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Construction Firm given Stop Work Order and Fined

In Singapore, Safety means business now. Today news was announced that a Singapore construction firm Synergy-Biz was issued a Stop Work Order and also issued a composition fine of S$6,000. This was after Ministry of Manpower MOM had found multiple unsafe conditions during inspection of its premises

Apparently on Aug 25, the company had a lorry driver that was involved in a fatal accident. The fatal accident involved a 65 year old Singaporean man. In the accident the Singaporean was run over by a forklift while loading it onto a lorry and securing it for transportation. Ministry of Manpower had then conducted an inspection of the premises the next day- after the incident, separate to the incident.

Ministry of Manpower MOM stated that it had found multiple safety lapses.

The safety lapses found at Synergy-Biz posed danger to workers and "could have been easily rectified", said Senior Minister of State for Manpower Zaqy Mohamad.

There was an electrical casing and wiring were found to not be properly insulated and in poor condition. There were some materials were stored haphazardly within the company's storage areas, and that some heavy machinery had expired lifting registrations. Several excavators were found with their ignition keys inserted in the ignition switches and left unattended. Keys should always be removed from the ignition switches.

The Ministry of Manpower also shared how diesel storage tanks had no labels and warning signs, fire extinguishers not in working condition, and inadequate safe work procedures for transporting excavators. In all there were multiple safety lapses at Synergy-Biz.

Minister Zaqy from Ministry of Manpower shared that "During this period of heightened safety, we have stepped up inspections and taken action against companies that have fallen short on safety, At the same time, to help firms, MOM continues to stand ready to support companies to enhance their safety practices and procedures through the StartSAFE programme."

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