Testimonials From Our Safety Courses And Fellow Safety Students

We care about our customers. But our staff are equally important. We often get emails asking for free NEBOSH training, free Certificate IV in Training and Health training, requests for jobs. We understand your issues and where you are. 

There are also those that have signed up for courses and training with other training providers, yet request us to provide them free NEBOSH textbooks, free Revision App for NEBOSH IGC, yet they have paid another training center (shouldnt they ask from that center?)

Simply Safety does a lot of sharing with the masses. We cannot give free courses. We cannot give free NEBOSH exams or training. Simply Safety has staff and they need to take care of their families too. 

Most of our clients be it corporate or individuals understand that we add value. We are blessed to help the people through our training. Yes students pay us, in return we give them the best quality training. 

Here are some recent feedback from our NEBOSH, Certificate IV, Safety Courses, FPSO and Oil Rig courses.


Well done team. Loved the effort. Keep up the good work. God bless

Michael Collins


Dear Sir, I know that you put in alot of effort and time to take care of the training. You never failed me and never failed to impress me

Abdullah- Saudi Aramco


Bravo! I loved the training. It helped me understand!

Mohd Tamrin


Mr Raj. You helped me overcome the challenges. You helped me understand in such simple ways. I am indebted. 

Henry Mark


Please let me know your schedules for other courses. I am going to attend and I'm going to ask my company to engage you for all the training.

On Travan


Sir, I attended other training and it was boring and dead! I attennded your training and I learnt so much!




Simply Safety has been running training courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia for close to a decade now. We have trained over 45,000 people world wide. We are the foremost training center and our values are caring about the quality of training being delivered.

Simply Safety is a NEBOSH accredited training provider and will be conducting Weekend Class for NEBOSH IGC in May 2017 for the NEBOSH IGC Exams to be held in June 2017. If you are eager to take up the NEBOSH IGC but cannot afford the days needed to attend the full time NEBOSH training for 10 days, then this is an ideal choice for you.

Simply Safety is putting up this video for ALL NEBOSH students so that they can have a better understanding.

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