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Bizsafe Convention 2022

In Singapore each and every year, the Ministry of Manpower MOM and Workplace Safety Health Council organise the bizSAFE Convention. This Bizsafe Convention recognises and celebrates the good Workplace Safety Health WSH efforts from the bizSAFE community. The Bizsafe Community is made up of companies that have received Bizsafe accreditations, Bizsafe Partners and Bizsafe training providers and consultants. The Bizsafe Convention is a platform for companies to learn from each other on how to step up their safety and health practices. The Bizsafe Convention in 2022 is back as an in-person event this year.

Bizsafe Convention participants will learn about the importance of growing as a bizSAFE community — how they can help their business partners in their supply chain raise their WSH standards, and in turn, benefit their companies. Learn more too about how companies can incorporate technology into their daily operations to make the workplace safer for workers.

Part of the Bizsafe Convention program programme will also celebrate recipients of the bizSAFE Awards 2022.

Registeration for the bizSAFE Convention 2022 is open now and the Bizsafe Convention is free.

The rough agenda for the Bizsafe Convention is

Opening Address by Senior Minister of State for Manpower, Mr Zaqy Mohamad at 10am

Presentation of bizSAFE Partner Award 1010am

Presentation of bizSAFE Enterprise Exemplary Award 1020

Presentation of bizSAFE Champion Award 1040

During the Bizsafe Convention there will also be speakers, some of the speakers are as follows

Mr Prateek Jain, Chair of EuroCham Singapore Supply Chain Committee, Head of Nutrition and H&W Business - International Markets Unilever

Featuring EU’s introduction of the new supply chain law and how it affects companies

Schindler Lifts (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Featuring their WSH values and practices alignment with their business partners

Zheng Keng Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd

Featuring their WSH best practices, including the use of technology to improve WSH

AcuMed Medical Group

Featuring how they can help companies through providing one-stop safety and health services as a Total WSH Clinic

The Bizsafe Convention 2022 will end around 1245pm

If you are interested in Bizsafe accreditation and are having issues with implementing your Safety Policy or developing your Risk Assessments or designing your Safety Management system, do contact us and see how you can engage our team to support you in your Bizsafe journey

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