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NEBOSH IGC in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia or South Korea

Many people in the Safety industry have heard of NEBOSH IGC qualifications. In fact many may even know people and professionals with the NEBOSH International General Certificate qualifications

However many people that we spoke to in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia or South Korea are not aware of the changes in NEBOSH International General Certificate Occupational Health and Safety. (NEBOSH IGC). In the past NEBOSH IGC had 3 examination units. IG1, IG2 and IG3. Basically 2 theory papers for NEBOSH IGC and 1 practical assignment for NEBOSH IGC

However NEBOSH has revamped their syllabus and the way that the NEBOSH exams are conducted.

Right now for NEBOSH IGC, the exams are conducted via NEBOSH Open Book Examinations.

What is the new NEBOSH Open Book Exam?

The new NEBOSH IGC Open Book Exam is a online exam that students can access from their homes or their workplaces. This means no more taking leave to go to the physical NEBOSH IGC training providers exam venue, no more rushing through the NEBOSH IGC examinations or writing countless of lines and paragraphs on the NEBOSH IGC exam booklet.

The new NEBOSH IGC Open Book Exam OBE allows you to sit for NEBOSH assessment in your own home comfortably and take the exam over 24 hours.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate Occupational Health and Safety now has 2 assessments:

IG1: an open-book exam (OBE) and a closing interview. Closing interviews to be done between you and the training provider

IG2: a 3-hour practical assignment in your workplace or any other workplace you have access to.

NEBOSH International General Certificate Open Book Exam

Unit IG1 of the NEBOSH International General Certificate IGC will be assessed through an Open Book Exam (OBE). Unlike the old written exam, the new OBE allows you to use textbooks and digital resources to help you answer your questions.

The NEBOSH IGC OBE still assesses your understanding of the first 4 elements of the NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus:

1: Why we should manage workplace health and safety

2: How health and safety management systems work and what they look like

3: Managing risk – understanding people and processes

4: Health and safety monitoring and measuring

The new OBE assesses the same learning outcomes from elements 1-4, but with scenario-based questions.

This is awesome as it does not test your memory but rather tests your ability to apply your learning in a real setting.

The exam will open with a scenario describing a developing situation such as an incident or safety intervention. It’ll outline organisational activities, worker behaviour, and the role you play within the developing situation. You will be asked to imagine that you hold a specific role within the described organisation and then you will be asked a series of questions for which you will provide your answers and if necessary provide relevant supporting information.

Your answers must be relevant to the situation you’re presented with. You can refer to your course materials and digital resources to help support your answer. You’ll be given 24 hours to submit your answers, but it should only take you around 5 hours to complete.

When do I sit the NEBOSH General Certificate Open Book Exam?

Speak to Simply Safety for the next available NEBOSH IGC Exam dates

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