NEBOSH in Batam Indonesia, Jakarta Indonesia and Bali Indonesia

Simply Safety NEBOSH IGC Malaysia is looking for partners and franchisees in Malaysia for NEBOSH IGC.

We want to be delivering the NEBOSH IGC in Malaysia as often as possible.


There is a lot of Shipyards in Batam Indonesia and Safety Personnel working in the Shipyards in Batam. Most of the safety professionals in Batam Indonesia Shipyards are looking towards taking up the NEBOSH training as Batam Indonesia and Singapore are close proximity. Batam Indonesia Safety professionals taking the NEBOSH training can do so via NEBOSH full time training in Batam or Singapore , NEBOSH Part Time Training again in Singapore or Batam Indonesia and NEBOSH distance learning from the comfort of Batam Indonesia.


The Simply Safety NEBOSH distance learning is one of the best NEBOSH distance learning courses. NEBOSH Students have the luxury of time and NEBOSH materials to prepare before studying.


There are a lot of NEBOSH training centers that hold NEBOSH training in Bali Indonesia. Question is – is the NEBOSH Bali Indonesia experience worth the NEBOSH training or are you paying for just the NEBOSH training in Bali Indonesia with extra costs of your stay in Bali Indonesia and the NEBOSH training center adding in the cost of their NEBOSH trainer training in Bali Indonesia and NEBOSH training venue costs in Bali Indonesia. Lets not forget the flights for the NEBOSH trainer to Bali Indonesia. Also if there are more than 2 NEBOSH training center personnel, who is paying for the NEBOSH training center venue in Bali- The NEBOSH training provider or You?


On the positive side, NEBOSH training in Bali Indonesia resorts is really not a bad idea. You get the NEBOSH training in the day in the Bali Indonesia hotel and rest and spa in the Bali resort at night.


The Bali Indonesia resort should also be quiet and peaceful for you to study your NEBOSH notes and do your NEBOSH revisions before the NEBOSH exams.


Instead of doing your NEBOSH in Bali or your NEBOSH in Batam, why not do your NEBOSH in Jakarta. We offer the same experienced staff and personnel to do the training.


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Simply Safety is a Singapore international center for Safety, Health and Environmental training. We conduct courses accredited by NEBOSH and other courses such as OGSC FPSO Courses, WDA courses, MOM Accredited Courses, Australian Cert IV (Australian ACTA),online international certificate courses as well as a range of short courses designed to meet specific industry needs.

For more information about NEBOSH IGC, please visit our NEBOSH IGC page. You may also reach us at or visit us at

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