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First Fatal Accident 2023 in Singapore

With all the buzz about Heightened Safety or we will not hesistate etc, still there was a fatal accident in Singapore. This one involving a fall from height.

The worker died after falling four storeys at Bedok condominium while painting building facade. On Thursday Jan 12th 2023, the 37-year-old worker died after falling four storeys while painting the facade of a condominium block in Bedok at about 350pm at 738 Bedok Reservoir Road, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said on Saturday. That is the address of Waterfront Isle condominium.

The Myanmar National worker who died was painting an apartment block with a co-worker using a gondola. According to MOM Ministry of Manpower- both workers had stepped out or climbed out of the gondola to paint parts of the wall that were out of reach. With the deceased standing on a concrete ledge when he fell from the fourth level to the ground. Under the law no person should enter or leave the gondola unless it is at rest on the ground level or at any level which allows safe access.

Ministry of Manpower MOM said it is investigating the incident and has instructed the occupier and employer, ISOTeam C&P, to stop using the gondola and all work-at-height activities on the premises. MOM also said that it would bar ISOTEAM C&P from employing new foreign workers for three months due to its poor risk controls. ISOTEAM C&P managing director will be required to personally account to MOM and take responsibility for rectifications.

Will 2023 be different from 2022? Will there be more or less accidents? Will we see a real improvement in Safety in Singapore?

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