NEBOSH IGC OBE Open Book Exam Student Portal

NEBOSH has provided excellent resources for NEBOSH IGC learners or students taking the Open Book Examinations. Many learners or students switching from the traditional paper based NEBOSH IGC exams to the Open Book Examinations sometimes feel overwhelmed when it comes to the NEBOSH learner or student examination portal.

But not to worry NEBOSH has done an excellent job with the following videos that you can find on NEBOSH official Youtube channel

The links for the videos are provided here as well

For students that prefer to read instructions, NEBOSH has provided the Open Book Examination technical learner guide here.

Here are the videos links that may also help you as a learner or student

NEBOSH OBE: Log into the online examination platform, desktop

NEBOSH OBE: Download your examination paper, desktop

NEBOSH OBE: Upload your examination paper, desktop

NEBOSH OBE: Remove and replace your submission, desktop

NEBOSH OBE: Reset your password

NEBOSH OBE: Language options in the online examination platform

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