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Its a common site, motorcylists wearing shorts and slippers riding their bikes through traffic, On Sunday 21 August 2016 Singapore Traffic Police and The Singapore Road Safety Council urged to wear safety gear such as riding jackets and gloves and not to weave in and out of traffic. They have started a new safety campaign at the Singapore Bike Show at the Singapore Expo.

The new campaign called "Wear safe, ride safe" is to encourage motorcyclists to use proper PPE or personnal protective equipment while on the roads. It also reminds them to slow down at bends and check their bikes for good working conditions

We all know that Motorcylists are a major concern when it comes to road accidents not just interms of fatalities but also injuries

While we may see them riding bikes to and from work, lets not forget delivery riders too from Pizzahut, Dominos, Foodpanda, and more

Foodpanda CEO Jakob Angele said it is mandatory for his 2,000 delivery riders to wear long-sleeved shirts with protective padding, trousers and covered shoes. "Our riders know the risks on the roads and are quite reasonable about (wearing protective gear)," said Mr Angele.

Lets make our roads safer for all users

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