What is a HSE Coach or a Safety Coach?

The Oil and Gas industry has always been the forerunner in safety and quality. In recent years safety has moved from a prescriptive model to one of involvement. More efforts have been done by companies like Shell, ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, PTT, Saudi Aramco, Petronas and other Oil Gas Producers (OGP) to develop a more holistic approach to safety.

Why HSE Coaching is A Crucial Factor Towards Sustainable Business Success?

To ensure sustainable growth for both the company offering the services and the clientele, a core team leader that advocates a positive health and safety culture in the workplace is needed. This person is the HSE (Health, Service and Environment) coach. HSE professionals function as motivators, enforcers and change leaders that are heavily invested in the welfare of the workforce’s constituents so as to bring about exceptional output that is culturally, globally and environmentally sound.

HSE Coach Certificate 1

HSE Coach Certificate 1 is a totally different level from the usual HSE Managers or HSE Officers. This introductory cert will provide participants to understand the types of coaching skills and how to implement those skills together with their HSE knowledge into the development of a competent and safety-oriented work force.

Course Content:

  1. Understanding coaching
  2. When to coach
  3. Developing coaching skills
  4. Manage coaching
  5. Diagnosing working culture
  6. Customising coaching approach

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HSE Coach Certificate 1
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