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"The course content is precise and the trainer is very knowledgeable. He has a good speaking and teaching style which kept me interested. Slides are well formulated and easy to understand. The trg centre's backend staff are also extremely helpful in answering all your queries promptly and assuredly. this course is highly recommended for all HSE practitioners."


Attended the FPSO and Safety Assessor Certification Course. Clear Concise Good

Ebeneyer Selvam

1)Why did you take up Cert IV I wanted to have an international accreditation for training and do it in Singapore.
2)How will it benefit you? I conduct training as a profession and now I have full knowledge Skills and attributes to make my training measurable and gauge it for continuous improvement through the contents of this good course.
3)How was the class environment The class environment was conducive and the course delivered in good pace and timing. All questions were answered and practical sessions were not rushed. Good material and role plays were conducted not forgetting the meals as well. 4)How was the trainer Mr. Raj Singh was brilliant and never lost his composure. He delivered the courses systematically and we were able to quickly comprehend the contents as it was presented. All the attendees related to him very well.
5) Should people take up Cert IV and will you recommend. Yes I will recommend to all those who are trainers or want to understand the underpinning knowledge where Training, Assessment and Facilitation are concerned. It is certainly a mind refresher and eye opener.

Edmund Chew

First of all , I must appreciate and thank you for giving me an opportunitiy to attend this certification course. Despite the intensive training & knowledge learned , We also have to go through assignment and writing and designing the course Programme . The knowledge impart by Mr Raj has been very insightful . For those who wants to be Trainers or facilitators or assessors , I strongly recommend you to attend this course. Edmund Chew

Gerald Ong

"Over the days, i learnt comprehensively in designing, facilitating & assessing programmes. This has enabled me to better place more emphasis into training design. In turn, it makes the training programs flow smoothly. Raj has been helpful in providing us tips in completing the assignments on my own. I would recommend this course for those who are keen to fast track themselves over ACTA to become a registered trainer in Singapore" Gerald Ong, August 2016 Batch

Angela Mak

I'm extremely delighted to be engaged in this Australian Cert. 4 program. The program is intensive and yet comprehensive. This amazing learning experience helps to shape up my skills development in training. It also helps to boost my confidence. I appreciate our course instructor Raj i who is extremely patient and skilful to walk us through the course with powerful case studies methods and activities to support learning. Thanks to Richard for your insightful sharing. I would strongly recommend this course to those who are want to pursue a career in training. Even for those who are like myself having achieved ACTA Version 5 certification found this program effective and enriching. Angela Mak August 2016 cert. 4 super team

Johathan Julian

Many thanks for this guidance's book of you. This pretty much helping me to develop my career as a Safety practitioner. I been in the safety line for quite some times and encountered a lot of obstacles in developing safety culture in worksite and company. With this guidance book, i hope i can learn something or at least the secret recipe of becoming a good and skilled HSE guys. Hope to learn more from you again. Once again, thanks for your sincere helps and sharing. May you always be blessed. Best Regards, Jonathan

Aladiyan Selva

Good Training. Good Location. Good Trainer. Nothing else can beat this.

Nantha HSSE Trainer

Mr Raj has assisted me numerous times on aspects, he also proved to be a mentor whom I can rely on in times that I have doubts

C Jaya Krishnan

Dear Raj. You manageed in extremely short time to get into the objectives of the job (Adult Learning). You know your space very well and always bring a unique perspective You can talk about low level details (workers training) all the way up to the best practices and everything in between.

Mohd Ridzuan

I had learnt a lot on how to be a good trainer and still am learning.

Aladiyan Selva

Good Training. Good Location. Good Trainer. Nothing else can beat this.

Vinod Retna HSSE Trainer

Raj is gifted communicator and has the ability to immediately befriend people, gain their trust, encourgagement to work on their project and then promote their success afterwords. This allows me to walk into any situation and quickly ma a positive impact towards my goals. I have learned a lot from him.

Jayakrishnan Kayakkulam

Thank you so very much. I will try my level best to be up to expectations


Dear Sir. I'm Abhishek from Mumbai and your training was a eye opener as it raised a question in my life. Thank you

Joseph Attoh

Dear Mr Raj. With your inspiring words I am obliged to do better in life

Franklin Enebuse

Good Day. It has been interesting.

Pankaj Sharma

You have motivated me towards my career. I am making plans now

Rommel G Magdoang

Good Afternoon what a great experience listing to you. Your topics are so very informative.

Edmer Dagasdas

Thank You Mr Raj

Edmer Dagasdas

Thank You Mr Raj

Jaber Alhaji

Dear Mr Raj. Well Done, continue the good job. Best Regards

Faez Hj Shafie

Mr Raj. Thank you so much for sharing the knowledge in safety to me

Rajesh Kumar

Thank You Mr Raj

Muhammad Bilal

Thanks dear. I will study and not dissapoint your hard work

Faisal Rana

Dear Raj,.. I am a Nebosh igc student from Pakistan, just watched your first video 3 hours back and fell in love with the information, support, education and skills you are delivering, i must say " Well-Done " and keep it up Raj. Indeed , i started feeling you my MENTOR ,. its 3:21 A.m in Pakistan and i am writing you this email by pausing your video. Thank You Sir. Regards,. Faisal Rana Pakistan.

