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SkillsFuture or SkillsFuture Singapore is a Singapore movement to provide Singaporeans to develop their fullest potential throughout life, regardless of their starting points. Through SkillsFuture or SkillsFuture Singapore, the skills, passion and contributions of every individual will drive Singapore's next phase of development towards an advanced economy and inclusive society.

No matter where you are in life – schooling years, early career, mid-career or silver years – you will find a variety of resources to help you attain mastery of skills. SkillsFuture or SkillsFuture Singapore gives you skills mastery is more than having the right paper qualifications and being good at what you do currently; it is a mindset of continually striving towards greater excellence through knowledge, application and experience.

Some of the SkillsFuture courses available

SkillsFuture COC in Smart Living Solution- Home Protection course

SkillsFuture COC in Intelligent building control system course

SkillsFuture E-Commerce for start-ups all you need to know course

SkillsFuture Introduction to 3D printing course

SkillsFuture Cloud Computing for Managers course

SkillsFuture Data Analytics for Managers course

SkillsFuture Design Thinking for successful problem solving course

SkillsFuture Digital Transformation of manufacturing course

SkillsFuture Emerging Products in automotive industry course

SkillsFuture Fundamentals of cyber security course

SkillsFuture Intro to Web Security course

SkillsFuture Introduction to 3D Animation course

SkillsFuture Excel, Word, Access & powerpoint course

SkillsFuture Taxi Drivers Vocational License course

SkillsFuture How to do sales and introduction course

SkillsFuture Taxi and Private Hire Car Driver course

SkillsFuture Basic Dog Grooming course

SkillsFuture Certificate in Culinary Skills course

SkillsFuture Provide speciality coffee service course

SkillsFuture NCSF certified personal trainer course

SkillsFuture Beginner sewing class course

SkillsFuture Introduction to software design course

SkillsFuture 3D Art Jelly Floral Cake course

SkillsFuture Cloud Computing For All course

SkillsFuture Japanese Elementary course

SkillsFuture Certificate in Business Administration course

SkillsFuture WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment course



There are more Skillfuture courses. The SkillsFuture course that you prefer depends on you.

Who is eligible for SkillsFuture? Any Singapore above 25 is eligible for SkillsFuture

What can you use the SkillsFuture credits for? Any approved SkillsFuture Course

How much SkillsFuture credits do you have? You will get $500 worth of SkillsFuture credits


Is the SkillsFuture initiative good? Yes the SkillsFuture idea is good but the execution is flawed. How can a person learn and master a skills in 4 hours or 8 hours? Most of the courses on the Skillsfuture list are courses done over 4-8 hours. The Skillsfuture courses will at most scratch the surface but not be able to teach anyone more than an introduction to a skill. So the SkillsFuture promise of giving people a better life isn’t correct. At the same time there are bogus skillsfuture training providers and bogus skillsfuture students that have created an uproar

4400 skillsfuture people were caught making $2.2 million worth of bogus Skillsfuture credit claims.

These Skillsfuture training providers and Skillfuture participants submitted false claims by claiming to have attended SkillsFuture Training programs but in fact never attended SkillsFuture training sessions.


Recently SkillsFuture made news again

5 members of a criminal syndicate where charged with making $40 million in fraudulent claims of SkillsFuture. $40 Million means that either 80,000 people spend $500 on fake courses or they claimed that they attended SkillsFuture courses but did not.

$40 million is a lot of money not to go unnoticed.

So is SkillsFuture going to be around? Is the Government going to scrap SkillsFuture? Will SkillsFuture actually benefit those that are really looking to develop skills so that they get employed or start their own businesses?

Look at some of the new SkillsFuture approved courses- BitCoin, Cryptocurrency?

How will this increase the skills of the average Singaporean?

Maybe the people approving these courses should speak to people that genuinely care.


To find out more about Cert IV TAE

For more information on HSE Coach Courses

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For more information on IOSH Managing Safely

For more information on internationally recognised safety training

Simply Safety is a Singapore international center for Safety, Health and Environmental training. We also operate in Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Philipines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. We conduct courses accredited by NEBOSH like the NEBOSH International General Certificate (NEBOSH IGC) and the NEBOSH Health and Safety Award (NEBOSH HSW) Simply Safety also does other courses such as OGSC FPSO Courses. We also do the WDA courses Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants, Perform Work in Confined Spaces, Supervise Work in Process Plants and Supervise Work in Confined Space Operations. Very similar to Singapore Contractors Association (SCAL), ASPRI (Association of Singapore Process Industry) or NTUC Learning Hub. , MOM Accredited Courses, or like Institute of Adult Learning IAL which does ACTA Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment we do the Australian Cert IV TAE 40116(Australian ACTA) which can be converted to the full ACTA. Simply Safety also does many other elearning and online international certificate courses as well as a range of short courses designed to meet specific industry needs. We believe in lifelong learning and adult education and growth of the individual. Be it skillsfuture or skillsfuture credit or sdf fundings- one should not wait to upgrade themselves. Whether you are a trainer or freelance trainer or going through Train the Trainer program or even if you are a safety practioner or safety professional or safety officer or safety coordinator.

Simply Safety is the foremost Singapore Workplace Safety Health Environmental Training Provider providing Nebosh, Nebosh IGC, IOSH, IOSH MS, Accident Investigation, Work At Height, Work in Confined Space, Lifting Operation, Emergency Preparedness and Procedures, Control and Handling Hazardous Substances, Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Permit To Work System,  WSH Management System, Safety Management System, Leadership Training, Consultation, Training Needs Analysis, develop MOM ATP Course materials, customised Course Development, behavior based safety,BBS,behavior-based safety, behavior-based safety, behavioral psychology,  oil & gas training, nebosh general certificate, NEBOSH in Indonesia, Johor Bahru JB Malaysia, Korea, China, Beijing, Qatar, Training, Consulting in Shanghai, China, Qatar

We also provide study tools and study kits for students

Ultimate Guide 1 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH IGC 1,  Ultimate Guide 2 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH IGC 1, Ultimate Guide 3 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH IGC 1 Exams, Ultimate Guide 4 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH IGC 1 Exams, Ultimate Guide 1 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH GC 2 Exams, Ultimate Guide 2 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH GC 2 Exams, Ultimate Guide 3 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH GC 2 Exams, Ultimate Guide 4 Another 25 Prep Questions for NEBOSH GC 2 Exams,,,,,,,,,,

For more information about NEBOSH IGC, please visit our NEBOSH IGC page. You may also reach us at or visit us at


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