SMRT Employee’s Right Foot Amputated After Accident

SMRT- Singapore MRT had a serious incident with on of its employees. An employee, male in his late 50s was injured by a track tamping vehicle. The track tamping vehicle is used to compact the ballast that supports the tracks (the stones). The incident had occured during maintenance at about 410am. This meant a delay of start of train service in the East West lines in either direction from Gul Circle to Boon Lay stations till 620am. 

Its a sad incident when someone who is injured at work. The injured had 2 sons and has been warded in the intensive care unit. According to reports, the man is in a state of shock and unable to understand what has happened to him or the incident in SMRT. An incident investigation has been started and a maintenance safety timeout. 

This is not the first incident involving SMRT. In March 2016 two (2) SMRT trainees were killed by an oncoming train. 

Best wishes and speedy recovery

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