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Apply to Tiong Seng Civil Engineering directly on their company site. Title of Job- EHS Director

Here are the full job description for EHS Director that Tiong Seng Civil Engineering is looking for

Responsibilities 1. Reporting to the Deputy Managing Director. 2. Safety Standards & Policies (i) Overall responsible for the setting out of company-wide EHS standards, policies and procedures. (ii) Formulate strategic EHS policies that are forward-looking and relevant under evolving operational processes and conditions. Instill a safety culture to all site personnel to achieve EHS excellence as integral part of work. (iii) Work closely with all site management, EHS team and other stakeholders to implement key EHS targets to highest standard with respective project teams. 3. Compliance (i) Ensure all industrial and company safety regulations and standards are being followed by all employees at all times. (ii) Support EHS Managers in their communication and field implementation of EHS policies with site management. (iii) Keep updated on latest authorities’ regulations. Liaise with various authorities to understand and clarify on new or revised EHS requirements. Advise Management on potential impact to operation, if any. 4. Audit & Risk Management (i) Support EHS Managers and Officers in conducting periodic, stringent site inspections to ensure a hazard and accident-free work environment at all times. (ii) Review results of both internal and authorities-led inspections conducted, so as to come up with improvement plan for implementation. (iii) Investigate and review internal incidents/ accidents; formulate procedural changes and/or improvement plans in response. (iv) Review and prepare case studies of external incidents and accidents – make necessary recommendations for improvement to current project operation based on conclusions drawn from case studies. (v) Plan and implement risk management policies and procedures for all employees. 5. Digitisation (i) Digitally savy with experience in implementation of digital tools to enhance EHS performance (ii) Formulate digitisation plan for the collection of EHS data on site. Analyse EHS data collected to assess EHS performance on projects and drive for performance improvement. 6. Training (i) Plan and implement training program for staff, workers and subcontractor employees on a regular basis. (ii) Maintain all EHS-related training records in collaboration with HR Department. (iii) Ensure new employees to work sites are initiated to all relevant EHS regulations and requirements. 7. Support (i) Represent the Company in industry-related and safety-related groups and programs, and in communication with various stakeholders at corporate level exchanges relating to EHS. (ii) Plan and organize EHS-related initiatives like events and awards as part of drive to instil safety culture to all site users. 8. Communication Maintain frequent and open communication with Corporate Management and Business Unit Heads to align corporate EHS directions in tandem with project operations. Proactively highlight potential conflicts between EHS regulations and standards to site operations, to be collectively addressed by Corporate EHS and Business Unit Heads. Requirements:

  • Preferably a Registered Professional Engineer (Civil) with PE Board (with PE Practising Cert)

  • Candidate to possess at least a Professional Degree Certificate, Bachelor's Degree, Engineering (Civil/Structural) or equivalent.

  • Minimum 12 years of EHS experience in the construction field, with at least 7 years in a managerial capacity for building projects.

  • Strong all-rounded knowledge in EHS management (e.g. ISO9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS IS018001),EHS regulations, and planning capability supporting construction progress and operations in Singapore. Good experience in environmental & OSHA compliance, sustainability, risk assessment & reduction, occupational health & safety, and industrial hygiene are essential.

  • Possess excellent communication skills to articulate and share vision, goals, plans, and strategies, as well as values to influence the team to achieve desired objectives.

  • Able to maintain a high level of accountability and presence to ensure all projects perform to safety KPIs, as well as other pre-defined EHS goals.

  • Proactive and forward-thinking when faced with challenges; able to adapt and react decisively to issues. Believer of empirical data and measurement as the basis of decision-making to improve efficiency and performance with regards to achieving EHS objectives.

  • Organized, and detail-oriented. Able to scrutinize safety plans and identify potential safety risks of site activities for risk management.

  • Aligned to the corporate direction of the Organization; capable of formulating strategic EHS goals and focused on driving the implementation of these goals throughout the life cycle of each project.

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