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To provide a safe working environment, MTI Ministry of Trade and Information has developed a infographic for people and businesses. To help provide a safe working environment and to prevent transmission at the workplace, businesses are required to abide by the nation-wide general requirements for workplaces. Businesses should also adhere to the sector-specific requirements.

All businesses are to comply with the following requirements:

All employees who have been working from home so far should continue to do so.
Employees should only return to the workplace where it is demonstrably necessary, for purposes that cannot be carried out via telecommuting (e.g. to access specialised terminals or dedicated machines, or to complete a contract or transaction that is legally required to be completed in person and on-site).
Please view the infographic below for an overview of the safe management measures.

Be Ready, Stay Safe


7 Key Requirements for Safe Management at Workplaces

1) Appoint Safe Management Officers-
Conduct safe management measures inspections and checks, ensure compliance and keep records of inspections and checks

2) Employees who can work from home must continue to do so.
Go to the office only if necessary to access systems and equipment which cannot be accessed from home or to fulfil legal requirements,

3) Reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distance

4) Support Contact tracing

5) Wear masks and observe good personal hygience

6) Keep workplaces clean

7) Implement health checks and protocols to management potential COVID-19 Cases

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