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Singapore Safety Consultant or Consultancy

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Safety Consultant or Safety Consultancy in Singapore

Safety consultants or Safety Consultancy (Safety Consultancy's) are Safety Professionals or Companies that have Safety Professionals who offer services to other companies. These Safety Consultants or Safety Consultancy are normally experts who are brought in from outside a company to provide advice and expertise about safety matters.

They provide valuable safety services for companies even if companies have their own Safety teams or Safety Professionals.

Typically Safety Consultants will carry out their services or perform their work and then leave. Services could range from providing Training (Training Needs Analysis, Developing Training, Delivering Training, Evaluating Training Effectiveness etc), providing Safety Management Services (Gab Analysis, designing and rolling out management systems, providing auditing or inspections)

Even if companies have inhouse safety professionals or safety teams, there are times that they do not have the time to carry out additional work or one off work. And rather than hire more staff for just a specific role, it is very cost-effective to hire a safety consultant to take a fresh look at your company policies, training, accident prevention programs, and a multitude of other issues that may be particular to your type of industry and company.

Safety consultants and those seeking to enter other occupational health and safety careers must be highly knowledgeable in industry-specific areas. Much of that background may be obtained through programs. In Singapore its recommended to at least have WSH Level B and then WSH Level C (Safety Officer qualifications) as well as have experience in the sectors that the consultant will be consulting in. There are programs such as the Degree or Masters in Occupational Safety Health or international qualifications such as NEBOSH International General Certificate

A company might have many different reasons for engaging a safety consultant or safety consultancy services. Some of the benefits provided by safety consultants include those listed below.

Meeting local safety regulation compliance

Managing risk and reducing liability

Reduction in budget (only pay for the service and the duration)

Outsource personnel

How to Become a Safety Consultant

Personnel who who are interested in pursuing a career in occupational health and safety can consider following these steps to become a safety consultant or set up their own safety consultancy one day.

#1: Get locally qualified

#2: Get internationally qualified

#3: Get Accredited and Licensed

#4: Have varied work experiences at different roles

#5: Keep abreast of latest developments

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