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Prime mover driver jumped to safety as container stacker crushed driver’s cabin

In Singapore, a prime mover driver had to jump to his passenger seat just as a container stacker toppled onto his vehicle at a Tuas work site and crushed the cabin where he had been seated.

The Prime Mover driver, an Indian national in his mid-30s, had lost consciousness in the accident, which occurred at around 12.40pm last Saturday at 15A Tuas South Avenue 12. He was pulled out by another driver.

Ministry of Manpower MOM said on Tuesday that the driver had minor injuries and was taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. He was given four days of medical leave to recover from the incident. Ministry of Manpower MOM is investigating the workplace accident.

There was a video circulating online of the incident which showed that the driver’s cabin of the green prime mover had been crushed by the container stacker and several containers which had toppled as well.

Ministry of Manpower MOM said: “A container stacker was lifting two containers when it suddenly tilted, causing it to topple onto a prime mover within the same vicinity.”

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The driver’s employer Wendy Transport Enterprise Company spokesperson said the driver had been offloading a container when the incident occurred. “According to the statement (for the incident), when the driver saw the container stacker about to topple, he jumped to the passenger seat of the prime mover, lay there and lost consciousness.

“Another driver then pulled him out and a yard manager sent him for a medical check-up.”

The driver had just joined the company in 2022 and had been working for less than six months, he added.

The Ministry of Manpower MOM has instructed the work site’s occupier Pacific Trans to stop using container stackers at the premises.

This is one of the workplace accidents that has happened within the six month heightened safety period.

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