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MOM Ministry of Manpower setting up company- Foreign Worker Dorms

Singapore Ministry of Manpower is to set up a company that is limited by guarantee by end-2022 to build and own two purpose-built dormitories for foreign workers. Observers say this is in relations to the issues that arose during the COVID out-breaks in the dorms

The company set up by Ministry of Manpower will operate the dorms with selected partners as test beds for innovations in foreign worker accommodations. The company and the dowms will also help the ministry better understand how migrant workers live and work, and how operators manage these dormitories. Although dorms in Singapore have existed for many years even decades.

The Ministry of Manpower will set up the new company called Nest Singapore, in the fourth quarter of 2022. Nest is an acronym for Nurture, Engage, Support and Transform.

The first of the two purpose-built dorms broke ground at Tukang Innovation Lane in Jurong on Saturday.

Minister for Manpower Tan See Leng was quoted at the launch event: "These insights will support MOM's efforts to transform dormitory living and management, and it allows the Manpower Ministry to better support the dormitory landscape and be better prepared for any future crisis."

The Ministry of Manpower dorm is said to begin operating in 2025, the Tukang dorm will have a capacity of 2,400 beds.

The other dorm with 7200 beds at Sengkang West is set to begin operations in 2028.

According to Ministry of Manpower MOM spokesman the Ministry of Manpower has no plans currently to build more dorms. The main aim of this exercise is to drive innovation by sharing best practices it discovers with the industry, either through publishing guidelines or regulations. Both dorms will be built to improved standards that apply to new dorms built after September 2021. These include having more spacious and better ventilated rooms with occupancy caps and en-suite toilets, as well as modular space and segmented communal facilities.

Image from Today Singapore

An artist impression of the courtyard area of the purpose-built dormitory at Tukang Innovation Lane, which will feature multi-purpose courts for workers to play their favourite sport, and green spaces for workers to unwind and relax in.

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