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IMDA is promiting IMDA Stay Healthy, Go Digital campaign!

To get businesses to go digital!)

This page provides a curated list of resources – including digital solutions, grants and training courses – that businesses can tap on to embrace digitalisation and overcome the challenges posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

Digital Solutions Directory

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (“IMDA”) and SGTech have jointly curated a suite of technology solutions to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and businesses address business continuity challenges, allowing them to be better positioned to grow and capture new business opportunities when the economy recovers. 

These specially-curated solutions aim to make business continuity essentials more accessible to SMEs and businesses, across several key categories:

  • Remote Working

  • Workforce Management

  • Visitor Management

  • Bill and Pay Online

  • Sell Online

  • Others 

Note: The listing is not to be taken as a form of endorsement or recommendation by IMDA and SGTech. Companies are reminded to carry out due diligence when engaging the vendors of these solutions. Please visit IMDA website

Implementing Safe Management Measures

On 9 May 2020, the tripartite partners – Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) – issued an advisory on Safe Management Measures required of employers when they are allowed to resume their operations. Here is how digital solutions can help businesses implement some of the Safe Management Measures:

Entry into Workplaces

Safe Management MeasureDigital Solutions

Support contact tracing requirements:

  • Encourage all employees to download and activate the TraceTogether app

  • Use the SafeEntry visitor management system to record the entry and exit of all personnel

TraceTogether app – This records proximity data on phones, helping MOH to quickly identify potential close contacts of COVID-19 patients

SafeEntry – National Digital Check-in System

Temperature screening for onsite employees and visitors

Visitor Management solutions that enable businesses to conduct temperature screening at the workplace and in public spaces.

At the Workplace

Safe Management MeasureDigital Solutions

Monitoring and implementation of safe distancing to ensure clear physical spacing of at least 1 metre between persons at all times

Visitor Management solutions that enable businesses to implement crowd and queue management at the workplace and in public spaces.

Reduce physical interactions through staggered working and break hours, shift or split team arrangements

Workforce Management solutions enable businesses to manage a distributed workforce. This often involves the use of digital hardware and software to facilitate staff scheduling, manpower resource allocation to different work sites, staggered working hours, work shifts and tracking workers on the move.

Remote Working

Safe Management MeasureDigital Solutions

Ensure that employees perform their work by telecommuting from home and conducting virtual meetings, where possible

  • Remote Working solutions enable employees to work from home. This often involves the use of digital hardware and software to facilitate online collaboration, virtual meetings and e-signatures.

  • E-invoicing and e-payment solutions do away with the need to handle paper invoices, cheques and cash, enabling businesses to execute transactions remotely.

Additional information and resources are available at


Government Assistance for Digitalisation

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat presented the Resilience Budget on 26 March 2020. It included temporary measures to help businesses make full use of the current downtime to Go Digital, to cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

Government agencies have since announced other measures to help businesses as well.

Enhanced SMEs Go Digital Programme 

  • Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

    The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) helps companies adopt technology solutions to improve productivity and enhance business processes.

    The scope of solutions supported under PSG will be expanded to include remote working and visitor management. The list of supported solutions can be found in the Digital Solutions Directory

    PSG support for pre-approved solutions under the SMEs Go Digital programme will also be raised, from a maximum of 70% to 80%.

    Go to Tech Depot for the full list of PSG solutions.

    SME Centres and the SME Digital Tech Hub can also provide remote assistance for SMEs that need advice.

  • Advanced Digital Solutions

    To help enterprises deepen their digital capabilities to strengthen business continuity practices and build resilience, IMDA and Enterprise Singapore will provide up to 80% funding support for enterprises to adopt advanced digital solutions. This will be done in collaboration with partners that can scale reach and implement digital solutions both within the enterprise and across the industry.

    Funding support can cover costs for hardware and software, infrastructure, connectivity, cybersecurity, integrations, development, enhancement and project management. It can also cover costs of replacing or expanding legacy systems and existing infrastructures.

    For more information, contact


Nationwide E-Invoicing Network

Companies can connect to the Nationwide E-invoicing Network to send and receive invoices digitally.

You will receive an E-Invoicing Registration Grant (worth $200) for connecting to the Network.


