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First Since the inception of the WDA (Workplace Development Agency) WSQ (Workplace Skills Qualification) and the hand over of MOM (Ministry of Manpower) OPSOC/OPSIC (Oil Petrochemical Safety Orientation Course and the Oil Petrochemical Safety Instruction Course for Supervisors) as well as the SOCManhole/ SICManhole (Safety Orientation Course for Manhole and the Safety Instruction Course for Manhole) to

PWICSO- Perform Work in Confined Space Operations (formerly SOC Manhole),


Simply Safety has trained a record number of personnel for the PWICSO (Perform Work in Confined Space Operations- SOC Manhole). We have trained a record number of participants in Jurong Island as well as in Bukom. We have also trained many more constructors in the construction industry

Those that need to go into Confined Spaces (manholes, tunnels, sewers, confined spaces, tanks, vats) understand that the basic requirements is to attend the PWICSO (Perform Work in Confined Space Operations). To enter and then to attend the Safety Inductions in each of these plants.

The basic requirements in the past was the SOC Manhole but now this has changed to the Perform work in confined space Operations (PWICSO).

We helped companies like PEC, Rotary, Hiap Seng, Mun Siong, Hertel, Hai Leck, UTOC, Foster Wheeler, Toyo, Chiyoda, Nippon Express, and many many more companies who were doing work for the Oil and Gas industry in Jurong Island and Bukom as well as other contractors in the general and construction industry. We had training centers in Jurong Island conducting the Perform Work in Confined Space Operations and training center in Bukom doing Perform Work in Confined Space Operations 

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