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Singapore. NEBOSH IGC Singapore

There are many emails asking about NEBOSH. Or NEBOSH qualifications. Or NEBOSH, is NEBOSH accepted or recognised.

How do I get job as a safety officer in Singapore after completing the NEBOSH?

The answer is NO.

You must have a local qualification in the country you are working in to get a job as a safety officer. In Singapore we have Workplace Safety Health Officers and Workplace Safety Health Coordinators. The Workplace Safety Health Coordinator reports to the Workplace Safety Health Officer.

For one to be a Workplace Safety Health Coordinator, it is not the NEBOSH IGC or NEBOSH qualifications. The person must take the Advanced Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health Level B qualifications. Having the NEBOSH IGC or other NEBOSH qualifications is an advantage but employers need someone who meets the requirements of having Advanced Workplace Safety and Health Level B.

For one to be a Workplace Safety Health Officer, again its not the NEBOSH that Singapore is looking for. Its the Specialist Diploma in WSH Level C and having successfully applied to be a WSHO with Ministry of Manpower. The NEBOSH IGC is an advantage for WSHOs in Singapore.

Here are some of the accepted qualifications to apply for a WSHO Workplace Safety Health Officer in Singapore

  • Specialist Diploma in WSH, awarded by SSG and conducted by Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, BCA Academy, NTUC Learning Hub and Singapore Institution of Safety Officers (SISO)

  • Master of Science in Safety, Health and Environment Technology, awarded by the National University of Singapore

  • Bachelor of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety, awarded by the University of Newcastle (Australia)

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Factors in Safety, awarded by SUSS (Singapore University of Social Sciences)

  • Bachelor of Science (Health, Safety and Environment), awarded by Curtin University of Technology (Singapore campus)

  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) Safety, Health and Environmental Management, awarded by Leeds Beckett University (Singapore campus)

But do check if there are any changes.

Is the NEBOSH IGC enough required to get job in Singapore?

No it is not. NEBOSH IGC is not enough to get a job in Singapore.

Again, its not about you. Companies, employers must meet local requirements. The local requirements talk about the Advanced Certificate in WSH and the Specialist Diploma in WSH. The NEBOSH IGC is an advantage in Singapore but you must have the minimum requirements first.

Do Freshers who just completed their NEBOSH IGC get jobs? Freshers are people who are new and have no working experience.

The truth is that all new job seekers will have some trouble finding jobs. But they will get employed one day. You have to apply for the jobs that interest you and are suitable for you. For example applying to be an F1 Driver but having no driving license, experience driving and a fear of driving won't help your chances.

So if you are a fresh graduate and you took a NEBOSH qualification, ask if this is the path that you really want to pursue. Do you really want to go into a career in health and safety? If you do then

- Go online connect with fellow safety groups

- Go online connect with fellow safety professionals

- Go to events and conferences that are related to the field

- Put your profile in job searches

- Apply for jobs that fit your skill sets

- Ask for internships or other opportunities in your country (its hard to apply for internships where work passes need to be applied)

Why do more professionals choose the NEBOSH IGC Course?

It does seem that way. However it could be various reasons behind it. In some countries where they don't have their own qualifications or where they accept NEBOSH as a qualification, of course you will see a lot of safety professionals with the NEBOSH qualifications.

In other countries where they have their own qualifications, some of the safety professionals need to go for upgrading or continual improvements and thus decide to take the NEBOSH qualifications as it offers them not just the upgrading but the opportunity to have an international certification as well.

Then there are also the people who started in the industry with a NEBOSH qualification

Is NEBOSH popular in South Korea?

Yes there are many HSE professionals who took up the NEBOSH IGC with Simply Safety in South Korea. We had trained many HSE professionals in Changwon, Busan, Geoje, Seoul from 2012 to current time.

However during COVID of course it was a challenging environment

But the South Korean students have enjoyed our NEBOSH IGC and NEBOSH HSW training and qualifications

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