Mobile Crane Overturned Singapore

Here in Singapore another incident involving mobile cranes occurred and it is timely that we remember some basic safety precautions when working with cranes

The crane incident had a crane operator who suffered minor injuries when his mobile crane that he was slewing started to tip and then overturned. He was operating the mobile crane to lift a rebar mesh.

Some basic crane requirements that we need to implement

- Have trained and qualified personnel - from Crane Operations, Lifting Supervisors, Riggers, Signalmen to banksman

- Is the lift planned

- Have the risks been identified and the risk assessment carried out

- Is there a permit for the work

- With the lifting plan, is the crane the right crane for the job

- The Safe Working Load (SWL) should not be exceeded at anytime.

- The lifting plan should include the SWL, load characteristics, lifting equipment details, rigging points, lifting method and information on the lifting team among others.

- Has the ground condition been inspected

- Is there a Pre-Use Check on the crane as well as the lifting equipment, lifting gears and lifting appliances

- Is the crane and all the other equipment, certificates valid and correct

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