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If I were to take the NEBOSH OBE Exams, what would I do?

Lots of people ask how to pass NEBOSH IGC International General Certificate Open Book Exam.

Lots of people ask why others fail in the NEBOSH IGC Open Book Exam

I believe that you should study smart for the NEBOSH IGC or any other test or exams.

First, don't just assume its Open Book exam and it will be a walk in the park. You still have to prepare for it like any other exam.

I would go through the PowerPoints given by the training provider for the NEBOSH IGC

I would look at the different elements in the course syllabus or the course curriculum. I would do a little light reading about the different elements/topics

On the exam day, when I receive the question (the scenario for the NEBOSH IGC OBE). I would read the scenario for the first time. I would then take a short 2-5 minute break and then read the NEBOSH IGC scenario again.

After that I would read the questions one by one.

When I read the questions, if there are words that I cannot understand or cannot fully remember or even phrases. I would highlight them or write them down. After highlighting all the words/phrases I don't understand, I would go through my notes or even online to search and understand what these phrases mean. I don't need to use my memory or pretend to be smart. I would act like I'm a child and I need to refresh my memory.

Now I will look at the scenario again, then the first question. I will then answer it. Knowing that if in the question there is a word or phrase I don't understand I will refer to my notes or search for what it means before answering it wrong. That way I will be answering what the question is asking me based on the scenario.

Also if I'm giving examples, I need to ensure that the examples are understandable to the person marking. Say I recommend training to be carried out for workers in the factory and type out "Workers to attend OPSOC" the marker cannot understand what that means, try to make it as simple and understandable for someone. Like sharing information with a new owner/director of your company.

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