record of 50.39 seconds for the 100m butterfly! This is Singapore’s first Olympic gold medal ever, and also our first medal for ‪#‎Rio2016‬.

It is an incredible feat to compete among the world’s best, stay focussed, and emerge victorious. Congrats once again to Joseph, you made us very proud today.

To all of Team Singapore – thank you for showing us what it means to work hard and never give up on our dreams. – LHL”


Joseph Schooling has indeed done Singapore Proud

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