Thai Boys In Cave Elon Musk And The World Cup


Elon Musk

Elon Musk said that his companies could assist by trying to pinpoint the boys’ precise location using Space Exploration Technologies Corp or Boring Co technology, pumping water or providing heavy-duty battery packs known as Tesla Powerwalls

Its reported that the Thai government has confirmed that Musk’s team will arrive on Saturday.

Twelve boys and their coach, who had been missing since last month, were found by two British cave divers late on Monday.

Efforts to rescue them are hampered by narrow passageways and rising waters in the cave system. Most of the boys cannot swim. A former Thai navy SEAL died on Friday when he ran out of oxygen after delivering supplies to the stranded boys. The former Thai military diver was involved in the operations to rescue the 12 thai boys trapped in the cave. He was identified as retired Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Saman Kunan. He died on

his way out of the Tham Luang cave complex after going in to supply one of the chambers with oxygen tanks at around 2am on Friday morning.

"It was sad news, a former SEAL who volunteered to help died last night about 2am," the deputy governor told reporters. "His job was to deliver oxygen (in the cave). He did not have enough on his way back."

As for Elon Musk its not the first time he has been asked to help out in disasters. Last year, after a devastating hurricane hit Puerto Rico, the government there asked Musk for help. Tesla sent Powerwalls and provided advice on rebuilding the Caribbean island’s infrastructure.

Over the past couple days, Elon Musk has posted online about different possible ways that SpaceX or Boring Co could help in Thailand to rescue the thai boys in the cave. He did add that “I suspect that the Thai govt has this under control, but am happy to help if there is a way to do so,”

Other than Elon Musk, many others have jumped in. In Moscow - FIFA president Gianni Infantino has invited the Thai boys' football team trapped in a cave to the World Cup final, as messages of support poured in from top players.


Gianni Infantino hoped that the thai boys who are called Wild Boars soccer team would be rescued in time to watch the World Cup Finals in Moscow on July 15. He wrote "If, as we all hope, they are reunited with their families in the coming days and their health allows them to travel, FIFA would be delighted to invite them to attend the 2018 World Cup final as our guests," in a letter to the head of the Football Association of Thailand.

    "I've been speaking about it with a few of the boys," said England defender John Stones  "It's so sad to see where they are and we hope they get out safe and sound."

    Japan's World Cup squad tweeted a video urging the team to "Hang in there!", while Brazil legend Ronaldo called their plight "terrible".

    "The world of football hopes that someone can find a way to take these kids out of there,"

    Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp urged them to "stay strong and know we are with you", in a video message sent to CNN.

    "We are following all the news and hoping every second that you see daylight again," Klopp said. "We are all very optimistic that it will happen, hopefully in minutes, hours or the next few days."

    Meanwhile the Croatian Football Federation said it was "awed" by the team's calm under pressure.

 Even the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long has volunteered to send help to Thailand. Simply Safety would want to assist in anyway too.



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