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7 Ways to Pass your NEBOSH International General Certificate IGC

Imagine your friends talking about their NEBOSH IGC qualifications or even the NEBOSH Diploma qualifications and you are sitting there thinking "Well how hard can this be".

Actually for those who are new to Health and Safety or taking the NEBOSH examinations it can be a imposing and daunting task. Some may feel overconfident and do badly. Others may feel overwhelmed.

So we felt we needed to put this 7 Ways together to help you and others like you who want to take the NEBOSH International General Certificate Exams.

1) Know the Requirements

Before you take any examinations or any credentials or qualifications- go do basic homework first. Why do you want to take this qualification? Is it because you see others on Linkedin with this listed as their qualification? Is this qualification a must have or a good to have. Is this qualification mandatory for your work or career?

What are the levels of this qualification?

For example NEBOSH has the Award level qualifications, followed by the Certificate level qualifications and then the Diploma level qualifications. In each level there are also different fields of study. What is the qualification that you are really after.

2) Know what you are getting into

Once you picked the qualifications. Then find out more about it. What are the contents. The learning outcomes. The breath and depth of each unit or each element.

For example the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work award qualification has the following topics or elements

The foundations of health and safety

The responsibility for health and safety

Health and Safety Risk assessment and control

Work equipment

Transport safety

Working with electricity

Fire Safety

Manual handling and repetitive activities

Hazardous substances

The Working environment

The NEBOSH IGC has the following topics or elements

Why we should manage workplace health and safety

How health and safety management systems work and what they look like

Managing risk – understanding people and processes

Health and safety monitoring and measuring

Physical and psychological health

Musculoskeletal health

Chemical and biological agents

General workplace issues

Work equipment



At one glance you may think its about the same- but the breath and depth are very different. Thus the time spent studying will be different. The questions and how they are asked will be different.

3) Schedule your time

Generally the students taking professional courses or NEBOSH awards or NEBOSH IGC will be working adults. That means the person is working full time or part time or on projects. The person may also have personal responsibilities at home. You will have to factor all this in when you schedule your time. Are you able to spend a few hours a day on your study and revision.

Sure there are training centers around the world that tell you attend their courses and thats all you need. But in reality you need to do lots of self study and revision for any course not just the NEBOSH IGC.

4) Study and Revise

As mentioned above- you need to spend time to study and revise. Go through the textbooks, the tutor handouts, the summary slides or handouts. Understand the learning outcomes because that is what the exam will challenge you on.

5) Read up

Read up on the learning outcomes. Read up on the practical assignment. Read up on past papers and the way that they exam questions will be set and think about how you will answer these types of questions

6) Be exam smart

Allocate time to do your examinations. Answer what is asked. If you need to re and re-read the question - please do it. Glance through the scenarios and questions once and then come back with a focus. Have a game plan in answering the questions. Remember all exams have a time limit!

7) Know the examination rules

Understand the examination rules. When you need to gain access to any online portals. Test and try them as instructed. Know what format you need to prepare your answers and your reports in. Understand how and when you need to submit your answers and papers.

Do not wait until the very last minute. Please always assume that something will crop up. Give yourself some buffers..

Good Luck!

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