 Support for Creating Digital Products and Services

  • Digital Storytelling

    Digital Storytelling combines digital tools with storytelling and content creation skills to convey compelling narratives to engage customers. Through a series of coaching sessions with an assigned consultant, create narratives for your brand, digital products, services or content that resonate with your customers and increase engagement and loyalty. Click here for more info (2.88MB).

  • UI/UX

    Creating natural, intuitive interfaces and experiences for your digital products and services is key to customer-centric innovation. Transform the User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) of your digital products and solutions to be relevant post-COVID-19, and build your company’s UI/UX design capabilities through in-depth coaching sessions with an assigned expert. Click here for more info (3.03MB).

    For more information, please visit IMPixel.

Support for F&B Businesses and Retailers 

  • Food Delivery Booster Package

    The Food Delivery Booster Package supports F&B businesses in managing food delivery costs. It will also help to equip eateries with the tools and capabilities to optimise online delivery sales and build a strong digital presence.

  • E-Commerce Booster Package

    The E-Commerce Booster Package supports retailers with little or no e-commerce experience to set up their business online. The package supports 90% of the cost for retailers to sell their products on e-commerce platforms for domestic and/or overseas markets. 

Training and Webinars

Check out some of the training resources and webinars that can provide tips and skills upgrading to help you digitalise your business.

Some are free and some are eligible for funding support from SkillsFuture Singapore

The Enterprise Portal for Jobs and Skills also provides information on other training support available.

We will be adding more resources in the coming weeks. Watch this space for updates!

Training ResourceCost Details

Magento U and Marketo University On-Demand CoursesFree until 30 June 2020

LinkedIn Learning - Access to expert-led, online courses and video tutorials in business, technology and other topics
One-month free trialClick here for more details.

Yellow Pages x Novitee F&B Digital Marketing GuideFree

Email Marketing: Our Insider Email Marketing Strategies by Udemy$40

Up to 90% course fee funding for SMEs.

Facebook Marketing: A Step-by-Step to Your First 1000 Fans! by Udemy


Up to 90% course fee funding for SMEs.

Social Media Marketing of Weixin by Udemy$210

Up to 90% course fee funding for SMEs.

F&B Digital Marketing Assistance Scheme$272

90% subsidy by ESG; original fee is $1,712. Additional completion bonus of $500 per company.

E-Invoicing Solutions Certificate Course by ICC Academy

In partnership with Mastercard, Basware and Xero


US$350 before 50% discount.
Limited to 500 SME participants.

F&B Digital Marketing Training Accelerator


90% subsidy by ESG; original fee is $4000.
Additional completion bonus of $500 per company.

RAFT (Recover, Acquire & ProFiT) Programme by Click Academy Asia


90% subsidy by ESG; original fee is $4000.
Additional completion bonus of $500 per company.

Social Media Marketing Hands-On Training (F&B and Catering) by FirstCom$400

90% subsidy by ESG; original fee is $4000.
Additional completion bonus of $500 per company.

Learn Online with SkillsFutureVary

Webinar CostDetails

Microsoft Remote Working Hub: Webinars for tips on remote working and running virtual meetings effectively

  • Enable collaboration for your workforce with Microsoft Teams

  • Engage people with virtual events & communications with Microsoft Teams

  • Work From Home: Security and Privacy

Series of Webinars by SGTech:

  • Moving to e-Commerce in The Isolation Economy: Resources & Solutions to help Retailers embrace e-Commerce including Government Grants & Support

  • Cyber Security in The Isolation Economy: How to Ensure your Workforce and Business are Protected from Cyber Attacks

  • Data Protection in the Isolation Economy: What Businesses Need to Know

  • Stay Healthy, Go Digital in The Isolation Economy: Resources & Solutions to help Businesses Work from Home including Government Grants & Support

  • COVID-19 Budget & Legal Bill in The Isolation Economy: Support Measures for the Events & Entertainment Industry

  • Managing your Employees Remotely in The Isolation Economy: How to Adapt Processes to Improve Communication and Collaboration

  • Legal Ramifications of the COVID-19 Blll in The Isolation Economy: How it impacts Contractual Obligations for Businesses

  • Working from Home in The Isolation Economy: Adjusting your Workforce and Tech Tools & Solutions You Can Adopt

  • COVID-19 Solidarity Budget in The Isolation Economy: Further Measures & Support for Businesses to overcome the Global Pandemic

  • SMEs Survival in The Isolation Economy: Government and Community Measures & Support to overcome COVID-19 for Businesses

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