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How to Pass NEBOSH IGC International General Certificate First Time or First Attempt

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

So we get lots of questions like

How do I pass my NEBOSH International General Certificate on the first attempt?

How do I pass NEBOSH all three papers (and they get shocked when we say its changed)

How do I sit for the NEBOSH IGC exams when I am busy working

How do I prepare for the NEBOSH IGC exams

First and foremost- NEBOSH International General Certificate has changed its syllabus to the new syllabus.

Second the NEBOSH International General Certificate is now done via Open Book Exams.

That means no more coming to an exam hall or examination center to take your NEBOSH IGC exams as now it is done online in the comfort of your own home or work.

There are only 2 papers for the NEBOSH IGC now. IG1 which is the theory paper (done through the open book exams, ie online in a span of 24 hours) and the IG2 which is the Risk Assessment

Third- the bigger question

How Do I Pass My NEBOSH International General Certificate Open Book Exam On My First Attempt?

For example there will be an exam this November 2022, December 2022, January 2023- All Open book exams and students start to worry. So how do you pass your NEBOSH International General Certificate on the first attempt.

Here are some quick tips on how to pass your NEBOSH General Certificate Open Book Exam:

Obviously prepare for the exams. As your training provider to train you, guide you or like Simply Safety, we provide our E-learning materials to the students. These have video tutorials.

A few days before the exam, make sure you receive the login details and test it out. If you don't receive the NEBOSH Open Book Exam login details, talk to your training provider or learning provider.

On the day and time of the NEBOSH IGC exam, download the exam paper and read it very carefully. You have 24 hours, you don't have to rush into it. Spend some time reading the NEBOSH IGC exam paper.

The scenario given and all the descriptions are there for a reason. Think of your school case studies or real life incident investigations- everything in the scenario or the question paper is there for a reason. If you can mark out any key words.

Remember don’t panic, you have 24 hours. Even if the scenario seems new or the questions seem hard, just stop and re-read the scenario.

Then read the questions over again and the scenario again. You may want to list out which IGC questions you think are easy or easier to the harder ones. Go for the low hanging fruit. Do the easier NEBOSH questions first. Get some confidence and some marks in.

While doing your NEBOSH IGC answers, look up your study materials and read up any sources that you think will help you but don't copy or plagiarize.

Remember to go back to the scenario, read it incase you missed out something or are writing off topic.

Remember to answer the NEBOSH IGC questions with the NEBOSH IGC exam scenario in mind. Keep it in context. Think of the points. If its a 3 mark answer, basically you should have 3 points. If it’s a 10 mark question, you’re looking for at least 10 answers- a little more doesnt hurt. Although please do not just give a list of points or write some short forms. Expand on the answers. Think about the questions as if your CEO was asking you for a report. You cannot just provide a post-it pad or a simple list. So expand on the answers.

Also remember, there’s a word count, a 10 mark question is about 300 words, so if you’re writing 10 answers for a 10 mark question you want to be writing sentences or small paragraphs of around about 20 to 30 words.

In the past the NEBOSH IGC exams were about 2 hours, now its 24 hours. So take a break. Stop at a question or two so that you don't lose track or get carried away or burnt out. Most students do take quite a fair bit of time to complete the answers to the NEBOSH IGC Open Book Exam OBE. So don't beat yourself up

Remember to save your work. And once you are finished and confident, take a break before reviewing your work. Then when finished please upload your answers to the NEBOSH OBE portal before the closing date and time. Please. Don't wait till the last minute. Just give it an hour before. Remember to og back into the NEBOSH website and upload your paper.

After that - don't worry. You gave it your best, leave it to the NEBOSH markers

Of course don't forget your appointment with the Training Provider and the closing interview and also the NEBOSH IG2 Risk Assessment.

Good Luck

Simply Safety- we have been a NEBOSH training provider and have had NEBOSH exams in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Qatar and even Russia

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