Student Testimonials

Mr Raj is an experience trainer who share his experiences in real life situation. Compared to other trainers who base on text book and slides. Keep it up sir!



Thank You sir.

Sanjiwan Pradhan


Dear Mr Raj,

I have seen lot of videos of yours guiding the world for safety. Thanks for being there for 

Tarun Dhiman


Thanks very much sir for your kind information. I really appreciate it

Wali Ziya


Hello Raj,

Recently I have seen your videos on YouTube , I am a HSE Professional with 14+  years in the field of HSE. I must commend you that your video has  been a source of motivation for me.

Mark Matthew Lynch


Thanks. Have a blessed day

Ofor Joe


Dear sir,

Greetings! As you convey some information to safety it was helpful for me to build career in safety

Mueed Uddin


Thanks so much Raj, Really you give us full picture about NEBOSH exam. Best Regads,

Abdullah Muslim


I love all your videos

Resilient girl


Hi Raj. Thank you very much for the information that you gave. I am writing from Turkey

Ulas Korkmaz


Dear Raj

Thanks for your continued efforts on safety Youtube Videos they are really helpful

Vivek Joshi


What a great experience listening to your talks. Your topics are so very informative.

Rommel G Magdaong Tech IOSH

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