Samsung Stores Catching Fire

Samsung doesnt seem to be able to catch a break. Instead of being able to catch a break- Samsung store catches fire.

It was reported that a fire broke out at the storeroom of Samsung Experience Store in Ang Mo Kio Hub. The fire caused surrounding stores in the shopping mall to temporarily close for safety reasons and cleaning. 

There were no injuries, but the mall management has closed off the area surrounding the store for safety reasons and for cleaning. 

The mall management said that they will be working with the few affected tenants to assist them in resuming their business operations as soon as possible.

Samsung Electronics said in a statement on Tuesday that it was alerted to the fire in the early hours of Tuesday, adding that the fire was extinguished by the store's water sprinklers and no one was injured. It did not say why the fire started or what happened in detail. 

Other shops were affected when the sprinklers were set off.

First Samsung phones and the batteries were catching fire and now the store. Samsung truly desires a good safety representation. 

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