Driver run over by his vehicle

In Singapore, a Prime Mover driver was killed by his own truck when it ran over him.

On 27 April 2022, was killed when his prime mover ran over him. He had parked his vehicle on a ramp and left his vehicle. A while later, the prime mover began to roll forward, and the driver rushed to the front of the vehicle but was run over by it. The driver died at the scene.

One of the findings was that the wheel chocks were not applied.

There are some recommendations.

Do not park on slopes. Park all vehicles on flat ground if possible. Parking on slopes can be dangerous. Have designed parking spaces that are marked on firm level ground.

Ensure drivers know what is safe parking. From fully engaging parking brakes and placing wheel chocks.

Companies can also install a vehicle alarm system that can remind drivers to engage their parking brakes once the vehicle is parked, the ignition key is removed or when the driver’s door is opened.

Drivers should be trained in response to rolling vehicles. They should never try to stand infront or run infront or try to enter the cabin. They should alert others to stay away from the vehicle travel path.

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