Singapore Firms Warned Over Joseph Schooling

It was reported in the news yesterday and the day before about AMBUSH Marketing. 

Yes Joseph Schooling made history for Singapore by being the first and only Olympic Gold Medalist. Soon after Joseph Schooling's victory came the coat tail riders. With advertisements on Straits Times and Newpaper, some even offering special Joseph Schooling discounts etc.

However it was the IOC International Olympics Council that flagged Singapore and thus Singapore has now warned companies. Singaporean companies were trying to cash in on Joseph Schooling's Olympic gold medal have been told to stop unauthorised commercial campaigns.

"While we celebrate Joseph's victory, we must also stand guided by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) rules and guidelines protecting the assets and marks of the Games," a spokesman for the Singapore National Olympic Council said in a statement to AFP late Thursday (Aug 18).

"We would like to advise commercial entities to comply with these rules and not infringe or exploit the assets for commercial purposes."

The sporting body said it was working with the IOC to implement the Olympic Charter, namely Rule 40 which restricts the use of participants' name, image or sports performance for advertising purposes during the Games.

This came after the IOC flagged Singapore

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