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Cheap or Affordable? Cheapest or most affordable?

Many people ask is there a cheap course?

Is there a cheap AWSHPP or cheapest AWSHPP.

Is there a cheap NEBOSH certificate or the cheapest NEBOSH certificate?

These are actually the wrong questions and wrong mindsets.

You see

Affordable means a price that people can pay. The price is good or the price is reasonable. Affordable means you are able to purchase it without causing a problem for you financially.

Cheap means the price is not expensive, it is more than affordable. But it comes with the negative connotations that Cheap implies low cost and low quality. Next you need to ask yourself (yes you yourself)- What are you actually looking for in an education.

Are you just looking for a certification or a certificate without having to do anything or work for it? Then maybe you should not attend any courses or any training.

Or are you trying to upgrade your knowledge and skills.

Think of your mind as something valuable.

Do you want rubbish in it or do you want something of value.

Cheap maybe rubbish. Affordable just means that the price does not hurt.

Sadly in Singapore there are many places that sell based on price. When companies or people sell based on price then something has to give. You cannot have any quality if you cannot even pay your bills. You got to realise its cheap because someone is cutting corners somewhere. Are they hiring lousy trainers? Are they using lousy materials? Are they not putting in any effort?

So when you decide what courses you want to go for - don't just go for cheap, its ok to go for affordable and affordably priced products but just not cheap.

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