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NEBOSH IGC sample examination paper IG1

First all these resources are readily available on NEBOSH's own website. These resources shared have not been taken from anywhere else except NEBOSH's own official website. Sharing exam papers is wrong.

A lot of students are concerned about the NEBOSH IGC examinations and still have not realised that NEBOSH syllabus has changed. Its no longer 3 examination units. Its now 2 examination units IG1 and IG2. IG1 being the theory paper and IG2 being the risk assessment that must be done.

IG1 is an open book examination. It is done through a portal. Students will have access to the question paper on the day/time of the NEBOSH examination. They will be able to download a scenario based examination paper. They then have 24 hours to submit their answers in word/pdf/scan (whatever is the accepted format). There will be a closing interview at a later stage between the student and the training provider.

Separately they have to submit a Risk Assessment for IG2 to their training provider who in turn will submit it to NEBOSH.

Here is a sample of what the NEBOSH IGC exam paper looks like (it comes from NEBOSH official website, there are other resources there too)

NEBOSH IGC sample paper
Download • 65KB

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