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Alternative to iAuditor

We have heard good things about how professionals are using iAuditor by Safety Culture Australia to design and deploy their checklists. So we decided to see if there are alternatives to iAuditor in the market especially in Singapore or at least available in Singapore.

There is one alternative to iAuditor (Safety Culture Australia) that we found and recognize that it can do more that what iAuditor offers.

Its called Anydocs.

Anydocs isnt like iAuditor where iAuditor is purely for safety checklist or safety compliance or safety audits. Anydocs is for, well, any documents.

Anydocs claims to allow end users (companies) redesign their paper documents, checklists, forms or Permit to Work into digital documents. In the past companies may have used word or excel to design their documents, checklists, forms or Permits or after designing used professional printers to print out dockets.

Anydocs allows the company to design and deploy documents, checklists, forms and permits without using code or IT personnel.

We tried our hand with Anydocs

And built some of these

Here's a simple non-compliance form that Inspectors could fill up when they spot something alternative a QR code could be pasted on the various locations for visitors or non users to report any non compliances

Here's a little more detailed non-compliance reporting form for Inspectors to use

Companies could design their Forklift Checklist for their operators. Or have a QR code, were the operators could scan and fill up a checklist before operating the Forklift. Making sure they cover the important checks and keeping a copy of the signed checklist in the cloud for any compliance checks

Imagine an Aircon servicing company using booklets and one that is using Anydocs. After they serviced the aircons at the clients premises, their technicians could take out their ipads or tablets or phones, fill up the checklists, have the client sign and a permanent record is filed up immediately. One that is searchable and safely stored

Of course the list can go on. In Anydocs there are tons of templates that companies can already use or modify to suit their needs.

The Builder is pretty easy to use once you get used to it.

We believe that this is a better alternative to iAuditor. Sure while some companies or professionals may use Google Forms or Jot Forms, Anydocs is way better.

Anydocs allows users to build multi-level forms. Forms like permit to work where there is an applicant, checker/safety, approver, closing. Traditionally it can only be build through hard code but Anydocs has overcome that challenge and allows users to build these mutli-level forms and documents

Why not try the best alternative to iAuditor or Google Forms or Jot Forms?

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