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NEBOSH IGC Open Book Exam 18 January 2023

NEBOSH IGC Open Book Exam 18 January 2023

NEBOSH International General Certificate Open Book Exam 18 January 2023 Wednesday

Good news the NEBOSH International Certificate Exams- Open Book Examinations OBE is happening on 18 January 2023 Wednesday

The examinations can be held anywhere- Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, China, literally anywhere because it is Open Book Examinations

Here's a little guide to sitting your NEBOSH IGC Open Book Examinations

The NEBOSH International General Certificate is assessed in a two step process:

IG1: An online open book exam (OBE) and supporting interview

IG2: A workplace-based practical risk assessment

You need to pass both assessments to achieve your qualification.

The open book exam replaces the 2-hour written exam for Unit IG1 of the NEBOSH General Certificate.

You can now sit both of your NEBOSH exams in your own home or another safe and suitable location.

The very immediate NEBOSH International General Certificate IGC Open Book Exam is 18 January 2023. For this NEBOSH IGC Open Book Exam you have to confirm your registration with Simply Safety by 9th Dec 2022.

So what is NEBOSH IGC Open Book Exam?

This format enables you to sit your NEBOSH assessment on your own, usually in your own home or another safe and suitable location where you can concentrate. However Open Book Exams are not an "easy alternative" to the traditional face to face invigilated examinations

While the questions you’ll be asked will be different to those in our previous closed book examinations, the OBE needs preparations. You will be presented with a scenario that describes a realistic workplace and situation. You will then be asked to carry out a series of tasks using evidence presented in the scenario, as well as the underpinning knowledge you have gained through your studies and revision.

Open Book Examinations OBE

"The scenario style questions definitely promote the candidates understanding and evaluation. You cannot get through the exam ‘parrot fashion’." Rebecca Docker, NEBOSH Examiner and Managing Director RD Safety Solutions

Other upcoming NEBOSH International Certificate Exam Dates

Remember, you need to register for your NEBOSH International General Certificate Open Book Exam BEFORE the closing dates (check with us what are the NEBOSH IGC OBE closing dates)

IG1: NEBOSH International General Certificate Open Book Exam Dates

NEBOSH IGC OBE Exam date OBE Registration deadline

OBE 18 January 2023 by 09 December 2022

OBE 08 February 2023 by 04 January 2023

OBE 08 March 2023 by 01 February 2023

Read more about NEBOSH IGC and OBE here

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