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NEBOSH IGC in Singapore

Did you know that Simply Safety has been delivering the NEBOSH IGC International General Certificate training and examinations in Singapore since we first started in 2008?

In 2008 we had trained over 100 personnel from Shell (for the Shell projects in Singapore)

Back then we were located at Enterprise Road in Singapore doing the NEBOSH IGC. We were doing the NEBOSH IGC examinations in Jurong Safra. Later on we moved to Ubi Crescent and were were conducting the NEBOSH IGC at Ubi Crescent in Singapore. Now we are back in Soon Lee Street Singapore and have more information for you about NEBOSH IGC.

That's right Simply Safety has been delivering NEBOSH IGC training in Singapore and conducting the NEBOSH IGC examinations in Singapore for a long time.

Our students come from various process companies, engineering companies, shipyards, construction sites here in Singapore. We have had companies who have sent their staff for NEBOSH IGC training and examinations and individuals who want to upgrade themselves.

Surprising fact- Simply Safety also worked with the Ministry of Labour Qatar to train their top Ministry of Labour personnel in NEBOSH International General Certificate IGC in Qatar! We also do the NEBOSH IGC training and examinations in Port Dickson Malaysia as well as Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We can also safely say that we probably trained the most number of NEBOSH IGC students in South Korea too.

We may be the only NEBOSH IGC training center from Singapore who did the NEBOSH training in Russia as well as Thailand Phuket (yup Phuket)

We also did a lot of training in Trinidad and Tabago for FPSOs

Of course through the years, we have seen the changes in NEBOSH IGC and how NEBOSH IGC training as well as the NEBOSH IGC examinations have changed.

If you want to grow your professional career in Singapore as a Safety Professional, you should consider the NEBOSH IGC done in Singapore from the comfort of your own home. You should consider the NEBOSH IGC done in Singapore through Simply Safety.

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