Your NEBOSH International General Certificate Open Book Guide

A simple way to understand and guide you to sitting for your NEBOSH Open Book Exam with Simply Safety.


NEBOSH has introduced open book exams for both the NEBOSH International General Certificates – unit IG1/IGC1. This replaces in-person closed book exams and enables learners to sit their NEBOSH assessment in their own home or another safe and suitable location.


The NEBOSH International General Certificate Assessment is a two-step process (ie has 2 papers)

  • IG1 (with the open book exam) and

  • IG2 (practical risk assessment).

You need to pass both assessments to achieve your NEBOSH International General Certificate.


The NEBOSH International General Certificate open book exam process

1) Registration

Once you have completed your course (elearning, open learning, face to face learning etc) contact us to find out the next available exam date and to register for your chosen exam date.

The NEBOSH Open Book Exam will consist of the Open Book Exam and the practical risk assessment (which you can do on a different day)


2) Confirmation

Once you are successfully registered for the Open Book exam date, you'll receive a confirmation email advising you that you are now booked on to your open book exam.


3) Exploring the platform

3 days before your exam date, NEBOSH will be email you with a link to the online exam portal, a unique username and temporary password. At this point you should log in, change your password and familiarise yourself with the platform ahead of your exam. Your exam paper will not be available to view until the date of your exam.


4) Exam day

At 09:00 BST (British Standard Time) the NEBOSH open book examination question paper will be available on the NEBOSH online platform. You will have 24 hours to complete and submit your exam, although it is expected to take you around 5 hours to complete.


5) Closing interviews

Following completion of your NEBOSH Open Book exam, Simply Safety will be in touch to arrange an exit interview with you for your exam.

This is nothing to worry about and doesn't impact your marks for your paper. It is simply there to confirm your identity and that it was you who completed your submitted paper. This should take no more than 15-20 minutes.


6) Results

Results for your exam paper should be emailed to you within 50 days of your exam date. As before, your full qualification will not be complete until you pass your IG2 Practical Submission.


A full list of upcoming open book exam dates will be released shortly. In the meantime, to book your online open book assessment, email us at


Useful Resources

Below is a list of useful documents to help you understand and prepare for your NEBOSH International General Certificate open book exam. You can download these directly from NEBOSH website. If you have any questions that aren't answered by this page, please contact us.

  • NEBOSH Open Book Assessment Learners Guide

  • NEBOSH Technical Learner Guide

Simply Safety NEBOSH International General Certificate (New Syllabus) Open Book Exams now open for IG1.

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NEBOSH International General Certificate (IG) New Syllabus Examination Dates for 2022

Examination date                                                  Date of NEBOSH Exam           To Register and Pay by
INEBOSH G OBE Exams February 2022                  2 February 2022               1 December 2021
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams March 2022                      2 March 2022                  10 January 2022
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams April 2022                        6 April 2022                     12 February 2022
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams June 2022                        8 June 2022                    10 April 2022
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams August 2022                    3 August 2022                 12 June 2022
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams Octoeber 2022                3 October 2022               12 August 2022
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams November 2022               2 November 2022          11 September 2022
NEBOSH IG OBE Exams December 2022               7 December 2022          15 October 2022

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