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Singapore is trying very hard to improve its work place safety culture. It has launched its CultureSafe program. 

With it Singapore MOM and WSHC have also launched the CultureSAFE e-Tool. 

What is the WSHC CultureSAFE e-Tool?

The CultureSAFE e-Tool is an electronic evaluation tool used in performing Steps 1 and 2 of the CultureSAFE cycle. The e-Tool is free for use by companies who have applied to embark on the programme.

This tool helps companies assess their current WSH maturity level based on the 6 attributes of the CultureSAFE model.

Two data sources of WSH Culture Assessment:

  • Step 1a: Perception survey
    Questionnaires developed to collect data in determining the WSH beliefs, values and practices of stakeholders in an organisation.
  • Step 1b: Evidence-based Assessment (optional)
    This is used to clarify and validate the data collected from the perception survey (Step 1a) through:
    • verification interviews;
    • documentation review; and
    • workplace inspection.

You can visit MOM or WSHC WSHC Council to find out more about the CultureSAFE eTool


You can also learn more about safety and safety culture from Simply Safety and its NEBOSH and IOSH training. Join Simply Safety for NEBOSH weekend classes coming up in May 2017 for the June NEBOSH IGC exams

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