Emmanuel Ankumah-Aidoo

Thank you for your advice and books. I am a new person and this helps

Amjad Al-Sadeq

Dear Mr Raj. First I would like to thank you about the great videos

Hyung Soo

Good training well instructed

Owais Bayg

Thanks alot and best of luck

M Taufi Harrisakti

Dear Mr Raj ji, namaste. I want you to be my mentor for success in HSE

Lim KK

I would love to copy the knowledge and skills but I am not as good

Asyraf S

Dear Raj and Team. Thank you. I am looking forward to hear more from you in the future. I wish and hope that your good deeds and efforts will be gratefull appreciated and beneficial to the Health Safety & Environment Community

Raviraj Parmar

Dear Mr Raj Singh. You are doing a trememdous job out there without any expectations It shows your hard work done in past 20 years and your noble cause.

Edxin Mankah

Thanks very much ,, greatful to be the fisherman

Hemanth Haridas

Thank you sir - your new student

Lakshman Chandra

The training was excellent. The trainer was really good and helpful to us. Well Done Simply Safety


Simply Safety has been doing NEBOSH IGC for a long time. It is trusted and competent. If not it would not be in business for so long.


I took NEBOSH IGC because my friends took NEBOSH IGC at Simply Safety. I was thinking it is the same like other course. But it is hard and Simply Safety trainer do his best to make the class understand..

Michael Lim

Simply said simply safety NEBOSH package is value for money. Not only is it affordable, they are not stingy. For our class they offered more tutorials than listed for the NEBOSH IGC.

David Ong

I am not a safety trained personnel. I signed up for the NEBOSH International General Certificate IGC because I understand that is good. I had attended the WAH Supervisor course at Simply Safety and the Trainer Nathan was really encouraging. The same trainer Mr Nathan was at the Simply Safety NEBOSH IGC training and he made the training interesting and fun but MORE important- I learnt the principles to pass my NEBOSH IGC.

David Ong

I am not a safety trained personnel. I signed up for the NEBOSH International General Certificate IGC because I understand that is good. I had attended the WAH Supervisor course at Simply Safety and the Trainer Nathan was really encouraging. The same trainer Mr Nathan was at the Simply Safety NEBOSH IGC training and he made the training interesting and fun but MORE important- I learnt the principles to pass my NEBOSH IGC.


My English is not so good and I know many people in Korea want to take NEBOSH IGC to be ship inspector. Simply Safety give me solution. I can study for NEBOSH for longer time to study and understand and then take exam for NEBOSH IGC. Thank you Simply Safety NEBOSH IGC.

Alvin Yong Hyundai

I pass my NEBOSH IGC. I missed out by a few marks on my NEBOSH international general certificate examination to get distinction but I am happy to get Credit for the NEBOSH IGC exams. Thank you SIMPLY SAFETY!

Allen Domingo Manila

Thanks for giving me a chance to take the NEBOSH IGC in my home country and giving me the tools to pass the NEBOSH IGC. I highly recommend NEBOSH IGC through Simply Safety!

Jon N

I though NEBOSH IGC was only available through a couple of training centers in Alabang but I managed to get the Distance Learning NEBOSH IGC from Simply Safety. Initially I thought its going to be boring and only powerpoint slides. But there were videos and many more things that impressed me. I will be ready to recommend Simply Safety NEBOSH IGC Distance Learning program to anyone!

Arion L Cortez

Simply Safety NEBOSH IGC is just simple and good. No tricks no fuss. All the information is there for the students. Its all given on a silver plate.

Brian Michael Alteraz

Amazing. Insightful. Valueable. Simply the Best

Mary Martinez

A lot of information covered in the distance learning materials. Making it easy for me to go through the training from the comfort of my home in Alabang, Highly recommend.

Stephanie Lim

Very well-balanced and tailored to my individual needs, time and commitment based on my work

Samuel Lim

I attended another NEBOSH IGC training center for the NEBOSH IGC exams. What I experienced there was bad. The NEBOSH trainer was just reading slides. Simply Safety NEBOSH Training is different. I learnt so much from the NEBOSH training. I am confident in taking NEBOSH exams now.

Mohd Hady

Simply Safety NEBOSH training is good. Mr Raj was my trainer. In a few minutes i felt I can pass the NEBOSH exam.

Mohd Fadli

Mr Raj is amazing NEBOSH IOSH or Safety. You can learn from him. I am a trainer and I know he is a good NEBOSH training. He is also not shy to share. I highly recommend anyone taking NEBOSH to go see Mr Raj


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