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Iris Koh, founder of Healing the Divide group, charged and remanded

According to the local media as well as Ministry of Health website and Facebook Pages, Iris Koh who is the founder of the group called Healing the Divide on Telegram chat, which has known stance against COVID-19 vaccination, has been charged and remanded over her alleged involvement in a scheme to submit false information. This according to Ministry of Health as well as the multiple news sites.

Iris Koh, the 46-year-old founder of Healing the Divide was said to have been arrested on Friday evening. A facebook post showing a photo of Iris Koh in her office facing police officers has been circulating online as well. Iris Koh has been charged along with two other men, aged 33 and 40, for conspiracy to cheat. Eight other people are also being investigated for their suspected involvement in this case. All this according to the local news media and Ministry of Health.

Iris Koh was said to have been charged on Sunday with one count of conspiracy to cheat and has been remanded for further investigation.

The other two men, Jipson Quah and Chua Cheng Soon Thomas, were charged on Friday with abetment by conspiracy to cheat. They have also been held on remand. Both Jipson Quah and Chua Cheng Soon Thomas are from the medical cllinic.

According to new outlets, the Health Ministry had informed the Singapore Police on Friday of MOH's investigations into a doctor suspected of submitting false information to the National Immunisation Registry.

This information indicated that the doctor had "administered COVID-19 vaccines to individuals when in fact he had not", said the police. Court documents indicated that it was the Sinopharm vaccine.

After investigating the MOH report, the Singapore Police arrested Koh, Quah and Chua on the same day.

It is alleged that Iris Koh had referred clients, believed to be members of Healing the Divide, to Quah - the doctor - and had also suggested administering something in lieu of the vaccine to patients, the police said.

It is not the first time Iris Koh or Healing the Divide are in the news. From "flooding the hotlines", having their videos on Youtube channel removed, to having plans to 'disrupt operations' at COVID-19 paediatric vaccination centres which resulted in Ministry of Health making a police report.

Apparently the doctor and his assistant - had submitted the information "with the intention to induce MOH to issue the Certificate of Vaccination against COVID-19 in the TraceTogether application", said the police.

The offences of abetment by conspiracy to cheat and criminal conspiracy to cheat carry jail terms of up to three years, or a fine, or both.

Iris Koh is currently under investigation for allegedly instigating others to call and overwhelm COVID-19 public hotlines (sometime in October 2021)

The police reminded members of the public that it takes a very serious view of conduct which may pose a public health risk amid the national fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and that offenders will be dealt with sternly, in accordance with the law.

We agree.

Everyone can have opinions and feelings, but it is not right to break the law or cause any kind of public health risks. We at Simply Safety urge everyone to take their health and safety very seriously.

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