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NEBOSH IGC in Malaysia

Simply Safety has been providing NEBOSH IGC training in Malaysia since 2008. We have conducted training in Johor Bahru, Port Dickson and Kuala Lumpur

Some of our customers come from Petronas, Shell, Freyssinet, Lend Lease, Petrofac and more

Previously we had to conduct face to face training and in person NEBOSH examinations. However now with technology we can do NEBOSH IGC training via online or via e learning. NEBOSH has also created NEBOSH Open Book Exams and that means that you can sit for the examinations without traveling to Singapore. Right from Malaysia

If you are interested in taking the NEBOSH IGC course and the NEBOSH IGC exams while you are in Malaysia, you can still do it while in Malaysia.

Contact us for more information at our email address-

NEBOSH International General Certificate (IG) New Syllabus Examination Dates for 2022

Examination date                                                  Date of NEBOSH Exam           To Register and Pay by
INEBOSH G OBE Exams February 2022                  2 February 2022               1 December 2021
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams March 2022                      2 March 2022                  10 January 2022
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams April 2022                        6 April 2022                     12 February 2022
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams June 2022                        8 June 2022                    10 April 2022
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams August 2022                    3 August 2022                 12 June 2022
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams Octoeber 2022                3 October 2022               12 August 2022
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams November 2022               2 November 2022          11 September 2022
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams December 2022               7 December 2022          15 October 2022

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