NEBOSH International General Certificate, its always a step ahead

Lots of people know of NEBOSH. Lots of professionals know of NEBOSH as well as the NEBOSH International General Certificate.

But lets take a little deeper look at NEBOSH. NEBOSH is a leading global organisation, which provides health, safety and environmental qualifications.

NEBOSH the organisation has been around for a long time now. And NEBOSH has expanded from just being in the UK to a global organisation. There are Approved Training providers around the world doing NEBOSH qualifications. The NEBOSH qualifications themselves have expanded to cover a huge range of topics and specialties. From the NEBOSH International General Certificate to the ones in Oil and Gas or the Leadership ones. Even for Mental Health.

As an organisation NEBOSH has grown and evolved. It is constantly meeting the needs of professionals and companies as well as the ever changing environment.

Take for example the NEBOSH International General Certificate. Previously people used to take the NEBOSH International General Certificate IG1 (Paper 1) and IG2 (Paper 2) in some examination hall that was invigilated and with IGC3 being the practical. Now with the changes. NEBOSH International General Certificate has the Open Book Examinations.

Now only has the way the NEBOSH IGC being conducted has changed, even the way the questions are asked have changed. From knowledge based questions to actual scenario based questions for NEBOSH IG1. There is only one written (or typed if you want to be precise) theory paper - NEBOSH IG1

NEBOSH has also changed the practical, now called NEBOSH IGC- IG2. Its a Risk Assessment that you conduct.

As an organisation NEBOSH seems to be a step ahead.

As a professional are you keeping up?

Ask us the questions- is NEBOSH IGC affordable? Is NEBOSH IGC cheap? Are you the cheapest NEBOSH IGC?

Why not sign up for NEBOSH IGC OBE- call us +65 888 44 528

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