Singapore - Engineer falls 30m to her death

In Singapore on 8 April 2022, an Engineer fell to about 30ms to her death. She fell through false ceiling. The engineer was on a maintenance catwalk performing inspections at the maintenance level of a building. One of the grating covers of the catwalk above the false ceiling had been removed as part of the inspection works. However the engineer stepped onto the false ceiling panel below the catwalk opening. The false ceiling panel gave way. False ceilings are not load bearing. She fell through the false ceilingto about 30 metres to her death.

Its unfortunate that the engineer fell from such height. It is important to remind companies and employees of some basic safety measures that can be taken before doing any work at height

- Has there been a risk assessment of the work

- Has the area been inspected for safe work

- Are personnel involved in the work trained and competent

- Are only trained and authorised personnel allowed in the area

- Is there a permit to work

- Are hazards communicated

- Is there proper and adequate hazard communication (Danger Fragile Surface etc)

- Is there proper and adequate lighting provided

- Is there a fall prevention plan

Image from todayonline

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