Safety Training in Tamil Bengali Thai Mandarin

Updated: Sep 24

Singapore has a diverse workforce, we have people from India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, China and soon Vietnam. All speaking in different languages from Tamil Hindi Thai Bengali Burmese Mandarin Vietnamese

So what do we think about training courses in Tamil Bengali Thai Mandarin Burmese or Vietnamese

Lets focus on Tamil Bengali and Mandarin first. Most of the workers from Process Industry and construction are from India and Bangladesh as well as China. That means they speak Tamil Hindi Bengali or Mandarin

However most of the workers coming to Singapore now are much younger and have a basic grasp of English. Some even have proper education back home. Also at the same time in the real world outside of work they will have to speak English

While there are some studies that claim providing training in their native languages be it Tamil Hindi Bengali or Mandarin means less misinterpretation, we believe that language should be minimized all together. A lot of Safety Trainers and Safety Training companies are too reliant on Power Point slides and make tons of slides with tons of words. Even if they speak in Tamil Hindi Bengali or Mandarin or the words are in Tamil Hindi Bengali or Mandarin, it will not go in. Safety Training as with all training needs to be relevant and specific.

Come to Simply Safety and see the difference. We have trained for companies such as Shell and SADAF. Focusing on what's important, keeping things clear and concise.

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