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Benefits of NEBOSH Qualifications

NEBOSH - National Examination Board Occupational Safety Health

What is NEBOSH? People keep asking what is NEBOSH or that they want to take "NEBOSH" NEBOSH is not something people can take. NEBOSH is an organisation - The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) was established in 1979 in the United Kingdom. NEBOSH is recognised worldwide. NEBOSH is a renowned, and leading organisation that is known for its high-quality Health, Safety, and Environment syllabus.

People want to take the NEBOSH qualifications. NEBOSH qualifications assist with career advancement as well as individual abilities, resulting in a better, healthier, and safer environment.

Why NEBOSH Qualifications?

Again NEBOSH is recognised world wide and it is a renowned and leading organisation. Safety Professionals understand the level of the NEBOSH Qualifications. Internationally employers regard NEBOSH as a compelling reason for recruiting employees with NEBOSH certification because it is one of the top HSE benchmark qualifications. For example an international MNC working in Saudi Arabia or Qatar or Middle East or Vietnam will look at candidates that don't just have local qualifications but qualifications like the NEBOSH IGC as they recognise these qualifications. NEBOSH certification is preferred by employers looking for HSE personnel,

Some of the benefits of taking the NEBOSH qualifications like NEBOSH IGC

Become more competitive in the marketplace

It shows a commitment to health & safety and upgrading by the Health Safety Environmental Professional

Return on investment

Every qualification even NEBOSH IGC means that you will get better job oppurtunities, which means a return on your investment

Improved safety knowledge on hand

Having local courses is good, but attended international courses means that you can gain better knowledge and skills.

More motivated and engagement

We see more motivated and engaged personnel attending the NEBOSH IGC examinations. It may be the confidence or it could be the improved knowledge

Do your research on the NEBOSH IGC qualifications or simply ask Simply Safety

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